HubSpot CRM

Everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers.

4.4 (112 Reviews)
About HubSpot CRM
Hubspot CRM software is a free CRM solution used by sales leaders, marketers, customer service teams, operation managers, business owners, and salespeople. It comes with features for deal tracking, pipeline management, prospect management, email tracking, live chat, form bui...
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HubSpot CRM
Everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers.
4.4 (112 Reviews)
111 Reviews
The interface is very user-friendly
Tamara Mitchell Content Marketing Specialist at Montrium
on 24/6/20

We at Montrium use Hubspot to manage our email marketing.

Pros: The interface is very user-friendly. You can automate emails as part of a workflow or schedule them as regular emails. Workflows are helpful for lead nurturing and setting up if/then emails, e..g. if an individual registers for a webinar, they receive a reminder email for that webinar. Emails are easy to create from a template or clone from previous emails and editing is simple with drag & drop modules - text, images, CTAs, etc. You can test emails before you send them out as different contacts, or how they would appear for different email hosts. All of this means we can make highly professional, engaging emails in a short amount of time with Hubspot.

Cons: It's difficult to collaborate together in Hubspot, i.e. review and edit an email with real-time updates as a marketing team. We have to save, exit, and let the next person review. It's not a huge problem but it would be a nice feature to have.

All-in-one system for CRM, marketing, and sales
Rima Shah Analyst, Emerging Technologies at Technostacks Infotech Pvt ltd
on 5/6/20

At Technostacks Infotech Pvt ltd, we use Hubspot CRM. Following are the pros and cons:


  • Keeps the technology up to date with current web and marketing trends. Super easy and intuitive user interface Excellent award-winning end user support via live chat, tweet, or direct call.

  • A lot of time saved with their automation workflows.

  • All-in-one system for CRM, marketing, and sales, which makes it exceptional when it comes to collaboration. This means that you can more easily align your sales and marketing teams when it comes to reporting, workflows, and more. Allows to work on social media, emails, landing pages, analytics, and more, all in one place.

  • Integration options if you are using other tools such as MailChimp,Zapier, Jira Cloud, WordPress, Slack, can improve follow up tasks, like adding an "important" notification to alert you that this task is important and should be followed up with first. Creating workflows can get tricky and confusing.


  • Can improve follow up tasks, like adding an "important" notification to alert you that this task is important and should be followed up with first. 

  • Creating workflows can get tricky and confusing.

  •  Slightly expensive for SMEs - would be great to have a cheaper pricing plan. While emails are free, if the list has too many names, it will cost you.

  •  Manual cleaning of HubSpot database every now and then to make sure you get rid of the junk leads (e.g. competitors, job hunters, etc.) or bugs.

Easy to use software
Jamie-Lee Kay CEO at The Other Straw
on 15/5/20

As a CEO of The Other Straw, here is my review regarding Hubspot CRM.
Pros: Ease of Use and Customization

Highly recommend HubSpot to any SME and even larger organizations
Frans van Staden Digital Marketing Specialist at ThoughtWire
on 15/5/20

I was recently recognized as a Champion User of HubSpot for 2020 - (

I use HubSpot to run all of our company's(ThoughtWire) marketing and promotional campaigns. From creating blog posts and landing pages to email campaigns and social media posts as well as setting up automated workflows. HubSpot's ability to integrate with a number of other tools such as Zoom Webinars, AdRoll, Slack and a host of others makes it an incredibly valuable tool.

I can highly recommend HubSpot to any SME and even larger organizations that are looking for a single source of truth when it comes to executing and reporting on their marketing campaigns.

HubSpot's pricing model is great for small businesses
Jennifer Willy Editor at Etia
on 14/5/20

Customer relationship management (CRM) software was developed about 30 years ago to help businesses better manage customer relationships and all the data involved with them. But now CRM software has become more powerful and complex than ever. Being an editor of Etia, after using Hubspot I found that it has the ability to quickly navigate to Accounts, Contacts, Deals, and Reports. You can easily drill down into specific contacts, for example, to view things like email address, phone number, and history of contact activity. HubSpot can be set up in many cases in a matter of minutes because the basic version is free. So, HubSpot is easier to pick up but has fewer customization and menu options. Ultimately, HubSpot's pricing model is great for small businesses that require basic CRM functions.

HubSpot is the simplest CRM we've used to date
Samuel Adams Social Media & Content Strategist at SeedSpark
on 14/5/20

Being a social media and content strategist at SeedSpark , adopting HubSpot as the epicenter of our marketing strategy has simplified the process of managing multiple social media accounts while also providing a useful tool to manage contacts, email campaigns, and our company blog. While the tool itself has provided an incredible amount of utility, HubSpot's training helps you become not only a better user, but a better salesman and marketer. With courses on social media, inbound marketing, content marketing, and so much more, HubSpot provides the tools that you need to be a good marketer and additional training to make you even greater. Though a few bugs may exist in the software, HubSpot is the simplest CRM we've used to date. By streamlining the process of organizing, reaching, and serving clients, HubSpot enables our team to continually improve, learn, and grow.

