Simply CRM

The CRM you will actually use, Gain more customers, optimize your business and earn more money

5.0 (36 Reviews)
About Simply CRM
Gain more customers, optimize your business and earn more money - with Simply CRM. It's the CRM software that you will actually use: Easy-to-use, with visual overviews. All-in-one platform - including CRM, Helpdesk, Financial & Project Management. Also, we are offering free ...
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Simply CRM
The CRM you will actually use, Gain more customers, optimize your business and earn more money
5.0 (36 Reviews)
36 Reviews
A gateway to connect businesses to the potential clients and new leads
Leslie Thomas
1 week, 3 days ago
You can follow your leads, attend the sales calls and optimize your email marketing campaigns for a better throughput. Also, you can Integrate all communication data into a single dashboard and test the effectiveness of each communication method you are using.
Ease of use
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  • Excellent support services that helps and available for 24*7 basis
  • Premium integration features for all third party software providers and services
  • You can have custom campaign management through email services and more
  • Well, the pricing is average and good as compare to others.
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CRM that actually works
Matthew Brown
2 months ago
Features such as Sales Process Visualization, Sales Funnel Monitoring, Project Management, Workflow Automation, 3rd party Integrations and GANTT Charts etc have made this so precious that you can not ignore or miss that out for your org needs.
Cool tool to expedite your routine business growth
Xavier Vitte
2 months ago
Aspects like contact DB management, contact tracing, contact meeting scheduling, a few API integrations such as email, outlook, Google, Mailchimp, and others, which went cool. We then have shared the user's role and it works well in that too. Social media scheduling, CRM through Apps management, and easy configuration make it [our preferred selection. We as a trial user suggest you to have a test 3-4 tools before making a final decision as it will help you to understand the differences and pros and cons as well.
Sophisticated interface and layout
Andrew Duke
3 months ago
The interface and simplicity to operate are very charming in Simply CRM. We are glad to have it from the past year. We keep it on top of our software stack. Highly appreciate their team for their support and assistance whenever needed.
Nicely coded, well designed tool
Anna Rose
4 months ago
Simply is basically a single stop CRM shop for your business needs. I use it in my office everyday, and we can customize different modules based on the growing needs and demands of our company.
Nicely programmed tool
Arfa Morish
5 months ago
It's no doubt a handy tool for startups, business people, and MSMEs. The best part about this CRM is that it's offering a free trial with no credit card so everyone can have it tested and assessed accordingly.
Simply is a valuable and efficient CRM tool
Frank Guilbert
9 months ago
Easy to work with Simply tool as it performs really cool. The only thing that we need to work on is for it's social media integration in our specific case. Overall, Simply worked well for other processes including business contact management and re connection for the marketing and event scheduling. Our sales pro is receiving good response and he can check the same via visual pipeline management and other tracking tools.
Cool tool to expedite your routine business growth
Sunshine Silva
10 months ago
Simply can be used as one of your business managers. It can handle and manage all your workload and business data. Contact sharing and management is also a great deal to have it. We think the operating cost is considerable and can be opted as compared to other providers.
Highly recommended due to its simplicity
Debleena Des
11 months ago
This is a tool that comes with easy to go structure. Anyone who is not familiar with much technicalities, can customize for their org requirements. Simply has got full potential to manage your business processes efficiently.
Superb structure and cool design
Stacy Williams
on 22/1/21
Well, we have been using Simply from the past 3 months and as a part of resource & task management, it has ranked higher in our priorities. We suggest this tool to newbies and established businesses to have good outcome.
A hands on tool to deal with complex tasks
Maria Doherty
on 21/12/20
This tool is developed by the true professional as they gently understood the business needs and hence they worked on a macro to micro level orientation. Kudos to their CS for helping out us on each phase.
Good tool for a growing business
Joe Wilson
on 12/11/20
Exceptional thing about Simply tool is they offer the best in class integration opportunities whether it's email platforms or outbound communication. You can interact and store a log in the event section and can avail and catch the forthcoming meetings on the new Dashboard. The cool accessing of records can lead its way and keep it ahead of the popular population.
Best alternative to leading providers
Christina Anderson
on 19/10/20

My experience with Simply has been great so far. We as a team collectively managed to have this CRM in our top software shelf because of its power to collaborate with potential clients and team associates.

