4.93/5 (5 Reviews)


4.93/5 (5 Reviews)

Mobile applications for connected world

MobileUp is a skilled company that develops mobile applications for connected world. Working with connected systems: sensors, signals, transport, medical devices, electronic gadgets and geolocation. Enters Top-10 of Russian mobile development companies acco ...
  • Pricing: $25 - $49/hr
  • Location: Russia
  • Employees: 10 - 49
  • Founded: 2009
Watch Dogs for Ubisoft
Amount: $50001 to $100000 Timeline: 30 weeks Advertising & Marketing

Mobile-to-real-life role-playing gaming app were people can hack surrounding targets.

In 2013, Ubisoft wanted to launch their new hacking game, Watch_Dogs, in which the hero uses a mobile phone as a weapon. Their objectives were to raise awareness of their new title, create engagement with the brand and promote pre-orders.


  • Location tracking.
  • Control dynamic objects (e.g. blockers, traffic lights, etc).
  • Community of players.
  • 4 exclusive skills to upgrade.

The project won at Webby Awards Winner 2015GOLD Prize at 44th CMA Awards and Grand Prize at Boomerangs 2014.

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Amount: $50001 to $100000
Timeline: 21 Weeks
Amount: $50001 to $100000
Timeline: 30 Weeks
Transporation & Logistics
Amount: $10001 to $50000
Timeline: 16 Weeks
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