Hubspot syncs well with Gmail for Business without too many hoops to jump through
Ian Kelly VP, Operations at NuLeaf Naturals
on 12/5/20

As a VP, Operations of NuLeaf Naturals, here is my experience using Hubspot CRM.
It can seem overwhelming at first glance as there are a lot of options, which can also add up in price. The secret for me was finding what I needed to track sales and eliminate the rest. One area that was user-friendly for sales, was the visual nature of the Deals function. The drag and drop nature of moving deals through the stages was intuitive and had the option built in to set reminders and deadlines. Hubspot syncs well with Gmail for Business without too many hoops to jump through. The tracking and notifications on emails can be a little buggy at times, including getting multiple notifications for the same email. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons.

I value and appreciate the software
Allison Quintanilla Plattsmier President at AQP Consulting
on 24/3/20

I was very impressed with HubSpot during my consulting experience at AQP Consulting. They have a HubSpot academy and function as an overall content marketing tool rather than just social media integration. They also have a free version. They are visually appealing, user friendly, and offer a wide range of free integration services that, coming from a nonprofit background.

Offers a lot more than other social media software does
Brooke Reed Social Media Manager at Michigan Creative
on 16/3/20

The Michigan Creative team prefers to utilize HubSpot as it has specifically been a useful tool for our team to utilize because it offers a lot more than other social media software does. It has email automation, ROI tracking, sales tools, and so much more - so it's nice to have everything, including social media and ads, under one "roof".


Easy to integrate all social media channels into one spot for easier posting.

Posts have the option to be scheduled in bulk, though I haven't tried this feature out yet.

You can set up the best times to schedule your posts and continuously post using those time options.

Once you create a post on one channel, you can select the next social media channel you would prefer to share the content on as well, and everything will be copied down for you to edit.

You can see basic insights for who clicked on the link, who interacted with the post, etc.


Do not use two links with this. There have been times that it looked correct on the preview, and when it posted the wrong link was the one that showed up.

Sometimes the channels will randomly kick you off because HubSpot is read as a third party, so you will have to re-connect your account. It doesn't happen that often.

Can upload a video, but there is a size limit. Sometimes it's better to go to the site and upload videos directly.

The most relevant CRM
Komal Khare Digital Marketing Executive at CedCommerce
on 6/3/20

It's very tough to judge any CRM unless you've been through because all are good at their place but after using HubSpot CRM, I can give my 200% on saying that it is the best of all. In terms of money, services, Softwares, also the content part. After using the software for my company - CedCommerce, I feel HubSpot can give competition to any CRM. HubSpot CRM is easy to use, so- unlike many CRM’s. It’s actually got acquired by sales and service teas, and it takes a minute to set-up. It integrates seamlessly with an E-Commerce store, so it’ll definitely increase your business. Hubspot is an inbound marketing automation tool by which customers get attracted to your products what they want according to their needs like HubSpot gives a wide range of features all tools that easily and in short time period you can attract your customers through email, social media, phone calls and many more.


->An easy-to-analyze pipeline and a powerful database to store information about your contacts.

->HubSpot provides these features and many more for free, splitting the value for your company and reducing any of the system’s cons.

->You can grow traffic and convert more visitors with a tool like HubSpot can save time. A tool that helps you get deeper insights you like your prospects.

-> HubSpot is a high-reward time and low-risk investment to make for your business.

->Hubspot is the platform where you can sync E-Commerce data in HubSpot. it holds much more data automatically.


->The HubSpot CRM is perfect for growing business but might not be enough advanced for larger companies with many revenue streams.

->Having a lot of data from various sources streaming into the framework can become difficult for the organization.

The overall experience I had with HubSpot is similar to a hand who is working with you continuously for the growth of my companies business model. It has everything that is required to achieve excellence in this competitive era. It has all that any company needs to set up an outstanding CRM. and I'm still constantly learning new things and finding a new way to use HubSpot and make my concept easier because HubSpot is most easy to use and intuitive from which we can easy to complete our marketing task easily.

Happy with the results
Michael Lowe Chief Executive Officer at CarPassionate
on 5/3/20

We use HubSpot CRM in our company - CarPassionate for our CRM functionalities. Following are the points I would like to share with after using Hubspot CRM:

1 It’s just a simpler, more intuitive interface. The integrations of other apps and upload of data are quick and seamless. We always struggled with other CRM software.

2  No complaints as yet

Used this for years and love it
Martha Frasolyak Chief Business Development Officer at UkrInSofT
on 21/1/20
Superior in nearly every other way
Jacob Mathews Director of Engineering at Purple Olive Labs
on 10/1/20
Good value
Maan singh Pannu CEO and Founder at Brancosoft
on 24/12/19
Positive response
Jerin Joy Business Development at TECH INNOVATIONS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (ti Technologies)
on 19/12/19
Functional, convenient and user-friendly
Orekov Skaya
on 16/12/19
A-Z Features Available
on 10/12/19

Sometimes it's a little because it has a lot of options.

Great to use but I am on the search for a more basic CRM to manage with my team
Saad Sufian Lead Web Designer/Funnel Marketer/Project Manager at CreatiVision Agency
on 9/12/19

Pros: Great giving you many features for a contact person, detail of client company and more

Cons: Layout of all features can overwhelming at times and can forget how

Great so far!
John Ostler Co-founder at Eight Bit Studios
on 5/12/19

Pros: Easy to use, amazing custom dashboards, great tracking, integration with Gsuite

Cons: The amount of configuration you need to do upfront to get it to report on what you want (not sure this is avoidable)

Hubspot has the most power to allow us to do what we want
Tessa (Carroll) Wuertz Director of Marketing & Agency Partnerships at efelle creative
on 28/11/19

Pros: Lots of power to do things, a good visual board, customizable.

