How to use Google Analytics to set your SEO strategy

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Do you have a website but don't get many visitors via Google? Did you start optimizing your website for Google but stopped when you didn't see the results you want?  Then join me for this strategic class to get some focus in your SEO struggle and grow your traffic. After this class you understand better how Google wo...
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The best start of SEO - Make a SEO strategy

How does google work?

What is a SEO strategy?

Google Analytics: Add to your site

Google Analytics: See your statistics

Analysis 1: Your favorite pages

301 redirect

Analysis 2: Time on page

Analysis 3: Returning visitors

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Marjet Wullink
Boost your business by ranking in Google
Marjet has 10 years of experience in SEO. First in a Dutch publishing house and after 3 years she started her own company Minimalist Marketing in Amsterdam. From there she already helped over 200 entrepreneurs to make their SEO strategy.

Her background is in business and coding, but Marjet's strong social skills and patience make her drawn to being a teacher. Her goal is to combine humorous elements with seemingly boring subject matter - learning should be fun!

Getting serious stuff to people in an amusing way is one of my top goals. She wants to make it more exciting and more tangible to reach your goals in small steps.

For more information about her in English, she created a small English website called Step by step SEO.

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