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Flawless EHS (environmental health and safety) management is critical for organizations to reduce workplace risks, keep employees safe, ensure compliance, and fulfill the social and moral responsibility of protecting the environment. Leveraging the best EHS software empowers businesses to streamline and simplify the increasingly complex EHS management processes, improve overall performance, and drive sustainability and steady growth.

What Is EHS Management Software?

EHS software is an extensive collection of software tools designed to help organizations streamline and control environmental health and safety (EHS) management processes to prevent workplace hazards and protect their work environment and public. The software provides all necessary EHS management tools, including data management, compliance management, incident management, risk management, sustainability management, performance management, and more.

EHS management tools are essential because these facilitate smooth EHS process and compliance management. By controlling risks, issuing risk alerts, and ensuring adherence to safety protocols, the software enables organizations to improve safety, quality, and performance. A safer work environment helps the workforce perform better and improve productivity. Businesses also have a responsibility towards the community, and they can ensure strict adherence to regulatory norms and proactively manage risks through a perfect EHS system.

What Are the Functions and Benefits of EHS Systems?

There are various advantages of deploying reliable EHS management software for your business. The core functions and benefits of EHS tools include:

  • Centralized EHS data management
  • Occupational health and safety management
  • Save time and costs
  • Enhance productivity
  • Gather employee safety concerns and suggestions
  • Reinforce safety protocols
  • Automated safety breach alerts and actions
  • Protect employees
  • Streamline workflow
  • Improve transparency
  • Better waste management
  • Monitor and control risks from anywhere
  • Enhance performance
  • Seamless compliance management
  • Sustainability analysis and management

How to Choose the Best EHS Software?

Choosing the right EHS system, simple yet efficient, is a laborious process. With extensive experience in helping companies adopt and manage the best software solutions for any business purpose, GoodFirms is arguably a pioneer in identifying and listing the top-performing products and tools; thus, GoodFirms’ list of best EHS management software can be of great use.

Explore the list below with prominent features, reviews, and pricing information of the top EHS management software. Utilize filters for features, business size, pricing model, deployment type, and more to shortlist the perfect EHS solution for your business.

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List of the Best Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software

  • Forms On Fire - Mobile

    No code app design platform for desktop & mobile
    Visit website

    Design mobile apps and workflows using our cloud software, so you can love what you do! Digitize your forms and workflows using the #1 no code cloud platform for desktop & mobile, so you can love what you do. Empower every user with an intuitive, easy to use and easy to support business platform. Anyone can design using tools such as Word & Excel. Signatures, GPS, connectors, workflow, tasks, disp ... read more about Forms On Fire - Mobile

    $20 Per Month
    25% in EHS Management Software
  • Intelex Platform

    Optimize business performance, enable regulatory compliance, and streamline ISO initiatives.
    Visit website

    Intelex Platform is the Most Powerful Software Platform for EHSQ & ESG Management. Intelex Document Control Software simplifies document management across your entire organization. It saves time and money by preventing errors, reducing risk, and improving visibility while streamlining workflows and audits. The most powerful EHSQ platform on the market, it provides a robust and secure backbone to t ... read more about Intelex Platform

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    20% in EHS Management Software
  • iAuditor

    We take care of your compliance, so you can take care of your people.
    Visit website

    iAuditor is an inspection app used to empower your workers in the field. Combined with the web platform, iAuditor provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organization. Your team can collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved. ... read more about iAuditor

    Free version
    8% in EHS Management Software
  • Gensuite

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) best-practice digital transformation solutions
    Visit website

    Gensuite is a leading, cloud-based EHS software solutions provider that enables diverse companies to foster safe & sustainable workplaces worldwide. Our fully configurable solutions are designed to solve today’s toughest industry challenges – empowering companies to protect employees, minimize environmental impacts, to achieve functional program goals & objectives. ... read more about Gensuite

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    More than 30 days
    25% in EHS Management Software
  • IsoMetrix

    We help you reduce business risk
    Visit website

    At IsoMetrix we develop world leading integrated risk and compliance management software solutions for EHS, GRC and sustainability experts who know what they want.A growth equity fund managed by The Carlyle Group, a global investment firm with $223 billion of assets under management, has acquired a majority stake in IsoMetrix to help accelerate its research & development and international expansio ... read more about IsoMetrix

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    50% in EHS Management Software
  • AssessNET

    Health and Safety Software EHS SaaS
    Visit website

    Riskex was founded to pursue a disruptive new vision: make Health & Safety accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.Our AssessNET solution has been designed through a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and in line with our purpose to simplify complexity and enable intelligent action.AssessNET is the leading software platform for Health & Safety management that enables customers to ga ... read more about AssessNET

