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Explore the top exam software for your organization to create exams, training, and long-term learning.

Managing the examination process involves controlling numerous activities that are tedious, time-consuming, and costly. With the rising volume of test-takers and growing need for assessments, examination system automation through online examination software is the need of the hour. The best exam software enables your organization to conduct hassle-free examinations, save time, conserve resources, and reduce costs without worrying about location constraints.

What Is Exam Software?

Exam software is a set of tools designed to simplify and manage various tasks involved in creating and conducting exams. Computer-based testing through test management software or examination software enables seamless exam authoring (personalized), scheduling, sharing, execution, control, and reporting. Online examination software allows real-time monitoring and enhances reachability by eliminating geographic constraints. With online examination systems, organizations can create exams for regulatory compliance, sales training, product training, certification, partner training, and much more.

What Tools Does Exam Software Typically Offer?

An examination software provides numerous tools and features to aid in better exam creation and management, including exam/test authoring tools, test-taking tools, online tests, exam scheduling, scoring, text/image editors, user/group management, question banks, on-screen evaluation, analytics/reporting for insights, integrated learning, customized test options, security, multiple question types, access controls, remote proctoring, candidate management, user feedback, and certification management.

How to Choose the Best Exam Software for Your Organization?

The perfect exam software for your business provides all the necessary tools to control various stages of the examination process for your organization. It is easy to use and budget-friendly. GoodFirms has analyzed different aspects of the exam process and performed comprehensive research to identify and summarize the list of top examination software with their prominent features, verified reviews, and pricing information.

To handpick the most suitable examination software from this list based on your needs, leverage filters for business size, features, pricing model, deployment type, and more. Streamline your examination process and reduce costs by leveraging the best examination software from the carefully curated list below.

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List of Online Exam Software | Best Online Examination Systems

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Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to Exam Software Buyer’s guide

Right from ancient times, education stands as the most important factor determining our future. If we get this wrong, we are sure to head for collapse. The best economic investment is to ensure education to all irrespective of caste, creed, status, and community.

Earlier, the teachers used to impart theoretical knowledge to the students in the classroom.  There is a lot of change in the education system in terms of teaching methodology, syllabus, and the process in which the exams are conducted. Exams are the ideal method to determine and test the knowledge gained by the learner. Interestingly, the way exams are conducted today is much simplified with the help of exam software. This buyer's guide is intended to help you pick the best exam software.

What is an exam software?

Exam software is an application that helps in creating and conducting online examinations. The online exam software provides computer-based assessment options, which in turn automate the testing process. The exam management software system can collect and organize all the assessment data in one place.

The exam software shows its significance in the classroom and in the office too. In offices or businesses, online examination software is used to evaluate the employees by making use of a variety of tests that involve things like multiple choice and short answers. Moreover, the online examination systems help in evaluating potential employees by conducting pre-employment testing. The exam software implements new processes to test employees or to assure compliance among employees. 

To narrow the field of candidates, the companies may employ the online testing software by setting a benchmark on a test which candidates must try hard to hit so that they can be considered further. 

When it comes to any educational institute, the examination software can be used to analyze exam results, create and grade exams, generate valuable reports on student learning that highlight individual strengths and opportunities in addition to providing every student with detailed feedback to improve their future performance. 

What are the challenges associated with pen-and-paper based examinations?

The pen-and-paper based examinations have multiple drawbacks which are as follows:

  • The pen-and paper-based examination suffers from the issue of protection of the integrity of the exam. 
  • There can be a lack of storage space for the paperwork examination. It is tough to quickly access the paper-based tests if they are located in faraway places.
  • The paper-based exams are prone to damage like a flood, cyclone, bushfire, or other extreme weather events. It can also be damaged from the wear and tear of regular handling or people spilling drinks and food on them. 
  • It is problematic to transport documents in the paper-based system. Though through fax, courier or delivery of files can be done in person, but that is time consuming, slow, and inefficient.
  • The paper-based exam requires lots of paper in different sizes and shapes, printers, stationary, and other types of office supplies in each month can be costly. In larger organizations, it can become a significant expense.
  • The paper versions have limited collaborations. 
  • The usage of more papers is terrible for the environment. It may cause inadequate environmental credentials.
  • In paper-based exams, there are issues of editing, which can become a messy and time-consuming process.