Cons: Steep learning curve, sometimes feels like it's almost able to do what you want, but then won't be able to do it. It can also be confusing at times.

Overall Experience: After trying multiple options, Hubspot has the most power to allow us to do what we want. It may take a while to fully grasp its power, but overall it works great.

The free option is minimal but helpful. The paid options are great!
on 27/11/19

Pros: Robust CRM, forms work really well, marketing automation is fantastic.

Cons: Expensive software, only get the good tools if you pay a lot of money.

Kim Beck Senior Account Manager at SpokenHere
on 7/11/19

Pros: Love that everything is all in one place

Cons: New to us but have not run into any issues yet

Over price to upgrade
Skyracle Technologies
on 5/11/19

Pros: Free version is available for trial

Cons: Bit complicated

Andres Romero Manager at Flux IT
on 1/11/19

Pros: Very close to our sale process

Cons: Lack of deep integration with other marketing tools like MailChimp

Very good. Works for my purposes.
Samuel Corso Co-Founder and CEO at TechSuite
on 25/10/19

Pros: Lots of functionality available for free.

Cons: None really.

All in all, great set of tools in one
Victoria Naichuk Digital Marketing Specialist at Romexsoft
on 24/10/19

Pros: Anytime access, support, fully analyzable synergy, large user community

Cons: N/A

Fulfill all our marketing and clients-related tasks
Zarar Ameen CEO at CANZ Marketing
on 22/10/19

Here at CANZ Marketing, the ease of planning, organizing & evaluating tasks and communication between our team members are our top priorities. Therefore, we use a combination of project management software to get our hands on the best of every option. For planning, collaborations in team projects, measuring & optimizing performance or evaluating task outputs, prioritizing tasks & many more features, we use Hubspot. It has taken our management to a whole new level with its ease of use and a multi-functional nature. We use HubSpot for all our marketing and clients-related tasks.

Natalia Minayeva Business Development Manager at Bamboo Agile
on 17/10/19

Pros: Easy to track info about deals, integration with many platforms (and email), notifications, marketing tools

Cons: Limitation of functions

Good and easy
Ashish Darji COO at Vnnovate Solutions Pvt Ltd
on 16/10/19

Pros: Easy to use and have enough fields of the information store.

Cons: Concern about my stored data has access to me only, or they are selling this information to another form?

Best CRM Software
Marina Yelshanska Head of Marketing and Business Development at HYS Enterprise
on 11/10/19
Oleksii Vyshnyk Marketer at Abto Software
on 10/10/19

Pros: Easy to use and set up, many individual settings

Cons: Paid reporting

Positive and will continue to use
Ty Daniel Smith Founder at CoinScribble
on 30/9/19

Pros: Ease of use and integrates with sales CRM

Cons: Expensive for premium features

Overall Experience: Best in the market that we have tried.

Kevin A. Weafer President & CEO at Spinar America, Inc.
on 27/9/19

Pros: pretty full and dynamic

Cons: tedious

Very good
Aditya Santhanam Co-Founder at TroonDx
on 26/9/19

Pros: It's free, chrome plugin automates data entry, as well as automation, is everywhere

Cons: Nothing

Easy to operate
Ayush Vyas Co-Founder at Infoxeron Technologies
on 18/9/19

Pros: Very slick

Cons: None

Good CRM Software
Pablo Saura Digital consultant at
on 17/9/19

Pros: Everything in one tool

Cons: Cost

Solid. Works well given the use of gsuite for email and the nice integration.
Tom Wondra Consultant/Sales Manager at Givenly
on 16/9/19

Pros: Integration with gsuite is great, works very well. Tasks are nice.

Cons: Visual funnel is lacking. Task interface could be improved, but it works well.

Awesome New Features
Ciprian Popescu Senior Web Engineer at 4Property
on 1/7/19
HubSpot lately added mailshot campaigns, which is why I am migrating from Mailchimp to HubSpot, eliminating one step in my funnel.
Hubspot CRM - Not as good an experience as it was initially.
Matthew Corney Managing Director at SFI Food Group
on 30/4/19
Love the CRM portion of Hubspot, however they only give minimal support unless you are a high paying subscriber and do not follow through to sell you on the marketing side of Hubspot. Used to be a big proponent / promoter of Hubspot but as of late they have consistently failed to deliver on customer expirience.
Excellent CRM
Daniel Sullivan
on 17/4/19
Hubspot CRM is an excellent business solution with multiple tiers including one that is free for fledgling businesses just starting out. Like most business solutions, the pricing starts out relatively slow to allow for business growth and to make sure their business clients can keep up with the cost. Eventually the cose does increase substantially, but the thought process is that at that point the business is, in theory, doing so well that it doesn't really matter. Try it, you'll like it, but be informed and do your research.
The Sales Machine / Review CRM Hubspot
Marc Bellot Co-founder at The Sales Machine
on 17/4/19

I am Marc Bellot, Cofounder of The Sales Machine in France. This is a review of HubSpot CRM. I am using this software for the last 3.5 years and we have several dozens of customers running Hubspot. I am highly satisfied with their software. I liked the ease of use, integration with Marketing & Sales modules, powerful dashboards. Our favourite features are Deals, Tasks, Scoring, emails tracking, meeting scheduling... However, they can improve on Outbound capabilities to become better. I will recommend “HubSpot CRM” + "Hubspot Sales Pro" to everyone. 

