Top Mobile App Development Companies

Find the best app developer for your project from leading mobile app development companies is not easy. Businesses do not have the time and budget to assess numerous of the best app development companies. GoodFirms helps you find the top mobile app developers to create a mobile app that meets your requirements. Browse this list of top mobile application development companies. To make your search more effective, you can leverage the filters for hourly rates and reviews of the companies before making a decision.

Top Mobile App Development Companies
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List of the Top Mobile App Developers (Android & iPhone)

What Are the Factors Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost?

The cumulative cost of developing a mobile application depends on numerous factors.

1. Platform: The primary emphasis of any app development falls on the concept and idea of the app. However, the type of platform selected to develop the app is equivalently essential. Businesses must opt for a mobile app development platform that resonates with their previous apps as well as future proposals.

The mobile app development platform can determine the base cost of the app. For instance, the app development cost for the iOS platform is relatively costlier than the Android or Hybrid platform. 

2. App Size: The size of the app plays a significant role in finalizing the mobile app development cost. The number of screens required in the app along with its backend functionalities such as databases, user management portals, storage, etc. is reviewed to assess the app development cost.

Extensive storage, multiple screens, and complex backend features can raise the overall price of the app. However, if data storage is required in the future, it is advisable to build data compression during the development phase to avoid unnecessary upgrades and charges in the long term. 

3. Plugins and Integrations: In this era, most apps offer third-party data integrations and plugins to enhance the user experience. The most common plugins incorporated in the apps are social media extensions. For these integrations to work flawlessly, app developers need to formulate an advanced Application Programming Interface (API).

API consists of a set of routines, tools, and protocols that allows the interaction of the application with other devices. Installing APIs will supplement the app development cost.

4. Security: Data security is crucial in the digital age. Nevertheless, the level of encryption required by each app varies based on its type and functionality. If an app gathers the personal data of the user or facilitates payment gateways, a very high level of app encryption is essential.

It is advisable to discuss the type of data security required for the app in the initial stages as the later addition of data encryption could cost significantly more.

How Much Time and Money Does It Take to Build a Mobile Application?

The time and money invested in developing a mobile app chiefly depend on its complexity. A recent survey by GoodFirms on the mobile app development cost and time survey highlights the following findings:


  • Simple App: An app having basic features such as social media log in, email subscription, etc. costs from $24800 to $59200.
  • Moderate App: An app with customized UI features, payment gateway, API integration, can roughly cost between $36100 to $85200.
  • Complex App: An app with cutting-edge functionalities such as third-party integration support, complex back-end, customized animations, etc. can be developed by paying approximately $59500 to $137200. 


  • Simple App: Developing an app consisting of basic features can take about 4 to 11 weeks.
  • Medium Complexity App: The app developers can deliver these applications that include more complicated features within 7 to 16 weeks.
  • High Complexity App: Creating a customized app with the most advanced features can take around 11 to 26 weeks.

How to Shortlist Mobile App Development Companies?

It is critical to thoroughly research each company to find the best one out. Below are a few points you must consider when hiring mobile app developers for your dream app development project whether it is for iOS, Android, Flutter, or any other platform:

1. Portfolio: A companies portfolio provides you insight into the working pattern and the type of projects the top app developers have curated. It also highlights their strengths and weaknesses allowing you to consider their candidature. A portfolio also emphasizes their proven records in various industries, allowing you to assess and hire mobile app developers having experience relevant to your project.

2. Client Reviews: Nowadays it is indispensable for all businesses to gather client feedback and publish reviews. Reading testimonials and online recommendations about the app developers’ work as social proof. Authentic positive reviews will provide you with great confidence in deciding to select the right mobile app development company for your android app development or ios app development project.

3. Team: Researching the mobile development team working for the mobile app design & development company is beneficial as they are going to work on your smartphone app project. Check the Linkedin profile of executives, project managers, tech leads, etc., and hire mobile app developers after evaluating their talent, experience, and past mobile application development projects.

