Learn Data Mining and Machine Learning With Python

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If you need to learn how to understand and create Machine Learning models used to solve business problems, this course is for you. You will learn in this course everything you need about Data Mining process, Machine Learning and how to implement Machine Learning algorithms in Data Mining. This course was designed to provide information in a simple and straight forward way ...
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Introduction to Data Mining
Introduction to Machine Learning
How Does Machine Learning Work
Machine Learning Algorithms Types
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Data Science Guide
Data Scientist & SQL Developer
My name is Ridha Joudah

I have worked in IT and Data Science for more than 15 years. After completed my bachelor’s in computer science, I worked Database Administrator in one of the engineering companies. I have obtained several certificates from Microsoft like MCSE, MCDBA and MCSA. After several years of working in IT, I started focusing on Data Science field and learning SQL in depth to enhance my business data analysis skills. I have worked Data Analyst in several companies. Over several years of working in this field I mastered using several analytical tools, such as: R, SAS, SQL, Tableau, and Excel. As I love and enjoy working at data science I pursued my study in this major till I obtained my master’s degree in Business Analytics from University of North Texas.

I love teaching Data Science, So I decided to create several courses in this field to share my knowledge with others. I tried to present something new in my classes. Instead of keep repeating same materials and curriculum which are already existing everywhere, I added materials simulate real business scenario. I included examples that based on real business cases to learn something practical rather than learning everything about basics. In other words, I tried to create shortcuts for practical learning to focus on what is really needed in the work field.
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