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5.00/5 (1 Reviews)

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We are Information Technology Services Company providing comprehensive, user-oriented Portal implementation for Mobile, Drupal, and Open Source. Unlike other app development companies in India, we translate functional requirements into cutting edge technical soluti ...
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5 5 stars - "Mindster" We are Information Technology Services Company providing comprehensive, user-oriented Portal implementation for Mobile, Drupal, and Open Source.
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Detailed Review
Anonymous, IT Consultant at Edenred
May 13,2016
“Experienced, efficient, and responsive.”
Anonymous, IT Consultant at Edenred
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Project Details
Mobile App Development
$10001 to $50000
9 Weeks
In Progress
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1,000 - 9,999
“They’ve the expertise; I mean they have a team which has experience & expertise in the technology that they are offering, so this makes them strong because they can propose to you what you actually need.”– IT Consultant, Edenred.
Project Summary

The client is a prepaid corporate services provider that offers solutions that improve the efficiency of organizations. They have special vouchers, offers, and payments given by employers to their employees. The client wanted to develop a mobile app for their new program that aims to benefit the farmers of Congo. Aufait was involved in developing an Android application and a web backend for them which can track the benefits transferred to farmers from NGOs and Government. The project was completed much before the committed timeframe and they did not charge anything extra than what they committed.

The client is highly satisfied with Aufait and praised them for their expertise over different technologies and helpful advice over the problems faced. The client highly recommends them to their industry peers.

Feedback Summary


  • Designation – IT Consultant
  • Nature of Business – Financial Services




1. What is the objective of the project you did with Aufait?

This application is related to tracking developed for a project in Congo. There are farmers and there are NGOs or some firms who work with the government that gives away some funds in order to help farmers in purchasing seeds and fertilizers for agriculture. So any farmer who likes to benefit from this program needs to have a card and go to a specific merchant and purchase the seeds. So, Edenred is helping the organizations who are providing the funds to make sure that the beneficiaries have got their seeds and the distributors also have got their money, so the app helps in tracking that.

2. What is the scope of the project? What all did Aufait do for you?

We needed to have a mobile application so that the stakeholders will be able to use it in order to search credit and debit payment options. We print a card on which we have information related to the farmer and we needed to read this card on a mobile application, first to credit it with funds and later in another similar application to debit it while doing the purchase. So, Aufait did this application which works both ways, debit and credit, and also they made web services which code few store procedures in our backend database in order to mainly give authorisation and to record credit and debit transaction. The app was only for Android because this is a kind of private application used by the private network. It’s not a downloadable application for the public.



3. What was the estimated timeframe committed for the completion of the project?

It was around two and a half months. After three months it was totally operational. They committed the same time that they took actually. It started on 1st of July, 2015.

4. How much time did it actually take for completing the task?

It actually took less than what was committed because it started in July and I remember that in mid of August I was testing the application and by the end of August all the bugs were fixed and recommendations were done. So, practically it took like two months to complete. The application went live in September 2015.



5. Please provide an approximate figure (in $) for the work done?

The Android application and the web service both charged approximately eleven thousand dollars in total.

6. Did they exceed the committed price point and why?

No. There was a small change related to security, so I told them to take it out from the six months support package we purchased from them and they agreed.



7. How did you come to know about Aufait?

I got to know them from a company in Dubai who are my customers as well.

8. Why did you choose to partner with them?

This company in Dubai used to work with them and they gave good feedback about them. Here, the particularity of this project is - ease and faster delivery. Because it was a pilot project and they agreed to do the pilot by the end of June and we needed to start in September, so they needed to deliver fast. So, what is good is that they delivered in the speed that we expected. They also offered a better price than another potential supplier.



9. Did Aufait evaluate your project scope and requirements correctly?

Yes, their understanding was good since the day they were doing the initial proposal. We had a meeting over the phone and they understood what we needed and they did the proposal accordingly.

10. Did the company deliver as per your expectations?

Yes, they delivered as per our expectations.

11. Are you satisfied with the sales and customer support service?

They are very good in that as well. They are efficient and responsive.



12. Is there anything that makes them stand out compared to other companies (core Strengths)?

They have the expertise; I mean they have a team which has experience & expertise in the technology that they are offering, so this makes them strong because they can propose to you what you actually need. Sometimes, you know that they have a solution that you need and when you discuss with them, you’ll seek possibilities that they can give you the solution and they’ll help you in order to achieve it, they can also advise you on the best way to achieve it, so I think this is something very good in terms of establishing a trustful relationship.

13. According to you, is there any area that you think they can improve upon?

Not for this team, I mean for the mobile division. I think they were very good at delivering what we needed, so I don’t really have any suggestion or any thought on which area they need to improve.

14. Did they offer proactive consultative approach? (Technical advice, design changes etc.)

This is what I said earlier, they can help you and advice you in order to achieve your goal. Sometimes, they highlight a few aspects that you’re not thinking about so when they highlight it, you’re happy with it and you go for it.



15. On a scale of 1 - 5, how would you rate Aufait on the following parameters: (Where 5 - extremely satisfied and 1 - not at all satisfied)

A. Quality of work.


B. Reliability 


C. Ability for Development


D. Ability for Design


E. Project Schedule


F. Project Consulting (Upfront suggestions)


G. Overall Score


H. How likely are you to recommend Aufait to a colleague, out of five again.


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