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Pre-configured and integrated Enterprise Solutions

5.0 (1 Reviews)
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Veon offers high value transformation services which increases automation, efficiency and shortens the cycle time. Consultants at the company have rich experience working on enterprise solutions like customer relationship management solution, eCommerce implementation and ERP...
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United States, India
Veon Consulting
Pre-configured and integrated Enterprise Solutions
5.0 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
Client Reviews
Great SAP web-commerce integration services
on 17/4/20
They are excellent in integrating eCommerce applications like Magento with SAP. Really knowledgeable team. Specially Shail, Chandra and Shankar are awesome.
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What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Understanding of underlying technology as well as eagerness to meet business requirements.

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Have more people in North America.

Project Details
Project Name
Great SAP web-commerce integration services
E-commerce Development
Project Budget:
$10001 to $50000
Project Duration:
7 Weeks
Project Status:

Veon offers the following services. 

Customer relationship management software development - Companies which want to foster better relationships with their business partners, need to implement a solution which can help them manage their interactions. Veon helps implement a solution which can do the following

  • Manage all customer information in a single place.
  • Enable a solution to track activities, meetings and outcome for the sales team. 
  • Manage all campaigns and marketing activities by building a target list and sending out the communication. 
  • Track all the incoming customer support requests in a single place and organize the support team in a way that generates a maximum throughput. 

CRM implementation at Veon focusses on automating business processes which not only bring in efficiency but also drives user adoption. By proper reporting and monitoring of KPIs, the organization can analyze the true benefit of implementing the CRM system. 

 - Many big enterprise run on SAP. Though SAP often forms the core of the company for its finance and operational needs, it needs to be integrated with other applications in the landscape. Veon helps integrate SAP with the following other applications.

  • CRM applications - Veon helps integrate platforms like Salesforce, SugarCRM and Manage all customer information in a single place. Customer information is exchanged between the applications. If new quotes or orders are created in one system, it flows to the other application. If needed account receivables information can also be pulled in on a real time basis. 
  • eCommerce Integration - Though SAP offers Hybris as the default web commerce option, it may be too expensive for companies who record limited sales online. Integrating SAP with Magento offers tremendous value as various aspects could be synced between the systems. For instance B2B and B2C customers along with their addresses, credit information, web orders, shipment and invoice information could be exchanged between the applications so that they are always in sync. 
  • SAP integration with Payment Card processors - To remain PCI compliant, companies do not store credit card detais within their application but bank on credit card processing companies like Authorize.NET, Chase Orbital etc. Veon helps integrate SAP with these gateways so that you get a seamless experience. 
  • SAP Integration with mobile application - Veon helps integrate SAP with mobile APPs so that certain business processes can be executed on the go by user base which does not have access to their desktops / laptops. 
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Veon Consulting
2507 Via Medici, Fort Worth, Texas 76109
United States
Veon Consulting
303 Riviera Complex, Dwarkapuri Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082
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