Designed to keep you selling.

4.3 (23 Reviews)
About Pipedrive
Pipedrive CRM software is an advanced customer relationship management solution for all types of businesses. You can track your performance, prioritize deals, and forecast revenue using Pipedrive CRM. It has features to manage leads, track client communications, custom chatb...
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Designed to keep you selling.
4.3 (23 Reviews)
21 Reviews
Simple and Full of features
Ahmad Issa
on 17/8/20
I have been using Pipedrive for 6 months now, it's easy to use, and have all the features we want
Great tools for most businesses
Nikolaj Nielsen Direktør at avXperten
on 6/3/20

In my company -  avXperten, we have primarily used the Pipedrive CRM system until recently where we have developed our own software for CRM. Pipedrive was a great CRM system, however, due to internal preferences of layout, and communication between our other platforms and the CRM system, we had to create our own to get the best results.For any company that doesn’t need this however, I would definitely recommend Pipedrive, since it offers great tools for most businesses.Pipedrive is very easy to navigate due to its user-friendliness. You can customize many things to make the layout more your style, however, there are certain limitations. Pipedrive can also establish some nice visuals for certain goals that can be distributed to clients or employees for an easier overview.

Overall good
Martha Frasolyak Chief Business Development Officer at UkrInSofT
on 21/1/20

Pros: Simple in using

Cons: Price for a few members

Good tracking, Not so intelligent and Average
on 8/1/20
The best software as CRM
on 7/1/20
Good experience overall using the tool
Klaus Chen, BBA, RPR Marketing coordinator at TERRAFORM
on 6/1/20

Pros: Easily track leads and customizes the clients' pipeline

Cons: Price

Significant tool
Marty Balkema COO at Augusto
on 3/1/20
Awesome product
on 21/10/19

Pros: Adequately prices. Functionality

Cons: Missing some features

Pipedrive is the best CRM value
Jeremy Hohn Director of Sales, Energy at Pipeline Plastics, LLC
on 3/6/19
I have run sales teams over my career and utilized various platforms such as Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce IQ, ACT! as well as Pipedrive. Pipedrive offers simply the best entry level value for small business and can be customized to fit your business profile. Whether in manufacturing, distribution, or B2B sales, it will fit the bill!
eaay crm
David Schulhof President at Business Calcium, Inc.
on 7/5/19
love pipedrive it's a crm that's easy to use. visual and simple. sales people will use it easy to learn. all the features and integrations.
Top Par Sales Process
Virginia Brooks Communications Manager at Zenergy Technologies
on 3/5/19
We are a fairly small company utilizing Pipedrive’s Silver Plan. The features available in this platform contains everything we need in a CRM for an unarguably affordable price. Pipedrive provides each of our sales representatives with the option to set up their own customized pipeline. Pipedrive’s CRM allows you to easily share and/or assign deals between lead owners and provides visibility into each of your representatives pipelines, so you can keep up with each others current sales initiatives. You can easily import leads from CVS files and assign them to a specific owner. We also utilize Lead Liaison’s Prospect Vision License which allows us to push any qualifying leads from their platform into Pipedrive without having to be logged into Pipedrive. I strongly recommend Pipedrive to any small to mid size business looking to get their sales process up to par.
VP Partnerships and Client Relations
Graham Blair VP Partnerships and Client Relations at Habitat Seven
on 27/4/19
I love how visual the tools is. It's easy to quickly see what is coming down your piledrive. Moreover, you're not bogged down with complex features that are going to impair adoption by your sales team. It's easy to use and gets you the information you need to be effective.
Great! Love it.
Genevieve Lang Design / Operations at Shrine Development
on 1/1/19

Pros: Greatest pro is the daily reports and never losing a single client. Also very easy to look at.

Cons: No way to see how many contacts added daily.

Extremely positive response!
Jeroen Lettinck Senior Technical Officer at Alcadis IP Solutions
on 1/1/19

Pros: Visible sales pipeline, customized fields and integration with a lot of tools.

Cons: We feel that it becomes a bit hazy way for each member to track its purpose.

Overall Experience: Good
R Recrut
on 31/12/18

Pros: Usability

Cons: Not so many customization options.

Good for small businesses
Matt Lewis
on 31/12/18

Pros: Cheap, simple and easy to learn.

Cons: The simplicity is sometimes to its detriment - they charge for a lot of extra functionality.

Overall Experience: Good for small businesses with limited CRM functionality required.

Best CRM Software
Аntоn S. Product Owner at ICOadmin.in
on 26/12/18

Pros: Really great software and user-friendly.

Cons: Not found anything so far.

Overall Experience:  I think it's the best CRM software.

Positive Feedback from Verstiuk
Stanislav Verstiuk CEO at Verstiuk Production
on 24/12/18

This software does an exceptional job focusing on their core value proposition, which is helping us manage sales opportunities and pipelines more effectively. They provide a platform that is very well done to do so. It is intuitive, user-friendly and lets you focus visually on tracking and managing sales opportunities through every stage of the journey.

For the salespeople, by the salespeople!
on 20/12/18

It operates in a very simple way: salespeople can add their business opportunities at the beginning of the tunnel and then evolve them according to the different stages of sales (first appointment, needs assessment, presentation, signature).

Overall Experience: Pipedrive brings you as much a prospecting method as functionality to work more efficiently

Average performance!
Paul Kravec Chief Executive Officer & Founder at Deluxcode
on 19/12/18

Pipedrive CRM does a creditable job of delivering an easy-to-use interface along with a feature set that's deep enough for most small to midsized business (SMB) scenarios. While it's not aimed at larger organizations, so it does represent a solid solution for small to midsized businesses looking to implement basic CRM capabilities in a no-frills package.

Greatest CRM I used
Dmitry Kivenko Manager at DPROMO
on 17/12/18

Pros:- Fast, easy to use, not bloated

Cons:- Don't know

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