What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a smart marketing concept in which you show targeted ads to your website visitors who had left your website without making a purchase/enquiry.


At first glance, users may think the word “remarketing” has a similar definition to “rebranding” or “redesigning”. On the contrary, remarketing is not a tool used to remake a marketing campaign. It is actually meant to bring users back to a website or mobile app after they have left, by displaying ads across their different social media and Internet platforms.

For example, if someone were to visit and then immediately leave the website, they may forget its name or get lost in trying to navigate back to the site. Through remarketing, Redbubble can display ads across that person’s social media profiles and blogs that they visit, leaving subtle reminders and easy steps for them to quickly navigate back to the site.

All the Benefits

Remarketing is a very powerful tool that can be used to drive more sales, increase traffic, and see more activity all around. There are many ways that remarketing can be used to your advantage, whether you have a product, service, or mobile app:

  • Remarketing targets those who are most ready to buy – People who have already seen and interacted with your business are in the mindset of wanting to buy. By placing ads that follow them around and remind them of your business, they will be more eager to click on them and reconsider buying from your site.
  • Remarketing is easy to advertise – You can create a variety of video, image, or text-based ads that take no time at all. Once they are created, they can be published across the Internet without taking up too much space or being too invasive.
  • Remarketing is not cold calling – This is a great way to advertise to already-existing Whether or not they have actually purchased something from your site, they initially sought you out on their own and showed a level of interest in your business. Remarketing is a way to send a friendly reminder of the goods and services you have available.

Remarketing Tactics

There are plenty of ways to remarket using a simple campaign. It is easy to reach out to those who have already sought you out, leaving an easy breadcrumb trail for them to follow if they are ever interested in navigating back to your site. Some simple yet effective tactics include:

  • Standard remarketing – This is a tactic that simply shows your ads in a visitor’s Display network after they have visited your site.
  • Video remarketing – This is particularly good for YouTube, as it shows video ads relating to something that users may have just watched.
  • Email remarketing – This is a personalized tactic that can reach visitors individually and let them know that you are thinking of them
  • Search ad remarketing – When visitors leave your site and make more searches on Google, you can have your ad appear at the top of their search to encourage them to come back rather than going with someone else.

Remarketing is a great way to naturally appeal to a customer without being too aggressive and invasive; the advantage plays into the fact that they will already be aware of your brand, and will be encouraged to come back after they’ve left.