It's OK
Adam Stead Head Of Content at StoreKit
on 9/4/19
I haven't used any other CRM software so this isn't a Hubspot V Salesforce review. Positive: I was extremely grateful that the Hubspot academy allowed me to speed up videos to a 1.75X tilt. (It was pretty slow). Negs: The blogging (which was my main thing) was glitchy. It would frequently change the colour of random bits of text and fail to un-change the colour when the text was mass selected, rather, I would need to select the text a line at a time. I believe it was embedded links that was causing this.
flexible and powerful solution
Rohit Ranjan Product Support Engineer at Ani Technologies Private Limited(Ola Cabs.Com)
on 14/3/19
HubSpot CRM will help you close more deals with less work involved, because it organizes and tracks each aspect of your sales pipeline, and helps you grow it and develop in the right direction. The data insights it provides are simply unparalleled, and will certainly help your agents save time they usually spend on research. You can enjoy as much as 1,000,000 contacts and users, and unlimited storage, HubSpot CRM will run in the background of all tools you are already using, and you will be able to trigger it whenever you need it. The list of available integrations is very long, and includes products such as Pipedrive CRM, SugarCRM, Bigcommerce, Gravity Forms, Base CRM, Google Chrome, Google Dynamics, Snapengage, Dropbox, and many more (see the integrations tab above for a full list). Basically, HubSpot is applicable in any software ecosystem, and blends easily in all processes and operations instead of asking you to modify those to its benefit.
Amazing for Beginners
Rodrigo Ivn Camacho Arvizo Director General at Altacent Marketing
on 13/3/19
Great app to track your contacts, and super easy to use. I recommend it specially for beginners.
Great CRM
Ches Allen Marketing Director, The Laue Team at Hasson Company, Realtors®
on 13/3/19
Awesome customization, great interface. Only downside is that the free version does not include lists.
The Cream of the Crop When it Comes to CRMs
Daniel Berry SEO Strategy Specialist at Cheaper Than Dirt
on 13/3/19
I've used HubSpot for years and it's much better than any other CRM I have used before. The interface is clean and user-friendly and the support team is top-notch. It also works seamlessly with the other components of the HubSpot Growth Stack. Definitely worth a demo.
Great and Fantastic
on 25/2/19

Pros: The software guided to make me and my business better.

Cons: Paid version too costly.

Low-Cost Solution software
Binh Wilson
on 18/1/19

Pros: Good small business option.

Cons: Limiting as you grow.

Very nice and best services
Deepika sain SEO Executive at
on 1/1/19

Pros: Ease of use On the cloud iOS App Easy migration of information.

Cons: You can´t have more than one owner per contact.

Great tool, we love to work with
Stanislav Novokhatko Business Developer at Incode-group
on 1/1/19

Pros: Easy to use, very flexible.

Cons: No cons.

Good good and good
Rushkar Information Technology
on 1/1/19

Pros: It's providing the form and API

Cons: It's not storing the data in Card, it will fetch it runtime.

Codiant's best CRM Partenr
Vikrant Jain CEO & Co-Founder at Codiant
on 1/1/19

Pros: Insightful and unlimited customization makes it our first choice to use.

Cons: Inflexible

User-friendly software with great resources. I am a big fan
Amit Tiwari Digital Marketing Expert at OTS Solutions
on 1/1/19

HubSpot CRM is great! There are lots of options for customizing contact and company properties, including the forms that appear when a user of the CRM creates or views the users. The ability to filter by company properties to view contacts who belong to companies matching those filters is really useful for us and other systems we've tried struggled to do this.

Good for us
Vadim Peskov CEO & Co-Founder at Diffco
on 1/1/19

Pros: You can start with the free version of software available.

Cons: No problem at all regardless of integration.

Our 4 years of experience while using Hubspot
Charlotte Chipperfield Founder and CEO at Chipperfield Media LLC
on 1/1/19

Pros: Cost

Cons: Lack of knowledge on knowing how to best leverage the platform.

Happy and recommend it to everyone
Kacper Ryniec Software Development Lead at Solidbrain
on 1/1/19

Pros: Love the automated fetching of contacts data.

Cons: It's a bit too simple for some cases, but there's a bunch of nice integrators for other software.

Overall Experience: I'm happy with it, recommending to anyone looking for a CRM to start with.

We love their planning and steps to achieve the goal
Jeroen Lettinck Senior Technical Officer at Alcadis IP Solutions
on 1/1/19

The process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behavior, qualifying them, giving them constant attention to make them sales-ready, and then passing them on to the sales team. This process is more reliable and perfect to show an outstanding effect.

On our experience we give them 8/10
Jen Winson Visual Designer at Dawson Andrews
on 1/1/19

Pros: It is really easy to use.

Cons: The search sometimes becomes a difficulty.

Best for Marketing Automation
Anjana Sadanandan Web Content Manager at Trigent Software Inc
on 1/1/19

Pros: Email campaigns are easier always with Hubspot.

Cons: Lack of features lacks behind.

