Get Your Project Done with Seamless Experience

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70% of Tech startups and projects fail Make Your Software Project Thrive, Impact the World, and Prevent it from Dying We have worked with many startups and seen challenges, failure, struggle. From experience, we have developed a bulletproof strategy to make your projec...
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Get Your Project Done with Seamless Experience
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Custom Software Development with
Language: JavaScript (ES5, ES6, ES7), TypeScript
- A language that works everywhere

Backend: Node, Express.js
- A fast and light-weight server to run on a small device to giant servers

Database: NoSQL, MongoDB, SQL
- Database that works before, now, and after

API Tools and Docs: Postman
- Share tech details with clarity with Team Members

Third-party Libraries and APIs: Stripe, Google Analytics, Sendgrid, Chart, and many more.
- Make your application feature-rich with libraries that add tremendous value to the project

Software architecture: Linux, AWS, Heroku
- Make your project secure with the latest version of OS and Cloud Services

Framework: Angular, Vue, and supporting libraries
- Get done more with lesser time by leveraging the Framework's functionalities

Styling: Angular Material, Bootstrap 4, SCSS for styling
- Get modern design and style with modern styling frameworks and libraries

Version Control: Git, BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab
- Manage all the versioning and release with easy to track system

Project Management: ClickUp, Trello, Jira, Confluence
- Know and Track everything including tasks, issues, requirements, and decisions

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Shashtrinagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013