Zoho CRM

Build everlasting customer relationships with the world’s favorite CRM.

4.2 (60 Reviews)
About Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM delivers a basic and clean interface layout that has a variety of unique features that drive to help lead conversion rates. With an intuitive dashboard, the CRM can run 'macros' to streamline how a lead is contacted and tracked through the process of sales. Administ...
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Zoho CRM
Build everlasting customer relationships with the world’s favorite CRM.
4.2 (60 Reviews)
57 Reviews
It's very efficient
Llia Manibo Writer and editor at Anthrodesk
on 9/11/20

At ANthrodesk.ca, we use Zoho as the main platform for us to communicate and delegate tasks among team members.

It's very efficient and provides various features.

Versatile tools and reliable security
Ludovic Rembert Founder at Privacy Canada and Security Analyst
on 6/8/20

At Privacy Canada and Security Analyst, we use Zoho CRM as our social media management software. Utilizing social media to gain a following and build a reputation for any business is a great way to connect with people from around the world and reach overall success. However, it can be difficult to efficiently manage social media's tools without the help of technology. 

Social media management software is a great way to track data and monitor/ analyze it to create desired change to increase productivity. Something to be mindful of when looking for management software is the privacy and security codes and tools that are included to protect personal information or data from online hackers. 

By integrating different layers of security into an online business, leaders, employees, and customers can feel fully protected and trust that their information is safe. A software system that we found works great for our management and provides the security needs we were looking for is Zoho due to its versatile tools and reliable security protection. 

Best CRM for our use
Pritam Kumar
on 26/3/20

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: I have not seen any cons in the software

CRM that's a comprehensive and powerful tool for business
Raven Beria Founder at Brandalaxy
on 5/3/20

My name's Raven Beria, and I'm the founder of Brandalaxy, a brand consultancy firm in Hawaii. We facilitate workshops to align and unify purpose-driven companies focusing on the vision, values, and goals of their organization. I always try to deliver a process-oriented service to my clients, so picking the right tools for CRM was critical from the start, and I'd like to share my experience. Here are my thoughts:

When I was looking for my CRM, I based my criteria from what I learned in Jim Dubois's (the former Microsoft CIO) book, Six-Word Lessons to Think Like a Modern-Day CIO: 100 Lessons CIOs and Tech Leaders Must Embrace to Drive Business Velocity. Some of the core takeaways I got from Jim was to make issues visible to all teams, consolidate/eliminate everything possible, and cultivate a DevOps mindset that drives for automation, security, and integration.

As a result, I ended up choosing Zoho CRM because I discovered Zoho One - the entire suite of 40 + apps that include Zoho CRM for $30/employee. This made the most sense, considering Zoho had different apps for each department of a business, like marketing, sales, and project management, all able to integrate with its CRM and "talk" to each other. Here's a rundown of the other pros and cons:


Integrations: Thinking big picture of how the CRM integrated with the rest of my business was key, connecting with my current software to make issues visible to all departments. When I did this, I looked in the future of the kind of software I'd need in the future also. That's when I discovered one problem: there are a lot of apps for every single thing. Change is already hard enough, and I pictured how difficult it would be to explain and onboard new employees to different software. With Zoho's integration to effortlessly connect information from one app to another using its own software for a single log-in, it was a big plus for me. This allowed me to start consolidating external apps and move into project management apps native to Zoho.

Customizability: With any business, you should have an agile mindset, including the software that you have. Businesses spend a lot of money to hire developers and create a system for them. But the reality is technological solutions and the way you do business also evolve. That's why I wanted to make sure it was easy for me, as a business owner, to customize the solutions too. That way, when my processes changed, I could customize the features of my CRM. When I learned how easy it was to customize Zoho's modules and fields in user profiles, the business process workflow, and more, it became the top on my list.

Customer service: With the enterprise features for Zoho, I've had 24/7 access to Zoho's customer service, which has saved me a lot, including on weekends. Even when I have a single question on editing a business workflow, I can count on sharing my screen and getting live feedback and input from their support team.