The problems of paper-based examination can be overcome. The examinations can be run smoothly and effortlessly with the help of online exam software.

What are the typical features of examination software?

Any online exam software should have the following features that enable educators, professionals, and survey organizers to conduct the online exams smoothly:

  • Assessments – The online exam portal should be able to design, create, and administer test material. 

  • Test authoring tools- The online testing platform allows choosing from hundreds of different questions, answers, and scoring combinations that all support the incorporation of rich multimedia options.  

  • Test-taking- The online testing software can customize each aspect of test-taking to best suit the certification goals that include the number of questions per page, use of a back-button, test stops or restarts, question skipping, spellchecker, and test re-taking. 

  • Rich text and images- The online exam portal has rich text editors and images that help in clarifying and beautifying the pages and questions.

  • User Management- The online exam builder can manage user profiles along with details such as personal information, grades, exam schedules, and subjects. 

  • Online tests- The online exam platform can create and share tests through online channels. 

  • Question Bank- The online examination system tools can collect a large pool of questions about a particular subject matter. These question banks have varying levels of difficulty so that they can be used for multiple tests.

  • Reporting/analytics- The examination software runs analytics on collected data that helps in generating relevant insights for the institution.

Other required features of online testing software are as follows:

  • Users and groups- The online examination software has highly customizable users and group features that provides total control over who receives, administers, develops, and views the testing materials.
  • Open-ended questions and evaluation – The user can ask open questions with the help of this functionality. It is easy to evaluate the response after the exam gets over, and even the report gets ready.  
  • Integrated learning – The integrated learning feature enables to seamlessly incorporate learning content into certification tests, courses, and programs. It helps in increasing the test format options.
  • Customization Options- The customized options allow creating test content that always aligns with the demands of the enterprise.
  • Security – The security feature protects the newly created certification program against theft and unauthorized access. With the help of a security feature, the certification content can never be altered or viewed by authorized users.
  • Question types- The online exam platform has a wide range of questions that includes multiple-choice test questions, multiple-choice image questions, fill in the blanks, free text, video questions, and audio questions. 

Why is exam software essential?

The online examination systems are getting popular day by day. The web or internet-based online exams are the requirements of the time. The online testing software is necessary due to the following reasons:

  • Saves paper and time - The online exam platform helps in saving paper. There is no need to print an exam for the students or candidates. It is easy to set up an exam in such a way that it can even get into auto-grading mode by itself. The automated system saves the time of the users.

Enough time is not required for the distribution of the exam. The email address of the students is uploaded, and the invite is sent to these students. The students get their results instantly after the exam. 

  • Admin Panel – The online testing software for teachers and administrators can reduce their work process and is time-saving. The administrators can easily create any number of tests, a question bank, and can assign the date and time for the examination and take the test online.

  • Student panel- The online examination systems allow students to give tests from anywhere in the world at given test time. The student can log in online exam portal and can provide the test at a given time. The results are generated automatically. 

  • Calculates scores in an instant- The online exam portal automatically calculates scores in real-time as a candidate provides the answers. The students can also access their results soon after completing the tests. 

  • Modules – The online testing platform comprises various modules like student details modules, authorization module, test paper management, the examination evaluation module, subject and question bank management system, and the result module. 

  • Security and privacy– Online examination software provides flexibility and security to the examination process. All the questions are uploaded in the system. The system can shuffle and give questions in different orders to different candidates. It minimizes the chance of cheating. The use of online testing software mitigates the risk of paper leakage.

  • Reduced logistics cost- The technology manages the examination process efficiently. The exams can be conducted for multiple candidates at different locations. The results are published online instantly. All these processes help in minimizing the logistics cost. 

  • Accessibility and flexibility- The online exam software provides quick and easy accessibility to the students. Once the students log in, they can access exams from anywhere. The online testing platform is flexible as the examiner does not have to mark the answers as the system can do it and present the student with the mark after completion of the exam.

  • Scalable with worldwide reach – The online examination enables examining bodies to offer exams to candidates located over the greater geographical area as they are not restricted to provide exams in physical test centers. 

