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Frequently Asked Questions

What do WordPress development companies do?

WordPress development companies are specialists in website building and be it any kind of website - small, average, or large - these companies design, develop and deploy robust and user-friendly websites.

So, bloggers and small and big businesses hire WordPress development companies to build a solid online presence and do all the heavy lifting in terms of driving traffic, leads, and conversions.

A WordPress development company that boasts a strong talent pool of full-stack developers is good at offering the best of both worlds. Put another way, these developers specialize in front-end and back-end website development.

Even when upgrading your current WordPress to changing requirements, WordPress development companies can tick off all your boxes.

Also, when migrating your website from another platform to WordPress is high on your agenda, or when building a responsive website, installing customized plugins, or transforming your store into an eCommerce store, choose top WordPress Development Companies.

We have made quite a strong case for why you should hire WordPress development companies.

What are custom WordPress development services?

Unlike regular WordPress sites that are spun quickly using standard WordPress templates, custom WordPress development services involve conjuring unique, customized themes and plugins or even building the entire website from the ground up to match the complex needs of your business. But then, yes, it demands time. Of course, it’s worth the time, as you’ll eventually own a scalable, flexible, speedy, and secure website, whereby adding new features and functionality will be a piece of cake.

How to choose the best WordPress development company for your project?

Go by their Portfolio and Reputation. Yes, it's as simple as that! The best WordPress development company boasts a rich portfolio highlighting their quality and experience and, more importantly, if they have done projects similar to those you are eyeing. If they satisfy both these criteria, then look no further.

This is not to say WordPress development agencies' pricing, client testimonials, and innovation aspect shouldn't be factored in. Yes, it would help if you considered all these once you have vetted their portfolio and reputation.

Choosing the best WordPress development company for your project is easy if you follow the above guidelines.

Why should I hire a WordPress development company?

Rather than hiring a freelance WordPress developer for your extensive website project or doing it on your own, hiring a WordPress development company should be your first choice because of their sizeable talent pool and subject matter expertise these companies own.

Yes, WordPress development companies boast a significant talent pool of junior, average, and senior WordPress developers with different levels of subject matter expertise that’ll help you tailor a WordPress website in keeping with your complex business requirements.

Further, the WordPress development company will inevitably be there for you when the horse is out of the barn. In other words, when things have gone out of hand, and you need a quick solution, a WordPress development company will surely chime in with top answers.

Plus, they are always there for timely updates, SEO optimization, and data privacy; more than anything, they are sticklers with timelines. By hiring the best WordPress developers, be assured you can focus on growing your business more quickly rather than obsessing over website development.

What to look for before hiring a WordPress developer?

There’s a lot of verification to do before hiring a WordPress developer. Just for a start, check their portfolio first. Look for the kind of projects that you want to develop for your website.

Now, tell us, has their portfolio whetted your appetite? Only if you have nodded yes to that question can you move on to check the client testimonials. You can find client testimonials and reviews on social media, third-party reviews, and even their websites. Portfolio and client testimonials will help you decide whether these WordPress developers are credible enough.

Additionally, check for their experience in writing code, custom themes, SEO, timeline, overall technical expertise, etc.

How much do WordPress developers charge?

It's hard to give you the exact WordPress developer fee. Still, we won't mind giving you a rough estimate, and it's between $15 to $150.

WordPress developer costs are subject to change because it depends on many factors, such as location, experience, and project complexity.

Needless to say, the cost of a fresher will be dirt cheaper than a senior developer.

Here's a rough estimate to give you a hang of the current market rate on an hourly basis:

Fresher: $15 to $30 per hour
Simple projects: Fixed project fee range - $500 to $1500

Average experience developer: $30 to $50 per hour
Moderately complex projects: Fixed project fee range - $1500 to $5000

Experienced developer: $50 to $100+ per hour
Complex and High-profile projects: Fixed project fee range-$5000+

What are the top questions to ask WordPress developer companies?

There are tons of questions that you can put forward to WordPress developer companies before hiring them. Just experience shouldn’t be considered though it could be on top-of-mind. Cost, customization capabilities, workflow, testing process, team strength, mobile compatibility, SEO, and security measures are equally paramount.

That apart, their ability to convert a simple store into an ecommerce store, timelines, readiness to make minor and major changes once the project has been deployed, after-support, updates, and maintenance. How about domain and web hosting services? Do they provide such services?

You should partner with them only once you have received satisfactory answers to the above questions, as the decision would directly affect your bottom line.

How does GoodFirms assist in hiring WordPress development agencies?

GoodFirms has come up with top WordPress development agencies directory listing that constitutes all top WordPress development companies of the world. The companies are listed based on the strength of their client testimonials and most recent ones. If that isn’t enough, you can zero in on the ideal WordPress developer based on their hourly rate, location, portfolio, timeline, support and maintenance, etc.

Further, we have introduced a unique performance algorithm called “GoodFirms Leaders Matrix Methodology.” Check out this matrix page to familiarize yourself with exceptionally talented companies in WordPress development there.