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    33% in EHS Management Software
  • ComplianceQuest

    Visit website

    Audit management is becoming increasingly challenging, given the growing complexity of businesses and the number and types of audits that need to be conducted. For almost all industries, including highly regulated companies, periodic audits are necessary to comply with regulations and to ensure product safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Companies are, therefore, fast realizing that point s ... read more about ComplianceQuest

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    33% in EHS Management Software
  • Capptions

    EHS Software That Fits Your Unique Workflow
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    Capptions is perfect for EHS professionals. Our mobile app allows for easy incident registration, more efficient inspections, and guaranteed to follow up actions. Risk assessments can be completed on-the-go, making them more accurate and reliable. ... read more about Capptions

    Free version
    50% in EHS Management Software
  • Tervene

    Best Platform to Gain Control Over Your Daily Operations
    Visit website

    All-in-One connected platform laying the foundations to a successful digital transition promoting better knowledge management, more robust process inspection & operation control, as well as accelerated communication & problem-solving. In addition to offering unparalleled visibility on all human operations, Tervene enables structured communications and enhanced operational management. ... read more about Tervene

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    20% in EHS Management Software
  • Enablon

    Regulatory Compliance Software
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    Enablon, a Wolters Kluwer business, is the world’s leading provider of Sustainability, EHS and Operational Risk Management Software. More than 1,000 global companies and millions of users all around the world call Enablon their software.Enablon’s mission is to enable the Sustainable Company. It offers the industry's most comprehensive enterprise EHS software platform with technology, content a ... read more about Enablon

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    50% in EHS Management Software
  • VelocityEHS

    Visit website

    VelocityEHS is a new kind of EHS software company, helping you reach your environmental, health, safety and sustainability goals faster. Our VelocityEHS platform delivers simple and intuitive solutions that are more affordable, faster to implement, and that provide the best user experience.Backed by unparalleled customer support, our well-designed solutions engage your end users, making it easier ... read more about VelocityEHS

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    33% in EHS Management Software
  • Integrum

    integrum is the most comprehensive risk, compliance and business optimisation platform.
    Visit website

    integrum software is a proven and trusted, globally deployed integrated management system for Quality, Health Safety Environment, Risk & Compliance and Business Optimization.Importantly we also offer a fully integrated world-class, business intelligence reporting system.integrum is ideal for today’s mobile workforce, able to work off-line and in remote locations with Windows based devices. ... read more about Integrum

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    25% in EHS Management Software
  • SafetyAmp

    Simplify compliance management and get everyone involved with your EHSQ goals
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    Cloud-based safety & quality management software that boosts worker engagement and builds stronger safety cultures.Easy to use software to increase engagement, reduce risk, connect the workforce, and improve your health, safety, and quality workflows.Our goal is to improve the safety, quality, and performance culture of growing companies everywhere with tightly integrated compliance solutions. ... read more about SafetyAmp

    $199.00 Per Month
    50% in EHS Management Software
  • ETQ Reliance

    Quality Management Software
    Visit website

    ETQ is the leading provider of quality, EHS and compliance management software, trusted by the world’s strongest brands. Nearly 600 global companies, spanning industries including pharmaceuticals, electronics, heavy industry, food and beverage, and medical devices, use ETQ to secure positive brand reputations, deliver higher levels of customer loyalty and enhance profitability. ETQ Reliance offe ... read more about ETQ Reliance

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    33% in EHS Management Software
  • TrackWise

    The Most Trusted Enterprise Quality Management Software System
    Visit website

    TrackWise® is the world’s leading on-premise QMS software. It brings all of your quality processes together in a single place and helps automate them. It offers several industry best practice workflows, but can also adapt to any process or need.Companies across several industries use TrackWise to increase efficiency, improve quality, achieve compliance, and reduce risk.Lower the risk of recalls ... read more about TrackWise

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    50% in EHS Management Software
  • Cority

    Cority’s True SaaS Solution For Quality Management
    Visit website

    Cority is the most trusted EHSQ software for assuring client success. Cority enables organizations to utilize Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) software solutions to advance their journey to sustainability and operational excellence. Cority consistently enables client success by combining the deepest domain expertise with the most comprehensive and secure true SaaS platform. ... read more about Cority

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    33% in EHS Management Software
  • Qooling

    Create better, safer and more secure products
    Visit website

    We at Qooling believe that Quality and Safety is every bodies responsibility. This can only be reached when everyone in the company is engaged. Qooling can make this happen and helps you to bring Quality and Safety to the next level.Easily remain compliant to the standards that are important in your industry by incorporating Qooling in your organisation. ... read more about Qooling

