AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
4.81/5 (23 Reviews)

AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited

4.81/5 (23 Reviews)

Where Expectations meet Excellence!

A fast-growing I.T. firm, proficient in android app development, Designing, iOS app development,  digital marketing, AI, VR and IOT, committed towards delivering a user centric solutions for your enterprise! Also we are one of the Top 10 Mobile Application Developmen ...
  • Pricing: < $25/hr
  • Location: India
  • Employees: 50 - 249
  • Founded: 2014
4.5 5 stars - "AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited" A fast-growing I.T.
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
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Detailed Review
Richa Sharma, HR Manager at Champion Computer Pvt. Ltd.
Dec 30,2015
“Team posses expertise in technical aspects.”
Richa Sharma, HR Manager at Champion Computer Pvt. Ltd.
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Project Details
Mobile App Development
$0 to $10000
15 Weeks
Dec 04, 2015
Client Details
Richa Sharma
Champion Computer Pvt. Ltd.
50 - 249
New Delhi, India
“They are highly enthusiastic and creative people with a very different mindset.”- HR Manager, Champion Computer Pvt. Ltd.
Project Summary

The client pertains to IT and communications industry that offers a wide range of smartphone models, Tablets, data cards and wireless networking products. The client partnered with AppSquadz to develop and design an official mobile-based application for a leading telecom services provider of India. The app is for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

The client is highly content with the services and deliverables of AppSquadz and praised them for their creativity and enthusiasm. The client is highly likely to recommend them to others.

Feedback Summary


  1. Designation – HR Manager
  2. Nature of Business – IT and Communications Industry.




1. What is the scope of the project?

AppSquadz was involved in the development of mobile-based applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.



2. What was the estimated time frame committed for the completion of the project?

The project started in the month of October this year and was suppose to finish by the end of December since the committed timeframe was of two months.

3. How much time did it actually take for completing the task?

The project was completed in just one and half month, so it was before time. We got the final product by the first week of December itself.



4. Please provide an approximate figure (in $) for the work done?

It took around six to seven thousand dollars.

5. Did they exceed the committed price point and why?

Everything was pre-decided whether it was price or delivery time. We sat around the table and discussed every parameter with them. They quoted the price based on what we needed them to do. Even if there were some additional features added, they accommodated and kept the price as committed.



6. How did you come to know about AppSquadz?

One of my earlier colleague works in an application development company itself, she suggested me to connect with AppSquadz.

7. Why did you choose to partner with them?

There were two companies that we narrowed down to while searching for a right partner for this project. But AppSquadz enthusiasm was unbeatable. Seeing their dedication and zeal for this project, we chose them. Also, being an SME company, AppSquadz was cost effective and quoted a shorter time frame. But, most important was the dedication of their team.



8. Did they evaluate your project scope and requirements correctly?

Absolutely, they did a continuous follow-up, also met and interacted with the senior management, did a lot of research, and took time to understand what we want and how they can deliver their best.

9. Did the company deliver as per your expectations?

Yes, they did.

10. Are you satisfied with the sales and customer support service?

The project has just completed and up till now we haven’t really witnessed any major issues. Though, they are quick with support, they address issues in less than twenty-four hours.



11. What are the core strengths of AppSquadz?

Their core strength is their highly dedicated team which is also very technically sound. They are highly enthusiastic and creative people with a very different mindset. We just see some testing issues initially, but then a new project manager took charge and everything was smooth thereafter.

12. According to you, in which areas can AppSquadz offer better services?

In terms of delivery, they were coming up with more ideas even after the project delivery. They kept on adding something new to the project each time. It is not a negative, though, it is something good, but at times it puzzles the other person as to what to choose. I think they need to put everything that they can think of on a paper first and then present it to the client so that things become a little more systematic.

13. Did they offer proactive consultative approach? (Technical advice, design changes etc.)

As I said, they kept on coming up with something new every other day, they kept on adding new features. They used to make prototypes and then test it and take feedback from us.



14. On a scale of 1 - 5, how would you rate AppSquadz on the following parameters:

(Where 5 - extremely satisfied and 1 - not at all satisfied)

A. How would you rate them in terms of Quality of work?

Four point five.

B. In terms of Reliability.


C. In terms of Ability in app development.


D. In terms of Ability in app design.


E. In terms of being on Schedules.

Four point five.

F. In terms of Consulting Approach.


G. For the Final score, out of five?

Four point five.

H. Lastly, How likely are you to recommend AppSquadz to a colleague, out of Five

Five. We have already done that several times.

Contact information
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
H 35, 1st Floor , Sector 63 , Noida , Uttar Pradesh 201301
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
426 Harrison ave, Harrison , Knoxville , New Jersey 426 Harris
United States
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
Abu Dhabi , Abu Zabi 38384
United Arab Emirates