Appinventiv Technologies
4.84/5 (18 Reviews)

Appinventiv Technologies

4.84/5 (18 Reviews)

Web & Mobile App Development Company

Appinventiv is a well-known firm for providing high-end, business-oriented web and mobile app development solutions across the globe. It has established its name in the app market with more than 230 top-grossing applications in the app stores and is leading mobile applicatio ...
  • Pricing: < $25/hr
  • Location: India
  • Employees: 250 - 999
  • Founded: 2014
4.5 5 stars - "Appinventiv Technologies" Appinventiv is a well-known firm for providing high-end, business-oriented web and mobile app development solutions across the globe.
Appinventiv Technologies Appinventiv Technologies
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Detailed Review
Anonymous, Project Manager at IT Consulting Firm
Aug 04,2016
“Good project management and scheduled update system.”
Anonymous, Project Manager at IT Consulting Firm
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Project Details
Mobile App Development
$50001 to $200000
16 Weeks
Oct 12, 2015
Client Details
IT Consulting Firm
1,000 - 9,999
Delhi, India
“I liked their project status update meetings. I was dealing with other companies also, but it was very hard to get the update from them. Their quality of work is also good and they are easily reachable as well.” – Project Manager, An IT Consulting Firm.
Project Summary

The client is one of the biggest business process outsourcing and IT consulting firms in India. AppInventiv Technologies was involved in designing and developing an Android app for the client which was meant for renting out the farm equipment to the farmers in Indian states of Gujarat and Karnataka. Along with the initial phase, every step of the development process with the additional changes was completed on time and within the specified budget.

The client is very satisfied with AppInventiv Technologies because of their project status update mechanism and technical expertise and the client highly recommends them to their friends.

Feedback Summary


  • Designation –  Project Manager
  • Nature of Business – IT Consulting



Objective & Scope

1. What was the objective of the project you did with AppInventiv Technologies?

AppInventiv is our preferred partner. We have given them several projects for mobile application development, especially for Android. We developed an idea for our sister concern of renting out the farm equipment like tractors and other machinery to the farmers in the states of Gujarat and Karnataka, India. Sometimes, every farmer cannot manage to rent a tractor or they have to pay a very high rent, so we developed a dealer network in those states where we have tractors and farm equipment available. We have a number given in our app. The farmers who need the tractor or equipment can call up the number and we, through the navigation system available in our app, will check the area of the farmer who called and contact the nearest dealer to deliver them the tractor on rent.

2. What is the scope of the project? What all did AppInventiv Technologies do for you?

We told them our idea, they designed the app and created the UI. They developed the backend in Java and the app was for Android platform. So, they took care of the whole ecosystem.



3. What was the estimated timeframe committed for the completion of the project?

The project started in July 2015 with an approximate time estimate of four months to complete.

4. How much time did it actually take for completing the task?

The initial build took around four months when it got completed in October 2015. We added some extra functionality after that so it took around five to six more months to get the complete app. We worked as per milestone based model. They were on time on every step.



5. Please provide an approximate figure (in $) for the work done?

It was somewhere around eighty thousand dollars in total.

6. Did they exceed the committed price point and why?

No, everything was clarified in the agreement, so there was no such scope.



7. How did you come to know about AppInventiv Technologies?

I was doing some online search for a company who can design and develop our Android app and also the one which was located nearby to our office area.

8. Why did you choose to partner with them?

We evaluated all the companies located in the radius of two to three kilometers of our office. We did some reference check through their clients as well as their profile was also one of the factors. AppInventiv has some vast experience and they have done some work in the navigation apps and streaming field, other than the normal app development so that things actually made us go with them.



9. Did AppInventiv Technologies evaluate your project scope and requirements correctly?

Initially, we had some three to four rounds of meetings and during that they got the idea.

10. Did the company deliver as per your expectations?

Yes, we got the app fully tested by them and then we had a second round of testing from our end, so it was around 99% okay.

11. Are you satisfied with the sales and customer support service?

Sales and support, both were good actually. Their project management and scheduled update system for the project is very good.



12. Is there anything that makes them stand out compared to other companies (core Strengths)?

There are two-three things which I believe makes them different. I liked their project status update meetings. I was dealing with other companies also, but it was very hard to get the update from them. Their quality of work is also good and they are easily reachable as well.

13. According to you, is there any area that you think they can improve upon?

I think they should work on their finance part. The payments to be received by them are delayed by three to four months, but they never force us much, so that should be improved if they want to survive for long in the industry. They should speed up the process of recovering the money.

14. Did they offer any proactive consultative approach? (Technical advice, design changes etc.)

Yes, they provide us some useful ideas which saved us a lot of money.



15. On a scale of 1 - 5, how would you rate AppInventiv Technologies on the following parameters: (Where 5 - extremely satisfied and 1 - not at all satisfied)

A. Quality of work.

Four Point Five.

B. Reliability (demonstrating professionalism, responsiveness in communication, cost-effectiveness, meeting deadlines etc.)

Four Point Five.

C. Ability for Development

Four Point Five.

D. Ability for Design


E. Project Schedule

Four Point Five.

F. Project Consulting (Upfront suggestions)


G. Overall Score

Four Point Five.

H. How likely are you to recommend AppInventiv Technologies to a colleague, out of five again.


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