    $14.00 Per Month
    14 Days
    50% in EHS Management Software
  • StackFM

    Simplify the workflow process
    Visit website

    StackFM is a cloud-based information system designed to streamline facilities operations. Manage information on easy to navigate maps, floor plans or charts. Collaborate with team members across the hall or across the world. Modular software allows clients to assemble a solution that best fits their needs and budget. It is fully customize work order templates by adding a variety of data fields. Ef ... read more about StackFM

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    25% in EHS Management Software
  • CloudEQMS

    Visit website

    Specifically designed to help compliance with GDPR, ISO standards and FDA 21CFR. Created so you can confidently manage Governance, Risk, Compliance, Health & Safety. Out of the box, you have all the functionality for real time Incident Management, Non- Conformances, Corrective Actions (CAPA), and Continuous Improvement. Automate manual processess, convert paper and spreadsheet forms easily with � ... read more about CloudEQMS

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    30% in EHS Management Software
  • Form

    Powering Enterprise Form Solutions
    Visit website

    At, we believe the secret of living is giving! We are committed to serve and add value to our customers, colleagues, and those in need. Whether going the extra mile for our customers or providing a helping hand the less fortunate, our core principles don't change. We aim to be of service. FORM is a mobile digital assistant for frontline teams. Our field execution platform guides daily tas ... read more about Form

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    15% in EHS Management Software
  • Effivity

    The most advanced BPM based QHSE software platform
    Visit website

    Effivity is a cloud-based / on-premise QHSE/FSMS/ISMS software to implement a robust Quality - Occupational Health & Safety - Environment Management System & offers 100% conformity to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, HACCP standards. Effivity makes ISO compliance simple, easy, quick, value adding, cost-effective, collaborative and time-saving which results in enabling an organization to ... read more about Effivity

    $29 Per Month
    30 Days
    25% in EHS Management Software
  • Solyp

    A new age in strategic management has begun.
    Visit website

    Enterprise Cloud for Strategy. Transform the strategic management in your company with a central cloud platform. Create business apps for your processes yourself by configuring or select best practice applications from the solution catalog. ... read more about Solyp

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    12% in EHS Management Software
  • Dakota Tracer

    Drive Compliance. Improve Performance. Gain Insight.
    Visit website

    Dakota Software’s EHS management products feature an onboard regulatory library and facility-specific profiles that ensure local compliance while synchronizing global EHS programs. Gives EHS professionals the ability to execute their compliance programs and provides a real-time, enterprise-wide view of their company's EHS compliance status. Fueled by a library of regulatory content, Dakota Softw ... read more about Dakota Tracer

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    33% in EHS Management Software
  • EHS SmartStart

    A Comprehensive Environmental, Health & Safety Solution.
    Visit website

    EHS SmartStart is a comprehensive Environmental, Health & Safety solution from Optial, a leading supplier of web-based EHS, governance, compliance, audit, operational risk software. Manage Incidents, perform Audits, monitor Risks, ensure Compliance, within a cloud-based, scalable environment. An out-of-the-box solution, allowing organisations to realise the benefits of the flexible, configurable s ... read more about EHS SmartStart

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    100% in EHS Management Software
  • ASK-EHS Software

    The world’s most trusted safety, health and environment software solution providers.
    Visit website

    EHS Software is a multi-featured web-based application with a user-friendly interface that has been designed & developed by a leading EHS pro to manage all your EHS requirements. Its different modules provide synergistic benefits to any EHS team as it can manage real-time EHS records & compliance at your fingertips, allowing them to manage all their tasks & records. It is a cost-effective solution ... read more about ASK-EHS Software

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    100% in EHS Management Software
  • Omnigo

    Ensure Cleanliness and Sanitation at Your Facility.
    Visit website

    Omnigo Software is the leading provider of public safety, incident reporting, and security management solutions for law enforcement, education, healthcare, gaming, hospitality, and other enterprises, offering easy-to-use applications that provide actionable insight for making more informed decisions. Over 2,000 customers trust Omnigo solutions to help law enforcement and security professionals sec ... read more about Omnigo

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    25% in EHS Management Software
  • Mango QHSE

    Your Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management systems in the Cloud and on a Mobile App.
    Visit website

    Mango helps control and maintain all aspects of your quality, health, safety (QHSE) management system(s); including: policies, procedures & forms (with single-source document control); accidents & incidents; Audits/Inspections; Improvements (NCR's, CAPA's, etc.); hazard & risk management; and people management (competencies & training). In addition, Mango helps our customers manage their Plant & E ... read more about Mango QHSE

