Top Internet of Things (IoT) Companies

Are you searching for top IoT development companies? GoodFirms has handpicked the finest players in IoT technology to help service seekers find reliable IoT developers. Realizing the potential of IoT app development, big industry giants are heavily investing in this technology today. However, to build a flawless IoT solution for your business, you need to hire only the best firm. After thorough research on crucial parameters, GoodFirms has shortlisted leading Internet of Things application development companies that are known for providing innovative enterprise & consumer-based IoT solutions. So pick a firm from the below listed prominent IoT companies for your next IoT project:

Top IoT Development Companies
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List of the Top IoT Companies | Best IoT Developers

Buyer’s Guide

What is IoT?

What does IoT mean? Internet of things (IoT) is considered a connection between countless interrelated devices with the ability to actively share data. The IoT App development companies design a system using web-enabled smart devices, such as sensors, processors, and communication interfaces. These IoT devices then collect, transmit, and operate on the data acquired from their environments. The IoT devices use the internet to perform day-to-day tasks as well as handle complicated responsibilities. Not limited to conventional applications, IoT meaning has broadened to wide-ranging daily functions such as smart kitchen appliances, self-driving cars, wearable devices, smart locks, etc.

What Are the Advantages of IoT Technology?

There are several IoT development companies offering IoT solutions to resolve multiple problems encountered by businesses.

1. Reduced Operating Costs:

IoT solutions assist firms to lower operating expenses. Internet of things app development companies have expertise in designing IoT devices that are apt to streamline the working procedure by supervising the equipment and minimizing downtime. This is achieved by foretelling failures or crashes of the system. Moreover, the Internet of things solutions offer quick backups, thereby ensuring that the system restarts without losing crucial work time. Businesses can additionally save on energy costs by employing the Internet of things companies to control unnecessary electrical usage.

2. Boosts Customer Satisfaction:

To provide optimal customer satisfaction, businesses need to understand their clients’ behavior and needs. IoT solutions offered by experienced IoT app development companies enable businesses to gather, monitor, and assess data generated by their clientele through analysis of their social media, mobile and internet usage. This empowers analysts to highlight customer inclinations and their buying trends allowing the conception of personalized products. IoT platforms are a proficient forum to target buyers and foster brand loyalty.

3. Improved Business Efficiency:

Internet of things solutions can help various business sectors in boosting their productivity. For instance, manufacturing industries can track raw material and final products delivery in real-time, smartly managing the different stages of production. Similarly, agencies can determine the most prolific work hours by assessing their employees' schedules and performance. IoT applications development companies draft IoT systems that can also be assessed remotely by authorized personnel to remain productive even when faced with unavoidable quandaries at workstations.

4. Introduces Innovation:

Businesses these days need to upgrade their functionalities to match the changing trends by accommodating new and innovative solutions. Integrating IoT systems is one of the steps towards achieving this goal. IoT platforms eliminate day-to-day manual labor by automating business operations. The smart devices powered by the Internet of things technology inject innovation across numerous business sectors such as healthcare, education, entertainment, hospitality, transportation, etc. making these domains more profitable and consumer-friendly.

5. Enhanced Communication:

An IoT solution promotes better communication over a network of interconnected IoT devices. This warrants transparent and error-free communication between multiple members. Whether the participants are humans or machines, the interaction processes are administered more efficiently to produce better, faster results. For example, an order sent to the machinery at a manufacturing or production unit is executed without any external interference.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, with the best IoT app development company, businesses curate an IoT technology that allows them to spot a damaged component and replace it before it results in havoc. Moreover, they can improve their systems and supply chains by staying informed of all the real-time affairs within the organization.

Which Are the Top IoT Applications?

The Internet of things solutions has steadily penetrated a myriad of fields. However, the future of IoT is extremely favorable as the Internet of things technology has just scratched the surface and is yet to scout a whole multitude of new opportunities.

