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Here are the Best Software Development Companies & Developers

  • Your Technology Partner

    SDLC Corp offers cutting-edge software development services, including mobile apps, web development & enterprise software development, tailored to suit every client’s needs. They are also experts in developing and customizing Odoo open-source business management software, AR/VR ... read more about SDLC Corp

    < $25/hr
    250 - 999
    San Francisco, California
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - SDLC Corp has 80 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - They're very open to providing anything we ask for, which is very nice. reviewed by: Cody Cuthill, COO/CTO, Co-Founder at Elite Athlete Services Inc
  • Award Winning Software Development Company

    Cubix is a leading enterprise software development company. Expert in developing, customizing, and integrating complex enterprise-level software solutions, business intelligence (BI) analytics, website and mobile development solutions. With 12+ years of experience, They have worked ... read more about Cubix

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    West Palm Beach, Florida
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Cubix has 32 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - They make for a great lifetime partnership reviewed by: Jean Franco Rivera, Strategic Business Partner at Domino Earning World (DEW)
  • Dedicated Software Development Teams

    *instinctools is a top-rated software product development company that offers its clients tailor-made IT and digital transformation solutions. Their competencies lie in enterprise software development, cloud computing, and mobile app development. They have a broad ... read more about instinctools

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    Potomac, Maryland
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - instinctools has 12 reviews and 4.9 ratings
    5.0 - I am highly satisfied with Instinct Tools as a technical partner. reviewed by: Tim Rosenberger, Director, Global R&D at SpecTec
  • Product Development Partner for SMBs & Enterprises

    OpenXcell is the go-to place for anyone hiring custom software developers. With 14+ years of experience and over 500+ technical experts, Headquartered in the USA and India, the company has delivered 1000+ software products to ... read more about OpenXcell

    < $25/hr
    250 - 999
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - OpenXcell has 76 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - OpenXcell exceeded our expectations in both front-end and back-end development. reviewed by: Jeremiah Henson, Co-Founder at ENGAGE MOBILIZE
  • Premier Mobile App Studio

    Naked Development is a software development solutions leader focusing on app development for multiple platforms. Their apps are visually appealing, functionally simple, and easy to use. Their commitment to user experience and design is commendable. ... read more about Naked Development

    $100 - $149/hr
    10 - 49
    Irvine, California
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Naked Development has 10 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - With Naked, nothing is lost in translation, and everything is easily understood. reviewed by: John Antolik, Co-Founder & CEO at My Private Shares
  • Leading Mobile App Development Company

    Utility specializes in crafting custom mobile app development and web software with innovative partners, from startup ventures to Fortune 500 brands. Founded by digital leaders from companies like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson, Utility is built by folks that have been ... read more about Utility

    $150 - $199/hr
    50 - 249
    NYC, New York
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Utility has 14 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Truly the highest quality and greatest attention to detail reviewed by: Junior Desinor, CEO & Founder at TOOR Technologies
  • Blockchain | Metaverse | DigitalTranformation | AI

    SoluLab is a software development company that has delivered 1500+ projects and boasts 500+ happy clients. They provide software development services in application development, cloud services, API integration, desktop application development, UI/UX design, and more. ... read more about SoluLab

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    Los Angeles, California
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - SoluLab has 57 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Solulab's software development expertise significantly enhanced our operational efficiency reviewed by: Helena Samzadeh, Real Estate Agent at Terrace Real Estate Company
  • You think, we share

    Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd Achievements:  Laracon Hackathon Winner 2024: Recognized for excellence in Laravel technology. Top Development Company: Featured on platforms like GoodFirms, Clutch & Designrush. Think To Share is a premier software ... read more about Think To Share

    $25 - $49/hr
    50 - 249
    Miami, Florida
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Think To Share has 24 reviews and 4.9 ratings
    5.0 - They have been instrumental to our present and future success. reviewed by: Oleg Maykher, Co-founder at Exoft | Helping enterprises and startups with custom software development
  • Building apps is hard... when you are distracted.

