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You can be a partner with GoodFirms in 3 ways :

1. Becoming a GoodFirms sponsorship reseller

2. Becoming a GoodFirms affiliate

3. Participate in credit point program

Partner with
Join GoodFirms Sponsorship Reseller Program!
Program 1

Join GoodFirms sponsorship reseller program!

The market is a small world in which every penny gives a right to live!

Help us find an awesome GoodFirms partner! We know that in your network, you have some great people who are willing to market their services on an established platform and so we wanted to engage you in playing a role of sponsorship reseller for GoodFirms.

Who can participate?

Bloggers, marketing agencies, registered companies & software, clients of the company, contributors, journalists, mavericks, etc can participate.

What sponsors can expect from GoodFirms’ paid subscription ?

Increase in traffic & leads

GoodFirms is a great platform for businesses to expand reach, visibility and trust. Top ranked companies on GoodFirms earns service seekers’ attention which ultimately brings more targeted traffic and qualified leads.

Branding & promotion

The brand image of your organization has a significant impact on your business’ success and growth. A high ranked & maintained profile on GoodFirms will multiply your industry-wide value, trust and credibility.

Online reputation

In the highly competitive tech industry, gaining potential client’s trust is difficult and imperative. Authentic & positive reviews on a third-party reputed platform like GoodFirms serve as a social evidence.

What benefits a sponsorship reseller can expect?

  • Articulate your productive opinions about GoodFirms with your acquaintance and earn a referral bonus.
  • For every company who unites with GoodFirms paid sponsors’ club through your reference, will benefit sponsorship Reseller with a monetary reward of 15% of the sponsorship plan selected by the company.
  • Reseller is eligible to receive the referral bonus for 3 months. For instance, XYZ is the company willing to take up GoodFirms Sponsorship & ABC is the Sponsorship Reseller. Now, when XYZ subscribes to GoodFirms sponsorship plan of $3000/ month through ABC’s reference, ABC will receive 15% of $3000 i.e. $450 each month as part of referral bonus. Further, let’s assume XYZ continues the subscription for more than 3 months, in this case ABC will be get the bonus of $450 for only 3 months.
  • If the sponsorship reseller is a pre-existing company on GoodFirms platform then the reward will be given in the form of deduction in their paid sponsorship with GoodFirms.
  • If the sponsorship reseller is an external consultant (not a GoodFirms member), the referral bonus will be paid to him/ her through PayPal.
Become GoodFirms Affiliate Member
Program 2

Become GoodFirms affiliate member

Affiliate membership program is one of the most trending and interactive sessions introduced by GoodFirms. The participants in this activity are entitled to receive exciting rewards. Easy rules are: Maintain consistency, visibility, and originality.

Who can participate?

Bloggers, marketing agencies, registered companies & software, clients of the company, contributors, journalists, mavericks, etc can participate.

What are the benefits of participating?

Participation in affiliation activity will bring to you some commendation or extra beneficial points from GoodFirms. For more detail, you can drop us a line on [email protected]

What can we do to become a GoodFirms affiliate?

  • Promote GoodFirms in your press release
  • Promote GoodFirms in your blog
  • Promote GoodFirms in quora
  • Promote GoodFirms in medium
Press Release

Content is king and distribution is queen. A trustworthy press release which mentions GoodFirms will help you fetch special rewards.


Quora activities includes quick interaction session of question and answers. Win perks by mentioning GoodFirms in your quora activities.

Promotional Article

Potent, Prove and Promote. Publish a promotional articles or blogs written by GoodFirms content writing team on your platform and get rewards.Press Release


Medium is an online publishing platform for blogs & articles. Write an effectual blog on medium for GoodFirms and get closer to your rewards.

Credit Point Program for Listed Companies and Software
Program 3

Credit point program for listed companies and software

It gives us an immense pleasure in introducing you to our exclusive credit point program for companies and software.

Who can participate?

Companies or software listed on can participate in the program.

What are the benefits of participating?

With the referral credit point program, you can save up to 20% on your paid sponsorship by simply performing some activities on the profile, website, and social media.

What can we do to participate in the program?

Below are the mentioned activities which will earn you credits/points :

1 credit = $1

Company / Software registration20
Profile claim20
Profile information completion30
Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter10
Increase review on a profile

15 per review (For Companies)

5 per review (For Software)

Add leadership badge on your website50
Add review badge ( Goodbox ) on your website50
Participate in our survey and research content30
CEO interview & article30
Company/ Software registration

We are delighted to have you on board with us and to appreciate your presence we will credit 20 points in your account.

Profile claim

You have not registered your company on GoodFirms yet having a profile? No worries. GoodFirms has credit points in-stored for you as well. Earn 20 points by simply claiming your profile credentials by contacting us on [email protected]

Profile completion

Earn 40 points by showcasing your full-fledged profile on GoodFirms. Make sure you have completed each & every detail such as Reviews, About Company, Key Clients, Videos, Services Offered, Focus Area (Services Focus, Client Focus and Industry Focus), Portfolio & Contact Information.

Social media following

Follow us on 3 social media platforms & earn 10 point credits. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google Plus. On losing connection with you on social platforms, the added social media credits will be deducted from your account.

Review for companies

Collect more reviews & get closer to your monthly DISCOUNT offer! Adding only one genuine review to your profile will fetch you 15 points. So start submitting more & more client references to accumulate more reviews under your profile.

Review for software

On receiving one genuine review for your profile, 5 points will be added into your credit accumulation pot.

Adding a badge

Embed GoodFirms badge in the homepage or footer of your website and earn 50 points.


GoodBoxes are GoodFirms widgets stand-alone applications that can be embedded into your website to show your most recent reviews, Trustscore and star ratings to your site visitors. Add this attractive GoodBox and procure 50 points in your account!

Research participation

Take our survey and share your inputs to grab 30 points!

CEO Interview & Article

Participate in C-Level Executive Interview Series and publish a short summary of the same on your platform to avail 30 points!

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. So, What are you waiting for? Get connected with GoodFirms & start availing benefits!

General terms & conditions

  • If you are a pre-existing company or software on GoodFirms, you can redeem credits up to 20% of the sponsorship amount for 1 month. Maximum redemption will be $200/ month.
  • The effective date of the credit accumulation is 26 October 2018
  • On removal of badge/GoodBox/Promotional Article from your website, the earned credits will be deducted from your account.
  • The companies which has never been part of GoodFirms Sponsors family can only participate in sponsorship Reseller Program.
  • All rights remain reserved with GoodFirms.