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The 9 Best Free and Open Source Password Management Software

The 9 Best Free and Open Source Password Management Software

Are you still saving your passwords on browsers, or managing and sharing your passwords with your team using an excel sheet? Agreed that saving the passwords on browsers is quite convenient and excel sheet may work well when it comes to sharing passwords, and, but you would also agree to the fact that these methods are not at all secure,and are prone to human errors. Moreover, when it comes to saving a large number of passwords and sharing them with a huge team, management of excel sheets can be a complex and time-consuming job.

As per the password security report by Avira - four highly significant data breaches have already occurred in 2019, which is an alarming fact for individuals and organizations dealing with crucial information every day. The reason behind these data breaches frequently happening is our bad password habits. Yes, saving passwords in your browser and using “stay logged in” option are some of the wrong password habits which can seem to be very convenient at present, but prove to be dangerous in terms of the data security in the future.  

Here, we are going to discuss the 9 best free and open source password management software which can not only help in storing and sharing passwords but also ensure that passwords are secure enough to eliminate unauthorized access to vital information. But, before that, let’s shed some light on what is password management software, why is it required, how it works, and its features.

What is Password Management Software?

Password is a set of strings which enables users to log in to their email account, social media accounts, gain access to a software or an online store, etc.

A password management software is similar to your bank locker, where you store your valuable items, documents, etc. To access those valuables, you need to open your bank locker with a single master key. Similar to that, password management software is a tool which stores the passwords in an encrypted format in a centralized location, and those passwords can be retrieved when required using a master password.

Why is Password Management Software Required?

As per Cybersecurity Ventures, 2017

If you have a single computer, no team to manage and a few passwords to manage, maintaining an excel sheet or noting down passwords in a diary or sticky notes can work.

But, if you have a team working on several softwares, managing different email accounts, and banking accounts, you need a software which can help you in storing passwords securely, as well as sharing those passwords with your team quickly — password management tool stores all your passwords in a centralized location. Users can then retrieve those passwords using a master password.

There are several accounts and applications you log in to every day. Remembering the password for each account is not at all practical. So, people either use the same password for all the accounts or set up a very easy password which can be easily detected by the hackers.

These days individuals & companies have many different passwords for their net banking accounts, online wallets, accounting software, etc.which if hacked, can be a substantial financial & information loss. It has become crucial to secure these passwords, and at the same time, should be easily accessible when required. Precisely, password management software is required for storing passwords securely and conveniently accessing those passwords when required.

How Does Password Management Software Work?

A password management software stores all the passwords in a single database which can be accessed from the different devices you own. There is a master password, which you need to remember to access the database of the passwords you use for different accounts.  

Some password managers come with add-ons for internet browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. These add-ons help in auto-filling the passwords, which makes it easier for the users to log in to their accounts. The password management software also helps in filling out the form with your name, address, credit card information, and other details in a single click. This helps users to get their jobs done easily saving their time, and at the same time keeping the entire information secure in a centralized database.

Features to look for in a Password Management Software

The main objective of password management software is to manage credentials for different accounts. But, there are password managers available in the market which can do a lot more than just managing the credentials. So, below-mentioned are some features to look for in a password management software -

Creates Strong Passwords

If you are constantly struggling with creating strong passwords, you need not worry. A password management software can create strong passwords with a combination of alpha-numeric characters and symbols which are difficult to guess.

Stores Passwords in a Centralized Location

The password management software stores all the passwords in a centralized location, which can either be accessed or auto-filled whenever required.

Ownership & Sharing Passwords

The password management software can define the ownership for the passwords, set the permissions for the same, and allow to share with specific users.

Password Access Control

While managing a large number of passwords, it becomes essential to set up access control based on the role of users and time. The software helps in ensuring that particular users retrieve the stored passwords for a specific time only.

Automatic Password Reset Option

Using the same password for several years is a security threat. To address that issue; the password management software automatically resets the passwords after a defined interval, to ensure high-end security.

Autofill Forms

Filling up long web-forms is a highly time-consuming and monotonous job. To make that job easier; the password management software facilitates the auto fill option which fills up the entire information in the form with a single click.

Analyze Digital Security

The password management software helps in analyzing your digital security by diagnosing how strong your passwords are. It also detects when did you last update your password, and if not updated since a long time, it notifies you to update the same.

Real-time Notifications

Whenever, anyone logins to your account from an unknown location, the software notifies you and alerts you to check your account usability. It helps you in taking the right action at the right time in case of suspicious activities.  

Gain Offline Access

Many password managers provide the facility for changing the password, managing users, etc., functionalities, even if you are not connected to the internet.

Selecting the Right Password Management Software

The most critical issue about managing passwords is that you need to set difficult passwords, and at the same time, remember those difficult passwords. A perfect password management tool can address this problem. The significant determinants that need to be considered while selecting the right password management software include -

Encryption - The password management software you select should be using a secure encryption method.

