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I am “Name”, “Designation” of Software Name”. This is a video review for “Hootsuite”. I am using this software for last ….. months. I am “highly satisfied / moderately satisfied / dissatisfied” with their software. I liked ….., ….., …... features of the software. However, they can improve on ….. , ….. ,….. to become better. I will “recommend / not recommend” “Hootsuite” to everyone.

My overall all experience using “Hootsuite” is …..

I recommend “Name of customer support agent, manager, developer ” etc. in “Hootsuite”

The software quality is “excellent/good/average/poor” and overall I would like to give them “5/4/3/2/1” Stars.

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  • Ensure the background is plain while recording.
  • Record the review at a place where there are no other noise disruptions.
  • Record the review as per the transcript.
  • Speak clear and slow.
  • Ensure the video is not starched.
  • Test your device (for sound, orientation, etc) before recording the review.