A good team manager and client connecting tool
Konstantin Charmynkh
on 25/8/20

An advanced CRM to fulfill all your sales processes & business prospectus. The feature of collaborating with other tasks in the top right dashboards area is truly commendable. You can plug in any third-party application via integrating with Simply which matters to your sales and on-boarding process. It's super classy to configure and keep in touch with your prospects, leads, and customers.

A tool to improve your business processes.
Randle Bowling
on 10/8/20
Excellent tool to grab the attention because of its features and support services. Calendar management, event scheduling, appointment fixing, in house process management and more features are there to serve your business efficiently.
Beneficial tool to run your business smoothly
Jessica Marie
on 27/7/20
This tool has helped us to manage our client meetings, contact synchronization, and database management. We have saved our time and efforts in marketing and budgeting to plan the campaigns as well.
Good Solution for any company looking to boost sales and support processes
Victoria Stern Business Analyst at Xaris
on 24/6/20

Here are the points through which anyone can understand this tool quite easily: 1 User-friendly CRM solution, not much effort needed to train and operate 2. Easy to set up with the help of simple and business specific customization and implementation tools 3. A lot of tasks can be automated using workflows 4. Helps track all the customer interactions at both sales and support level.

All purpose Versatile CRM
Catherine Anderson
on 11/6/20
We performed a trial for 1 month first to see how it goes as compared to other providers. We have created a sheet based on various business parameters such as speed, pricing, features, third party integrations and configuration time. After performing this, we assessed to see which worked best. Our observation revealed that Simply cleared our screening and we opted for that. Our sales & marketing team is doing a great job with Simply CRM. We performed a trial f
Flexible financial and marketing suite
Natalie Portman Digital Marketing Specialist at Workplay Digital
on 3/6/20

Simply can be customized without any coding or programming expertise. It is flexible enough to do so many tasks quite well for a small to medium scale business that does not need super specialist apps.

Best tool for business owners who are using Google suite and related APIs
Rosemarie Sheron Marketing Manager at The Krez Group
on 26/3/20

The best case scenario is it matches and addresses all our business needs and further customization via linking and configuring the third party APIs. The ease of managing records and processing them by applying further actions such as vendor or appointment/contact management, makes it more responsive and faster compared to other CRMs. Our original goal was to simplify the record keeping and marketing with the same. As of now, we are utilizing its full pace to convert and generate customer’s engagement.

Simplest way to manage your Sales Queue and Prospectus
Chris Raghettini Project Specialist at Socage
on 9/3/20

A classic tool to match all your sales jobs and business prospectus. The concept of collaborating with other tasks in a dashboards pan is truly commendable. You can integrate any third party application with Simply which matters to your sales and on-boarding process. It's also super easy to set up and keep in contact with your prospects, leads and clients.