Cons: Despite having a whole suite of tools that talk to each other, some of the apps still don't beat its competition, depending on how you rate stuff. For example, the Zoho Survey's customizability in appearance isn't anywhere close to other software's aesthetic design. That's important if you take branding really important, especially since the survey tool you use is client-facing. Nonetheless, you can still integrate other apps to Zoho CRM!

Overall experience:  I've enjoyed my time with Zoho for my day-to-day operations and workflow. You can tell their entire team has an agile mindset too with all the constant updates that really rely on user feedback (take a look at the responses from the mobile apps, and you'll see what I'm talking about!). Overall, my experience has been great.

Total Rating: So far, I'll give it a 5 on my rating scale because it does exactly what I need it to do, along with having great customer service that's available to me 24/7.

Bottom line: Think like a chief information officer and think-big picture first, considering how you can (1) Make issues visible to all teams (2) Consolidate/eliminate everything possible, and (3) Cultivate a DevOps mindset that drives for automation, security, and integration. By understanding the above, you can implement a CRM that drives positive change everyone is involved in, instead of adding another software that creates resistance!

Cost effective and intuitive to get started with
Ethan Taub Founder and CEO at Goalry, Inc.
on 5/3/20

I founded Goalry, Inc with the mission to create one place to reach financial goals and comparison shop for any money matter. Here I willbe sharing the Pros and Cons of Zoho CRM software:


1.     Zoho is much cheaper than other software and offers great services, plus monthly billing options too.

2.     Zoho is better for SMB’s or first time CRM users.


1.     It just doesn’t have the advanced functionality.

2.     Customer service and support online aren’t as good as it can be.

It is a very useful system and can be used as a foundation if a company does go on to scale up.

Working with Zoho’s technology has us on track to become the business we knew we could become
Craig Hannam Director at Water Filters Australia
on 20/2/20

I'd like to put forward a series of quotes from Water Filters Australia, who use Zoho CRM. For almost 20 years, Sydney-based small business Water Filters Australia was working on old, cumbersome technology. But last year the company realized its outdated systems were restricting its growth and preventing it from becoming the company it wanted to be. Despite having little-to-no previous technical know-how, the team on-boarded Zoho's cloud software technology across the business.

The team is exclusively all over the age of 55, has deployed the technology to streamline business processes, managing customer information, and increasing productivity. The technology has already helped double online sales and save $100,000 in annual staff wages. Not only that, they've proved that technology isn't the sole domain of silicon valley or recent graduates.

Q: What technology did Water Filters Australia update and what was the reason behind this?

A: We’ve been in business for 20 years, but until recently we’d been using cumbersome legacy technology. It wasn’t automated to the extent that we wanted it to be, didn’t provide information in real-time - which was very important for us - and didn’t help us meet our business objectives. We needed a central solution to bring the entire business, and all our processes, together. We felt that working with old technology was preventing us from reaching our full potential and becoming the business we wanted to be. We reached a point where we just couldn’t move forward with the systems we had, so in August 2018 we onboarded Zoho CRM; a highly-intuitive cloud software to help automate processes and streamline the business. We haven’t looked back since.

Q: Was there any hesitation amongst the team about adapting to the new technology?

A: The migration to Zoho CRM has been easy. We run our own call center, and the average age of the team is 55-plus, so there was a little trepidation initially. The software is very user-friendly, however, and they mastered it very quickly - I thought it would take a lot longer. They’re now very comfortable with the software and the business is benefitting as a result.

Q: What are some of the practical ways that Water Filters Australia helped team members (particularly older members) adapt to the new technology?

A: Zoho is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, so implementing the system and getting the team up-to-speed with its various functionalities was far more seamless than we originally thought. We instigated a number of customized functions and it was important that the procedures for each were well documented. Developing Procedures Manuals along with continual staff training greatly supported and assisted with Zoho’s implementation.

