AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
4.81/5 (23 Reviews)

AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited

4.81/5 (23 Reviews)

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A fast-growing I.T. firm, proficient in android app development, Designing, iOS app development,  digital marketing, AI, VR and IOT, committed towards delivering a user centric solutions for your enterprise! Also we are one of the Top 10 Mobile Application Developmen ...
  • Pricing: < $25/hr
  • Location: India
  • Employees: 50 - 249
  • Founded: 2014
4.5 5 stars - "AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited" A fast-growing I.T.
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
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Detailed Review
Richard Hurkmans, Owner at DeltaCost
Nov 23,2015
“They were very professional.”
Richard Hurkmans, Owner at DeltaCost
Likelihood to Recommend:
Project Details
Mobile App Development
$10001 to $50000
20 Weeks
Oct 30, 2015
Client Details
Richard Hurkmans
10 - 49
“They understood my needs and followed up on a weekly basis. They were very professional.”- Owner, DeltaCost.
Project Summary

The client is a finance company that provides escrow services for financial security between the buyer and the seller. The client aims to make an event-based app. AppSquadz is selected to provide mobile application development as well as website development services.

The client is satisfied with the services and deliverables of AppSquadz. They were praised for their professionalism and approach of doing work. The client is very likely to recommend them to their colleagues.

Feedback Summary

1. Please describe your company.

The company is DeltaCost, based out of Netherlands that offers escrow services primarily for the oil, gas and chemical industries. BeanLost is an app that I am developing with AppSquadz.

2. Please describe your Role and Responsibilities at this company?

I am the owner at DeltaCost and also the owner for BeanLost app.

3. What was your objective for the project?

The idea was based on a private situation. I went to an event and met someone, but I forgot to exchange personal data. I didn’t know how to get to contact that specific person. And then I came up with this idea to make this app to help other people not miss this information.

4. Please describe the scope of work of AppSquadz?

AppSquadz is involved in the application development and website development of this app. However, the project isn’t finished yet, it is available for the Android version only. I had a discussion with them to start to do the development all over again. The design and graphics are done by some other party, I don’t know their name. I gave them all the specs and description over skype. They used to update me on the status twice a week. They understood my needs and followed up on a weekly basis. Then they used to share the build on a weekly basis asking if this is what I want. They set several milestones and whenever a milestone got completed, we made payments after reviewing it. They were very professional.

5. Can you provide an approximate dollar figure for the project?

That would be around fifteen thousand dollars. We are just done with Android version. I want to have this is in the market first and then get some feedback from users and based on the feedbacks, I will review it and make a new release for iOS and website in approximately three months.

6. When was the project completed/did they delivered on the said project timelines?

The project started sometime in July 2015. The first version was done in 2013, but I didn't get many reviews and downloads, that’s why we started the development all over again.

7. Did they deliver up to your expectations?

Yes. I like the way they work. I like to have a quality product instead of a proxy project just based on on-time schedules.

8. Is there anything that makes them stand out, compared to other companies?

The only comparison I have is with the previous company that worked on this. All the delays were mostly from my end. They were available seven days a week and twenty four hours. So, for me they did a good job.

9. Is there any area that you think they can improve upon?

It’s a young company off course there must be some areas of improvement. I think they can work upon their testing part. In my opinion they should check everything before sending it to the client; look closely on bugs and issues. Not a big issue though but it’s a point of improvement. They can do better.

10. To sum up, we ask you to rate AppSquadz on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest score.

A. How would you rate them in terms of Quality of work-(as in quality of their service and deliverables, project/app competitiveness, any app crashes, app update frequency etc)

I think I would give them four point five.

B. In terms of Reliability- (as in terms of demonstrating professionalism, responsiveness in communication, cost-effectiveness, meeting deadlines etc)

I handed them the scope and didn’t have any change request, so they didn’t ask me for more money. So, it will be a four point five as well.

C. In terms of Ability- (as in their ability for app development and app design, execution of work)

They are quite a new company. I will give them four. I  have nothing to compare to with so they were good for me.

D. For the Final score, out of five?

Four point five. They were almost perfect.

E. Lastly, How likely are you to recommend AppSquadz to a colleague, out of Five?

It’s difficult since I am the only one doing app development in Holland, in my neighbourhood. But yes, if someone really plans to do that, I would suggest their name as I am very satisfied. I am very likely to recommend them so I will give them a five. 

Contact information
AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
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AppSquadz Technologies Private Limited
426 Harrison ave, Harrison , Knoxville , New Jersey 426 Harris
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