A CRM of new age
Mario Alcruise
on 3/3/20
I recommend Simply CRM on the basis that it has demonstrated to be an exceptionally productive resource and is very simple to coordinate and collaborate, We consider this CRM solution as it's ideal for an organization, as you can see upgrades and surprising deals development in a brief timeline. I truly suggest it since it gives an incredible assurance to its clients. Simply CRM is an unbelievable support for quite a long time. Also, it has transformed us to collaborate with customers and increase the income of the company, this product truly gives an excellent bridge to its clients when working, actually this platform is extremely creative, the dashboard helps us to communicate with clients in practically all platforms i.e. via smartphone, email, live chat and other places.
Fabulous tool for sales managers and team
Benjamin Lucas
on 27/2/20
The best part that comes along with Simply CRM is its power to collaborate with internal staff as well as the worldwide customer base. The storage of records is super easy and accessible via a single click. The lovely structure of its dashboard makes this more effective and productive at the same time. If you choose Simply as one of your online resource managers, you are offered so many features and inbuilt tools to integrate with outer world utilities such as email marketing, analytics, resource monitoring , budgeting, marketing visualization and much more. The beauty of Simply CRM is that by implementing the tool, Sales Managers as well as business managers will find that they consecutively build best practice Sales Management potential into their businesses. Simply CRM really feels like it has been built by Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs and Sales Minded Business Analyst folks , rather than by technical people, as it takes into consideration the things that disappoint Sales Teams the most. For example, simplicity and ease of use is super important to make sure that sales personnel adopt any new marketing tool. Simply has really orchestrated simplicity and ease of use. One organization I work with has a team of sales people mostly seniors with an age group above 50, who have successfully accepted it. For Sales Managers, to have a tool to help them correctly assess whether their sales people are going to miss goal, PRIOR it happens, is much needed. Simply turns it easy to manage standard sales activities. The CRM tool also comes with the most powerful data import machine that we’ve ever run. So transforming the legacy data within this tool is far easier than with any other mechanism we've worked with so far.
Amazing product helped me to organize my daily tasks
Leslee Freitas Project Engineer at Skylift Inc.
on 19/2/20

The best part of using Simply CRM is its dashboard. We have got all tasks on a single topmost section and it has helped us to save lots of time. The compelling positive force of invoicing, order management, marketing automation, calendar-based event and appointment fix, opportunity and project management etc are only a few features from the stack of many.

Nicely programmed, and full featured online CRM Software
Harisudhan Naeer Project Manager at Sutherland
on 11/2/20

Extremely powerful customization options available along with Integrations with third party APIs. The price is super low, especially when it's part of Simply One I really like the updated UI and dashboard, I actually prefer it to other CRMs. If you are planning to buy or subscribe for a CRM tool, I would recommend testing Simply for at least first FREE month.

A CRM of Choice- Happy working with Simply
Nikole Berron Freelance Designer at Craze
on 4/2/20

As a fashion designer, I am managing all my clients in a single login and they are ready to target for any promotional email. Initially, I wasn't sure what kind of software I need to use but in an ad, I have followed them and their representative suggested to go for one month free trial and since then I didn't look back. The program offers every kind of assistance a business owner truly needs. If you are new to the world of business and need a program to simplify your biz operations, Simply can be your best friend.

User friendly CRM
Skeete Norman Project Operations Manager at ADNOC
on 23/1/20

This CRM program is easy to use. It's perfect for a growing company. Initially, you can start with a single user subscription for a $25 monthly fee but as you grow, you can add more. You can have access to email insights which is a backbone of an email marketing campaign. It provides utilities such as Gantt chart, opportunity management, marketing automation and more.

Great CRM for all the startups
Andreana Feinberg
on 9/1/20
It was super easy to install and configure Simply and synchronize it with all the client's data which I already had in my email account. Now when I open an email from my customer I have all the essential information featured right in front of the email & I don't spend much time navigating the spreadsheets. I love to use automated bulk emails, scheduled follow-ups, and many more things. Simply interface is simple-to-use, all actions take only a few seconds to manage. I really enjoy it.
Highly Customizable and Cost Effective Solution
Basil Barokita
on 17/12/19
Simply CRM is a highly customizable, powerful invoice and report builder softwarel with multiple packages including adding events to customers calendar, contract, product, project, contact, web forms, campaign and vendor management. If you have a zero technical understanding, you can simply create features using drag and drop functionality. It’s been 4 months now and we have customized all our business processes in Simply. We had an issue at the time of the free trial period which was handled by their representative too quickly and extended their support to a non-paying customer :) We’ve already decided to proceed and execute all our customer-centric tasks using Simply CRM.
Managed my sales team very easily- Superb CRM
Robert Brown
on 14/11/19
The best thing I liked about Simply was the ability to do sales, marketing and support all in one pack. Our sales team is able to track opportunities and view sales funnel reports, Gantt charts, sales visual insight etc. The marketing team is able to create and send email forms and tag the contacts to specific target audiences as well. Creating web forms and integrating them into third party software was also simple. The support staff is able to use a ticketing system to manage all projects and assistance log in one place. Creating an opportunity was never been that easier for us so in all we realised that it's a cool combination of sales, marketing, user and project management.
Quality staff, quantitative approach- excellent system.
Brian Valentine Owner at ScrapeboxTuts
on 31/10/19