Q: How has technology helped the business?

A: We can now automate our communication with our B2C customers, and as a result, our online sales have doubled. We’ve also saved over $150,000 as a result of the improved operational efficiencies we are now benefiting from. We still haven’t seen the full extent of the financial benefits yet, but those will become more apparent the longer we use Zoho. The benefits are far more wide-ranging than merely financial, though. Our processes and efficiencies have improved markedly: we’re making more calls, engaging more customers and accessing information far quicker. It also makes it much easier to set and monitor KPIs and create activities. For example, we can create follow-up activities to call a lead back on a specific date or email a customer when their product needs replacing. The system automatically flags that to the team. Previously, so much of what we did was just written on paper, which was far from ideal! But with all that information now accessible to anyone via the cloud, we’re able to improve our service and customer experience. From a management point of view, we’re benefitting from the customized reports the system prepares which allows us to understand the business far more holistically than before.

Q: Anything else to add?

A: Before we onboarded the new technology, a consultant came to do a review of the business: we showed them where we were, and where we wanted to get too, and Zoho certainly makes those goals far more achievable. The entire process has been far more seamless than we anticipated, and we’re already reaping the rewards. Working with Zoho’s technology has us on track to become the business we knew we could become, so I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending new technology to other small businesses.

Useful as Secure data storage and managing data base
Lodestone App
on 25/12/19
Straightfoward and easy to use
Jerin Joy Business Development at TECH INNOVATIONS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (ti Technologies)
on 19/12/19
Easiest platform to use
Ram Khatake COO at LeoMetric Technology
on 17/12/19
Good List of API's and delegating is easy at the same time a BAD UI
on 10/12/19
Very pleased so far
Kim Beck Senior Account Manager at SpokenHere
on 7/11/19

Pros: Recently started using it and have been very happy with all of the new apps included with the ZohoONE subscription... Love the surveys

Cons: So far we have been truly happy and have not run into anything we are unsatisfied with... Only been using it about 2 months

Overall Experience: We are former users of Zoho and ZohoONE is like a totally different software. It blows the "old" version of Zoho out of the water!

Nice but can be improve a little bit
Skyracle Technologies
on 5/11/19

Pros: Easy to use with easy customer support option

Cons: User interface can be better overall

Satish Salivati Co-Founder & CEO at InteliTix Solutions Private Limited
on 4/11/19

Pros: Features

Cons: Can improve UI and UX

on 15/10/19

Pros: Superb automated everything

Cons: Not integrated with some software

Average Experience
Zfort Group
on 4/10/19

Pros: It works well

Cons: There are multiple minor issues with almost all features

Best CRM software used till date
Amanda Currington Executive Assistant at Integrity Funding Group, Inc.
on 2/10/19
Decent budget
Future Engage
on 10/9/19

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Not so friendly

Best CRM Software I have used till date
Vlad Kytainyk CTO at KitRUM
on 5/9/19
Best CRM software
Joshua Maddux CEO at 95Visual
on 4/9/19