Sedulous experience using HubSpot
Darshan bhalodiya SEO Executive at Sedulous
on 31/12/18

HubSpot is one of the fastest growing CRM programs and it allows for the creation of successful marketing leads. Backed by a number of venture capitalists, this software works for web and mobile devices and is seen as one of the premier names in marketing software.

Our 2+ years of experience
Daniil Sokolov Marketing Manager at DNA325
on 31/12/18

Pros: Good for small companies and free for basic needs.

Cons: Not suitable for For small business.

Simple yet Best
Natalia Molik Growth Marketing Manager at CloudStorm
on 31/12/18

You have the facility of creating and customizing campaign performance and email performance reports. The software offers a simple drag and drop interface with intuitive functionality.

Good to go CRM
on 31/12/18

Pros: Free & Easy to contact leads via email integration.

Cons: Difficult to find support for the feature you don't understand.

Satisfied by the service
Timothy Bramble Partner, Managing Director at Meevo
on 31/12/18

Pros: Like the price point.

Cons: Tricky to integrate sometimes.

Whidegroup experience with Hubspot
Anton Zhuk Managing Director at Whidegroup
on 31/12/18

One of the things that I love about this tool is that I can add users from the main panel. This facilitates the process of organization and distribution of work.

Love HubSpot
Purpleno Inc
on 31/12/18

HubSpot is excellent for tiny businesses and startups because the free version of the customer relationship management software offers surprisingly robust features. For sole proprietorships, side hustlers and microbusinesses, it provides an incredible alternative to handling customer relationship management the old-fashioned way.

Everyone should be using this
Aleksandra Kebic Client Consultant and Marketing Executive at Equaleyes Solutions Ltd.
on 28/12/18

Pros: It has everything we need and is very easy to use.

Cons: None that I can remember of at the moment.

Overall Experience: Very satisfied

Hubspot - As true Marketer and CRM
Nazar Hembara Managing Director at BotsCrew
on 28/12/18

Pros: It contains great features, Functionality, knowledge base and UX design.

Cons: Price

All-in-one platform
Meghan (Durett) Hultquist President at HQdigital
on 28/12/18

Pros: It's free, great UX, integrates into an all-in-one growth platform. As a Marketing Automation Software, it is All-in-one platform, growth tools included, super easy to use, great training resources

Cons: Not complex enough for some enterprise-level companies

Overall Experience: Excellent, highly recommend

A Must have tool for CRM servicers
on 28/12/18

Pros: User-friendly and it has everything that any CRM should need.

Cons: Expensive

You get all services from one
Grant Higginson Principal at Welby Consulting
on 28/12/18

Pros: This tool has everything you need + it is free.

Cons: Inability to download voice recordings.

Easy to undderstand
Anastasiia Bobeshko Digital Marketer at X1 Group
on 28/12/18

It does everything that you would want in a free CRM: it tracks activity, manages the pipeline, organizes contacts and even allows users not involved in the sales process access. This is all good, and it's a great tool for a startup that isn't ready to invest in software yet.

Document Management Saves human hours
MK Shaiq Uddin Senior Growth Manager at SkyQuest Ltd.
on 28/12/18

The tool is very efficient when it comes to managing the Supplier and Purchase Order. It is designed in a flawless way, which helps to understand and analyze the solution. Apart from that, you can also manage other things related to business like campaigns, workflow, sales, interaction, marketing, performance all in one place.

Awesome product
Zee Gimon Digital Operations Manager at The App Solutions
on 27/12/18

Pros: Numerous integrations (especially with the website). Love HubSpot for its features and user-friendliness

Cons: Can get costly fast

Very easy to setup and use
Rostyslav Bachyk Founder & CEO at VindiTek
on 27/12/18

Pros: Free version is quite capable

Cons: Currently no

Better than I expected. It grows on you the more you use it.
Jignesh Vaghasiya Co-founder at Universal Stream Solution LLC
on 27/12/18

Despite an otherwise reasonable CRM integration, sales staff cannot send emails from their Outlook or Gmail system and have those emails sync with the HubSpot lead record. Also, HubSpot does not support real-time sales alerts. This is a setback for sales staff that want to be notified when named contacts or accounts are interacting with the website or engaging with marketing content but not necessarily completing an online form or similar record update.

Hubspot for all
on 27/12/18

Hubspot’s CRM platform is entirely free, but the additional marketing, sales, and service hubs are all offered with tiered individual plans, as well as in a bundled suite. Without the additional services, the Hubspot CRM has limited functionality.

Overall best performance
Arpan Shah Founder at Intricare Technologies
on 27/12/18

HubSpot is a platform that never looks bad to the user, its design is totally proportional and makes any user feel comfortable with its use, it is satisfying to have it implemented. It also helps me a lot to maintain an appropriate CRM for my company, so I can have total control over everything that customers buy.

HubSpot CRM for all
Haresh Pansuriya Digital Marketing Lead at iQlance Solutions
on 26/12/18

Pros: From Microsoft Office to the Adobe Creative Suite, all professional grade software will mean incurring an often hefty price tag, but it is a necessary cost. When compared to other platforms on the market with a comparable feature, HubSpot’s pricing is competitive and offers arguably more value. While purchasing HubSpot does require signing a one-year contract upfront, the software’s three different plans and several add-ons offer flexibility when it comes to pricing as you can pick the features that actually fit your needs and the size of your contact database. If you won’t use it, you don’t have to pay for it.