    When hiring software developers or a software development team to build custom software, one variable matters most: Are the developers fully dedicated to your success, or are you one client of many? Designli brings together ... read more about Designli

    $50 - $99/hr
    50 - 249
    Greenville, South Carolina
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Designli has 11 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Our team finds the coding organization and readability impressive. reviewed by: Phil Armijo, Owner at Earth Technology Integration, LLC
  • Think Partner, Not Agency | Let's Make It App'n!®

    Since 2009, we've partnered with startups and enterprises around the world to launch 400+ next-generation apps. Our mission is to guide each company and entrepreneur that approaches us towards the right game plan for their venture's long-term success. Experts ... read more about Chop Dawg

    $150 - $199/hr
    10 - 49
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    25% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Chop Dawg has 21 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - MyCocun online counseling platform reviewed by: Jeff Goodwin, Co-Founder at RRS-Receivable Recovery Solutions
  • Hire Leading Software Developers

    Based in Australia, Appello Software is a full–service software development company that uses frameworks like .NET, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, etc. They serve industries like healthcare, education, Fintech, and more. They have completed 140 projects ... read more about Appello Software

    $100 - $149/hr
    50 - 249
    NYC, New York
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Appello Software has 12 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Authentic, genuine company with quality engineers reviewed by: Margaret Sinclair
  • Digital Technology and Innovation Partners

    Mobisoft Infotech is a full-service software development company that assists businesses in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, including digital product engineering, mobile app development, web development, cloud solutions, user experience design, IOT, artificial ... read more about Mobisoft Infotech

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    Houston, Texas
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Mobisoft Infotech has 2 reviews and 4.6 ratings
    4.0 - I have worked with them on several projects and they have not disappointed us once. reviewed by: Ajay Rao, Founder - Director at Edvantech Solutions Pvt Ltd, Head - Up2Speed India
  • Always new

    KITRUM is a Ukrainian-born custom software development company with a head office in sunny Florida and 8 tech hubs from Central Asia to Latin America.  This year, we became one of the fastest-growing US companies ... read more about KitRUM

    $50 - $99/hr
    250 - 999
    Tampa, Florida
    50% Software Development
    Review Highlight - KitRUM has 14 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - It was a great experience to work with them reviewed by: Yura Bartish, CEO & Founder of bART Solutions at bART Solutions
  • Maximize value with AI-driven solutions

    Plavno is a premier software development company that helps
businesses capture the opportunity of AI technology. Fully-fledged teams of specialists cover each stage of product creation, from product management and analysis to design, development, testing, and ongoing support. Plavno ... read more about Plavno

    $25 - $49/hr
    50 - 249
    San Francisco, California
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Plavno has 34 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Their team showcases their experience by offering diverse options for consideration. reviewed by: Mikita Kot, Managing Director at Cogniteq
  • Product development studio for innovators

    Gearheart is a Ukraine-based software development company that specializes in web and mobile app development, software development and testing services. Their developer team of tech experts deals with a flexible range of technologies like React, ... read more about Gearheart

    $50 - $99/hr
    10 - 49
    San Francisco, California
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Gearheart has 8 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Thanks Gearheart for helping us! reviewed by: Rim Kamaldinov, Business Development Manager @ Selecty | Process Improvement, New Business Development at Mercur Auto Ltd
  • Bespoke Software Development

    Valos IT Ltd specializes in delivering high-quality custom software development, mobile app development, web development, and UX design services. Our experienced team of developers and designers is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their digital transformation ... read more about VALOS IT LTD

    $25 - $49/hr
    2 - 9
    San Francisco, California
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - VALOS IT LTD has 1 review and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Excellent team and great work by the team. I am really Impressed. reviewed by: Alexandrea Day, CEO at MetaBrain Labs Inc.
  • The Nearshore Outsourcing Company

    Nearsure is a software solution provider that connects the most demanding businesses with highly skilled, tech-savvy professionals across various industries. The company provides cost-effective and agile solutions that surpass clients' expectations to meet their tech ... read more about NEARSURE

    $25 - $49/hr
    50 - 249
    Los Angeles, California
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - NEARSURE has 1 review and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Nearsure has proven to be an invaluable partner. reviewed by: Anonymous
  • Custom Software Development and Outsourcing , BPO

