Telemedicine Software

The Best 10 Free and Open Source Telemedicine Software

The Best 10 Free and Open Source Telemedicine Software

More than 30% of the global population lives in rural areas as per the latest statistics. Reaching out with proper healthcare facilities to these remote areas is a huge task. Medical practitioners, doctors, and other health care providers are working hard to give them the best of services. But, many a time, unfortunately, the timely medication fails to reach such areas. Recently, there was an incident that happened in one of the rural regions of Asia, where a lady became ill and was bedridden. Local and small hospitals having minimal facilities had two choices.

  1. Arrange patient transfer to the nearest urban hospital, which was expensive and required a lot of transit time
  2. The patient should be treated in a small hospital in the rural area without advanced facilities. which did not guarantee the success of the treatment

It was then; a doctor suggested using the best telemedicine software that can help the team of healthcare professionals to provide the required treatment to the lady from the rural hospital setting.

Telemedicine tools have been a blessing for the patients living in rural areas, or in a condition where they cannot travel to the specialist of their choice.

As per a HealthcareDive research report -

Telemedicine Stats

The use of telemedicine software is substantially growing because it provides solutions to some of the problems prevailing in our healthcare system at present like -

Healthcare Challenges

Telemedicine tools can be the best answer to these problems. Not only that, it can help healthcare professionals and clinics to reach out to new patients resulting in maximizing revenue.

Here, we have shortlisted the 10 best free and open source telemedicine software that you can consider, to deliver better patient experiences, and improve the profitability of your healthcare business. But, before you go through the list of these telemedicine solutions, let's go through the basic information about the concept of telemedicine software, how it came into existence, its benefits, and the features to look for while selecting one.

What is Telemedicine Software?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has referred telemedicine as "healing from a distance." The telemedicine solutions are used to provide clinical services to the patient from any remote location.   

Now patients located in rural regions with limited access to healthcare can get the treatment from the specialists of their choice through secure telemedicine tools.

About Telemedicine Software

The use of telemedicine software can allow doctors and physicians to conduct live video chats with patients, answer their questions and concerns, and diagnose their ailments. It includes applications that enable healthcare providers to reach out to patients unable to travel or located in rural areas. It can also help practitioners remain virtually present at the patient's bedside or in the ambulance during an emergency. Additionally, the telemedicine solutions also allow researchers and pharma companies to conduct clinical studies and provide quick, better, and convenient testing on different subjects.

How Did Telemedicine Software Come Into Use?

Telemedicine Software Evolution

The Future of Telemedicine

Telemedicine would be considered as the most important technology as it makes it possible to treat patients effectively at a low cost. Today, it may seem to be a novel approach, but very soon, telemedicine solutions would be commonly used by healthcare professionals.

As per Statista, telemedicine is expected to be valued at more than $41 billion by 2021. It has grown to a great extent, and in future also it is going to continuously evolve to meet the changing healthcare demands of the future generations.

Telemedicine Software Statistics

Telemedicine Software is Used By -

Telemedicine Software Users

Telemedicine Software is Applied for -

Telemedicine Software Uses

Some of the Medical Specialities for Which Telemedicine Software is Used Include -

Telemedicine Treatments

Telemedicine software being a significant technological advancement, is changing the way the healthcare industry works. The patients and healthcare service providers are both benefitting from the usage of telemedicine software. Let's look at the major benefits of telemedicine software here - 

Benefits of Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine Software Benefits

After looking into the benefits of telemedicine software for providers and patients, it is quite easy to decide to use one for your healthcare business. But, selecting suitable telemedicine software can be a confusing task for you. Here, we have listed some significant features to look for in a telemedicine software which can help you in selecting the best one easily.

Telemedicine Software Features To Look For

The telemedicine software you use should be compatible with the workflow you are following. So, here is the telemedicine software features you need to consider before selecting the one that suits your business -

Online Appointment Calendar - Should facilitate you to maintain an online appointment calendar so that you don't miss a single appointment of your patients.

Unlimited Online Video Sessions - Should allow you to conduct unlimited online video sessions so that you are able to provide the best patient experiences.

Technical Support - Whenever you get stuck up somewhere while using the telemedicine software, technical support should be available instantly.

Intuitive Dashboard - Should have an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use and provides the information you require at a glance.

Secure Document Sharing - There are various medical & confidential reports you need to share with your patients and associates. Your telemedicine software should ensure secure document sharing.

High Definition Video Quality - Should provide high definition video quality for providing an excellent patient experience.

Payment Processing - Should allow you to accept payments online, facilitating the patients to pay through the mode of their choice.

HIPAA Compliant - Should be HIPAA compliant and thus should have the ability to store patient information with high confidentiality. 

Reporting & Analytics - Should provide detailed reporting and ability to analyze situations to make informed decisions for the future, helping your healthcare organization to grow.

So, now when you have the complete information about the features to look for while selecting a telemedicine software, it would be easier to select from the below list of open source and free telemedicine software suiting your business.

