Employee Engagement Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Employee Engagement Software

The Best 7 Free and Open Source Employee Engagement Software

Every employer dreams of making his business successful. With high levels of employee engagement, companies gain more profit as engaged employees are considered more productive, more loyal, and more customer-focused.

In measuring work satisfaction, employee engagement is becoming one of the most critical indicators. Engaged employees lead to a higher quality of work and help in retaining valuable talent.

The employees’ commitment to jobs grows when they are seen and heard. If the employees feel appreciated and respected, then their dedication to the companies gets intensified. As a result, the employee’s performance and productivity get amplified.

 What is Employee Engagement?

The engaged employee is completely engrossed and keen about their work in an organization. To foster the reputation and interest of the organization, the engaged employee always take affirmative action. 

 “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” (Forbes)

To understand employee sentiment and to encourage positive activities that benefit the health or wellness of the organization or its employees, several organizations make use of employee engagement software.

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement changes every day, rather, to be more precise, every hour. To be able to drive employee engagement and culture, organizations should prepare to buy into the concept of investing in an employee engagement software solution.  

Today, thousands of organizations make use of applications programs that help increase job satisfaction and retain talented workers. The objective is to allow workers to get engrossed in the goal and culture of the organization to bring more productivity.

In the human resource department, employee engagement software is used as an essential tool to serve the purpose of employee surveys and classification, health checkups, and peer recognition and to keep the employees engaged for all the activities. Studies indicate that by 2024, the global employee engagement software market is expected to reach USD 346 million approximately at a CAGR of +13%.

What are the features of employee engagement software?

Features of Employee engagement software

What is the purpose of employee engagement software? 

The core objective of employee engagement software is to help companies retain their employees. The significance is clearer than ever.

Purpose of employee engagement software

Why companies need employee engagement software?

Highly engaged companies require meaningful business outcomes. The employee engagement software is helpful for the companies due to the following reasons:

 Why companies need employee engagement software

Often the open-source employee engagement software is free to use and customize. The businesses with lower budgets can make use of free employee engagement app that provides core software features.

Let’s move ahead to explore the free and open-source employee engagement tool that meet the requirements of your small and midsize businesses. Before that, let's have a quick look at the comparison chart of free and open-source employee engagement software.

Comparison Chart of Free and Open-Source Employee Engagement Software 

Comparison chart of employee engagement software

Free and Open source Employee engagement software 

 1 Hyphen  

Hyphen is the open-source employee engagement software that helps organizations in valuing the voice of their employees to build stronger cultures. This free employee engagement app serves as the link between ‘listening and improving, along with growing.’ Predictive AI-driven insights powers the employee surveys, employee voice, and pulse polls.

This software allows team leaders to have honest conversations with their teams. Moreover, they can recognize the opportunities and prioritize the actions that assist in building trust and drive engagement. Also, team leaders can get empowered to listen to the employees carefully, which, in turn, results in improving productivity.

With Hyphen Pulse Polls feature, the employees are free to speak their mind honestly. The managers have consumable coaching from Hyphen Insights and Action Plans. Inside the world’s favorite productivity apps like Slack, Facebook Workplace, Beekeeper; the Hyphen Pulse stays right in the flow of work.  

(Source: Hyphen)


  •  Activate instant Surveys
  • Real-time pulse to know how employees think, feel and behave
  • Powerful analytics from hyphen insights
  • Inclusive listening where leaders can include everyone, every time
  • Prescriptive coaching to strengthen leaders
  • Cultural and Employee alignment
  • Feedback Management
  • Social Recognition and

 2 Hi5

Hi5 serves as the cloud employee recognition and appreciation platform. In real-time, this free employee engagement tool enables management and HR teams to measure culture, happiness, and growth across the organization. It allows the HR department to track and monitor values and goals.

On the dashboard, this software helps managers to have rich insights about team culture. It allows employees to give continuous feedback by measuring goals, culture, appreciation, and happiness. To provide feedback and recognition to their peers, the team members make use of this fun app.

You will find this tool simple and intuitive that makes it effortless for people to manage people. It is an excellent tool for boosting social interactions and provides an easy way to link remote teams.



  •  Activity dashboard and tracking
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Employee Alignment and Awards
  • Goal and Feedback management
  • Social Recognition and Surveys
  • Rewards Program
  • Performance Management
  • Notice board to share news
  • People directory to track employee details
  • Measure company culture, performance, and goals
  • Run pulse surveys
  • Get actionable company insights
  • Measure employee recognition

Qualtrics Employee Experience (free)

Across the entire employee lifecycle, this free employee engagement software allows you to evaluate employee engagement and sentiment from recruitment to exit. You can simplify the awkward process of managing complex org charts reporting and user permissions. This software will enable you to build strong teams and drive productivity.

In real-time, you can deliver a modified and relevant experience to the right people just in few clicks.  To tailor your engagement program, you can gain the power and flexibility that will help you in meeting your needs. With Qualtrics employee experience, the companies can improve employee engagement and build a strong team in the system.

If you are looking for the powerful platform to measure and optimize engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle, then Qualtrics is apt for you. In real-time, you can create a world-class company culture with this software as it identifies experience, engagement, and productivity drivers quickly.

 Qualtrics employee experience

(Source: Qualtrics Employee Experience)


  • Employee and Cultural Alignment
  • Goal and Feedback management
  • Performance Management
  • Social Recognition and surveys
  • Real-time individual reports, analytics, and dashboards
  • Managers track progress and share results
  • Reduce unwanted attrition

Teamphoria (free)

If you are searching for a free employee engagement app, that builds and measures an engaged workforce and company culture, then Teamphoria will meet your requirements.

