Test Invite

Exam Software for Recruiters and Trainers

4.8 (2 Reviews)
About Test Invite
Test Invite is a safe exam software for recruiters and trainers with a high level of security framework. The fullscreen mode enables you to lock the computer and browser of the candidates so that they cannot exit the exam page to browse elsewhere during the examination. Addi...
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Test Invite
Exam Software for Recruiters and Trainers
4.8 (2 Reviews)
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Test Invite
Test Invite
Test Invite
Test Invite
Test Invite
Core Features
Exam Software Features
  • Assessments
  • Exam Creation
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Online Tests
  • Onscreen Evaluation
  • Question Bank
  • Remote Proctoring
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Candidate Management
  • Certification Management
  • Multi-Language
  • Reports & Analytics
2 Reviews
Client Reviews
Richard CarterReviewed on 20/9/19
Amazing value for the price!
Reviewed on 20/9/19 by Richard Carter
Amazing value for the price!
We've been using Test Invite to conduct our assessment exams with our candidates. We had a satisfying experience so far. Their software is quite good compared to others and their support team is there whenever you need it. Keep up the good work guys!
Ali RizviReviewed 11 months ago
#1 online test platform
Reviewed 11 months ago by Ali Rizvi
#1 online test platform

At Dream Superhero, we use Test Invite for the exam software. Test invite provides no #1 online test platform, student management system The best software is available in the market at an affordable cost.


Create your exam from very basic to highly complex. Import questions, add. Teleperformance uses test invite online exam software

Being able to watch in real time, having various types of questions. In addition to multiple choice questions, open questions can be created.


The rich text editor doesn't have the auto-correct option; that's why we have made several spelling mistakes on questions and answers.

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