4.93/5 (5 Reviews)


4.93/5 (5 Reviews)

Complex mobile applications

MobileUp specializes in design and development of technologically complex mobile apps. Including products for transport, mHealth, wearable devices, financial services, as well as applications with complicated business logic.  Enters Top-10 of Russian mobile ...
  • Pricing: $25 - $49/hr
  • Location: Russia
  • Employees: 10 - 49
  • Founded: 2009
4.5 5 stars - "MobileUp" MobileUp specializes in design and development of technologically complex mobile apps.
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Detailed Review
Marina Zakhareuskaya, Co-Founder & Director at Elegant E-Learning Inc.
Aug 30,2016
“Always gave prompt response.”
Marina Zakhareuskaya, Co-Founder & Director at Elegant E-Learning Inc.
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Project Details
Mobile App Development
$10001 to $50000
28 Weeks
May 16, 2016
Client Details
Marina Zakhareuskaya
Elegant E-Learning Inc.
2 - 9
Hamilton, CA
“They are very responsive. Despite the substantial time difference (we are in different time zones with them), they almost always have someone on call to respond to communication.” – Co-Founder & Director, Elegant E-Learning Inc.
Project Summary

The client is an eight-year-old company with a proven track record of revolutionizing and providing free online resources for English teachers and instructors. and DMV Genius iOS and Android mobile applications are for driver safety by making free permit practice tests written by experts available to anyone who wants to study, along with online copies of official state or province study guides.

The client is very satisfied with MobileUp because of the great work done by their strong development team. They appreciate the effective management shown by Mobile Up due to which the project was completed as per their expectations.

Feedback Summary


  • Designation –  Co-Founder & Director
  • Nature of Business – Online Education



Objective & Scope

1. What was the objective of the project you did with MobileUp?

We already had mobile apps for iOS devices available on the market for some time before we started working with MobileUp, we aimed to enter Android mobile application market as well. The app provides an effective, interesting way to study for a car, motorcycle, or CDL learner's permit test or driver's license test with questions that are based on each state’s official driver’s manual. This app is useful for the learner's permit test, the driver’s license test, and the senior citizen's refresher test, since the written part of those tests is the same. There are several difficulty levels you can choose from. Our other objective was to re-develop our existing iOS mobile applications, to make them lighter, more user-friendly and easier to update with new functionality (OTA DB updates, for example).

2. What is the scope of the project? What all did MobileUp do for you?

MobileUp did the complete design, development, testing and deployment of the application for Android platform and launched it successfully (DMV Genius for the United States). We then proceeded to develop similar Android applications: Theory Test Genius for the UK and G1 Genius for Canada, Ontario; both have been launched successfully. At the same time, the MobileUp team started working on re-designing our existing iOS apps for the same countries, respectively, with one of the apps having already entered the market.



3. What was the estimated timeframe committed for the completion of the project?

We worked on multiple variations of the Android application with them. All the projects were done during November 2015 to May 2016.

4. How much time did it actually take for completing the task?

Different projects took different amount of time. There were no to almost no delays with Android apps, but iOS version took them longer than expected.

5. In which phase is the project right now?

The applications have been developed. We continue to work with them on upgrading the apps with new functionalities.



6. Please provide an approximate figure (in $) for the work done?

Approximately, it was around forty-three thousand dollars.

7. Did they exceed the committed price point and why?

No, that never happened and they charged only what they had committed.



8. How did you come to know about MobileUp?

We actively searched for a company that could take over support and updating of our existing apps and develop Android versions for us. We started with a single developer but he failed to meet our expectations. Then a close friend living in Russia recommended MobileUp.

9. Why did you choose to partner with them?

Apart from the common native language (which definitely makes it easier to discuss issues and find the common ground and which was one of our preferences also), they had good recommendations and had developed a number of successful apps for reputable companies.



10. Did MobileUp evaluate your project scope and requirements correctly?

Their team grasped the scope instantly and implemented all the requirements with no issues.

11. Did the company deliver as per your expectations?

Yes, they did deliver according to our expectations.

12. Are you satisfied with the sales and customer support service?

Yes, they are very responsive. Despite the substantial time difference (we are in different time zones with them), they almost always have someone on call to respond to communication.



13. Is there anything that makes them stand out compared to other companies (core Strengths)?

There are multiple things that make them stand out compared to other companies - strong development team, effective management, time frame and price commitments. All these factors were appreciable.

14. According to you, is there any area that you think they can improve upon?

They are sometimes a day or two late with their deliverables, so we would suggest they add a few days to the initial estimate and then deliver early rather than have the team work until midnight to meet the promised deadline.

15. Did they offer any proactive consultative approach? (Technical advice, design changes etc.)

Yes, they have shown a perfect understanding of the app and its functions and goals, and they made suggestions on how to improve the functionality/add new features that users would find helpful.



16. On a scale of 1 - 5, how would you rate MobileUp on the following parameters: (Where 5 - extremely satisfied and 1 - not at all satisfied)

A. Quality of work.

Four point five.

B. Reliability 

Four point five.

C. Ability for Development

Four point five.

D. Ability for Design


E. Project Schedule


F. Project Consulting (Upfront suggestions)


G. Overall Score

Four point five.

H. How likely are you to recommend MobileUp to a colleague, out of five again.


Contact information
Bolshaya Moskovskaya street , Saint Petersburg , Sankt-Peterburg
+7 (812) 425-01-58
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