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    50% in EHS Management Software
  • BuildSafe

    Visit website

    BuildSafe is a digital collaboration platform for safe and efficient construction projects. The software is used by the entire project organization (developers, contractors, and sub-contractors) to report, follow up, and analyze risks and disturbances. Results: streamlined deviation management, risk reduction by on average 75 %, and substantial time savings. Features include inspections, observati ... read more about BuildSafe

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    100% in EHS Management Software
  • Papertrail

    The best way to manage and demonstrate your safety reputation.
    Visit website

    Papertrail provides an efficient way of completing inspections, reporting all data, and producing documentation when required, never forget to complete inspections again! Equipment owners and managers use Papertrail in over 45 countries! Over 7 million inspections have been carried out using Papertrail, we help you comply with legislation & meet inspection criteria, protecting your business, team, ... read more about Papertrail

    $81.45 Per Year
    14 Days
    100% in EHS Management Software
  • MY Compliance Management

    The Easy Route to Better Compliance.
    Visit website

    Health, Safety, Quality, and Environmental compliance management provided across 14 modules that can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device and all for one price. Build a legal register and keep updated on any changes. Manage all your standards and ISO¿s in one place, always being audit-ready. Manage Incidents, risks, training records, audits, non-conformances, assets, aspects, contractors, ... read more about MY Compliance Management

    Contact vendor
    14 Days
    50% in EHS Management Software
  • Lighthouse HSE

    A complete safety management system.
    Visit website

    Health, Safety, and Environment software that connects your safety management system from the field to the boardroom. Enter, access, and report HSE data in real-time. Lighthouse is simple to use, customize, and afford. Use online with any device and offline with our native iOS and Android apps. Use our out-of-the-box templates or configure them to fit your specific requirements. ... read more about Lighthouse HSE

    $300 Per Month
    33% in EHS Management Software
  • SafetyNet

    Visit website

    Predictive Solutions works with organizations to deliver actionable insights on workplace risk while creating a lasting culture that eliminates incidents. We leverage artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and a dedicated team of safety professionals. We've helped organizations cut down on incident rates by 83%, reduce lost time due to incidents by 88%, and establish a safety-first workpla ... read more about SafetyNet

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    100% in EHS Management Software
  • Flex Manager

    The world's leading compliance management platform.
    Visit website

    CGA Technology provides technology solutions for the management of Safety, Equipment, Facilities, and Human Resources. Our Flexible online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform in conjunction with mobile applications and NFC technology reduce costs, monitor, and improve processes to gather real-time information for a business. Turn the labor of paperwork and documentation into a cost-effective fun ... read more about Flex Manager

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    50% in EHS Management Software
  • EH Manager

    Environmental Health Inspection Data Management Software Suite
    Visit website

    EH Manager is a software solution that leverages the most current cloud and mobile technologies to efficiently record and manage environmental health data for inspections, licensing, complaints, plan review, and enforcement. What makes this product so special is that the application was fully constructed and tested by real field inspectors. This unique situation allowed us to build a database solu ... read more about EH Manager

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    100% in EHS Management Software

Buyer’s Guide


"EHS" stands for Environment, Health & Safety. For the industrial sectors that include manufacturing, construction, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, and utilities, etc., safety within the work environment and the health of their workers becomes the prime concern. Also, these types of industries and manufacturing units hold responsibility towards the global environment and are required to comply with the EHS regulations set by their local Government. Ensuring that the right processes have been implemented for the health and safety of the workers and proper rules are being followed simultaneously becomes complicated without a systematic EHS management system in place. 

This comprehensive guide can help you in selecting the best EHS management software, enabling you to maintain a safe working environment, protect your workers from accidents & hazards, and comply with mandatory EHS rules as per the legal requirements. Let's begin with what exactly is EHS management and why it is important, and then, an in-depth analyst about EHS systems.

What is EHS Management?

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management is a practice that focuses on identifying hazards, evaluating, and controlling work-related risks. When practiced well, EHS management enables any organization to predict and prevent circumstances that can result in occupational injury, ill health, or severe environmental impact. It includes planning and implementation of EHS processes and practices in a specific manner to achieve high-end security for the workers and environmental efficiency. Effective EHS management encapsulates evaluating results of the safety programs implemented, and planning of the EHS strategies for the future.

Why is EHS Management Important?

Protects Environment

EHS management enables organizations to conduct their manufacturing and other processes in an environment-friendly way. EHS managers ensure that the predefined laws for protecting environmental resources are being followed strictly.