Storage - Passwords can be stored on your local device or on your cloud account. The benefit of using cloud storage is that your passwords can be retrieved from any device or location. But, when it comes to high-end security, local storage is preferred.

Integration - The password management software can be diversified based on integration. The password management softwares which can be integrated with other tools are preferred over the stand-alone software.

Generating Password - Users generally prefer the software which allows them to generate strong passwords so that security can be consistently maintained.

Multi-Factor Authentication - The password management software which requires more than one elements for authentication are highly preferred by the users. For example, the software may require a master password and a fingerprint, to authenticate your ownership.

Cost - Last but not least, the cost is the most crucial factor while selecting the password management software. You can even use free password management software if you have a limited budget or no budget at all for managing your passwords.

Besides, the above factors, you need to ensure that the software you select is user-friendly and highly secure. An open source password management software can suffice these requirements.

Why Pick Open Source Password Management Software?

When it comes to user-friendliness, and security, open source password managers are considered better than other types of password management software. The major reason for selecting open source password management software is that it can be customized as per your business requirements easily. Moreover, most of the open source password management software are either free or require a minimum investment.  

Below listed are the top 10 free and open source password management software which you can consider while selecting one for your business. Before you go through the specifications of each software, you can go through the below comparison chart to get an overview of the features of these free and open source password management software at a glance.

The Best 9 Free and Open Source Password Management Software Comparison Chart

The Best 9 Free and Open Source Password Management Software

#1 KeePass

KeyPass is a free and open source password management software which helps you in storing passwords in a single database, accessible using a master password. The password database is encrypted using highly-secure encryption algorithms known as AES and Twofish. It is light-weight and user-friendly software. Moreover, its versatile features encourage individuals and businesses to use for storing and sharing their passwords.


Key Features

  • Includes highly secure password edit controls
  • One master password can decrypt the entire database
  • The entire database of passwords can be exported to different formats like HTML, XML, CSV, TXT, etc.
  • It uses password safes like Password Keeper, and Password Agent, and so can import data from these programs to KeePass database
  • Enables easy transfer of data from one computer to another, as the password database consists of a single file.
  • Supports over 45 different languages
  • Includes strong random password generator
  • Allows to write plugins providing additional functionality

If you have already used KeePass, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 Passbolt

Passbolt is one of the best open source password management software which is self-hosted, highly scalable, and OpenPGP based. It has been observed as one of the best password management software built for teams and DevOps. It has been built keeping the requirements of small to medium size companies in mind. Due to its Restful API, it can be easily extensible to meet your organization team demands. Moreover, it can be used by unlimited users free of charge.


Key Features

  • Allows passwords sharing
  • Facilitates advanced search and filters
  • Streamlined users and groups management
  • Can import and export databases in kdbx & csv formats
  • Quick access to browser integration
  • Provides community support
  • Online documentation, turn-key installer, and docker container available for installation
  • Provides free updates

If you have already used Passbolt, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 Password Safe

Password Safe is a simple and highly secure password management software which works using MS Windows platform. With the help of this software, the users can keep their passwords stored in an encrypted format. A single master password can unlock all the passwords when required. It can diversify the stored passwords into groups and subgroups in a tree structure. It also includes a password generator which can create difficult random passwords enhancing security for your data.

Password Safe

Key Features

  • Ability to track the entire history of the passwords created and modified
  • Text notes can be added including the password details
  • Supports importing file formats like TXT & CSV
  • Can encrypt any file using a key derived provided by the user
  • Includes random password generator that creates strong and ambiguous passwords impossible to guess

If you have already used Password Safe, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 KeePassXC

KeePassXC is a cross-platform application which stores your passwords securely and auto-types them when required for the software and applications you use frequently. It saves you from the trouble of memorizing the passwords you need to use every day. Parallel to that it stores your passwords in an encrypted format, ensuring high-end security. Every feature of the software is thoroughly checked and provides the same look and feel to the users on almost all the platforms.


Key Features

  • Stores passwords and other data with high-end security using AES, Twofish, or ChaCha20 encryption
  • It can run on Linux, Windows, and macOS without modifications
  • It can integrate with SSH Agent
  • Can fill in the login forms automatically with its auto-type feature
  • Ability to import CSV from other password managers
  • Includes database merge functionality
  • Compatible with KeePass2, KeePassX, MacPass, KeeWeb, and many other file formats
  • Includes command line interface
  • Can define custom icons for database entries and download of website favicons
  • Ability to reload automatically when database changes externally
  • Can integrate with KeePassXC-Browser for Google Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, and Mozilla Firefox

If you have already used KeePassXC, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 Enpass

Enpass is a free and open source password management software which is compatible with multiple devices like desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Maximum security is ensured as Enpass uses open source and peer reviewed cryptography libraries of SQLCipher engine. Using Enpass ensures peace of mind as all your passwords and credentials are stored in your computer and not on its servers.


