Insurance Agency Software

The Best 6 Free Insurance Agency Software

The Best 6 Free Insurance Agency Software

When it comes to managing an insurance agency, the first thing that comes into mind is efficiency. With the increasing number of insurance policyholders, it becomes difficult for insurance agencies to handle everyday tasks like filling up the forms and organizing several pages of policies and other documents. Moreover promotional tasks like communicating with clients, following up leads, etc.become time consuming and complex as and when insurance business expands.

Lack Of Insurance Agency Software

Insurance agency software plays a major role here. It helps insurance agencies to improve their efficiency and productivity by speeding up their business processes, enhancing client services, and achieving their sales goals. Moreover, in this era, it is just impossible to satisfy internet-savvy customers without deploying a software sufficing their needs. An insurance agency software can help them to ease their tasks like paying insurance premiums, buying new insurance policies and smart investments, or accessing important information about the services provided by your agency.

Here, we have listed the best 6 free insurance agency software which you can consider deploying for your business without investing anything. But, before you go through the details of each software, let’s brief you about the insurance agency software, its benefits, and features to look for while selecting one that fits your business.

What is Insurance Agency Software?

Insurance agency software is designed considering the specific needs of insurance agencies, brokers, and insurance policyholders. It is a perfect combination of a CRM software and ERP software, which means it is used for serving your clients, streamlining business processes, and automate your workflows by insurance agencies. It helps you in staying a step ahead of your competitors by delivering the documents, information, and convenience of getting tasks done quickly and accurately for you, your team & your customers.

What Is Insurance Agency Software

Thus, besides working on the administrative side like keeping track of policy, information about claims, managing teams, collaborating, etc., the insurance agency system works on the client-side as well, allowing customers to login, check their policy information, fill out forms, and also pay their due premiums online.

What Does an Insurance Agency Software Do?

Insurance Agency Software Functionality

Benefits of Using Insurance Agency Software

In this digital age, it is difficult for an insurance agency to survive without integrating technology in their processes. With the growing volumes of policies, and the evolving demands of the customers these days, it has become significant to have the right technology in place to gain a competitive advantage in the growing insurance sector.

A dedicated software meeting the specific needs of an insurance agency can provide many benefits over using manual methods, including a lot of paperwork and confusing spreadsheets.

Insurance Agency Software Benefits

To better understand these benefits, let’s look at how using insurance agency software is better than manual methods of managing an insurance agency like using registers, log books, spreadsheets, etc.

Difference Between Manual Methods and Insurance Agency Software

Regardless of the type of business, customers are the assets of a company. Especially if you are running an insurance agency, you need to ensure that the insurance application and renewal process is flawless and efficient as that can sustain your customers and grow your business. Besides, selling your insurance plans and products, it is important to deliver the right information to your customers so that they can make the right decisions at the right time.  

An insurance agency system with versatile features can not only streamline your business processes but help in engaging, serving, and retaining your clients efficiently.

Features to Look for in an Insurance Agency Software

When it comes to choosing the right insurance agency software, every company has its unique requirements. Considering that, we have listed the features, you should look for in your software compatible with your insurance agency.

Policy Management

The insurance agency software helps in creating, administering, and managing insurance policies falling under different categories for all the customers.

Claims Management

Automate the process of managing customer claims and track the status of claims on a real-time basis using insurance agency software.

Client Management

Whether you need to access a client’s mailing address or their policy renewal date, you can do that with a few clicks of a mouse using an insurance agency software.


The insurance agency software you choose should integrate with other tools you are using in your agency. For example, if you enter information about the payment received from a client, it should reflect in your accounting software too.

Real-Time Information

Are you finding it difficult to get quotes from different insurance carriers for a client’s specific insurance requirements? Within a few seconds, you can get that information using an insurance agency software.

Tracking Potential Clients

Once the lead is generated, you have all the information about that potential client on your fingertips if you are using insurance agency software. Thus, you don’t have to worry about missing opportunities and can achieve your sales targets.

Automated Premium Reminders

The insurance agency software can send automated reminders for the pending premium due dates so that your clients don’t miss the date and bear the fines levied by the insurance carriers.

Ensured Compliance to Rules & Regulations

An insurance agency software sends notifications, as soon as any of the policies registered are not complying to any rules & regulations set by the insurance carriers or Government.

Analytics and Reporting

Analyzing the profitability of the business and generating reports measuring different metrics like policies registered, renewed, pending premiums, new customers, etc. is very important to plan future strategies. Insurance management can provide that to ensure the growth of your business.

We understand that finding software just right for your business can be overwhelming. But, now when you know the features to look for in an insurance agency software, it would be easy to pick one from the best 6 free insurance agency software listed below -

The Best 6 Free Insurance Agency Software

#1 ARS Manager Plus

ARS Manager Plus is a powerful insurance agency software helping you to improve productivity and generate more profits. It is a 32-bit Agency Management system enabling you to control all the processes in your agency. It includes comprehensive features allowing you to automate your agency’s operations, client services, and sales & marketing activities. It provides a free trial to all its users so that they can check its features and make a wise decision.