Simply CRM can be framed and fitted as per your business needs. They have options for custom widget, custom fields and integration with third party systems to keep it on top in the list. You can have email features, event to calendar, contracts and projects management, invoices, sales and customer’s data + more- all in one pack. In all, Quality support services, superb language options and support, excellent pricing model and overall great product quality.

Much easier than others, fulfilling all requirements
Neil Kempbell Business Analyst at Herts Internet Services
on 31/10/19

So many things can be done in the free version to maximize its potential: a customized sales process, the email synch, web forms, adding projects, managing contracts, invoices, contacts and much more. I recommend Simply CRM to those who are having multiple processes running in their business and needs task assignments along with marketing done. Also, Simply has got so many support articles and tutorial so it’s very easy to understand and work through.

Simply is Super Easy and Well Managed CRM!
Dave Cornblum Owner/Developer at Blaster Web Services
on 18/10/19

Earlier we had a subscription plan for Salesforce; it was undoubtedly a more mature and costly product altogether compared to this CRM. Simply is more customer-focused, interactive, full featured and less complicated alternative. It’s easy to customize, implement and configure. Productive for all small and mid-sized enterprises. We are now able to keep records of contacts, contracts, prospects, projects, invoices and leads and filter them accordingly during the many sales processes and steps of the project life cycle.

Overall, Simply CRM performed well and helped us a lot!
Ilissa Burdick Manager for client acquisition and relationships at TTD Software
on 30/9/19

If you don't have an in-house development staff or administrators that can manage your email accounts, this is probably the great choice for you. Our business has got many employees and this is what we use to manage them. It’s super easy to use and the transparency for all types of user roles makes it very simple and straight. The best features are the ability to manage the users and accounts and have all information stored to a centralized database with flexible accessibility. I would suggest to try them at least for 1 month as a FREE trial. You will get everything about it and then decide if it offers the best you needed for your company. It will definitely a great way to assess Simply CRM. We send countless emails on a daily basis and keep contacts in MailChimp with the list and customers. It is cool to have such a profitable CRM source that structures it all into precise and meaningful info.

Managed Patient Appointments Successfully
Dr Manish Bansal MD Jacksonville FL Healthcare Commentator at ardiology & Vascular Surgery Associates
on 23/9/19

Simply CRM is our fellow partner and we love it just not because it makes things easier for us but because it has all the essential tools which a business really needs the most. We are satisfied customers as we know we are doing good in comparison to other like minded business providers. Simply CRM is always great for sales activities. Simply is a great customizable CRM and can manage your marketing tasks and customers easily. It is very simple to use and also affordable too. It has superb features such as email campaigns, web forms, users, invoice & patient management and more with the best reporting options. Simply is no doubt the best CRM out of the available costly ones but we are not sure if it's providing the option for its users to track back records, documents, and presentations etc.

Excellent platform and Easiest CRM
John Pereless CEO at Pereless Technology
on 17/9/19

This CRM is amazing, really helped us streamline our customers and manage business processes. We are very happy with their dashboard as we can find each and every feature onboard which is important for any customer database. You can do a lot with this as it comes for a free trial and you can assess it further. They have a superb dashboard with all options a successful CRM must-have. But yes, I feel they should offer some interactive layout meaning when you hover the mouse to any specific feature/option such as user management, or project section, it should pop out the text, etc so that it can look more classy and readable, not necessary though. My overall experience is great with Simply. I appreciate the Simply team members for their hard work and efforts to make it the easiest, simple, affordable and complete altogether. I really love their user interface, nice end-user experience. The marketing automation and lead management are providing additional pace to it.

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