1. Self-Driving Cars:

Self-driving cars are mostly under development, however, there are quite a few prototypes in existence. These cars do not require drivers since they are sensible enough to take the passengers to the destination on their own. These cars are equipped with countless devices such as the internet, sensors, cloud architecture, gyroscopes, and many more. In addition, these cars are apt to sense huge volumes of data on traffic conditions, pedestrians, as well as the road’s conditions including speed breakers, potholes, and sharp turns. This data is rapidly processed while the cars are traveling at quick speeds. This information is assessed by the controllers to correspond to driving decisions. There are numerous automobile companies like Tesla, Volvo, BMW, Google, and Uber, currently working on smart driverless cars.

2. Smart Homes:

A smart home is a rapidly growing IoT application. IoT devices connected in a sequence help create a highly secure and convenient home. This allows users to control every aspect of home appliances such as the lights, air conditioners, television, door-locks, etc. via remote access. IoT platforms can design a comfortable environment for the residents by offering additional opportunities to dictate the settings of the gadgets. For example, users can effortlessly turn on their AC sometime before arriving home to achieve the perfect room temperature or remotely lock the section of their home to prevent unauthorized entry. Philips is a leading example in delivering smart illumination solutions providing complete control of the lighting mechanism using mobile devices.

3. Industrial Internet:

A system embedded with IoT technology tends to drive forward business goals. Industrial IoT solutions connect multiple machines and devices in different industries like power generation, gas, oil, healthcare, etc. Industrial IoT helps reduce downtime and system failures, thereby avoiding life-threatening situations. These IoT platforms are extremely effective in saving substantial amounts of money by delivering automation and connectivity while streamlining numerous operations. The top Internet of things application development companies has built together systems that provide the manufacturing sector a factory of the future, designed to minimize manual labor and promote workplace safety. Besides the Internet of things has revolutionized the way logistics and warehousing operate by tracking goods and inventory and creating a real-time connection amongst all the participating devices.

4. Enhanced Healthcare:

IoT development has countless applications in healthcare. Whether it includes the medical practitioner monitoring their patients remotely or analyzing current and upcoming diseases by studying vast amounts of data collected by IoT devices. The healthcare sector employs IoT-powered equipment such as smart sensors to advance the way treatment is provided. Healthcare IoT enables patients to efficiently interact with their doctors, boosting patient engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, personal fitness sensors, surgical robots, and other such innovations in the medical field assists in developing a better healthcare system. These advanced Internet of things solutions offer pocket-friendly solutions for the patient as well as empower medical practitioners to fight life-threatening diseases effectively. For instance, IoT development companies are investing in smart monitoring systems that are capable of detecting and alerting medical officers about potential cancer symptoms.

5. Farming:

Technological innovation in agriculture is the need of the hour due to the field facing countless natural as well as man-made hurdles. Agricultural organizations are turning towards the Internet of things to boost production capabilities and ensure that the demands of the world’s ever-growing population are satisfied. Smart agriculture facilitates high crop yields and lowers the production cost through IoT devices namely agricultural drones and sensors. IoT in farming also ensures that the resources available are used to their optimal capacity. Through IoT sensors, farmers can check the various farming requirements such as the availability of light, the moisture of the soil, temperature, crop health, etc. to gauge the ideal irrigation conditions. For instance, if the sensors capture a change in any of the above-mentioned factors, the farmers are alerted and they can act accordingly to start the irrigation.

In addition to these fields, IoT plays a major role in changing the workings of the Advertising as well as Retail sectors amongst many other industries. Through IoT, businesses can easily predict their consumers’ buying habits and effectively market products that are bound to grab their attention while simultaneously improving store operation and enhancing customer experience to vigorously compete against online stores.

How to Choose the ideal IoT Platform?

Several aspects determine how profitable hiring an IoT development company would be for your business. The following factors will assist you in your campaign to hire the most reliable IoT companies for your project.

1. Scalability:

Every Internet of things development company considers scalability as one of the most significant selling points. It is essential to design a network that supports several connected IoT devices. However, it can be a challenging task when the volume of data increases. Hence, hiring an IoT development company that can successfully execute machine learning algorithms to manage the vast amount of data is the fundamental requirement. Moreover, planning for future expansion, choose a company from the IoT world that has the capacity and skills of wielding excessive data load.