Protects Employees

If the employees of a company are not healthy and safe, the business cannot sustain and grow. EHS management includes the task of setting EHS policies considering the workers' rights and health & safety and making sure that those policies are being followed within the organization. EHS management also notifies and alerts everyone working in the organization about the instances that can cause danger to the health and safety of the workers. The laws relating to EHS in different countries may vary, but the goal is the same - fulfilling the responsibility of keeping the workers safe at work.

Thus, EHS management is important because it helps organizations to follow a systematic approach towards fulfilling their corporate responsibility towards their employees and saving environmental resources for the citizens.

What Is EHS Management Software?

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) management software is a computer application that helps business organizations to automate and manage their health & safety programs systematically. It also enables the companies to stay compliant with the Government regulations, protect the workers, maintain a safe workplace and save the global environment. The use of EHS software has helped organizations raise their standards in terms of safety awareness and health management. It also helps in engaging the workforce and makes them feel secure while working in an organization that follows legit health and safety procedures. Below are some key functions that an health and safety software performs -

  • Analyzing, Investigating, and forecasting job hazards and accidental incidents
  • Managing and monitoring health & safety programs
  • Organizing training for workers relating to environmental and health safety
  • Ensuring EHS regulatory compliance
  • Administrating safety committees
  • Generating reports that display EHS key indicators

What Are the Different Modules of EHS Management Software?

Incident Reporting

Informing about the hazards, accidents, and other unforeseen conditions to the workers, supervisors, and the concerned departments on an instant basis is essential for any EHS system. The EHS management system enables you to report incidents that can jeopardize the lives of the workers or harm the workplace environment on an immediate basis and helps the teams collaborate to speed up the entire remedial process.

Safety Programs Management

Executing the right safety programs while your workers are on the job is important for their health and wellness. Health and safety software enables you to identify and analyze dangers or any non-compliant processes running in the workplace. It allows you to create checklists, schedule inspections at a regular interval empowering you to implement efficient safety programs and procedures.  

Acquiring Authorizations and Permits

For conducting certain operations, carrying out procedures, managing projects, or manufacturing products, you need to have specific permits and authorizations from statutory and legal authorities. EHS software provides you the information that helps in gaining permits for initiating work operations with enhanced clarity, control, and security.

Forecasting Hazards and Risks

Forecasting hazards and risks in advance can help you prevent your workplace and workers from damages. Often, the accidents in the industrial premises are highly dangerous that can even risk the lives of the people working there. The EHS software allows you to regularly monitor the processes running within your organization, enabling you to maintain a safe working environment for your workers.

How Does an EHS Management Software Work?

Step 1:

Safety management software collects all your data, including permits, safety program details, and other documents, and stores them in a centralized database. It can also import data from other applications you are currently using for managing your production and finance.

Step 2:

EHS management software organizes and displays all the information collected through intuitive dashboards, making it easy for the users to understand the company's performance in terms of safety programs and also allows them to share with concerned departments and employees.

Step 3:

Health & safety management software sends automated notifications and alerts required to follow up on certain critical tasks and inform the users to avoid hazards and accidents.

Step 4:

EHS management software generates analytical reports providing clear visibility over safety programs' performance with a futuristic approach, allowing business organizations to make proactive decisions.

What Are the Key Features to Look for in an EHS Management Software?

The health and safety software performs the below-mentioned functions that help business organizations maintain health & safety standards within their premises.

Health & Safety Monitoring

Health & safety management software records the current metrics relating to the workers' health and hygiene being maintained within your organization. Based on these records, you can gauge whether your workers' health condition and environment meet your industry standards and requirements or not.

Risk Evaluation

The risk evaluation feature of health & safety management software allows the users to track and prevent the risks relating to the organization's processes. Based on the risk evaluation data collected, you can then conduct informative sessions and seminars to educate your employees about safe methods to follow while working.

Preventive Action Plans

Health and safety software allows you to create preventive action plans based on the health & safety monitoring and risk evaluation metrics, EHS key indicators, and incidents that happened in the past in your workplace or other organizations.

Centralized Information

EHS management software stores documents, tasks, and certifications relating to safety standards and measures in a centralized location. This keeps everyone in the organization aware of the accurate guidelines and changes in rules and regulations on a real-time basis. 

Customizable Dashboards

Health & safety management software includes customizable dashboards that provide clear visibility over the company's performance relating to EHS metrics to all the users and allows them to share that information easily with the authorized personnel and departments.