    SmartTech Systems designs and develops high-performing bespoke software solutions leveraging software tools such as Excel and Oracle that are perfectly tailored to clients' needs and at cost-effective rates. The software experts here thoroughly analyze every ... read more about SmartTech

    < $25/hr
    50 - 249
    NYC, New York
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - SmartTech has 3 reviews and 4.6 ratings
    5.0 - Excellent work reviewed by: Mohamed Khalil, Employee at Almoez Group
  • We find, build and manage remote teams

    Away Digital Teams is a specialist recruitment and management service that attracts top talent to help businesses find, build, and manage remote teams from Software Development and Graphic Design to Digital Marketing, Finance, and Accounting; ... read more about Away Digital Teams

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    San Francisco, California
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Away Digital Teams has 1 review and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - We are really happy with team, they've really been responsive to what is needed. reviewed by: Ben Ross , Co-Founder at Propel Ventures
  • Experience Unmatched Supply Chain Optimization

    Innovecs is a globally recognized software development company that operates R&D centers in the EMEA region, as well as business sites and team distribution hubs across Europe and the US. Its seasoned specialists are committed ... read more about Innovecs Supply Chain

    250 - 999
    North Miami Beach, Florida
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Innovecs Supply Chain has 1 review and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Awesome company, amazing people! reviewed by: Aleks Malamud
  • Your technology partner for software innovation

    SharpQuest (formerly AI Software) is a custom software development firm serving as a technology partner to companies from startups to enterprises. We create software to tackle business problems that are mission critical and build modern solutions that work in your ... read more about SharpQuest, Inc.

    $50 - $99/hr
    10 - 49
    Detroit, Michigan
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - SharpQuest, Inc. has 13 reviews and 4.9 ratings
    5.0 - They're collaborative and do everything possible to support our project. reviewed by: Mark W, CTO at Healthcare IT Solutions Company
  • Number One in Mobile App & Web-app development

    Lizard Global is a software development company specializing in native and cross-platform mobile applications, UI/UX design, web app development, and testing services. The company has been tailoring its approaches to transforming every idea into unique, ... read more about Lizard Global

    $50 - $99/hr
    10 - 49
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Lizard Global has 5 reviews and 4.9 ratings
    5.0 - Working with them will seem like you've acquired a partner with a same goal: ensuring the success of your project. reviewed by: Tycho Luijten, Founder at Dapper - the Growth Agency
  • Top 10 Software & Blockchain Company in Vietnam

    Newwave Solutions ranks among the top 10 software companies in Vietnam and has recently made headlines for being the only IT company from Vietnam on the High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific List 2024. With 12 years of experience ... read more about Newwave Solutions JSC

    < $25/hr
    250 - 999
    Bennington, Vermont
    45% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Newwave Solutions JSC has 38 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - My experience was exceptional with seamless collaboration, clear communication, and outstanding reviewed by: Mark Willis, Member of the Board of Directors at Dubai Chambers
  • Award-winning Digital Product Development Team

    We help your company to achieve its goals and transform ideas into products. AppX is an IT company based in Lisbon focused on the development of digital products. We work with a large variety of technologies and ... read more about AppX

    $25 - $49/hr
    2 - 9
    NYC, New York
    60% Software Development
    Review Highlight - AppX has 8 reviews and 4.9 ratings
    5.0 - Outcome better than expected reviewed by: Vasco Pestana, | Co-Founder at Keep it Safe 24/7
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  • Leading USA App Development Company

    Sapphire is a leading software company that offers various IT services and domain-specific solutions to Enterprises, ISVs, Digital Agencies, and Startups. Their devoted and passionate team delivers the best industry practices combined with technical expertise ... read more about Sapphire Software Solutions

    50 - 249
    Ahmedabad, India
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Sapphire Software Solutions has 200 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Students and staff benefit from Sapphire's custom data delivery software. reviewed by: Nisarg Patel, Academic Administrator at R.J.INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL
  • Agility. Performance. Scale.

