Stress-free Payroll & HR Software for Leaders

4.0 (7 Reviews)
About Paycor
Paycor is known for delivering modern, intuitive recruiting, HR management, and online payroll software solutions, but what makes us legendary is our singular focus on helping business leaders, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals make a real difference in their organizations...
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Stress-free Payroll & HR Software for Leaders
4.0 (7 Reviews)
7 Reviews
Good product with lots of features!
James Perkins HR Manager at Chive Media Group
on 7/9/20

Paycor is a great HR and Payroll solution for our company. Intuitive product that allows us to be efficient and accurate.

Paycor's System
Rodney McGough
on 25/8/20

Our firm signed an agreement with paycor in 2013 and it couldn't have been a better transition from our prior provider that never seemed to keep up to date with technology. I like that paycor is always looking to enhance their product and make processing payroll a simple process for a small company like ours.

Sandy Sinclair
on 25/8/20
We were so excited to implement Paycor. We were greatly disappointed for the following reasons: - Extremely limited reporting capabilities. Only about 50 standard/canned reports and no ad hoc reporting capabilities. - No W2 previews. It took Paycor several years of working on this before it became available. Once it became available, the "W2 previews" report was a monstrous spreadsheet. We have 130 employees on payroll and this spreadsheet was over 30 pages long and I had to print it and TAPE IT TOGETHER in order to view one row of data per employee! That is CRAZY! - Frequent issues with tax filing. - No employee check calculator tool. - Things that were standard and simple with other systems were not available in Paycor. Such as employees could not view their own pay rates and deductions. If they wanted to see this information, they had to view a paycheck stub and do the math. The only reason I gave Paycor two stars is because the actual processing of payroll (using the payroll grid) was super easy! Loved that part. But everything else was very frustrating and disappointing.
Happy with Paycor Overall
susanne collins
on 20/8/20
We are a small business and use Paycor for Payroll and payroll taxes. I have always been able to reach customer service and get my issues resolved or they will walk me through how to do something I am not clear on. The portal is easy to use and also provides all the information I need for reporting. I would recommend Paycor for a small business, as that is my experience with them.
Good not great
David Pustinger
on 20/8/20
Paycor gets the basic job of payroll done and done well. However, they still have a ways to go to be great. In short, it is difficult to get to a live person for service related to any kind of a special request or for basic assistance with a live body.
HR in the Cloud
on 27/12/18

The Payroll Specialists are always very quick to respond to questions sent in via email. Very willing to help resolve an issue and/or provide information. Ease in accessing reports online. With Paycor preparing and submitting in quarterly reports, saves me a lot of time and money. Otherwise, this would be an added expense to our budget.

Best I think available in market
Аntоn S. Product Owner at
on 26/12/18

Pros: User-friendly

Cons: Nothing found so far

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