The Best 10 Free and Open Source Telemedicine Software

#1 Intelehealth

Intelehealth is an open source telemedicine software that helps local community health workers located in rural areas to provide primary treatment for the patients in their communities. This system includes a mobile app for health workers along with a cloud-based electronic health record system as a backend (OpenMRS). Intelehealth telemedicine software can work well with low bandwidth connections as well as offline.


Key Features

  • Includes HxGuide - a knowledge-enabled expert system for supporting the decision of the healthcare provider
  • Allows transmission of medical data to remote doctors through audio and video consultations even if there is a low bandwidth connection available
  • Can use low-cost devices for point of care diagnostic tests
  • Allows forwarding prescriptions and medications
  • Enables proper referral coordination to guide patients to the appropriate next level of care
  • Includes video resources for patient education and counseling
  • Facilitates data reporting
  • Can use electronic health records for longitudinal patient management

If you have already used Intelehealth, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 Borboleta

Borboleta is a free and open source telemedicine software launched by the FLOSS Competence Center (CCSL) of IME/USP. "Butterfly" is used as the symbol for this system because it "flies" gracefully from one place to another, bringing good health and happiness to the people. The primary goal is to investigate different tools and introduce innovative methodologies to improve health services offered to people with low income.


Key Features

  • Stores and presents the patient data like name, address, date of birth, address, etc.
  • Stores and presents the data of patient-caregiver, for example, the relative living with the patient
  • Stores and presents the socioeconomic data of the patient like their occupation, income, etc.
  • Provides information about the scheduled visits
  • Provides access to the patient visits history information
  • Maintains disease and medicament catalog
  • Can import/export medical data & medical information from other tools

If you have already used Borboleta, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 GoTelecare

GoTelecare is a free telemedicine software that is HIPAA secure and allows the doctor to patient video conferencing. It has built-in EMR, medical billing, and mHealth capabilities, which require minimum or no expenses for implementation. Moreover, patients don't have to spend anything to avail the services of this well-featured telemedicine software.

Go Telecare

Key Features

  • Complete end-to-end telemedicine solution
  • Free to deploy and implement with no hidden costs
  • Easily customizable to meet your medical program goals
  • Only desktop, laptop, or smartphone is required
  • HIPAA & PCI payment compliant
  • Includes scheduling, medical billing, & collections

If you have already used GoTelecare, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 is a simple and easy to use telemedicine software. All you need to do is create your virtual room using this software and start providing telemedicine services to your patients right away. It is a HIPAA compliant software which is extremely secure for storing the information relating to your patients and treatments provided to them.

Key Features

  • Facilitates to provide unlimited sessions and minutes of consultation to the patients
  • Provides custom URL for your virtual room
  • Supports audio/video functionality
  • Works on iOS and Android devices
  • HD video calling is possible

If you have already used, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 ChARMHealth

ChARM Health provides versatile solutions for healthcare IT needs. It benefits hospitals, clinics, and patient groups by connecting them virtually and providing the convenience of providing and availing treatments from the place of their choice. It can engage patients very well with extreme satisfaction helping you take your healthcare business to new heights.


Key Features

  • Facilitates online web-based appointment booking for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare service providers
  • Streamlines patient flow and to reduce idle waiting time
  • Being HIPAA compliant, stores patient and treatment-related information securely
  • Can integrate with other tools to provide excellent functionality
  • Can manage the entire workflow of the clinic and OPD
  • Manages health records, tracks wellness, and personal goals
  • Follows a patient-centric approach to chronic condition management

If you have already used ChARMHealth, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 WiCis Health

WiCis is a real-time telemedicine platform that can bring the hospital to the patient through video, and live stream the vital signs, and CareFlows. It facilitates comprehensive treatment with cloud billing using a Smartphone. It helps healthcare professionals to follow up with their patients located at any location through live video conferencing. It uses satellite technology to share the vital signs of the patient and provide treatment accordingly.

WiCis Health


Key Features

  • Covers entire workflow starting from pre-admission to hospital to home care, providing live data at any stage
  • Allows cloud billing ticket submissions from your smartphone
  • Helps in designing customized CareFlow screens
  • Can display medical data with a one-second delay from anywhere in the world
  • Allows you to display and store custom forms providing comprehensive information about the patient and their ongoing treatments
  • Being HIPAA compliant, it is 100% secure telemedicine software

If you have already used WiCis Health, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 Mendfamily

Mendfamily is a leading telemedicine & digital patient intake platform specializing in solving the problem of no-show to clinical appointments. It can bring change to the way you communicate and engage with your patients. You can now send text and email reminders, allow your patients to self-schedule or reschedule their appointments with the help of this top telemedicine software. Being HIPAA compliant, it can keep patients' information secure and provide instant revenue growth to your healthcare business.