4. Cost: Customarily, the cost of an entire mobile app development project is based on the features integrated into the app, its scope for scalability, and its complexity. Another determining factor is the time taken to develop the application. Experienced app developers may offer rapid deployment of an app at a higher cost whereas, inexperienced app development agencies may require multiple revisions thereby costing you nearly the same while taking a long time.

5. Meeting with CEO: It is important to understand the vision and values of an organization and the best person you must contact for this is the CEO of the mobile app design & development company. Visions, values, and culture of the company matter a lot, especially if you are going to partner with them for long-term mobile application development projects.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mobile App Developers

Out of the numerous mobile app agencies, several seem eligible contenders to work on your dream project. However, only a handful may fit suit to a fraction! The question is how to identify whether a company is getting its money’s worth? So before you take the plunge into mobile app development services, present certain inquiries to the shortlisted app development agencies to ensure you receive the desired results.

1. Can You Exhibit Few Samples of Your Previous Work?

It is vital to check out apps previously developed by the shortlisted mobile app development companies to analyze their performance. To check the authenticity of the company, you may ask them to provide you with the link of their apps on popular app stores. You can further inquire about having a demo of such apps to assess whether the quality delivered by the app developers aligns with your demands. Finally, opt for an app development company having industry-specific experience, so that they promptly understand the niche of your business and the requirements of your target audience.

2. Can You Provide a Reference List of Previous Clients?

This reference list will offer you an impartial and independent insight into the workings and caliber of the company. You must also check out independent research and review platforms, such as GoodFirms, to further determine the quality of the mobile app development services. These autonomous platforms rank companies after examining genuine feedback and client recommendations. 

3. Are Testing Services Included in the Package?

Coding is a major part of app development. Whereas, another crucial component is testing itself. Mobile app testing verifies the behavior of the app across various devices. The best mobile app developers track the features of the app to ensure its functionality and fix any errors that may present themselves. Certain app development agencies provide app testing services at an added cost. 

4. Do You Offer App Designing Services?

Although the functionalities and features of the app are the driving factors of the app's operation, cut-throat competition requires apps to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. The users tend to abandon apps having complicated navigational attributes and bland designs. Some app developers can offer fundamental designing solutions, while others may have a partnership with external app designing firms. However, companies can opt for mobile app design companies to design a responsive mobile app and deliver an unmatched user experience.

5. Do You Offer Post-Launch Support?

No matter how accurately an app is curated, a glitch can occasionally render the app futile. The best mobile app developers must offer app support and maintenance post-deployment. You must inquire whether they assist during the revision and addition of new features and functionalities. Furthermore, determine how they tackle potential bugs. Also, do not forget to ask about the costs of each new release and bug fixes, as these services are charged separately. 

GoodFirms Research Process:

To devise the perfect mobile application, company proprietors must find the best mobile app development company. GoodFirms aims to assists the service seekers in this quest by presenting the above list of the top mobile app development companies in the USA, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc.

The quintessential agencies that grabbed a spot on the list of top mobile app developers in GoodFirms research are evaluated based on GoodFirms proprietary research procedure, which considers several qualitative and quantitative factors. These featured app development firms have been identified based on their app development and app designing skills and expertise. Furthermore, GoodFirms considers the market reach and the years of experience of the participating companies to understand their contributions in the industry. The other valuable parameter acknowledged by the research team is the inclination of the company to deliver app development solutions to customers, which are proven by client reviews and recommendations.

After a thorough analysis, our analyst observed that the above-listed top app development companies yield robust, engaging, and reliable mobile app development solutions to patrons across the globe. The featured companies possess a squad of technically sound and qualified app developers that use cutting-edge technologies and best practices to create the dream application.

GoodFirms also encourages new and upcoming app development companies to participate in future research processes by providing testimonies of their work and getting ranked in our 'Research' section.

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