Cons: Though everyone understandably wants to keep costs low, these additional leads will likely multiple the number spent on them in returned revenue and ultimately, a sign that your inbound marketing is working.

Overall Experience: You don’t have to go it alone. HubSpot’s award-winning customer support and services teams are here to answer your questions, help you master the inbound methodology, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools. All that — plus our detailed help documentation, educational resources, and training programs — means you’ll never feel left out in the cold.

Best CRM tool I have ever used
Shadab Khan Digital Marketing Expert at SynergyTop, LLC
on 26/12/18

Pros: One of the best features on Hubspot's CRM software is a "Find Companies" feature that lets your employees research information on companies you're targeting.

Cons: When sending emails to these companies, you can only send to one at a time rather than to multiple people.

Overall Experience: It was great.

Average review for Hubspot CRM
on 26/12/18

Pros: It's simple.

Cons: Doesn't have integrations with our sales channels.

Better as CRM Software than Automation Software
Salman Aslam Founder & CEO at Clustox
on 26/12/18

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Limited feature set is available

Positive feedback
Anastasiia Vlasova Marketing Manager at Relevant Software
on 26/12/18

It is really simple in using this platform with a lot of functional features. Positive experience, we are not going to change the platform. Also, we would really like to recommend to everyone, It would be greatly helpful.

User-friendly software with great resources
Stephen P Chapin Search Engine Optimization Expert at Seo Pro Hub
on 26/12/18

I love that my interactions with a client easily can be shared with the sales team The permission levels make sense on the sales side for access to Marketing modules as well The emails send reliably with great tracking features.

Happy to recommend it
Juego Studio Private Limited
on 25/12/18

Pros: It's a software with free of cost. They had released their Live Chat tool which is having better Insights, Also it uses the Same Database as Marketing Platform.

Cons: Lack of Flexibility.

Overall Experience: HubSpot CRM is built to be a platform that allows sales teams to get started quickly without making much of a change in their existing workflow. Both marketing and sales can use the same database, allowing a smooth transition of leads from marketing to sales in your funnel and far easier communication of data.

Best CRM
Manit Aslot Technical Consultant at BrainTechnix Softwares
on 24/12/18

HubSpot CRM is a quite complete platform according to me. Its functions have an impressive utility and the best thing is that they are not complicated to use, in addition, HubSpot has an excellent CRM interaction with the other sales services offered by the platform.

Simple software
Kuba Ju
on 24/12/18

I like its marketing automation integrations the most. Its price is bit high, but they are manageable. It becomes easy to use contact and lead management. It lacks in the field of customer support as there is No live chat or phone customer support.

Best software as CRM and Marketing Automation
Koray Ismail Founder at
on 24/12/18

Pros: It is easy to integrate with WordPress

Cons: We are not sure but it can become expensive in the future.

Like the performance of the tool
Igor Vivchar Tech Marketing Expert at LaSoft
on 22/12/18

Pros: Rich functionality

Cons: Poor UI/UX

Overall Experience: I would prefer something more intuitive and user-friendly.

Yuriy Vorobyov
on 21/12/18

Pros: Powerful.

Cons: Not so far.

Valentina Bashkatova Business Development Manager at Redwerk
on 21/12/18

Pros: Nice UI/UX design and yes it is a free tool and easy to use.

Cons: Latest update is a little buggy. Other than that there are no more negative points I can think of for this software.

I liked it the most
on 20/12/18

It is my favorite platform for making websites. It offers great integrations and offers. Also, it supplies guaranteed implementation by the use of this tool. Hence I highly recommend it to all!

on 20/12/18

Pros: Very easy to navigate.

Cons: Does not allow several contacts/companies to be attached to the deal. Also, turned very slow after last feature implementation last month.

Best as CRM and Marketing Automation tool
Yaroslava Upatova Head of Marketing at Decima Digital
on 20/12/18

Pros: The CRM part is free and nice marketing automation features as well as a great interface.

Cons: The price is high and there are strict rules for mass mailing .

Overall Experience: Great tool and can be considered as one of the best for tech companies.

Hiral Suthar SEO Manager at Silver WEbbuzz
on 20/12/18

The best part of the software is that it offers unlimited storage and a million users as well as contacts for free. Though it is free, it is more effective and useful than a number of paid platforms. It is flexible to suit the requirements of individual users as well as B2B and B2C businesses in a range of industries including construction, real estate, accounting, retail and others.

Nice tool
Leticia Mendonça Founder & UI designer at Pengreen Design
on 19/12/18

Pros: Lots of features, great database of known companies and great email tracking tool.

Cons: Too hard to tags the contacts, website builder is very limited.

Overall Experience: It's a nice tool but it could be improved on basis of price.

Nice tool for CRM Software
Samaj Infotech
on 19/12/18

Pros: Easy to use.

Cons: Slow

Overall Experience: Nice

Good for Marketing Automation Software and CRM Software
Vaibhav Pansambal Co-founder And Business Analyst at Prometteur Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
on 18/12/18

Pros: Free, easy access and simple to use

Cons: Can have some more features, as well as the integrations, are a bit complex

Overall Experience: good

Positive feedback
Dobromir Kotsev CEO at Donatix
on 18/12/18

Pros: Great marketing insights as it offers sales and marketing tools

Cons:Could get quite expensive and hard to explain the ROI

Extremely helpful
Prince Namdev
on 17/12/18


It is good to manage sales & marketing.