Pros: Really flexible

Cons: None

Overall experience is good
Johnsonn Beverly
on 2/9/19

Pros: Fast & easy communication

Cons: N/A

Does everything I need
Marc Charette Google Trusted Photographer | Local SEO | Online Reputation Services at Work Pics
on 22/4/19
Very thorough and sufficiently flexible for all my CRM needs. Customer support is especially good if you also get Zoho One
Zoho CRM is way the best CRM for affordability, functionality and ease of use
John Haigh Chairman and Founder at Ascent Business Group
on 16/4/19
If you're looking for a leading CRM that offers an unrivalled combination of benefits, look no further than Zoho. It's up there with the best for capability, features and functions, is incredibly affordable due to pure cloud infrastructure with low cost of ownership, and highly competitive licence subscription costs. The broader Zoho apps suite cover all the other areas you will need, including email and social campaign execution, management reporting and many others.
Great product, App need some development
Philippe Couillez Managing Partner at HBC International LLC
on 23/3/19
Overall, Zoho CRM is a great product for the value. It is scalable and allow a small business to use a CRM without any major investment. It integrates quite well with the other Zoho products. Only thing, the phone/tablet app does not allow to see the emails attached to the CRM. I would recommend it definitively to all small business that want an integrated scalable solution.
One of the best value for money CRM's on the Market
John Bond Founder & Managing Director at Visual Marketing Australia PTY LTD
on 13/3/19
I see this CRM has been voted the 2nd most popular CRM in the world and I can testify that it is a remarkable CRM. We have been using it for many years now after researching many CRM's and found it to be the best. Their support is fantastic and they usually get back to you within 2 minutes.
Zoho CRM User in Sweden
Ulf Orrebrink Director Sales at Bitelecom AB
on 12/3/19
The Zoho CRM tool is a great tool. We are a small company in the field of FTTx (Fiber optic Comm space) and we are using Zoho for tracking all of our customer activities. We really relay on Zoho and its is probably one f the best tools for a SME
Robust for the price
Tom Wondra Consultant / Senior Account Executive at Givenly
on 12/3/19
Zoho CRM was a great crm to use for my start-up. It was quick and easy to get up and running, and the price is great for what you get.
Zoho CRM’s mobile platform is surprisingly good
Nick Pennebaker Digital Marketing Manager at Northstar Commercial Partners
on 16/1/19

As a Digital Marketing Manager of Northstar Commercial Partners, we implemented Zoho CRM and Campaigns about two years ago. It’s been fine. If you’re simply looking for a place to store your contacts and have a decent way to find them, along with mediocre analytics, then Zoho CRM is acceptable. There are a number of shortcomings that we’ve found since adopting the product. Firstly, integration between CRM and their email management product Zoho Campaigns is frustrating. Navigating between the two as opposed to having them in one product suite is one annoying side. The search function on CRM frankly, well but bad. For instance, if I want to quickly find “John Smith” and I type his name into the search – you would think all first results would be “John Smith”. However most of the time, I need to go to pages 3, 4, or 5 to find this person. The reason being, if “John Smith” is listed as a referral under “Jane Smith” – then many times, Jane Smith populates first. It honestly makes very little sense. Finally, the email side of Zoho CRM makes no sense. Let’s say you’d like to email a number of people – they could be Contacts, Leads, or Associated with Deals. One would think you could write up an email, and send it out to all 3 – right? No. You need to create a unique email for whatever segment you’re emailing. So only Contacts can receive emails created in the “Contact Email” portion, Leads in the “Lead Email” portion, etc. etc. Why not have a simple way to email both leads and contacts?

Our company was using Act! before which was much, much worse. Zoho CRM’s mobile platform is surprisingly good, and I know our CEO really appreciates it. One of the issues when signing up for a CRM service is the fact you’re pretty much committed for a couple of years (the stress of a complete migration is too much). While we’re staying with Zoho CRM for now, I’m always looking for new options.

Offers wide variety of features and we love it!
Nate Masterson (Mahalli) CMO at Maple Holistics
on 11/1/19

Zoho offers a wide variety of email marketing tools, easy-to-use gamification features, and can be applied in plenty of interesting ways. With the help of Zoho, my company Maple Holistics can integrate with G-Suite, Slack, Office, MailChimp, Zendesk, and many other platforms. It has a number of project management features such as workflow automation, email marketing tools, financial tools, and AI-powered analytics. Overall, it's not your run-of-the-mill marketing tool and should certainly not be underestimated.

Subpar Review for Zoho CRM
Richard George Marketing Manager at Print4Hospitality
on 10/1/19

Myself being marketing manager of Print4Hospitality, used Zoho CRM for a time. They do updates regularly; it still seems to be out of date compared to the other providers in terms of functionality.  It is relatively cheap but not particularly easy to use, which is a must for any sales or marketing team.

Pros:-Cheap and Easy to set up.