Notifications and Alerts

EHS management software automates sending notifications and alerts in case of any changes in rules and regulations relating to safety standards implemented within the company or any occurrences within the company that require immediate attention and action.

Analytical Reports

EHS management software can generate reports that help in evaluating risks and monitoring the performance and trends of safety programs. This helps EHS managers and leaders to make proactive decisions that can protect employees and the environment from dangers and benefit the business.

What Are the Advantages of EHS Management Software?

Having a safe working environment and healthy workforce is the key to the success of any business. EHS systems help the companies to follow a systematic approach while conducting safety programs and implementing risk-free working practices that align with the local and international standards set by the industry and Government. 

As per a recent report - the EHS software market is likely to report a growth in CAGR of 12.3% from 2021 to 2026 globally. This means that the use of environmental management software is becoming an integral part of organizations these days as it drives transformation in operational excellence and contributes to reducing uncertainties in the business.

Earlier companies used to manage their EHS records manually using registers and spreadsheets. That made it difficult for the employees to locate the EHS data and take preventative measures on time, resulting in accidents that risked the life of the workers or occurrences that spoil the environment. 

On the contrary, safety management software is helping the business organizations to overcome these drawbacks by empowering them with clear visibility about the company's entire risk profile and everything that is happening within their premises on a real-time basis so that they can prevent accidents, disasters, and instances that harm the environment & workers.

To elaborate further, below mentioned are some prominent benefits of EHS management software -

Streamlines Data Management & Reporting

With the help of EHS solutions, you can import the data from other applications, automate the data entry process, centralize the information, and generate reports instantly. This makes it easy for you to collaborate and take preventative measures at the right time.

Enhances Productivity

Environmental management software can help in automating the report generation, sending alerts & notifications, integrating with the applications used for various processes within the organization, and this can result in getting more tasks done in less time, ultimately enhancing productivity and lowering costs.

Improves Safety Standards

The dynamic dashboards and automated notifications and alerts provided by safety management software help all the workers, employees, and managers to remain informed about the EHS key-metrics on a real-time basis and thus allows staying ahead in terms of maintaining safety standards.

Strengthens Decision Making

Right decision-making becomes easier with access to accurate data and information. EHS software provides access to analytical reports depicting real-time figures on your fingertips at any time allowing you to make quick and informed decisions.

Executes Intelligent Processes

The EHS software helps in executing intelligent processes by automating the task of sending reminders to the EHS managers about permit expiry dates and need-to-know employees about the instances that can trigger accidents or hazards within the workplace, therefore enabling you to protect your business from losses and enhance its performance.

What Are the Different Types of EHS Management Software?

When it comes to selecting the type of EHS software - there can be different options based on deployment, pricing and functionality as explained below -


On-Premise EHS Management Software

On-premise EHS management software can be deployed on your server and requires in-house technical infrastructure and staff to maintain and update it. In this type of EHS compliance software deployment, you gain more control over your data but can prove expensive in the long run due to its upgrades, maintenance, and customizations.

Cloud-Based EHS Management Software

Cloud-based EHS software, also known as SaaS-based EHS software, is installed on the software vendor's server and so you can instantly start using it after subscribing without worrying about its deployment, upgradation, and maintenance. This type of software offers high-level flexibility allowing users to access and use it from any remote location.

The cloud-based EHS management software is convenient and proves to be less expensive than on-premise software. But, when it comes to larger organizations, they require more control over the data and would not prefer it to be stored and managed on 3rd party servers. Precisely, the choice of the deployment of EHS compliance software depends on your business organization's size and technical capabilities.


Off-The-Shelf EHS Management Software

Several EHS management tools are available with readymade features and can be quickly executed within your EHS management process. But, a readymade EHS compliance software might not suffice your requirements if your requirements are industry-specific. In that case, you need a customized EHS management system that works as per your EHS management policies & procedures.

Customizable EHS Management Software

Customizable management software includes features that allow you to meet your unique EHS challenges and operating standards, making sure that it is compatible with your technical capabilities and business processes. If you are looking for custom EHS systems, you can get free and opensource EHS management software deployed at a minimum investment.

How Much Does EHS Management Software Cost?

