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Ulam Labs

Python | Blockchain | Software Development Company

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About Ulam Labs
Ulam Labs is a software development company made of Python and blockchain experts. We focus on custom software development, DevOps, consulting and outsourcing to ensure the best service and support for our clients. We deliver software to startups and SMBs from various ind...
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Ulam Labs
Python | Blockchain | Software Development Company
5.0 (3 Reviews)

Custom software development  

Delivering a new IT product or system that serves unique processes requires custom development. We have delivered and supported bespoke software developmenr for various industries ranging from telecommunication, manufacturing, e-commerce or FinTech.

  • Mobile

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Devops


Legacy Software Modernization

Your software was great long time ago and you need to get its greatness, speed and modern look once again. We will help you to catch up and be competitive technically-wise.


We will help you:

  • Redesign

  • Rewrite

  • Migrate and maintain

Standalone DevOps

In many cases software is developed without infrastructure that allows fast and frequent releases and is not capable to support unexpected traffic and requests. When your application serves millions of users it needs professional attention that will lead to secure and smooth processes.

We provide comprehensive DevOps services like containerization, microservices, managed Kubernetes, log management, deployment automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

In practise you will get:

  • Quicker delivery of app updates and releases

  • High quality and performance of your solution

  • Fast response to customer needs

Maintenance and support

Having system developed and deployed is not the end of a journey. Ulam Labs makes sure your product is always up to date, stable and running.

The product change as your company will. Our job is to make you market intelligence, observation and lessons happen.

You will gain:

  • System and infrastructure monitoring

  • Bugs and errors fixing

  • Incremental features development

Team Extension

We partner your company developing software from scratch, but also we can support your development team adding adding additional power. If you need to scale up your team with one,two or more backend or frontend developers we are more than happy to help you.

We help teams that work scrum, value quality of the code and have or are open to have deployed tools supporting measuring and tracing of work progress and quality.   

You will gain:

  • Knowledgeable team and CTO expertise on demand  

  • No recruitment hassle

  • Team when needed

Code Audit

Ask us for help if you are an investor that runs due diligence, or you are third-party software supplier and you need to check and prove the quality of your code, or you are recruiting an outsourcing company and want to check quality beforehand. We serve independent advisory in the field.

We will check for you:

  • Performance,

  • Security,

  • Infrastructure costs.


Key Clients

Lendingblock is the first cross-chain institutional digital asset lending exchange. With a fully automated engine for counter-parties and an over-collateralised loan model, borrowers and lenders have the opportunity to make and take loans in a marketplace that provides transparency, security and price discovery – something that today’s traditional securities lending or repo markets don’t always allow for.

Willard Agri-Service  has been in business for over 45 years and is owned by Willard family with the head office located in Frederick, the capital of Maryland, US. The company manufactures and supplies liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, and crop protectants, as well as provides services including yield monitors, data collection, and crop management planning. Willard Agri-Service operates in the Mid-Atlantic region.

CEECAM Corporation was founded in 2012 in Ottawa, Canada. Since the beginning, the company has delivered software and hardware video systems for use to track the progress of construction projects.  The principal goal of the company strategy is to deliver superior-quality and cost effective video solutions for the construction projects.

Mobile Vikings is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) from Belgium. In 2013, the company decided to enter the Polish market because of its high potential and best business possibilities.  To succeed and achieve their strategic business goals, Mobile Vikings wanted to adjust and integrate mobile tech solutions from its counterpart with Polish telecom infrastructure to start developing a successful business in Poland.

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Ulam Labs
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Ulam Labs
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