Cons:- Lacks functionality and Not very easy to use.

Fulfills almost all of our requirements
Goro Gupta Co Director at Empowered Liveability
on 9/1/19

I am Goro Gupta, Branch Principal of Momentum Education Finance and  Director and Property Strategist of 10 Properties in 10 years. We started using Zoho as it had a great workflow setup (at the time) coupled with a Kanban view for our finance business. About 6 months ago, we almost switched to Salesforce, but one of my friends (who is a Zoho systems integrator) introduced us to Zoho one. While the transition was anything but smooth (accounts wise), it fulfills almost all of our requirements, including project management and deals etc. Our main feedback is to make it look 'sexier' as it looks like engineers have created it (as opposed to salesforce)


Experience of Using Zoho
Matt Antonino Head of Operations at Digital Eagles Marketing Agency
on 7/1/19

Pros: Zoho is very flexible and allows us to build it to suit our needs. A couple of custom modules make our CRM work exactly as we work. It saves us time and along with the other Zoho One apps such as Projects, People, Campaigns, Reports & SalesIQ. Digital Eagles use Zoho for the majority of business function. Seamless integration between Campaigns and CRM, CRM and Projects, etc. make our work easier to manage. We love that Zoho can also be updated from our end. If we realize we need another field we aren't waiting 2 days for a vendor to take care of it. We do it ourselves quite easily. 

Cons: Zoho is a very vast, complicated product. Sometimes the way it has been designed is limiting overall. Zoho is meant to manage "most" businesses and "most" functions but that doesn't always mean our edge-case is covered. Support is usually very good but there are times when communication and times can be a barrier. Zoho is such an important part of our business that it MUST run 

Overall Experience: We are Zoho enthusiasts. After coming from more complicated and less user-friendly systems, Zoho is a straightforward, business-friendly way to handle our CRM requirements.

We are neutrally satisfied
Tim Brown Owner, SEO Specialist at Hook Agency
on 4/1/19

The team at Hook Agency had an interesting experience with Zoho, as we have tried integrating it for a company, and found it difficult to onboard, thus abandoning it.

A non-profit I'm on the board of also has been using it – forcing me to get back in there, and the backend to me just feels archaic in comparison to newer tools available in the industry. The overall idea is there, but I believe this platform survives more on legacy users, than on generating any large meaningful new userbase, just because the look, feel and usability of the tool is poor. 

The pro's are that it does have a history, so there are tons of integrations – and it handles a ton of different activities, so rather than using 5 different platforms, you can use this all-in-one.

Planning to move to sales force
Parth Parikh Software QA Engineer at Nokia
on 1/1/19

Pros: All office needs are handled by this software.

Cons: Delay in support.

Very nice process for these software
Deepika sain SEO Executive at crossgraphicideas.com
on 1/1/19

Pros: Reporting. Dashboards, Association factor of leads and contacts.

Cons: Customer Support, Lack of Customizations.

Gets my work done
Joseph Martin Director at StrongBox IT Pvt Ltd
on 1/1/19

Pros: Decent CRM

Cons: Lacks a lot of features compared to sugar orSalesforce.

Good for our business
Rushkar Information Technology
on 1/1/19

Pros: Very nice and clean Display

Cons: We can not call direct user and recording in to it

Good for us and good for everyone
Ziffity Solutions LLC
on 1/1/19

Pros: It provides easy to access for various data.

Cons: Until now, couldn't able to find cons.

Great tool I can think of for now
Narain Raām Co-founder at Aroliant Internet Private Limitted
on 31/12/18

Pros: Flexibility is its best feature.

Cons: None

Almost covers our requirement
Axis Web Art Pvt Ltd
on 31/12/18

Pros: Easier to connect with various other tools.

Cons: Missing a sales funnel like Infusionsoft.

Complete CRM solution
Purpleno Inc
on 31/12/18

With Zoho CRM, adding new documents, contacts, events have become much easier. This process used to take a lot of time and would become a tedious task with our previous CRM software. Zoho CRM is a fresh platform and it has a responsive dashboard too.