There is no proper option of adding multiple contact, you have to add manually.


Overall Experience:-


Satisfactory and Guaranteed implementation on the use of this work tool
Hiren Sakhiya
on 17/12/18


Each part of this tool is well structured, the login, browsing through each panel, user registration; denote the quality of this work tool. In what I use, it facilitates the process in areas such as communication and online billing.



The tool has some details of use that prevent doing quality work. It does not have a system for downloading reports in PDF format, as a tool that shows statistics up to date.  

It excels at bringing sales and marketing together
Adrian Cordiner Director at Digital Rhinos
on 6/11/18

HubSpot's effectiveness as a CRM really depends on the requirements of the business using it — though for startups and growing companies, I'd give HubSpot a 4 overall as it tends to be at the higher end of the price scale (although big discounts are available for startups) and reporting could be improved (albeit they’re moving in the right direction here too). It excels at bringing sales and marketing together in a system that improves efficiency and organisation, regardless of the type of businesses and industry.


The pros of HubSpot include an ever improving user-friendly interface, resource hub and support system. Their library of design templates for building landing pages and emails, comprehensive integration options, and easy creation of forms and workflows allows for effective execution of various campaigns.


For large teams or mature corporations with an established marketing and sales process, HubSpot might seem a bit lightweight. The reporting system while visually appealing doesn't always have the ability to go as deep as external reporting tools.

Overall Experience:

Overall the team at Digital Rhinos feels that HubSpot CRM is one that incorporates their Inbound philosophy into a set of versatile tools to improve sales and marketing funnels and contact management. For any company this is crucial for smooth growth.

It is very user friendly!
Aodhan MacCathmhaoil Sales and Marketing Manager at
on 6/11/18

Waster uses the Hubspot CRM for numerous reasons and has found it to be very good.

• It is very user friendly - and can be pretty much taught in half a day
• It is free!
• It requires no onboarding or configuration (at least for us) vs things like saleforce
• It integrates with our marketing - great if you also use Hubspot
• It link to company profiles and other users quite well.

It helped us increase our leads & sales
Jay Perkins Co-Founder at Kettlebell Kings
on 5/11/18

Kettlebell Kings had a very positive experience using Hubspot CRM. The Hubspot mentality has helped us drive a ton of leads and sales to our e-commerce business. Understanding the methodology behind inbound marketing helped us rethink our strategy as simply a product seller to creating engaging content with experts and then driving prospects to that content for sign ups. By doing this we have been able to drive a large email list and engage them with content on a weekly basis that often times leads to product sales. More specifically, as opposed to just selling products.

Hubspot helped us frame the idea of building a community around kettlebells, exercises, tips, advice and more. This is something people can be interested whether they have bought from us or not and helps spread the word about our brand. By using this methodology we have more than doubled our e-commerce business every year.


HubSpot helps us improve our campaigns
Dylan Yates Founder at SEOYates
on 5/11/18

If a prospect fills out a form for the first time and has not provided much information about their company we enroll them in the ‘Lead Workflow’ - a sector that is targetted with educational emails. Once a prospect fills out another form or shows buying interest (pricing page visit, for example) we enroll them in the 'Qualified Leads' cycle, and so on. We repeat this process for all of the lifecycle stages that our customers have.


The performance data for nurturing leads is readily available inside HubSpot, and at SEOYates , we use it to improve the existing campaigns of our clients.

We make adjustments to a clients lead nurturing campaign at least 3-4 times per month.

Hubspot is an extremely helpful software
Susanna Haynie Broker/Owner at Co-Re Group, LLC
on 2/11/18

Co-Re Group, LLC believes that HubSpot is a great way to collaboratively use a CRM as there are many methods to work with your team members within the system. It’s extremely helpful to be able to assign tasks, as well as tag team members in notes throughout the CRM. One of the most helpful aspects is the “Lists” tool where you can make specific lists based on any number of contact properties or activities.

Note: if you want to make the best of this, you HAVE to make sure that your support is in place unless you can tackle this by yourself. Not that it's hard to learn but in order to use ALL of the applications that Hubspot offers, you need to be in it with both feet. 

The price is higher for small companies
Nate Masterson CMO at Maple Holistics
on 2/11/18

If you’re a large company with a well-oiled marketing department it’s 4 out of 5. The price is a little steep considering the learning curve. On the other hand, if you’re a small company looking to start a sales campaign, then it’s 2 out of 5. So Maple Holistics would give an average rating of 3 out of 5.

The platform is saturated with features and would make a novice’s head spin. Not to mention, once more, it’s at least $200/month if you’re a small operation you may never see a return on such an investment before going belly up online.  

It is a wonderfull CRM tool
Stanley Tan Digital Marketing Specialist at Selby’s
on 31/10/18


The biggest pros of HubSpot CRM is the built-in integration with its email marketing tool. Any clicks and opens by a contact can be tracked easily straight from the CRM. This can be tied into how active the lead is as well as lead scoring for MQL and SQL purposes.

Another advantage is the workflow tool. This is a very powerful automation tool. You can automate tasks based on any data points in your CRM system. For example, send email to only companies with over 20 employees, create task to Bob The Sales Rep if his client viewed this specific page on the website.


CRM still can’t replace email. We would still need to use Outlook in conjunction with HubSpot. If we could put all our communication with our clients into one platform that would be a dream come true.