    JetSoftPro is a team and network of tech professionals ready to help your business achieve its technology objectives, through superior software development and data science.  Our mission is to assist clients worldwide with digital transformation of their businesses by ... read more about JetSoftPro

    $25 - $49/hr
    50 - 249
    NYC, New York
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - JetSoftPro has 34 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Met all deliverables on time and within budget, demonstrating excellent communication skills and flexibility. reviewed by: Andres Mellik, CEO at Cognuse OÜ
  • IEC-ISO 27001, Google, Microsoft certified Company

    Inoxoft is your dedicated partner in custom software development. With a passion for turning clients' business ideas into reality, we specialize in delivering innovative solutions across diverse industries, including Healthcare, Fintech, Education, Logistics, Real Estate, and ... read more about Inoxoft

    $25 - $49/hr
    50 - 249
    Lviv, Ukraine
    15% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Inoxoft has 30 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - They developed software, and they did the whole content management database online. reviewed by: Ravleen Isher, Project Manager | System Architect | Software Development at Formee Holdings
  • Software Made Simple

    CodeBright has a team of 100+ innovators and developers who handle various complex software development projects to innovate and solve business problems. They have a strong portfolio of web and mobile applications in their bag. ... read more about CodeBright

    50 - 249
    Sterling, Virginia
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - CodeBright has 52 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Their commitment to the project is what sets them apart from the rest. reviewed by: James Anglikin, co-founder at Country Pure Foods
  • Triggering Imagination

    Trigma is an award-winning Software Development Company with 15 years of experience and a strong in-house team of 200+ professionals who exhibit expertise in Cloud Consulting, Custom Software, Mobile apps, and No-code development, as well ... read more about Trigma

    < $25/hr
    50 - 249
    Mohali, India
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Trigma has 108 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Their project management skills were excellent. reviewed by: Devender Chauhan
  • Over 1,200 software projects completed since 2009

    Looking for a few extra hands? Or perhaps outsourcing your software development, from concept to code?   Access 4,000+ Senior Software Engineers   Proficient in English Working the same hours you do Experts in 100+ ... read more about BairesDev

    $25 - $49/hr
    1,000 - 9,999
    San Francisco, California
    10% Software Development
    Review Highlight - BairesDev has 1 review and 5.0 ratings
  • Custom Software Development Company

    TatvaSoft is a global organization that delivers splendid IT software solutions in web and mobile development services. We have versatile domain experience and a talented team, which enables us to provide business-focused digital solutions. We ... read more about TatvaSoft

    < $25/hr
    250 - 999
    Dallas, Texas
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - TatvaSoft has 7 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - TatvaSoft Review reviewed by: Jean Etcheverry
  • Connecting Businesses via web

    WeboConnect Technologies Pvt Ltd  is one of the premier software development companies with the focus on making custom software for our clients as per their needs and choices. We help them to expand their business and ... read more about Weboconnect Technlogies Pvt Ltd

    $25 - $49/hr
    50 - 249
    Delhi, India
    15% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Weboconnect Technlogies Pvt Ltd has 28 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Excellent Technical Web Solutions Partner. reviewed by: Dan cederholm, senior research engineer at Ericsson AB
  • Get the Success You Need

    Indi IT is a custom software development company and the chosen  outsourcing partner to global businesses from Fortune 500 to disruptive startups for over a decade now. With us comes the experience of successfully handing ... read more about Indi IT Solutions

    $50 - $99/hr
    50 - 249
    Mohali, India
    10% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Indi IT Solutions has 34 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Exceptional M&A Integration Platform for Pharma Industry reviewed by: Josh Disbrow, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Aytu BioPharma
  • Delivering Tech Excellence

    CleverDev Software is a custom software development company. We serve businesses across verticals and help our clients significantly accelerate time to market for their products and maximize revenues. We are a client-centered development company and ... read more about CleverDev Software

    $25 - $49/hr
    50 - 249
    Austin, Texas
    35% Software Development
    Review Highlight - CleverDev Software has 1 review and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Excellent HealthTech and FinTech custom software developer with great project management associates reviewed by: Eugene Grayfer, COO at Veritas Home Health
  • JS → TypeScript | Node.js | NestJS | React Native

