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The 7 Best Free and Open Source Recruiting Software

The 7 Best Free and Open Source Recruiting Software

Any business entrepreneur or leader would agree to the fact that skilled employees are the most important assets of their organization. The success or failure of a business organization depends on the skills of the employees working there. Thus hiring well-trained, experienced, and qualified candidates can ensure high-level performance and productivity in a business organization.

The job market has transformed drastically over the past few years and recruiting the right talent has become challenging due to some aspects like -

Challenges of Hiring

Using the best recruiting software can help in overcoming these obstacles to hiring the right candidates. Thus, we have listed here the best 7 free and open source recruiting software, which you can consider integrating into your hiring process without making a huge investment. Before we go through the list of these recruiting solutions, let's just acquire some basic information about what is a recruiting software, how it works, its benefits, and the features to look for while selecting one.

What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software is a tool that can automate the hiring process, starting from the candidate search to onboarding. It is used by the recruiters, interviewers, hiring managers, and talent acquisition professionals to streamline the entire hiring process, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, selecting and recruiting the candidates.

A Recruiting Software Automates & Streamlines -

Recruiting Software Process

Basically, recruitment software makes the entire recruitment process extremely quick and efficient. The recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers can access a centralized database throughout the hiring process, to simplify their jobs and eliminate all the flaws resulting due to miscommunication and mismanagement. 

Moreover, by using the recruitment tools, the users can post new job vacancies, track applications, communicate with the candidates, and ensure that the right candidates are hired within a specific period. To explain further, below are some benefits of using recruiting software -

Benefits of Using Recruiting Software

The above benefits show how businesses and recruitment agencies can streamline their recruitment processes by using well-featured recruiting software. To select the right recruitment software, you need to consider the below-mentioned must-have features required in one.

Must-Have Features of a Recruiting Software

Importing Candidates Information

Feeding the candidates' information in a database can be a repetitive and time-consuming task. Instead, many recruiting tools allow importing that information from any website or job portals in just a few clicks. Automated candidate sourcing can free up a lot of time for the recruiters so that they can focus on other important tasks like interviewing and screening candidates.

Smart Resume Parsing

Receiving a large number of applications from candidates means you have a lot of work to do to select the right candidates for an interview. Many recruiting solutions facilitate smart resume parsing that automates the extraction of the candidate profiles that fit in the job vacancies.


The recruiting software you choose should integrate with different job portals and social media platforms. Instead of publishing the job post on different job portals and social media, all you need is to publish the job post in your recruitment software, and it gets displayed on all the platforms integrated. This saves time and helps in grabbing the attention of a maximum number of candidates.

Email Scheduling and Automation

The recruitment software you select should allow you to schedule and automate email communication. Many recruitment software also provides email templates that allow you to design emails quickly. All you need is to design an email once for every notification and start sending it to multiple candidates automatically. Also, you can schedule emails for candidate follow-ups and interview reminders.

Interview Scoring & Rating

The recruiting software you select should allow you to score and rate the candidate based on the interview and share the feedback with the recruiters, hiring managers, and stakeholders. This would keep everyone in the recruitment team informed about the skills and caliber of the candidate and help in deciding whether to hire the candidate or not.

Reporting & Analytics

Tracking and measuring the performance of the recruitment team, candidate sourcing platforms, and all the information relating to the hiring process is important to close the job requirements in an organization quickly. Access to the reports and analytical information at your fingertips can help you in implementing the right recruitment strategies and get the entire hiring process done seamlessly.

So, these were the must-have features of recruiting software. We know there are a plethora of recruiting tools to choose from and making the right decision can be overwhelming. Here, we have presented the list of the 7 best free and open source recruiting software with a comparison chart, helping you to pick the one suiting to your business requirements.

The 7 Best Free and Open Source Recruiting Software Comparison Chart

Recruiting Software Comparison Chart

The 7 Best Free and Open Source Recruiting Software

#1 Recruity

Recruity is a free and open-source recruiting software that includes complete features required to run a professional recruitment agency. It also includes CRM, which can help you in managing your candidates and clients. Also, it can help you in sharing files, scheduling emails, integrating with social media platforms, and everything required to make the hiring process quick and efficient.


Key Features

  • Can manage publication of new jobs on social media and other job portals
  • Allows you to keep track of agenda and tasks to be done
  • Includes firewall that keeps the data secure
  • Facilitates you to schedule emails, notifications, and reminders
  • Helps in building CMS websites easily

If you have already used Recruity, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 Fastcollab

Fastcollab is an open-source and free recruiting software that can keep track of the applications received from the candidates, manage screening and different rounds of interviews, conduct online assessment tests, and send automated emails & reminders to the relevant candidates. Basically, it automates the entire recruitment process and enables recruiters to hire the right candidates quickly and seamlessly.