2. Cost:

Businesses must primarily decide upon the mandatory features they want within their IoT solution along with the sum they are willing to invest in setting up the Internet of things applications. Decide upon whether you wish to license the IoT application or opt for a subscription-based pricing model. Then ask the shortlisted service providers to present the final quotation for the entire IoT technology specifying any additional charges for certain services, if applicable. Finally, make a list of IoT Development Companies that offer an IoT platform that fits your budget.

3. Recovery:

When dealing with a vast amount of data and numerous IoT devices connecting them, a powerful data recovery system needs to be in place to prevent the information from disaster efficiently. The best IoT companies are the ones that offer an exceptional IoT architecture to handle your data. Consider an IoT development company that renders a failover cluster in case of system failure. Ensure that the IoT app development company takes frequent backups of the data and stores them for a definite period. 

4. Interoperability:

IoT application assists the communication between multiple IoT devices, ensuring the proper transmission of data. However, the data generated and transferred needs to be utilized by different solutions. Opt for an IoT system that supports easy integration of 3rd party systems and services to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and achieve higher productivity. The Internet of things development company must be capable of blending the IoT solution into the current workflows or ERP tools.

5. Reference:

While shortlisting the right partner out of the various Internet of things app development companies, businesses must scrutinize the previous projects accomplished by the IoT service providers. The prior Internet of things applications designed by the IoT companies will allow you to analyze how well the company will be capable of catering to your requirements and delivering desired IoT solutions. Furthermore, check out the reviews and feedback offered by past clients on autonomous platforms, such as GoodFirms, to ensure the credibility of the IoT development company.

What Questions to Ask Before Hiring an IoT Development Company?

Before sealing the agreement, there are certain essential questions businesses must ask the shortlisted IoT companies to secure a successful deal.

1. Is the IoT Dashboard Customizable?

A customizable IoT Dashboard offers additional freedom to the staff to control multiple active IoT devices. An easily moldable dashboard can automate communication across various IoT devices and apps, simultaneously operating on data insights. A proficient IoT dashboard offers numerous digital tools to visualize the extracted data in the desired mode, such as graphs, charts, maps, tables, etc. Ask the IoT development company about the widgets they offer to make the data promptly available to employees, administrators, and consumers simultaneously.

2. How Does the IoT Platform Handle IoT Security?

To tackle the security concerns, ask about the policies that the IoT platform implements to ensure data safety. The top IoT solutions offer comprehensive tools like verification techniques, end-to-end encryption, login access control, etc. for IoT security. For added defense, the service provider must offer SSL or DTLS encryption for the cloud gateway. Ensure all these requirements are on point and that the vendor is apt to handle security breaches in worst-case situations.

3. What Is Their IoT Protocols Compatibility?

In an IoT architecture, device protocol is crucial for the smooth operation of the IoT system. The Internet of things development company must comprehend how to improve IoT protocols to accommodate a higher number of devices with the growth of your system while reducing messaging latency. The most common IoT protocols are HTTP and MQTT, while some Internet of things companies also support advanced CoAP and AMQP protocols. Therefore, while hiring an IoT platform, make sure that it supports not only existing protocols but also the emerging ones as and when required.

4. What Is Their Data Management Strategy?

Data storage is a critical aspect of data management. Most companies purchase additional storage capacity to accommodate the data for now. However, it is a temporary solution and can be an expensive option when the business plans data expansion. Hence, it is imperative to have an efficient data management policy. Inquire the service provider about the storage potential offered by them. Besides, make sure that the shortlisted IoT Applications Development Companies provide the type of cloud solution best suited for your project, whether it is a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud.

You may also customize your questionnaire and request other important information, such as do they have a dedicated IoT infrastructure to manage data? How adaptable is the IoT platform for legacy structure? How does the IoT platform supervise and manage connected devices?

GoodFirms Research Process:

The primary aim of GoodFirms is to aid service seekers in partnering up with the ideal Internet of things solutions by presenting the rundown of the top Internet of things (IoT) development companies worldwide.

GoodFirms have ranked the companies as mentioned earlier after analyzing all listed firms on various characteristics like client reviews, portfolio, market penetration, industry experience, IoT development, and UI/UX.

Our 'Research' section includes the list of top corporations. If any Internet of things development companies believe they deserve a spot on this list, present the proof of their firm's accomplishments and get ranked amongst the leaders of the industry.

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