    Accelerate your development with a dedicated team of software development experts. Build scalable web and mobile applications with Europe’s top TypeScript, Node.js, NestJS, React Native and ReactJS engineers. Our people (experienced full stack developers, UI/UX designers, ... read more about Brainhub

    $50 - $99/hr
    50 - 249
    Gliwice, Poland
    80% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Brainhub has 1 review and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Product Design and Software Development for Fitness Startup reviewed by: Piotr Korpak, Brand Manager at
  • We consume complexity and deliver simplicity

    Jay Analytix is a leading Software and Data Solutions provider with a Microsoft partnership. Their services encompass IT Recruitment, Data Solutions, Performance Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. Their expert team has played a pivotal role in ... read more about Jay Analytix

    $50 - $99/hr
    10 - 49
    Windsor, Canada
    5% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Jay Analytix has 16 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - They turned our vision into a reality and it was amazing. reviewed by: Ana Mercurio-Pinto, Vice-president at MedAxiom-An ACC company
  • Top Mobile App Development Firm

    Appinventiv is a software product and mobile app development company that offers innovative digital engineering solutions to startups and Fortune 500 companies. With a team of 800+ skilled and agile professionals, we build digital products ... read more about Appinventiv Technologies

    $25 - $49/hr
    1,000 - 9,999
    Noida, India
    10% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Appinventiv Technologies has 23 reviews and 4.7 ratings
    2.0 - Low Quality Coding! reviewed by: Richy Orozco, CEO at Catholic Connect
  • Software & Mobile App Development Company

    Based in India, Vrinsoft Technology is a top custom software development company with thorough expertise in AngularJS, C#, NodeJS, .Net, PHP, Ruby and Rails, and Laravel, besides SEO, Web design, Android Development, iOS, Applewatch, iBeacon, ... read more about Vrinsoft Technology

    < $25/hr
    50 - 249
    Ahmedabad, India
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Vrinsoft Technology has 45 reviews and 4.9 ratings
    5.0 - They are more than professional developers. reviewed by: Emily Hawkins, Sales Manager and Client Relations Representative at Diener & Associates, CPAs
  • Inspire Innovate Evolve

    Sphinx Solutions, a leading software development company in India provides glitch free and remuneratively lucrative customized software solutions to start-ups and brands. Incepted in 2010, the company has made a remarkable name in software industry ... read more about Sphinx Solutions

    < $25/hr
    50 - 249
    Pune, India
    10% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Sphinx Solutions has 12 reviews and 4.7 ratings
    5.0 - Software Development reviewed by: Catherine Janosky, CEO at Global Manufacturng, Inc
  • Award-winning Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company

    Has a team of world-class expert developers in ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS and Android/React Native application development services. Saigon Technology specializes in providing professional Offshore Software Development and Software Development Outsourcing Services based on the offshore software ... read more about Saigon Technology

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    25% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Saigon Technology has 53 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Their expertise and dedication was really impressive. reviewed by: Mounika M, Technical Recruiter at Tech genius inc

    ValueCoders has been providing IT Outsourcing Services Worldwide. We combine Business Domain Knowledge, Proven Methodologies, and All the Latest Technology, With 450+ Well Trained Software Professionals to Deliver High-Quality Solutions that Add Value to Your ... read more about ValueCoders

    < $25/hr
    250 - 999
    Gurugram, India
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - ValueCoders has 24 reviews and 4.8 ratings
    5.0 - Very reliable company to work with . reviewed by: Dibya Ranjan Bissoyi
  • Mobile App and Web development company

    NineHertz is a rapidly growing software development company that specializes in working with clients who have unique and innovative app ideas. The company is based in India but has additional offices in Ohio (USA), Dubai, ... read more about The NineHertz

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    Jaipur, India
    10% Software Development
    Review Highlight - The NineHertz has 27 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Professionalism and good business ethics with excellent knowledge and teamwork. reviewed by: Eric Westerhoff, Chief Executive Officer at Grocery Delivery App
  • Excellence is our code

    The CodeFirst story began in 2012, with clients like you in mind. Before Graham (our managing director) set up the business to help companies in need of “software that works”, he spent 18 years working ... read more about CodeFirst

