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Use your marketing budget wisely. Make smart business decisions. The barrier to entry to market your product has never been easier. Companies such as Google and Facebook have created online platforms to allow you to target who you want, where you want, and when you want. In order to make the most of these platforms, you need to learn the basics about digital market...
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Billy learns about Soks

Overview of Marketing Attribution

Tracking Technology

Deep Dive into UTM Codes

UTM Codes with Google Analytics

Attribution Methodologies

Evaluating Marketing Campaigns

Project Overview

That's a Wrap!

About Educator
Joel Witten
Data Science Manager at Facebok
Joel Witten is a New York City based Data Science Lead. He manages a Data Science/Engineering team at Facebook in NYC. Previously, he lead the Analytics + Data Engineering teams at Venmo, where the team focuses on product, finance, support, and marketing analytics. He is also building out an analytics course for small business owners and new marketing professional at Lucida.

Formerly, Joel was a data scientist at Squarespace, while also teaching Statistics for marketing students at NYU SPS and Data Science at General Assembly. A lifetime ago, he was an options trader at an investment bank.

Joel has spent his career understanding customer value, marketing attribution, and product analytics, but above all, has a passion for teaching. He believes that an analytical approach to business, no matter how small, will give one a leg up against the competition. 
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