Other benefits of online exam software are:

  • Environment friendly – The examination software is environmentally friendly as it requires no paper, printing, and transport facility. 
  • On-screen marking tools- The online examination systems help in streamlining, securing, and standardizing the marking and moderating the exam results. 
  • Automated test assembly tools- With the help of automated test assembly tools, the online exam builder can easily create exam papers by selecting questions from the list of the approved bank of questions.
  • Collaborative question authoring- The online exam portal can effortlessly manage all the related tasks involved in creating exams. The authoring questions can be done collaboratively, along with clear workflows for review. Before adding the questions, it is collaboratively approved by the authorities.
  • Reduced administrative burden- By adopting an online exam portal there is a heavy chance to reduce the administrative burden of organizing and running exams. All the work related to printing, circulating exams on paper, and organizing shipments of completed scripts to markers are reduced with an online exam builder system.

What is the difference between pen and paper-based examination and online examination system?

The computer-based assessments are more transparent, hassle-free, and scalable. So, eventually, the paper-pencil test can become redundant. Far and wide, the idea of online examinations has spread. Here you can make out the difference between pen and paper-based testing and online examination system:

  • The traditional pen-and-paper based examination is highly expensive as it includes logistics of setting up test centers. On the other hand, the online examination system is less costly due to the reduction in logistical hassles.

  • The pen and pencil based tests have geographical limitations while the online exams have full reachability.

  • The pen and paper-based examinations have a massive turn around time, whereas online exams have real-time analytical reports.

  • The pen and paper-based exams have a large number of proctors to curb cheating, while the computer-based examination has advanced solutions that capture all attempts to cheat.

  • It is tough to find the test centers or arrange classrooms in pen and paper exams while in the online examination system, there is a broader scope of the audience with remote accessibility.

What are the latest trends in exam software?

The latest trends in exam software that is changing the face of examination:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Examination is gradually transitioning to greater automation to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy to the users. The world is turning towards artificial intelligence. In place of manual testing and human intervention, the machines are taking over the charge of online examination software.

  • Machine Learning (ML) - In this fast-changing time, machine learning technology is used by the online examination system tools, which in turn help in improving the speed and quality of the online test.

  • Remote proctoring – The online exam software has the facility of remote proctoring that helps in providing the comfort of the home to the users. The examinee does not have to travel to an examination center. Online exams bring accessibility to them. A remote proctor can oversee the examination process from any location. The remote proctoring process includes the technologies of facial recognition and voice recognition that have made the online examination systems secure.

  • Onscreen Marking system – The online examination system tools can simplify the examination answer sheet evaluation with the help of the onscreen marking system. The physical answer sheets are scanned and uploaded to the digital system. From any location, the examiners can evaluate the answer sheets. It is easy to have an online database of all the answer sheets along with the backup due to the online marking system.

How can cheating be prevented in online examination systems?

The online testing software can prevent cheating in the following ways;

  • Remote proctoring – The remote proctoring provides a controlled environment where candidates are under continuous surveillance. This practice reduces the chance to cheat. The proctor gets the notification of any unpleasant activity. 

  • Exam safe browser- The web browser known as exam safe browser allows the test taker to see one screen; that is the questions that need to be answered. All the other options, like shortcuts, copy-paste, and opening another window, are prohibited. This functionality helps schools and universities to maintain a highly secure environment.

  • Set a timer – To set up a timer for the whole exam or per question is the apt option to check cheating. The students that are not prepared for the exams can take some time to finish their exams. These unprepared students rely on cheating that can take some time. 

  • Randomize questions- The question bank generates an exam of many questions. The exam takes a few questions out of this main question bank on a random basis. As such, the participant taking the exam gets a different set of questions. The question set on a random basis reduces the chance of cheating during examination time.

  • Display question one at a time - The online examination software should be such that it should not display all the questions on the same screen as it becomes easy for the students to take a screen capture of the displayed questions and can share them with other students. 

What factors to consider while purchasing exam software?

Choosing the best online examination software for your business is no small feat. There are lots of crucial points to be considered before deciding on what online examination system tools to invest in. Your business and budget need to make an informed and educated decision regarding which online examination systems software to buy.  

Let’s discuss those significant factors that should be considered while purchasing the online testing software:

  • Functionality – Ensure that the examination software works efficiently without disrupting the current workflow. An efficient exam software does not take a lot of engineering time to set up and build features. Vendors that provide pilot programs (feasibility study or experimental trial) should be the first choice. With the help of the pilot program, you can smoothly run the online test program on a small scale, which in turn helps in understanding the large scale implications.