ARS Manager

Key Features

  • Stores important information of the insurers like acord forms, receipts, scanned images, ID cards, etc.
  • Processes and manages acord by allowing you to view and fill the forms, store and retrieve those forms
  • Ability to capture and scan documents
  • Includes easy to use word processing feature helping to compose and print letters
  • Can integrate with Outlook, MAPI compliant, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, SMTP compliant email facility
  • Supports email marketing features
  • Can audit and monitor the activities of the customers like adding, editing the insurance policies
  • Ability to accept payments online and to process them
  • Includes document manager helping to streamline the documents of various customers and prospects
  • Can generate various reports helping to make informed decisions

If you have already used ARS Manager Plus, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 NowCerts

NowCerts is considered as an intelligent, secure, and intuitive agency management system having versatile features enabling you to streamline your operations and serve your clients in a better way. Highly creative and innovative software, it allows integrating to your 10+ favorite tools, providing excellent functionality. Helps in tracking commissions, fees, and interest rates on payment plans. You can try this software for 30 days for free before investing, to get the outcome you require.


Key Features

  • The customers have the ability to issue their own certificates
  • Provides automated update about policy information directly from the database of insurance carriers
  • Includes task manager, providing the ability to assign tasks to agents and track their performance
  • Provides 40+ reports with customized filters for better insights
  • Can create invoices, collect payments, issue receipts, and process refunds
  • Provides easy to use marketing forms
  • Allows secure files and documents storage
  • Ability to provide permissions to access

If you have already used NowCerts, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 InsurancePro

InsurancePro is an ITC's agent management system which can automate all the tasks required to run an insurance agency successfully. It can track commissions, update policy data, and reconcile payment transactions. It can decrease your workload and increase productivity and efficiency. Allowing you to access your client data easily, it helps you make informed business decisions. Also, its reconciliation features help you in protecting your agency from the unexpected losses. You can use this software free for 30 days to know its compatibility with your business processes and policies.


Key Features

  • Allows filling up and managing Acord forms
  • Provides commission reporting
  • Includes easy-to-use interface
  • Has built-in accounting features
  • Can print documents
  • Allows introducing customizable policy types
  • Includes advanced quote management
  • Provides cloud storage with high-end security

If you have already used InsurancePro, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 Velocity

Velocity is a comprehensive agency management system specializing in the property & casualty market, fulfilling the needs of MGAs, Program Administrators, Wholesalers, insurance carriers, reinsurers, and retailers. It can automate the entire workflow with the help of its versatile functionality, architectural design, and scripting capabilities. It is a customizable software, allowing you to control your workflows the way you require.


Key Features

  • Allows you to rate, quote, and issue insurance policies
  • Helps in mass solicitation & renewals
  • Facilitates claims management
  • Includes HTML Email & templates
  • Allows drag/drop attachments & Emails
  • Includes automated workflow scripts
  • Can track sales and provides reports & insights
  • Facilitates marketing and prospecting

If you have already used Velocity, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 BindHQ

BindHQ is the leading cloud Agency Management System (AMS) for specialty insurance distribution. It also facilitates accounting and document management and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Basically, it is a market-driven application fulfilling the demands of insurance agencies wanting to take their business to the next level.


Key Features

  • Facilitates full policy management
  • Includes underwriting panel
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Provides real-time reporting
  • Secure document management
  • Includes insurance accounting module
  • Provides role-based dashboards
  • Can integrate with Email

If you have already used BindHQ, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 Agencybloc

AgencyBloc is an agency management system allowing life and health insurance agencies to streamline their business operations using an industry-specific CRM facilitating marketing automation, commissions processing, and integrated business activities. It includes powerful tools which help in easily managing, accessing, and reporting regarding clients, prospects, agents, and commission data. It is a cloud-based insurance agency software providing 7 days free trial for you to check whether it suits your business logic or not.


Key Features

  • Automates marketing and business functions
  • Allows lead tracking and management of prospects
  • Helps in making smart decisions with the help of 360-degree data analyzation
  • Includes intuitive dashboard
  • Can provide custom reporting with visually appealing graphs and charts
  • Allows you to set up, customize and schedule campaigns

If you have already used Agencybloc, please feel free to share your reviews here.

So, these were the best 6 free insurance agency software which you can consider for improving the accuracy in the processes and help you excel in your business. If you are still confused as to which one to choose for your insurance agency? Below comparison chart can help -

The Best 6 Free Insurance Agency Software Comparison Chart

Still, if you think that these free software don’t include the advanced features you are looking for, just go through the details of one of the most popular insurance agency solutions - Insly.


Insly has brought in an effective insurance agency solution with the help of a passionate team and knowledge. It has a global reach and thus can be accessed from anywhere. Using the skills of experienced insurance brokers, Insly strives to bring effective solutions to real problems with the below mentioned versatile features:



Key Features

  • Helps in implementing various insurance processes with minimum manual labor
  • Can be customized as per your insurance products and their rules
  • Allows you to prepare quick and professional-looking quotes
  • Enables you to issue and manage policies
  • Can generate documents dynamically
  • Helps in calculating commission share between multiple insurers

If you have already used Insly, please feel free to share your reviews here.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right insurance agency software is critical for your business, as it impacts your operations, marketing & sales, and customer service. It also has a high impact on internal staff support and morale. 

The lack of instant key information results in miscommunication and delays. As the insurance agencies require to deal with multiple insurance companies and policies, an up to date insurance agency software with the right terminology and policy information can help up to a great extent in meeting the competitive demands.

To widen your choice, you can also go through some freemium and paid insurance agency software like HawkSoft CMS, Agency Matrix, Nexsure Agency Management, Brokerage Builder, Jenesis Software, Indio Technologies, AdminSeg, RateFactory, and Open GI Mobius.  

Are you still looking for more solutions? Go through the complete list of insurance agency software here.

Also, you can browse all software categories here, and find the solution for other areas of your business as well.

If you have any of the insurance agency software mentioned above, please leave your valuable feedback here.

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