GoodFirms Glossary

Marketing analytics is thorough analysis of data to show you the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

A mobile application is a set of programs developed particularly for use on wireless computing devices such as tablets and smart phones.

What is Mobile App Design? - A complete guide for beginners

Mobile app development term is used for Creating or developing the software for particular small computing devices like mobiles and iPads.

Mobile App Marketing is the marketing strategy to promote your mobile app and increase app downloads.

Mobile app monetization is the process of earning revenues from your mobile app without charging for it.

Mobile app strategy is the process to build a roadmap in key areas like mobile app policies, app monetization, app marketing and others for future app success.

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is a cloud computing platform that connects company’s mobile app with the relevant database and servers through SDKs and APIs.

Multi-cloud strategy is the simultaneous use of multiple cloud service to minimize the threat of extensive data loss or downtime due to component failure in cloud.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a development technique in which new product developed with the minimum features required for satisfying clients