Overall experience:

HubSpot is a wonderful CRM tool for Selby’s. It is slowly becoming an all-in-one tool for sales and marketing.


Hubspot can be an excellent option for small & medium sized companies
Brandt Bogdanovich Marketing Director at MST Solutions
on 30/10/18

Overall Experience of using HubSpot CRM:

For small to medium sized businesses that don’t have a CRM and have small marketing teams, I would rate Hubspot a 5.

For businesses that do have a CRM and have teams to support more complex campaigns, I would rate Hubspot a 1.5.

I lead both our internal marketing efforts as well as our marketing automation practice for MST Solutions. As head of the practice, I oversee a team of marketing automation consultants and have been directly involved in hundreds of MAP implementations which include Hubspot and other similar players in the market. Additionally, we used Hubspot internally for two years so my experience is of the platform comes from internal use, consulting and implementation of our clients Hubspot instances, as well as having extensive experience with HubSpot competitors.


First two questions we always lead with when looking at platforms for our clients is do they already have a CRM setup followed by asking how many people are one their team to help support their marketing automation efforts. Here is the reason why:

If clients are already using a CRM, this limits the benefits of what Hubspot can offer. The biggest differentiator for Hubspot is that it can serve as its own CRM. For small to medium sized companies who have yet to invest in other similar CRM Software , Hubspot can be an excellent option and can often times mean a much quicker path to ROI on their Marketing Automation investment. However, if our clients are looking at expanding to a CRM or are already using one, Hubspot is not usually something we recommend as it has a clunky integration with SFDC and lacks some of the features that other marketing automation software offer (usually at the same price point depending on contacts and features).

The next question on the size of the team to support the initiative is also a key consideration. Hubspot’s platform has made it really easy for smaller teams looking to develop inbound nurture strategies with limited budgets. Once the initial setup is complete, a smaller team can easily setup inbound campaigns and manage them. There is little need for any integration work and basic designs can be created using the platform WYSIWYG. This ease of use comes at a cost though, any client that has a complex sales process or longer sales cycles will find it difficult to customize Hubspot to meet their unique needs. Fortunately, clients with these types of sales processes tend to already be using a CRM and need the increased functionality of other B2B & B2C marketing automation software available.

Ultimately what it comes down to is the organization's level of maturity in their sales and inbound marketing efforts and the resources available to help support their efforts. Low Maturity/Low Support organizations are typically perfectly suited for Hubspot.

HubSpot is a perfect tool for B2B arena
Rebecca Gonzalez Co-Founder at Orange Marketing
on 29/10/18


HubSpot is an all-in-one solution that makes the complexity of marketing in this digital age more simplified. Marketing currently requires clients to have email software, social media management software, a sales CRM, landing page software, etc. etc.  We have found that we can setup a client's instance of HubSpot, then train their key personnel, and they are immediately up and running with access to everything they need. HubSpot provides a strong, professional tool set (both Marketing and Sales), to companies of all levels.

We especially like the Sales CRM: the Deal Board, Templates and Sales Sequences, not to mention Meetings. This combination of items can cut sales personnel time spent on administrative tasks, and get them out selling, where they should be.

On the Marketing side, making professional landing pages, and sending emails are simple. We like the blog tools integrated with social media as well. The measurement and analytics capabilities, especially campaigns can't be beat. It is easy for any marketer to understand how their efforts are impacting sales.

We have just recently begun to use HubSpot's CMS tool for website design and page management. It is good as well, and contains the additional benefit of having the website management integrated directly with the marketing tools and sales CRM. Wonderful benefit of all-in-1 for any startup who wants a professional presence. Frankly, in the startup space,  HubSpot CMS is perfect!

Finally, the recent Hubspot conference in Boston, #inbound2018, announced some changes to the pricing model that are especially advantageous. The Starter tools now contain elements that people have always needed (e.g. email sending) and the enterprise tools have now truly been differentiated. 

We at Orange Marketing strongly feel that HubSpot is perfect in the B2B arena and we continually recommend for our SaaS B2B customers.


Watch the pricing model. On the Marketing side, HubSpot charges per 1,000 contacts after a baseline has been met (usually the first 1,000). These contact charges can add up quickly making HubSpot seem unaffordable to some organizations. However, we have found that many companies have lots of contacts in their database that are old, out dated and non reachable. So we always recommend with HubSpot to keep close eye on your contacts so you don't sneak into up charges. 

These contact charges may make HubSpot not as appropriate for shops with large consumer databases. However, new Enterprise pricing has started to address this.

It made communication with clients effortless
Logan T. CEO at Eezee
on 27/10/18

Eezee is a current free user of Hubspot. Prior to Hubspot, we have been using excel sheet to manage our customers and suppliers and it is super tedious and unmanageable as we scale.


We realized in order to grow as a team, the single most effective way to grow is to improve communications within the team. A single point where everyone can access to all the information being communication from internal to external. What I really like about their system is that once we download the Hubspot outlook plug-in, we are able to track all the emails send in and out of the system. This way, we are able to know who have been communicating with the client and what stage it is at, when a person leaves the company or goes on a holiday, we are able to track with minimum effort. Best part of all these, is that it is free and they don’t force you to pay for the basic system. The longer we use, the more we want to explore the advance packages. 


Can’t think of any for now. 

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