  • Credibility – Consider the respectable companies that are already using the online examination software solutions that you are planning to buy, which in turn helps in gaining the reliability of the product. Look for companies similar to yours that the vendor has worked within the past, which helps you in deciding whether the online exam software solution will be useful for you or not.

  • Security- Make sure that the online examination software provides full security to data from manipulation and corruption. Know the cost of investing in additional security of the online examination system and whether this type of protection is required. It would be great to invest in other security solutions that are compatible with your online exam builder. 

  • Have alternative options- It becomes difficult for the users to choose the apt online testing software as there are many apps and different software options in the market. Make sure that you look for alternative options to the online testing software. Keeping alternative options helps you in getting a better online examination system in the end.

  • Know the goals- It is essential to know your strategic goals before investing in an online exam platform. In case you get a free trial of the online exam platform, then take it to know whether the online testing software meets your expectations and is efficient enough to achieve the goals you laid out for your business.

  • Analyze current need and future requirement- Make a clear understanding of the immediate needs of your organization and ensure that online examination software covers all the major requirements. Ensure that you don’t have to overpay for the features or license levels that are not required in the initial phase. 

  • Customization – Check whether your online exam builder can customize efficiently. The highly customizable online examination system can be modified easily and can appropriately be suited to your company’s needs. 

  • Push updates- Ensure that the online examination system tools can be updated from time-to-time. You can ask software vendors to provide details on how often they push updates to their product and how those are communicated.

  • Assisted implementation- Pick the online examination systems that provide a satisfaction guarantee. The software company should be able to give satisfaction to the users through the entire implementation process. If you choose the more complicated or extensive online examination software, then look into what their assisted implementation looks like.

  • Cost and value- Consider the cost and value of the online examination software before finalizing the product. Make sure you consider the price point that begins with a necessary budget and decides on your “must-have” features within your price point. Make a better understanding of the value an online exam builder can bring to your business.

  • Compatibility and stability- Ensure that you have a reliable vendor that can handle heavy network traffic of the online examination system that allows administering the tests to a large number of candidates. The online exam portal should be able to support multiple hardware configurations as tests run on many different types of operating systems. 

Other factors to be considered before purchasing the online examination system tools:

  • Get a clear understanding of the license to use the online testing software. 
  • Check the procuring procedure of the examination software that includes purchase through a third party vendor, through a partner of the software vendor, full competitive tender, or directly to the software vendor. 
  • Elucidate that the online exam software offers excellent support and maintenance. The support system includes the advice and guidance for the customer on the online examination system tools. The maintenance provides an upgrade path to the next version of the software as and when made available by the software owner.
  • Ensure that the online testing software should be user-friendly and easy-to-use. You don’t require additional training expenses for your staff if your online testing platform is easy and simple to use.
  • The online exam platform should be able to capture and utilize big data. Make sure that whether you are dealing with cloud or hybrid online examination software solutions, data migration, and data security should be taken into consideration. 
  • Clarify whether your online examination system has the ability to scale to fit the business’ growing needs. If you choose an online exam builder that adapts to your ever-evolving needs, then investing in this online examination system tool is the wise option as it will last for many years. 
  • Ensure that your online exam software company should be able to fix a bug if they arise. Make prior investigation of the online testing software company in terms of their services and overall customer satisfaction by reading their customer reviews.

What is the average cost of exam software?

Several factors are to be considered for deciding the average price of online examination software. They are as follows:

  • Core functionalities the online testing software is providing
  • Quality of elements provided by the online examination system tools
  • Business size
  • Online exam builder is a cloud-based system or not
  • Number of users and admins allowed by the online examination systems
  • Type of profitability the online testing platform can generate for clients at the time of usage
  • The user interface of the examination software

In a small organization, you will find the prices of the online examination systems are affordable and reasonable as they require basic features. On the other side, large organizations prefer advanced plans that offer robust features, so the price of the online testing software can be more in large organizations. 

The cost of online exam builder can start as low as $29 per year (for example, Edu Expression). It can reach as high as $500/year (for instance, EOA-Online Test Platform). Along with these charges, some other costs are also associated with online examination systems that include maintenance and support, along with the installation by the vendors.

If you are into a small or start-up organization, then you can also avail the option of free and open source exam software. If you are looking for high-quality free exam software, then you explore the GoodFirms platform. Test Invite, PaperShala, Derbyware, and TCExam are all free exam software that you can opt for your business organization. 