The cost of EHS management software would depend on various factors like the type of software you choose, the number of users that would be using the software, and its features. If you plan to purchase cloud-based EHS management software, you just need to pay the subscription price. Whereas the price of an on-premise EHS software would include:

  • Development costs
  • Investing in technical infrastructure & resources
  • Ongoing charges for maintenance & upgrades

The subscription price of cloud-based EHS management software can start from $3/month to $300/month. For example, EHS Insight is available for $3/month, Cooling can cost you $14 per month, Forms on Fire is for $20/month, myComply is for $99/month, and Lighthouse HSE is for $300/month. Depending on your budget and functionality needs, you can select one. If you are not comfortable with a monthly subscription, you can go for Papertrail that can cost you $81.45/year, or EHSHELON that is available for $5000 one-time charges. We would recommend you go for a free trial or a demo of the EHS software before purchasing it. For example, EHS Hero offers a 14 days free trial period, and Zerite offers a 30 days free trial period. 

If you are looking for a free EHS management software, you can consider iAuditor or SafetyCloud as having a free version with limited features. Also, you can go for free and opensource EHS management software if you require an on-premise and customizable EHS management system.

Bottomline - Buying a cheap EHS management software can prove to be an expensive mistake for your business if it doesn't get the results you need. At the same time, an expensive EHS management software can become an unnecessary investment for you if it includes features that you are not using. So, just make sure that you select EHS management software that meets your exact requirements and can help you achieve your safety and financial goals.

How Does EHS Management Software Contribute to the Improvement of ROI?

Regardless of the price tag, the businesses prefer buying EHS software that can add value to their processes and help them earn high returns on their investment. So, let's have a look at some qualities of EHS software that can enable you to achieve your financial goals too.

EHS management software helps in -

  • Improving safety culture
  • Executing organized and streamlined safety operations
  • Maintaining compliance with Government rules and regulations
  • Taking proactive actions that can mitigate unforeseen accidents and disasters

All the above qualities in an EHS compliance software ultimately would lead to reduced damages and wastages within your organization, resulting in increased ROI and growth of the business.

What are the Factors to be Considered While Selecting the Best EHS Management Software?

To select the best EHS system, you need to consider the below-mentioned factors -

Robust Features - The EHS platform you choose should include features that are easy to use and robust at the same time to help you achieve your safety and business goals.

Customization - The safety management system software you select should allow you to customize the interface and functionality as per your business preferences.

Scalability - The EHS software you choose should be scalable enough to meet your business organization's evolving demands.

Integrations - To find everything you need in a single software application is difficult. If you need to perform all EHS functions from a single interface, you need to make sure that your EHS software integrates seamlessly with other applications you use for managing the inventory of chemicals, recruiting new workers, etc.

Price - Make sure that the EHS software you are planning to purchase doesn't come with any hidden costs, and you are paying exactly for what you need.

Usability - The EHS software you select should be easy to deploy and use as it would result in greater participation in your safety programs.

Mobility - Reporting the incidents from the place of occurrence is very important to take proactive actions, and so your EHS software is required to be compatible with any device and platform.

Technical Support - You are likely to face technical issues even after getting the best EHS solution deployed in your organization. Make sure that your EHS system vendor provides proactive technical support to avoid downtimes.

Latest Trends In EHS Management Software

For selecting the right EHS system, it becomes significant to be aware of what is new and upcoming in this industry. Here, we have compiled a list of the latest trends in EHS software that can take your organization's safety culture to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can improve workplace safety by analyzing data from wearable devices or deploying smart machines to detect dangers within the working environment. For example, AI can help detect workers' presence without gloves or workers working around a location that is prone to accidents. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with safety management system software can help in reducing risks within the workplace.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning allows collecting, sharing, analyzing, and correlating data that makes it easy for organizations to come up with conclusions and informed decisions relating to risks, injuries, air emissions, waste, water use, sewerage, etc. The environmental management software with ML features can enhance the quality of data generated, resulting in better decision making and ensuring the safety of the workers and the environment.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

EHS managers these days are looking forward to using cloud-based EHS solutions because it allows you to access data and take required action from any remote location. So, it doesn't matter where your workers are working; the cloud-based accessibility provided by EHS software can help you ensure your workers' safety and mitigate compliance issues.


Using chatbots inbuilt in health & safety management software, the workers can immediately report the incidents to supervisors and managers. Simultaneously, the environmental management software chatbots can instantly record the incident and its details in its database for future reference and remedial actions.

Why Refer to GoodFirms List of the Best EHS Software?

Selecting the best EHS solution can be an elaborate process, especially when there are many options available and all claiming to be the best. The experts at GoodFirms have exclusively come up with some of the best EHS management software after in-depth research and analysis to ease your selection process. 

  • GoodFirms is one of the leading research and review platforms following diligent research and methodological approach while shortlisting the software and services.
  • GoodFirms equips buyers with insightful information about more than 60K software products and services with 30K reviews given by verified users.
  • GoodFirms updates and adds information about new and emerging software products and solutions consistently, allowing you to select the one that can help you set new benchmarks.