This employee engagement software is considered the first software platform to provide real-time employee engagement metrics. You can amplify the team’s energy and increase company revenue with Teamphoria.          

This multifaceted employee engagement app allows organizations to check and enhance culture organization. It makes companies more productive and successful by improving performance. In real-time, you can track and identify leaders along with showcase work.  

You can send and receive recognitions with many options like manager-to- employee, employee-to-leadership, and peer-to-peer. It serves as the robust recognition tool that holds four different award levels, which can be customized to reflect the value of your company.

teamphoria software

                         (Source: Teamphoria)                                                                                                                                                                         


  • Slack Integration Directory Sync
  • Mobile app to send recognition and communication
  • Single Sign-on Brand theming
  • Captures feedback
  • Enhances performance
  • Drive employee performance
  • Meet goals
  • Meeting and Feedback Management
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Survey Management
  • Rewards Programs, Reward points, and Employee rewards
  • Leader boards
  • Employee Alignment and Social Recognition
  • Activity Tracking
  • Mention Management


You can have a better employee experience with this open-source employee engagement tool. With this award-winning employee app, you can reach everyone, empower your people, and transform engagement. Across various industries like retail, construction, and hospitality; this free employee engagement app serves as an intranet solution designed for mobile and field workers in businesses.

You can improve your frontline employee engagement with this software. This modern employee app and portal allow you to replace your legacy intranet. For today’s dynamic and modern workforce, this app is built to deliver employee engagement. 

For internal communication, this app serves as the best tool. In real-time, you can measure impressions, and engagement. Blink holds Blink Feed that works as an employee task inbox. It helps managers, along with workers, to post and access information regarding different tasks

This app features in-built integrations with ServiceNow, JIRA, and Salesforce. Either Blink is deployed on-premise or hosted in the cloud and also supports integration with various third-party systems like Google G Suite, Salesforce, Dropbox and Office 365.


 (Source: Blink)


  •  Activity Dashboard
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Communication and compliance management
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Discussion Board
  • Employee Portal
  • Employee Database
  • Employee self-service
  • Document storage
  • Monitoring and
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Performance Reports
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Discussion forums and file sharing
  • Calendar management
  • Content Management
  • Employee directory 

Officevibe (free)

Officevibe is free employee engagement software that is suitable for human resource professionals.  This app conducts employee surveys and receives feedback that helps in measuring employee satisfaction and generates business inputs. The managers can enhance performance, and leaders can understand their people and organizations to flourish with Officevibe.

You can enjoy a better workplace with this tool that gives you actionable tips. With this perfect app, you can improve engagement in your company. This software is used by many global giants like Apple, HP, or HubSpot. It holds a user-friendly interface that provides the simplest way to measure employee satisfaction and receive feedback. You can make your workplace more human with this simple platform.

This software provides an opportunity to create custom questions that help in understanding the needs of the employees. Weekly surveys are conducted by this app to work on subjects like personal development and relations with managers. Employees can make use of the suggestion box to share general feedback or can suggest new features.


(Source: Officevibe)


  • Performance Management
  • Employee Guides
  • Employee and Cultural Alignment                    
  • Social Recognition
  • Feedback Management
  • Survey Management
  • Suggestion Box
  • eNPS tracking reports 

eXo (open source, free trial)

With eXo open source employee engagement platform, you can build your solution to employee engagement. In one employee-centered digital hub, eXo platform connects employees, tools, and information.

Your team can collaborate, share knowledge, combine their ideas, and get things done by making use of this app. You can reach your performance goals as this open-source enterprise social network allows your organization to innovate.

eXo Platform provides social networking, collaboration, video call, and chat, content and document management, localization, and mobility. It is a full-featured platform that tailors to your needs. At all different levels, you will find this tool helpful for corporation and communication.


(Source: eXo


  • Collaboration platform
  • Company Intranet
  • Digital Workplace
  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise social network
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Activity Directory Integration
  • Custom publication workflows
  • Centralized data storage
  • Communication Management
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Employee Database
  • Employee Portal and Profile
  • Feedback Collection 

Other than the list as mentioned above of valuable free and open-source software, you can even explore Lattice, which is considered one of the most popular software these days.


Across multiple industries, Lattice is a cloud-based performance management solution for HR professionals. With a mobile device, you can remotely access this tool. The solution can be customized to meet the requirements of the business and enterprise-level corporations.

The users can set up and track the tasks for individual employees. With productivity graphs, the teams can view all tasks that are in progress. The users can study employee review status of individuals, groups, and company-wide through reporting feature.

This app provides a user-friendly way to collect reviews. It adds structure and automation to your performance management.


(Source: Lattice)


  •  Performance Review
  • Goal Management
  • Customizable employee reviews
  • Reporting and Benchmarks
  • Employee Conversation
  • Employee Portal
  • Rewards Program
  • Surveys

Conclusive Statement

Employee engagement adds value to your organization as it helps in reducing attrition cost and leads to employee satisfaction. Engaged workforce firmly believes in the vision of the business.

In an organization, employee engagement brings a high level of customer service and effective communication. For a successful business, a highly engaged workforce is essential.

These days, the concept of employee engagement is gaining a lot of attention. If you add employee engagement software to your business, then in real-time, it gives employees a voice, improves retention rates, and increases productivity.

With free and open-source employee engagement software solutions, you can enjoy operational productivity and revenue /sales growth in your enterprises. In this article, you can explore some of the most promising open-source employee engagement system that will allow you to enjoy customer satisfaction.

Hoping the list of free employee engagement tools have made you acquainted with the key features of the software. If you have come across with any of the employee engagement software, then feel free to share your precious views on the same.

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