Key Features

  • Stores passwords which can be retrieved using a single master password
  • Encrypts the crucial information relating to credit cards, social security number, etc., and saves in your device
  • Provides seamless browsing experience with its auto-fill functionality
  • It can work on multiple platforms, so you need not worry even if you change your device in future
  • Can sync your data with cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.
  • Its built-in password generator can create strong and unique passwords
  • Allows you to segregate your information in different vaults for family, work, etc.
  • Scans your database of passwords and notifies you for weak & duplicate passwords

If you have already used Enpass, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 Bitwarden

Bitwarden is an open source password management software, which allows everyone to review, audit, and contribute its codebase freely. Moreover, it includes powerful sharing features perfect for teams in a business organization, or families for personal use. It includes a secure password generator and facilitates 2-step authentication, which means high-end security with extreme convenience.


Key Features

  • Stores and shares sensitive information like certificates, passwords, documents, etc. in a secure manner
  • Diversifies team members into groups, so that you can gain greater control over the access provided to each group and member
  • Allows you to host the software on-premises, therefore eliminating dependency over cloud storage
  • Syncs groups and users from active directory and LDAP
  • Ensures multi-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Provides event logs for you to review the activities done by groups and their members
  • Allows you to implement access control policies for groups and individual team members

If you have already used Bitwarden, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 Psono

Psono is a self-hosted password manager meant for teams. It allows multi-level encryption, including client-side encryption layer, end-to-end encryption for password sharing, SSL, and storage encryption. Ensuring transparent public audit possibilities of the complete code it comes with correct encryption.


Key Features

  • Allows password syncing across all devices
  • Enables multi-factor authentication
  • Allows encrypting and decrypting PGP messages
  • Provides password strength report
  • Supports multiple browsers and languages
  • Allows access control given to the team members
  • Enables local and cloud storage both

If you have already used Psono, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#8 Hypervault

Hypervault is one of the best free password management software which can help you in sharing the credentials within your team and clients in a highly secure manner. You can create groups, organize the data the way you want, and streamline the process of managing and sharing the passwords in your organization. It has built-in password templates for different storage requirements like FTP, social networking sites, software license accounts, database, email accounts, etc.


Key Features

  • Allows to diversify the passwords and credentials in different categories for seamless management
  • Quick search feature enabling you to find information based on the client, URL, label, notes, tag, etc. easily
  • Enables 2-factor authentication for high-end security
  • Allows you to share the passwords easily within groups and clients
  • Lets you organize permissions for each group and their members and revoke the permissions when required
  • Allows you to upload csv format files from other password managers like Dashlane, LastPass, Google Sheets, etc.

If you have already used Hypervault, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#9 Dashlane

Dashlane is a free password management solution which provides a simple way to store and fill passwords and information. It stores all the passwords and personal information in a centralized location protects the information with patented security architecture and auto-fills that information from multiple locations and devices. It also provides breach alerts in case any hacking activities are detected.


Key Features

  • Saves and fills passwords and personal information
  • Generates strong and random passwords difficult to guess
  • Facilitates encrypting personal data and attachments for enhanced security
  • Monitors logins and sends personalized alerts in case of suspicion found
  • Synchronized across all platforms and devices

If you have already used Dashlane, please feel free to share your reviews here.

Besides the above-mentioned free and open source password management software, we would also recommend you to explore one of the most popular password management software - Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault helps in storing, sharing, and managing your passwords easily from anywhere. You can easily access the passwords you have stored, so no need for remembering the passwords or searching for lost spreadsheets is required. As the passwords are strongly encrypted, you can ensure security and eliminate the misuse of your valuable and confidential accounts. 

Zoho Vault

Key Features

  • Helps in storing and organizing passwords in a systematic manner
  • Enables you to share passwords with the members of your organization safely
  • Allows one-click login
  • Can provide role-based access to the users
  • Includes advanced tools to manage your passwords
  • Allows you to manage your passwords from anywhere using mobile app 
  • Protects your passwords through setting up IP restrictions
  • Grants access to critical accounts only through valid tickets
  • Regular data backup enabled for disaster recovery

If you have already used Zoho Vault, please feel free to share your reviews here.


Whether it is about credentials belonging to an individual, or an entire organization, you would agree to the fact that critical information requires high-end security and streamlined processes. A single negligent act in this facet may cause loss, which can never be compensated. So, if you are still using excel sheet or browsers for storing your passwords and email or chat for sharing this crucial information, you should definitely consider upgrading your processes with a secure and well-featured password management software.

For that purpose, you can start using one of the free and open source password management tools without any investment. If you are not contented with the features provided by these free software, you can go through the details of these popular & paid password management software like -

Efficient Password Manager

Password State

Sticky Password

Password Manager Pro



Also, you can view our well-researched complete list of password management software here and select the one suiting to your requirements.

Have you used any of the password management software mentioned above? Please leave your reviews here.

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