A must have tool
ARNISH SHAH Sales and Marketing Manager at TOPS Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
on 28/12/18

Pros: Easy integration with other Zoho tools.

Cons: UI can be made better.

Overall Experience: Satisfied

Quick and straightforward CRM Software
Hardik Goswami SEO Executive at Thinkwik India Online Services LLP
on 28/12/18

Pros: Free version

Cons: Most of the advanced features are included only in the professional and enterprise editions.

Overall Experience: Good
JAYATHEERTHA K B Chief Executive at Praana Health Systems
on 28/12/18

Pros: Simple to use and covers everything.

Cons: Little difficulty in customizing.

Extremely productive software available at a reasonable cost
Keshav Jha Senior Research Analyst at Delta Partners
on 28/12/18

I am using Zoho CRM Application for quite some time, it is an excellent tool to manage the customer relationship lifecycle. The entire user interface is easy to understand and to follow. Additionally, I found the support team very helpful. Creatively designed software, there is no cons. absolutely a flawless tool.

Experience with Zoho CRM
Chris Airey Managing Director at Umbrella Marketing TEAM
on 27/12/18

Pros: Wide functionality for customization.

Cons: Bad UX design and interaction.

Great platform
Lautaro Ferreyro Director at Ferreyro & Co.
on 27/12/18

We're used to Zoho platform so it has a lot of integrations.

Best in the business
Vipin Goyal CEO at My Virtual Teams Inc
on 26/12/18

Pros: The very helpful thing about Zoho CRM is that it automates vital sales tasks and its excellent connectivity with many of Google apps makes maximal use of social media too.

Cons: The price of a standard user is moderate but it doesn't feature things like a personal assistant for a standard plan.

Flexible, Low Cost CRM with strong potential
on 26/12/18

Pros: Having email with my domain.

Cons: Limited email accounts.

Peter Pandiraj CEO at Evince Technologies Pvt Ltd
on 26/12/18

Pros: Easy & flexible tool.

Cons: No specific negatives.

Reliable and affordable CRM
Dynamic Digital Depth (DDD)
on 25/12/18

Pros: It ties in with our Zoho Mail, is very affordable compared to its competitors, and we love the Sales inbox feature.

Cons: It's very difficult to setup to get it running at full functionality and the guides aren't in-depth enough. The phone apps could be improved to tie in better with cell calls and texts.

Best CRM for our use
Pritam Kumar
on 25/12/18

Pros: Easy to use

Cons: I have not seen any cons in the software

Ease to use
Abhijit Mandavkar Team Leader - Online Marketing at NeoSOFT Technologies
on 25/12/18

Pros: I like the ease-of-use feature of the platform.

Cons: Lack of Customizations.

Overall Experience: Easy to use and it is available on the web too, which is really helpful to us.

Very basic and appropriate
Aditya Joshi
on 22/12/18

Pros: Manageable with accessibility.

Cons: Requires not much time to update.but sometimes it is slow on tabs while processing the data.

Met our expectations
on 20/12/18

Pros: Clean user interface and lots of third-party integrations.

Cons: Expensive

Overall Experience: Looking to move to a cheaper option.

Progress with Zoho CRM
Sourabh Patel Business Development Executive at BR Infotech - India
on 19/12/18

We have been using Zoho CRM for a long time and is the best software I have come across till date. This software is beneficial for small companies, non-profit organizations, and other start-up companies who are on a tight budget. Zoho CRM is an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software for managing your customer relations in an efficient manner. It helps streamline your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in a single system.

Nice Product
SANJAY KUMAR VP – Business Development at iProgrammer
on 18/12/18

It is one of the best and affordable CRM tool I have come across. Improvements on the basis of UI/UX are needed.

Good Software
lal rai Backend Developer at Techroadians Pvt. Ltd
on 11/6/18
Good software to use. It is great experience for me.
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