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Discover the list of the best audience response software to encourage participation and energize events.
Audiences are the key constituent in the alchemy of any presentation or live performance. Knowing the audience is the simplest and the fastest route to influencing them. Interestingly, an Audience Response System (ARS) compliments and helps augment a lot of presentational activities generated by a broad range of industries and organizations. Audience response software, also known as audience engagement software, helps in electronically capturing & measuring the audience response and enables the presenter to focus on delivering as per the audience's feedback and interest.

What is Audience Response Software?

Audience response software is an application that allows the presenter to engage and assess the audience, and collect digital responses via surveys, quizzes, Q&A sessions, and live polls. As an audience engagement system the software.also enables audiences to provide feedback from their mobile devices or small handheld keypads. After capturing the audience's feedback, the audience response system displays that feedback on the presenter's screen in the form of attractive graphs and charts.

Precisely, an audience response software, acts as the audience interaction tool enabling an easy, real-time interaction between the presenter and the audience.The best audience response system helps the presenter in analyzing the opinion of the audience, and enables in delivering effective presentations, and make the event successful. The post-event analytical reports delivered by the audience response apps can help to iterate and plan out future presentations effectively.

How to Find the Best Audience Response Software?

Finding the best audience response software can become a seamless task with the help of the below-mentioned list. The Goodfirms' experts have intricately curated this list of the audience response software after in-depth research and analysis. Here, you can find detailed information about each software along with authentic users' reviews to help you make smart purchasing decisions is available under one roof. Also, you can use the intuitive filters given below to quickly shortlist the audience response software suiting to your business preferences and speed up your search process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Audience Response Software (ARS) Work?

The audience response apps basically use two types of mechanisms as given below -

ARS Using Mobile Devices - This type of ARS integrates with the presentation software and sends a browser or app link to the audiences through text messages on their mobile device. When the audience clicks on the link, they are allowed to participate in a survey or poll and provide their feedback using their mobile devices that can be their smartphone or tablet. The feedback given is processed by the ARS and displayed both on the screen of the presenter and audience. The audience response software then generates post-event analytical reports that give an overall idea about the event's success.

ARS Using Clicker Technology - This type of ARS connects with handheld devices distributed to the audience. The audience needs to use these handheld devices to provide their feedback or opinion by pressing a button. The results achieved from audiences' responses are then displayed on the presenters' screen. 

Regardless of the type, every ARS system integrates with presentation software like Powerpoint and helps acquire audiences' opinions on a real-time basis.

How Does the Audience Response System Help in Enhancing Presentations?

The audience response apps allow audiences to contribute to the discussion, help them to be attentive and gain more knowledge from the presentation. Thus, the best audience response software energizes live events, engages the audience in an enhanced manner, and spreads positive emotion among the audiences and presenters.

What are the Different Use Cases of Audience Response Software?

You can use the audience response software for collecting audiences' opinions through surveys and polls in between the presentations. Many business organizations even use it for ice-breaking sessions at the time of new recruitments. It is also used to play games, conduct quizzes, and know the level of understanding your audience possesses relating to your products, services, company history, etc.

How is an Audience Response Software Better than the Conventional ARS Methods?

Usually, in presentations that use conventional ways of interacting with the audience, there is a Q&A session at the end of the lecture. So, you come to know the knowledge and interests of the audience after the presentation is over. But, in the case of an audience response system, you get the chance to know your audience while the presentation is still running. This allows you to tweak your presentation based on the audiences' interest, opinions, and understanding level.

Moreover, the audience response system allows you to gain more participation from people as their identity doesn't get revealed in that process. On the contrary, using conventional ways, people are hesitant to participate as they feel shy in raising hands and fear being judged by their peers while providing their opinions.

Are There Any Free Audience Response Software Available?

Yes, to name a few - VoxVote, DialogLoop, and Poll Everywhere are some of the audience response solutions that include a free version. The free versions of these audience response tools might have limited features but can be the right choice for startups and small businesses. If you are on a low budget but still looking for a versatile solution, you can go for free and open source audience response software as you can customize its features as per your business needs.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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