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About TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.
TechGropse is a Mobile App Development Company with a strong team of highly skilled IT experts. Being a leading Mobile App Development Company, We have developed extended expertise in developing Native Mobile Apps for various segments. The company also de...
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India, United States
TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.
You Think..We Deliver..!
4.9 (23 Reviews)
Aman Mishra
Aman Mishra
CEO and Co-Founder
Aman Mishra
CEO and Co-Founder, TechGropse Pvt. Ltd.

Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the company?

TechGropse is a leading digital innovation agency with 51+ experts. We provide services in mobile app development, web design & development, and Digital marketing. Our main focus is to leverage the latest technologies to develop specialized, unique, and technologically advanced web & mobile apps for the world’s leading brands, enterprises, startups, and businesses.

I’m the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of TechGropse, a global leader providing customized, cutting-edge solutions in mobile application development and digital marketing. My aim is to drive continuous innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency in the Mobile App market. I love to dream and make those dreams come true, and hope to create something that will make a dent in the universe. I have been lucky to have found an excellent company with an awesome team.

What was the idea behind starting this organization?

From what I have observed, in the last few years, companies have multiplied in every sector of business mainly in the mobile application development space. Today, mobile apps come with many features that make devices more functional and user-friendly. The market is full of mobile apps designed with a specific need. From online ticket booking, shopping, healthcare service to food delivery, people are dependent on mobile apps.

I & Mr. Anup in September 2015 saw a greenfield of opportunities in this space and decided to step in by launching Digital innovation Agency startup headquartered in the heart of India, Noida.

What are your company’s business model–in house team or third party vendors/ outsourcing?

TechGropse has an in-house team of 51+ employees including developers, designers, and marketers.

How is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other companies' models?

TechGropse combines Innovation and Expertise to deliver best in class solutions. We fulfill all sorts of client requirements as we offer a 360-degree business solution that includes MVP for start-ups, investment for start-ups, as well as digital marketing solutions. We optimize our workflow and provide a proactive delivery service prompted by our remote monitoring system. Our Vision is to deliver high-quality digital products that solve your business needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?

We provide services in different verticals of mobile application development. For that, we pull up a right team from the existing team of developers to offer unique, and technologically advanced web & mobile apps, in finance, healthcare, online food delivery, real estate, eCommerce and sports domain.

Yes, we have 45 % repetitive clients.

Mention the objectives or the parameters critical in determining the time frame of developing a mobile app.

The time frame of developing a mobile application depends on the features & functionalities, platform & devices supported by the use, number of stakeholders of the application and relation between them, and overall process.

How much effort in terms of time goes into developing the front end and back end of a mobile app?

It totally depends on the features & functionalities to be added, not to mention the tools and the technologies to be used in the development of the front end and the backend. It is tough to calculate the effort in terms of time without knowing the features & functionalities of the product.

What are the key parameters to be considered before selecting the right platform for a mobile application?

Features & Functionality, Ease of Development and Budget And Time frame are the key parameters considered while selecting the mobile platform.

Which platform do you suggest your clients to begin with when they approach you with an idea (Android or iOS) and why?

Most of the time we suggest Android to our clients as Android has more user base than iOS and in the meantime, we will try to gather a complete understanding of the client requirements and then accordingly help them with their project.

Android or iOS, Native or Hybrid — which platform is best to use to build your app? What are your recommendations?

Deciding whether to build a business app for Android or iOS depends on five factors: audience, project timeline, desired app features, app maintenance budget, and revenue goal. Our recommendations rely on the client if he is targeting global or emerging markets, especially Asia and Latin America, or if the app involves features that Apple doesn’t support, then we suggest Android.

What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of a mobile application?

The key factors deciding the cost of a mobile application are the functionalities of the app and its purpose, the platform on which the app has being Developed, Integration points, and App Maintenance.

Do you take in projects which meet your basic budget requirement? If yes, what is the minimum requirement? If no, on what minimum budget you have worked for?

We have nothing like minimum and maximum budget. Our hourly rate is 18 USD per hour. Once we have an idea about the client requirements, we decide on the number of hours to be dedicated to the project and accordingly the clients are charged on an hourly basis.

What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2018?

The minimum price was 8k USD and the maximum price was 42k USD in 2018.

Which business model do you suggest to your clients enabling them to generate revenue from mobile applications? Why?

Launch a primary MVP product first and foremost. Gather the audience for the same before enhancing the features of the mobile application. This will help them understand the target audiences' requirements and the kind of features required to stand out in the competition. It will not only save cost but earn his trust as well. We also suggest businesses to generate revenue from Mobile Applications through the following means: Ads, In-app purchase, Paid Application, Referrals, etc.
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