The Fastest Path from Idea to Business Application.

5.0 (3 Reviews)
About Quickbase
Quickbase is the construction management software that gets the right information to the right people at the right time. Contractors use Quick Base to track construction projects, centralize data, and drive deeper insight and efficiency. Quick Base is an end-to-end solution ...
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The Fastest Path from Idea to Business Application.
5.0 (3 Reviews)
3 Reviews
The Best Low-Code Development Platform Out There
on 4/6/20
I have been a Quick Base developer for many years. Quick Base has a constantly-evolving platform with regular updates, excellent support, and a wonderful community. The UI is clean and intuitive and the cross-platform integrations are great.
A one-stop-database solution
Jesus Mata Estimator at Kennedy Fabricating
on 19/5/20

I had never heard of Quick Base before starting at my current job. But once I was introduced to it, I realized that it can be customized to your ability. If you really need it to do something, it works really well at giving you the access to doing so. It can't do it all, but the software will pretty much bend over backward to help you do what you are trying to do. It is great!

Easy and efficient Low Code platform for Workflow solutions
Dinesh Vijayakumar
on 18/5/20
I'm using Quick Base since 2014 and it is always remarkable to see Quick Base helps to weave around web applications quickly as needed with necessary forms, reports, and automatic. Particularly in the last 4 years, Quick Base has been turned out to be a platform to create small to medium level workflow applications if not for complex ones. Quick Base relationships, automations, and webhooks have made it as a serious contender and market leader in the low codes platforms arena. The Quick Base APIs makes any kind of customizations possible. The recent addition to Quick Base - Pipelines feature is targetted to do integration automations with other platforms easier. Overall Quick Base is a solid and stable platform that can fit into any types of enterprises. The only area Quick Base has to focus on is to enhance the power of creating powerful dashboards that anyway Quick Base is already taking a leap through its new Executive Dashboard feature but it's yet to mature.
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