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Want to invest in shipment tracking software? Here is a list of the best shipment tracking software from GoodFirms exclusively prepared through its comprehensive research and analysis. Shipment tracking apps listed here function as a unified platform to track your shipment, optimize delivery, eliminate errors, communicate easily, and enhance customer experience, all in real-time. So, just explore this list of top shipment tracking systems, leverage the filters for features, business size, pricing model, deployment type, and more. Also, do not miss to compare the products and read the reviews from the original users of the shipment tracking software listed here.

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List of The Best Shipment Tracking Apps

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    Zip24 is a pioneering logistics solutions provider, adept at addressing the dynamic challenges of today's supply chain with its innovative platforms, Shipox and Storfox. Shipox is a delivery management system that excels in streamlining last-mile delivery operations. It offers features such as real-time tracking, intelligent & dynamic route optimization, and seamless customer notifications, ensuri ... read more about Zip24

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Shipment Tracking Software Available in the Market?

As businesses have varied needs, no single shipment tracking system is the best solution for all businesses. The best shipment tracking software for your business is the one that offers all the tools to satisfy your business’s shipment tracking needs, fits in your budget, is feasible, has positive feedback from other similar companies, and proves profitable with time. To choose the software that perfectly meets all your requirements, you can refer to GoodFirms’ list of top shipment tracking software with the features, pricing information, ratings, and reviews of many popular solutions available in the market. Additionally, leverage the filters provided for business size, required features, deployment type, pricing model, and more for a better selection.

Why Is Shipment Tracking System Important for Your Business?

With reliable shipment tracking software, businesses can centralize control, eliminate human errors, improve accuracy, automate repetitive tasks, save time, conserve resources, enhance visibility, monitor shipment tracking operations better, improve coordination, prevent delays, and increase productivity. Besides, online shipment tracking apps offer business intelligence tools/insights, analytics, and reporting for informed decision-making. Leveraging shipment tracking tools thus ensures an upsurge in business profits at a nominal cost.

What Factors Must Be Considered Before Buying Shipment Tracking Software?

The top shipment-tracking apps and systems provide comprehensive automation tools to control all your shipment tracking and management needs in one place. Before buying one, ensuring that the chosen shipment tracking software is feasible or the right fit for your business needs is necessary. Also, the expected profits with its deployment must outweigh the costs. Moreover, the shipment tracking tool you choose must support scalability for business growth. It should also allow third-party integrations with your other existing systems; shipment tracking systems typically need accounting and CRM integrations. Additionally, the software vendor should provide customizations, need-based user training, and customer support as needed.

How Much Does Shipment Tracking Software Cost?

Shipment tracking system vendors typically offer multiple packages or plans to match businesses of different sizes. The advanced or higher-priced plans of shipment tracking tools facilitate additional features and allow more users or orders. Many shipment tracking system vendors also provide need-based customization at an additional cost.

It is possible to get reliable shipment-tracking apps and software for less than $10 per month; for example, Trackr costs $4 per month, and Shipstation costs $9 per month for up to 50 shipments. Shippo provides a free starter plan with paid monthly packages starting from $10. Other top shipments tracking software solutions include Logitude World costing $39 per user per month, and Shippit costs $49 per month for up to 250 orders. Frieghtview, at $99 per month for up to 50 shipments, and Dispatch Science costing $650 per month, are popular and reliable options in higher-priced shipment tracking systems.

Are There Any Free Shipment Tracking Systems Available?

Many free shipment tracking software solutions are available for startups and businesses with budget constraints that cannot invest in costly solutions. Most shipment tracking system vendors also provide free starter plans for their software apart from multiple paid plans, for example, Shippo. Another popular shipment tracking tool, ShippyPro, provides a free version for up to 30 shipments per month. For more free software options, refer to GoodFirms’ list of best shipment tracking software.

Are Shipment Tracking Systems Secure?

The top shipment tracking software vendors typically ensure robust, multi-layer security features in their software solutions. Nevertheless, with the vendor, you must confirm the shipment tracking software’s security offerings related to data backup, storage, integrity, sharing, encryption, and vulnerability scanning. It is also essential to check the vendor’s experience and market reputation. Also, compare reviews, ratings, and feedback for different shipment tracking tools before choosing one.

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