iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
4.89/5 (17 Reviews)

iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

4.89/5 (17 Reviews)

Mobile Apps & Website Development Company

iCoderz is a full stack mobile app development company. It inaugurated its operations in the year 2009 with a few young and dynamic techno- entrepreneurs with an aim of offering customized services in the area of mobile app development in India. iCoderz sets itself ...
  • Pricing: < $25/hr
  • Location: India
  • Employees: 10 - 49
  • Founded: 2009
5 5 stars - "iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd." iCoderz is a full stack mobile app development company.
iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Detailed Review
Anonymous, Owner at Personal Development Products Reseller
May 09,2016
“Have the right skills and are very knowledgeable.”
Anonymous, Owner at Personal Development Products Reseller
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Project Details
Mobile App Development
$0 to $10000
15 Weeks
In Progress
Client Details
Personal Development Products Reseller
2 - 9
Vaxholm, Sweden
“It’s their communication and skills that make them stand out. They keep on asking and that’s what I really like about them. When we don’t understand each other, we straightaway ask the other party to avoid any confusion instead of just pretending what the other party means, which is very important to me and one of the reasons why I chose them.”– Owner, An Online Reseller.
Project Summary

The client is a creative reseller and sells creative personal development stuff online. The client gets the physical products from China, Estonia or Germany and then sells it in Sweden. The client wanted to develop some apps related to the products they sell to enable the users to view them in digital form and thus was looking for a development partner that can understand their creative idea. The client approached iCoderz Solutions with the idea and the company helped them develop and design multiple apps on the same idea. The projects were done in time and within the budget every time.

The client is satisfied with the services and deliverables of iCoderz Solutions and praised their communication skills and development expertise. The client highly recommends them to their friends and colleagues.

Feedback Summary


  • Designation – Owner
  • Nature of Business – Reseller of Personal Development Products




1. What is the objective of the projects you did with iCoderz Solutions?

We sell some creative stuff online. My wife writes books and makes some personal development products that we sell online. Some of the products that we sell are very good to make apps out of. Since I am very fond of technology and love thinking of apps and creating them, I took my wife’s work that she had done - the physical product - and I thought how we can make an app out of this. So the apps can be called personal development apps. Everything is based on the personal development theme so every product comes with a text. They have done multiple apps for us on the same idea.

2. What is the scope? What all iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. did for you?

They made everything. I told them screen by screen, how I wanted the app to work and decided the structure of the app. They designed the app keeping the personal development theme as the focus. They did all the coding as well. The apps are for both Android and iOS platforms.



3. What is the average estimated timeframe they commit for the apps they develop for you?

On an average, they commit something like three months. The last project that we completed took three to four months. It started in January 2014.

4. How much time do they actually take for completing the task? Have there been any delays from their end?

The current project that they are working on is quite huge, so, it will not be a good example. The last project ended somewhere around April 2014 and I would say that they finished it on time. No delays as such, I would say they finish things on time.



5. Please provide an approximate figure (in $) for the work done?

For the first five to six projects that they did, the average cost of the project was around fifteen hundred dollars.

6. Did they exceed the committed price point and why?

No, not at all.



7. How did you come to know about iCoderz Solutions?

I did a search on the internet and I had something like ten different Indian companies and started talking to all ten and then I narrowed it down to iCoderz.

8. Why did you choose to partner with them?

They had a nice website and they were nice to talk to. I found them to be very knowledgeable.



9. Did iCoderz Solutions evaluate your project scope and requirements correctly?

Yes, that is what is really good with iCoderz, they keep on asking. When we don’t understand each other, we straightaway ask the other party to avoid any confusion instead of just pretending what the other party means, which is very important to me and one of the reasons why I chose them.

10. Did the company deliver as per your expectations?

Yeah, they do. I am very satisfied.



11. Is there anything that makes them stand out compared to other companies (core Strengths)?

It’s their communication and skills that make them stand out. I have worked with different companies and communication is the key to success in all the businesses. There are millions of app developers all over the world and I believe everybody can do the work because the tools are great nowadays and knowledge is out on the internet, so I don’t know if anyone is better or worse on developing. It’s just the matter of getting the work done. That means iCoderz have the right skills.

12. According to you, is there any area that you think they can improve upon?

English is my second language and theirs’ too and even though I say that they are good at communication, they can of course, like me if I can improve my English, improve their English. But that’s a minor thing. I don’t know anything else because the project has been done on time and I paid them the amount of money that we agreed and the apps work.

13. Did they offer proactive consultative approach? (Technical advice, design changes etc.)

Absolutely, they did. I implemented some of them which I liked, and some of them that I disagreed with, I didn’t implement.



14. On a scale of 1 - 5, how would you rate iCoderz Solutions on the following parameters: (Where 5 - extremely satisfied and 1 - not at all satisfied)

A. Quality of work.


B. Reliability 


C. Ability for Development


D. Ability for Design


E. Project Schedule

Four point five.

F. Project Consulting (Upfront suggestions)


G. Overall Score


H. How likely are you to recommend iCoderz Solutions to a colleague, out of five again.


Contact information
iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
208 - Akshar Stadia , Behind Patel Avenue, Near Gurudwara, Thaltej , Ahmedabad , Gujarat 380059
iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
5431 Woodland Boulevard, , Oxon Hill-Glassmanor , Maryland 20745
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+1 301 909 4374