AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
4.81/5 (23 Reviews)

AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited

4.81/5 (23 Reviews)

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A fast-growing I.T. firm, proficient in android app development, Designing, iOS app development,  digital marketing, AI, VR and IOT, committed towards delivering a user centric solutions for your enterprise! Also we are one of the Top 10 Mobile Application Developmen ...
  • Pricing: < $25/hr
  • Location: India
  • Employees: 50 - 249
  • Founded: 2014
5 5 stars - "AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited" A fast-growing I.T.
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
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Detailed Review
Anthony	Staren, CEO at Profacio
Jul 12,2016
“Understood our requirements well.”
Anthony Staren, CEO at Profacio
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Project Details
Mobile App Development
$10001 to $50000
16 Weeks
Mar 28, 2016
Client Details
Anthony Staren
2 - 9
Arizona, U.S.
“They made sure we were aligned on what I needed by continuously being in communication with me and they made updates and fixes quickly whenever we felt like changing something which saved us a lot of time.” – Founder, CEO, Profacio.
Project Summary

The client is a mobile application that allows users to save articles from the web or other apps in different folders and categories. They can also highlight and share articles among many other features. AppSquadz Technologies was involved in developing an iOS app for the client. The project was completed on time and within the specified budget.

The client is highly satisfied with AppSquadz Technologies because of their understanding of the project and continuous support and highly recommends them to their friends.

Feedback Summary


  • Designation –  Founder, CEO
  • Nature of Business – Mobile Application



Objective & Scope

1. What was the objective of the project you did with AppSquadz Technologies?

It is a very complex app. The objective of the application is not only to save the articles but to be able to give the users an easy way to highlight the articles and share those articles.

2. What is the scope of the project? What all did AppSquadz Technologies do for you?

They did the development work. I had just given them initial markups, kind of what I was visioning, but they really got to the next level and made those look outstanding. They made the UI look really good and spoke with me about the process flow; we were able to make it a lot more user-friendly in terms of user-experience. The app was only for iOS.



3. What was the estimated timeframe committed for the completion of the project?

The project started around the end of 2015 and they committed to four months to complete.

4. How much time did it actually take for completing the task?

The project was completed towards the end of first quarter of 2016 and they did not make any kind of delays in completion of the project as they took four months only as committed. There was also additional work done apart from the original scope of work.



5. Please provide an approximate figure (in $) for the work done?

They charged thirteen thousand dollars in total.

6. Did they exceed the committed price point and why?

No, they didn’t.



7. How did you come to know about AppSquadz Technologies?

I found them on the internet while was searching for a company to take up my project.

8. Why did you choose to partner with them?

We were impressed with their portfolio and after interviewing them, we decided that we would go with them.



9. Did AppSquadz Technologies evaluate your project scope and requirements correctly?

Yes, they did as they understood our requirements quite nicely.

10. Did the company deliver as per your expectations?

Yes, absolutely.

11. Are you satisfied with the sales and customer support service?

I’m very much satisfied with their support.



12. Is there anything that makes them stand out compared to other companies (core Strengths)?

They made sure we were aligned on what I needed by continuously being in communication with me and they made updates and fixes quickly whenever we felt like changing something which saved us a lot of time.

13. According to you, is there any area that you think they can improve upon?

No, I think they are very good.

14. Did they offer any proactive consultative approach? (Technical advice, design changes etc.)

Yes, they did.



15. On a scale of 1 - 5, how would you rate AppSquadz Technologies on the following parameters: (Where 5 - extremely satisfied and 1 - not at all satisfied)

A. Quality of work.


B. Reliability (demonstrating professionalism, responsiveness in communication, cost-effectiveness, meeting deadlines etc.)


C. Ability for Development


D. Ability for Design


E. Project Schedule


F. Project Consulting (Upfront suggestions)


G. Overall Score


H. How likely are you to recommend AppSquadz Technologies to a colleague, out of five again.


Contact information
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
H 35, 1st Floor , Sector 63 , Noida , Uttar Pradesh 201301
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
426 Harrison ave, Harrison , Knoxville , New Jersey 426 Harris
United States
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
Abu Dhabi , Abu Zabi 38384
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