Final Checklist

Good employers know that a healthy workforce is the backbone of their business. EHS management can help prevent your employees from getting exposed to risk every day and establish a strong safety culture. But, if EHS management strategies fail, it can be a disaster in terms of loss of lives and business reputation. So, it becomes inevitable to use the right tools and techniques to help you implement the best EHS practices and safety programs. 

Finally, considering the below checklist becomes significant for selecting the best EHS Software compatible to your industry and business size -

  • Is this tool easy to use by non-technical users?
  • Is this system customizable as per your industry-specific requirements?
  • Is this software secure enough to maintain the confidentiality of your data?
  • Does this tool include features that suit your business workflow?
  • Is this tool built using the latest technology?
  • Is this tool capable of scaling with your business
  • Does the vendor of this software provide quick customer support facilities?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Businesses Need EHS Management Software?

As EHS continues to evolve, organizations face enormous challenges regarding health & safety, quality & compliance, risk management, environment & sustainability. An EHS or environmental health and safety software provides businesses with a unified platform to control all their EHS management and compliance needs and reduce risks. The EHS software helps automate various tasks and eliminate deficiencies/errors related to EHS compliance.

EHS system enables business owners and managers a comprehensive view of EHS data, processes, and performance. The software also measures the risks and issues alerts to the relevant stakeholders for taking preventive measures. Thus, businesses of every size, small or large, can leverage EHS management software for streamlined EHS management.

What Is the Best Environmental Health and Safety Software Available in the Market?

Businesses have varied requirements for environmental health and safety management tools based on their industry type, size, and operational needs. Thus, the EHS management system that perfectly suits another organization may not be the best EHS solution for your business. To choose the best EHS software for your business, you can refer to the GoodFirms’ list of the top EHS management systems that details the features, reviews, and pricing of different solutions. Leverage filters for pricing model, deployment type, business size, features, and more, for better curation.

What Factors Should One Consider While Choosing EHS Software?

The EHS management software system can streamline EHS management for your business at a nominal cost, but it is necessary to ensure that the chosen software is the right fit for your business. Here is a checklist of the crucial factors you must consider before finalizing the right EHS system for your business.

  • The EHS system must offer all tools and features to fulfill your business’ requirements and industry-specific needs.
  • The software should offer a user-friendly interface.
  • The solution must fit in your budget.
  • The software should have positive feedback from other similar businesses.
  • The system should allow scalability and third-party integrations as needed.
  • The software vendor must offer need-based user training and customer support.
  • The EHS system vendor should be able to customize the solution as required.
What Features and Functions One Should Look for in EHS Systems?

A perfect EHS solution offers comprehensive software tools to cover the complete spectrum of environmental health and safety compliance for an organization. The core features and functions that you must look for in EHS software include:

  • Audit management
  • Inspection management
  • Incident management
  • Occupational health management
  • Compliance management
  • Quality management
  • Waste management
  • Preventive actions
  • Safety meetings
  • Issue management
  • Risk management
  • Data management
  • Sustainability and energy management
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Reporting and analytics
What Factors Influence the Pricing of EHS Software?

The parameters that prominently influence the cost of EHS management software are:

  • Set of features it offers
  • Number of users it allows
  • Deployment type
  • Customization needs of your organization
  • Integrations it supports

At times, there are hidden costs related to installation, data migration, maintenance, user training, and customer support that affect environmental health and safety software pricing.

How Much Does the EHS Management System Cost?

There are many reliable EHS system solutions available at reasonably low pricing. Some of these also offer a free version apart from the paid plans; for example, iAuditor provides a free version with paid plans starting from $19 per user per month.

It is possible to get many top EHS management software options for less than $30 per month; for example, Forms On Fire costs $20 per user per month, and Effivity Starter plan costs $29 per month (covers 2 users). Qooling costs $67 per month for the Starter plan; it also offers a limited plan at $14 per month per user for businesses that require only the basic EHS tools to include filling-in checklists, report issues, and viewing the EHS management system. A popular higher costing EHS solution, Lighthouse HSE, costs $300 per month for the starter plan, but this plan allows up to 10 users, thus justifying the cost. If you are a start-up or if you run a small business, free and open source EHS management software can be a wise choice.

Are EHS Management Systems Secure?

Top EHS software vendors typically ensure robust measures to meet the global security standards and protect your organization’s confidential data. Still, before selecting the EHS solution for your organization, you must discuss and confirm with the vendor the software product’s security features and offerings, including data access, data sharing, data storage, encryption, vulnerability scanning, and more.

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