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Skill Evaluation Lab online exam software can fit into all kinds of assessments including employment, training, performance appraisal, online interview, and university exams. The powerful Online Exam Software that tens of thousands of teachers/professionals from the Colleges, Universities, Schools, and Corporates have been quietly using for years.
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Simple and Fast

posted on 21/10/20

At Pure VPN, we use Skill Evaluation Lab. The best online exam software in the market since 2005 is Skill Evaluation Lab and our organization is also using it.

Skill evaluation lab has following benefits , depending on the assessment's purpose:

  • Portability - Organizations can install and use the product in internet hosting web servers or portable systems such as laptops; this will enable them to conduct the test in different locations.

  • Fully Customizable Options - Organization can utilize Skill Evaluation Lab for creating their own tests with their own branding name.

  • Diverse Question Types - 6 different unique question types to evaluate programming skills, design skills, architecture skills, etc.

  • Feel Like actual exam - Questions are randomized and timer will automatically trigger the evaluation process once the allotted time completes. It supports descriptive, image and voice answers.

  • Simple and Fast - Skill evaluation lab does not require any hosting server or high end machines to run the server. Organizations can install it on any Linux or Windows operating system with just 500 – 600 MB disc space.

  • Methodology for Assessment - PPA-2 (Plan, Prove, Assess) methodology is emphasized in the Skill evaluation lab to easily measure the skills.

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