Why refer to GoodFirms list of top exam software?

GoodFirms platform is the reliable and authoritative source that efficiently guides in proffering the top-notch quality exam software to the readers.

In case you are new to the exam software field and looking for the best exam software solutions, then the experts of GoodFirms can surely guide you by providing you with the proper guidance of the online testing software.

Explore the GoodFirms page of the best exam software, which in turn can help you in meeting your requirements efficiently. The best exam software page of the GoodFirms platform provides insights into the popular exam software along with the pricing, reviews, and core functionalities of exam software. You can stay ahead in this competitive environment by going through the list of best exam software mentioned in the GoodFirms platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Best Examination Software Available in the Market?

    Organizations have varying needs for assessments and exams based on their industry, size, exam purpose, target users (examinees, examiners, exam administrators), and operational structure. The best exam software is the one that offers all the tools and features that your organization needs and is user-friendly and cost-effective. GoodFirms’ list of best examination software provides detailed information about the top exam tools available in the market with their prominent features, reviews, ratings, and pricing information. Leverage filters for features, pricing model, business size, ratings, and more for better selection.

  • Why Do Organizations Need Exam Software?

    There are numerous challenges associated with the traditional pen-and-paper exam system, including voluminous paperwork, time involved, vast consumption of resources (human and other), increased costs, manual errors, limited reach, process monitoring, and more. Leveraging the best examination systems helps resolve these issues through automation, reduction of manual errors, reduced location/geographical constraints, reduced human resource/logistic needs, time-saving, reduced costs, easy scalability, elimination of manual monitoring, security, elimination of paperwork, reduced administrative burden, quick scoring, analytics/reporting for better insights, cheating prevention/detection, and more.

  • Why Is Online Examination Software Preferred Over Conventional Exam Software?

    An online examination software is a set of automation tools that provide various exam software features with online functionality to help conduct examinations online from anywhere with ease. The best online examination system tools or e-exam software offer all benefits of exam software and additionally allow real-time monitoring, better reachability, quicker results, time-saving, security, and more.

  • What Factors Must Be Considered Before Buying Exam Software?

    Deploying one of the top exam software systems can streamline your exam process at a nominal cost if you choose the right solution. To select a reliable exam software solution for your business, you must ensure that the exam software offers all the features your organization needs, is cost-effective, supports scalability to accommodate increased volumes in the future, ensures data security, and allows third-party integrations as needed. Choosing the right software vendor is equally important as the right exam software. You must ensure that the exam software vendor is experienced, has positive reviews, and provides need-based customer support.

  • How Much Does an Exam Software Cost?

    Exam software vendors typically provide multiple plans to suit businesses of different sizes. The advanced packages or higher-priced plans of exam software usually offer additional features and allow more exams/users. Some software vendors provide customization based on the complexity of your requirements at additional cost. Please refer to the Buyer’s Guide for Exam Software for details on factors that influence the pricing of exam software.

    You can get reliable exam software for as low as $1.5 per student per year; for example, PaperShala. There are many more exam solutions available within $25 per month; for example, Skill Evaluation Lab costs $15 per month, SpeedExam costs $20 per year for up to 500 exams, and ProProfs Quiz Maker costs $25 per month. Some popular higher-priced exam software options among the best online examination systems are Think Exam that costs $70 per month for 500 tests, and ExamBuilder costs $95 per month.

  • Are There Any Free Exam Software Systems Available?

    Yes, there are multiple free exam software tools available in the market. Some exam software vendors offer freemiums or free versions in addition to the paid packages, for example, ProProfs Quiz Maker and TAO. Think Exam allows up to 30 tests in the free version, and SpeedExam (freemium) allows up to 25 exams. Small businesses with budget limitations can avoid costly exam tools and leverage these to streamline their examination processes. For details, please refer to our blog on the best free and open source exam software tools.

  • Are Exam Software Tools Secure?

    The top exam software solutions available in the market typically ensure robust, multi-layer security features. Still, it is essential to inquire with the software vendor about security features related to access controls, data backup/storage, data integrity, encryption, vulnerability scanning, cheating detection/prevention, etc.

    Security and data leaks are significant concerns in conducting exams; thus, it is worth considering and comparing the customer reviews, ratings, and feedback for multiple exam software solutions before finalizing one. You can refer to the list of best exam software compiled by GoodFirms to get the relevant information.

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