Key Features

  • Allows video conferencing between patient and healthcare service provider
  • Can send automated appointment reminders
  • Patients can pay a visit to a virtual health center from any device
  • Allows patients to self-schedule and reschedule their appointments
  • Facilitates patients to fill up the forms effortlessly

If you have already used Mendfamily, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#8 AdvancedMD Rhythm

Though AdvancedMD Rhythm is not a free and open source software, being an all-in-one telemedicine platform, it is highly recommended. This top telemedicine software can help you to manage your entire medical practice at all locations easily and help you in providing an excellent patient experience. You can provide flexible scheduling facilities to your patients, simple charting, and accurate reporting helping you to boost the revenue of your healthcare business.


Key Features

  • A dashboard that shows a clear view of your completed and critical treatments
  • Provides revenue cycle management services with analytics to set up an easy and simple way to get paid
  • Includes a variety of self-help tools and time-saving features which can engage your patients
  • In-built reporting and analytics feature which helps you in accessing real-time information and reveal hidden opportunities
  • Can track patient activities through EHR and prescribe medications safely
  • Helps in building a positive online reputation for your practice due to patient surveys
  • Facilitates sending automated appointment reminders helping you not to miss even a single appointment

If you have already used AdvancedMD Rhythm, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#9 AMC Health

AMC offers a superior telemedicine software with more than 17 years of hands-on experience in clinical treatments using state-of-the-art technology. It can provide real-time patient data with multiple peer-reviewed studies to facilitate quality treatments to the patients and play an important role in improving their health. It is the only telemedicine software which is FDA Class II cleared care management platform providing an excellent patient experience.

AMC Health

Key Features

  • Can engage, educate, and empower patients going through chronic conditions by allowing them to avail treatments from the comfort of their home
  • Facilitates remote patient monitoring to provide the right treatment at the right time
  • Can follow-up with patients to address compliance issues and clarify self-reported information
  • Ability to provide targeted disease education
  • Can identify barriers that may affect utilization and service quality
  • Includes behavior intervention techniques to address negative trends proactively

If you have already used AMC Health, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#10 swyMed

swyMed is a patented telemedicine software that helps medical professionals to monitor and treat patients from anywhere using a real-time video facility. It can overcome traditional connectivity issues and provide seamless audio and video calling. Being simple to use, it has an intuitive click to call interface. Currently, the swyMed is being used by professionals located on four different continents for several real-time video telemedicine encounters.


Key Features

  • Facilitates appointment scheduling and sending automated reminders for the same
  • Allows practitioners to chat and message with their peers and patients
  • Enables E-Prescribing facilitating patients to resolve their problems without visiting the practitioner
  • HIPAA compliant software, and so the information is 100% secure
  • Can work for multiple treatment providers
  • Easily manages patient queues
  • Seamless video conferencing between healthcare professional and patient

If you have already used AMC Health, please feel free to share your reviews here.

So, this was the list of best telemedicine software. Are you still not sure about which telemedicine software to choose among the list given above? Below is the comparison chart which can help you in viewing the features of these telemedicine tools at a glance and making a wise decision.

Free and Open Source Telemedicine Software Comparison Chart

Free and Open Source Telemedicine Software Comparison Chart

Above all these free telemedicine software, we would also suggest you consider one of the most popular telemedicine software - Chiron Health. Just go through its brief description below to determine whether it suits your healthcare business workflow or not.

Chiron Health

Chiron Health is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution specializing in making routine visits for healthcare services easier and highly convenient for doctors and patients both. It is a cloud-based software for video visits that is secure, easy-to-use, and designed to enhance patient care and practice efficiency.

Chiron Health

Key Features

  • Being HIPAA compliant, it is a highly secure telemedicine platform to exchange crucial data and information
  • Allows automated patient insurance eligibility checks using Chiron Rules Engine
  • The practice management system data integrated with Chiron Health eliminates duplication of work
  • Includes reimbursement guarantee facilitating to get guaranteed reimbursements
  • Allows seamless integration with EHR
  • Ensures excellent patient experience
  • Helps in achieving high-level practice efficiency

If you have already used Chiron Health, please feel free to share your reviews here.


To start telemedicine practice is a major decision for any healthcare organization or practitioner. It requires proper strategic planning and careful selection of the top telemedicine software that can facilitate your employees and provide an excellent patient experience. Flawless telemedicine software that is up-to-date and complies to the laws is required to run a successful healthcare business yielding expected profits.

We hope that the above information pertaining to free and open source telemedicine software for providers along with a popular one would ease your task of selecting one for your business. Still, if you are looking for some freemium or paid options, you can go through telemedicine software like PrognoCIS EHR, InTouch Health, eVisit, VSee, SnapMD, My telemedicine, and Hale.

Also, go through the comprehensive list of telemedicine software for more options.

Have you used any of the telemedicine software mentioned above? If yes, please leave your valuable feedback here.

Just browse all software categories here if you are looking for the latest software having up-to-date features used for other business sectors as well.

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