Key Features

  • Allows resume parsing
  • Can send emails in bulk
  • Allows posting jobs on multiple platforms
  • Helps in creating career website
  • Enables automatic emailing
  • Helps in managing customers, candidates, and recruitment team
  • Allows managing tasks
  • Can generate customized reports

If you have already used Fastcollab, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 Winrecruit

Winrecruit is a free and open-source recruitment software that helps in streamlining the entire recruitment process starting from job posting to candidates' onboarding. This recruitment tool can make your recruitment process quick and reduce your hiring costs. It can monitor all the recruitment activities intricately, helping you to achieve efficiency and maintain a flawless hiring process.


Key Features

  • Enables candidate search based on location, qualifications, experience, etc
  • Integrates with different job portals and social media platforms
  • Can generate real-time reports
  • Provides role-based user access
  • Helps in building company recruiting page or career website
  • Includes client management system

If you have already used Winrecruit, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 Odoo Recruitment

Odoo Recruitment is a free and open-source recruiting software that can make your hiring processes easy. Using this free recruiting software, you can establish your job board, post and promote your job listings, and track applications submitted by the candidates. This recruiting tool allows you to follow every applicant, systematically store and access the important documents. You don't need to outsource your recruitment tasks; you can now handle the entire recruitment process easily using minimum human resources available internally.

Odoo Recruitment

Key Features

  • Allows posting job offers on your website and following applications in a Kanban view
  • Manages a pipeline of candidates and organizes open and closed job positions
  • Creates a systematic repository of applications sent by the candidates which are easy to access
  • Keeps track of all the applications sent by the candidates
  • Can automate and schedule emails
  • Sends online offers
  • Integrates with HRMS

If you have already used Odoo Recruitment, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 Ziggeo

Ziggeo is an open-source recruiting software that allows candidates to record and submit videos for employees to review. Employers can easily view those videos from any device or platform and select the candidates suitable as per the job description. It can help you in customizing your recruitment process most cost-effectively. It allows employers to judge the candidates effectively and make the hiring process quicker. Also, the software facilitates real-time buffering that can help in online interviews.


Key Features

  • Allows recording and uploading videos
  • Enables screen recording
  • Allows setting up video recording time limits
  • Supports WebRTC & Cordova/PhoneGap
  • Includes light indicator & sound indicator
  • Guides for proper positioning of the face
  • Allows users to select their favorite cover shot

If you have already used Ziggeo, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is free recruiting software that facilitates end-to-end hiring solutions for recruitment agencies and corporate HR professionals. It helps in sourcing candidates easily, running background checks, simplifying the job application process, and customizing your resume templates. It also allows you to build a strong employers' brand over social media platforms, and automate your entire recruitment process. It can also help you in generating customized reports helping in making informed decisions.

Zoho Recruit


Key Features

  • Allows in publishing job posts on multiple platforms with a few clicks
  • Includes AI features allowing you to select the right talent
  • Allows consistent assessment and collaborating with the team
  • Helps in providing excellent candidate experience while applying for the jobs
  • Allows application tracking helping to data-driven decisions
  • Allows setting up automatic replies, notifications, and alerts

If you have already used Zoho Recruit, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a completely free recruiting software package that allows you to attract and hire the best talent in less time and effort. This recruiting tool immensely powers the recruiting team to hire, prepare, and optimize the entire hiring process, regardless of the team size and number of job vacancies. Moreover, it includes world-class resume parsing features that helps you in cost-effectively selecting the right candidates.

Breezy HR

Key Features

  • Allows distributing job posts on different job boards
  • Facilitates resume parsing
  • Enables task management
  • Allows video assessments
  • Can generate real-time reports
  • Allows email and calendar integrations
  • Includes SMS and text messaging facility
  • Allows GDPR automation & compliance

If you have already used Breezy HR, please feel free to share your reviews here.

So, these were the 7 best free and open-source recruitment software. We suggest you go through the details of one of the most popular recruiting solutions - Talentpool.


Talentpool is a configurable recruitment management software perfect for small and medium enterprises. This recruitment tool helps in streamlining the end-to-end hiring process starting from candidate sourcing to onboarding employees. It helps in automating the recruitment workflow and reducing cost per hire. It helps in searching and shortlisting the right candidates to enhance the workforce of the organization.


Key Features

  • Includes centralized database that helps in searching for candidates from multiple sources
  • Allows tracking applications from requisition to offer
  • Allows recruitment team members to post feedback to get the best candidate onboard
  • Enables compiling data and reports to make better decisions
  • Facilitates integration for better functionality
  • Includes virtual recruitment assistant for 24/7 support
  • Includes vendor management system


Thus, the main purpose of deploying recruiting software would be to automate the tasks that your recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers are doing manually. To streamline the entire recruiting process and achieve high efficiency, the use of recruiting software in an organization becomes mandatory.

For better options with advanced features, you can also go through freemium and paid recruiting tools like Oorwin, LinesPay, iSmartRecruit, Workable, and many more mentioned in the complete list of recruiting software, intricately curated by the GoodFirms' Team.

If you have used any of the recruiting tools mentioned here, please leave your valuable feedback.

Also, browse all software categories, if you are looking for the latest tools & technologies used in other business sectors as well.

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