    $25 - $49/hr
    10 - 49
    Gurugram, India
    50% Software Development
  • ERP, CRM Consulting, Implementation, Customization

    TechWize provides comprehensive IT consulting, technology implementation, and software development services to organizations worldwide. They offer a wide range of IT services, including ERP and CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Sage, Service Now) consulting, integration, ... read more about TechWize

    $25 - $49/hr
    250 - 999
    NYC, New York
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - TechWize has 26 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - We foresee a successful partnership with TechWize. reviewed by: Anonymous
  • Outsourcing Golang developers, DevOps, Go

    They are professional Golang development experts with a decade of experience. Their team helps startups and large companies achieve their tech goals by providing comprehensive software development and consulting services. They Improve your business performance ... read more about Devassistant

    $25 - $49/hr
    10 - 49
    Yerevan, Armenia
    30% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Devassistant has 18 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Impressive skills, seniority, and technical background. reviewed by: Tony Sova, CEO at Softwired
  • Web and Mobile development, AI apps

    To create a game-changing product, there’s a need to mix traditional software development and innovation. MobiDev is an award-winning software engineering company that delivers both classic and AI-powered Web and Mobile apps from scratch or integrates ... read more about MobiDev Corporation

    $50 - $99/hr
    250 - 999
    Sacramento, California
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - MobiDev Corporation has 16 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Working with MobiDev was seamless, and they helped bring my app idea to life with great communication and understanding. reviewed by: Chris Chiarello, CEO at Retrotones
  • fresh thinking engineered

    Taazaa is a custom software development firm founded in 2007 to provide software services globally. Besides software development, they specialize in Data Engineering, Web development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Development, etc. The technologies they specialize ... read more about Taazaa Inc

    $50 - $99/hr
    50 - 249
    Cleveland, Ohio
    50% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Taazaa Inc has 33 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Great team effort to visualize, project and organize what is required for our management software. reviewed by: Iyari Fierro
  • Quality Development Starting at 12USD Per Hour

    Aalpha Information Systems is the global pioneer in providing IT consulting and bespoke software development & web development solutions. We provide custom development solutions across Software Development, Mobile Phone Application Development, Responsive Web Design, and ... read more about Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

    < $25/hr
    50 - 249
    Atlanta, Georgia
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd. has 63 reviews and 4.9 ratings
    5.0 - The Software Turned Out Just How We Wanted It To Be reviewed by: Natalie J., Head of Marketing at at Pixated
  • Passionate To Code Your Success

    Zealous System is a software development company and a full-fledged IT service provider with a global clientele and an end-to-end service portfolio. Set on a self-evolutionary path of innovation, they strive to create a rare ... read more about Zealous System

    < $25/hr
    50 - 249
    Ahmedabad, India
    40% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Zealous System has 38 reviews and 4.8 ratings
    5.0 - Professional, clear and dedicated team of skilled people that we trust to deliver and most of all great value for money! reviewed by: Graham Bradford at bountiXP
  • Designing The Future

    Startbit IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, is a Global software development service provider with expertise in outsourced product development and custom software development focusing on web app development, mobile ... read more about Startbit IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    < $25/hr
    50 - 249
    Jaipur, India
    20% Software Development
    Review Highlight - Startbit IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has 52 reviews and 5.0 ratings
    5.0 - Startbit delivered a skilled .NET MVC and SQL Server development team for our long-term project. reviewed by: Sasha Martin, Senior HR Business Partner at Titan International Group

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Buyers' Guide to Hire Software Developers: Location, Cost, Skills

Having second thoughts about whether or not to hire software developers in 2024?

Well, with low code and no code platform mushrooming and AI development tools such as ChatGpt, Github Pilot, and more assisting software developers in a major way, the demand for software developers has grown dim, it may seem.

But then, nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, some reports suggest that the US is experiencing a software developer shortage, which means it has no choice but to open its doors to developers from other countries.

In fact, businesses in the U.S. are hiring software developers from cost-effective destinations. If you are wondering which cost-effective nations you should approach for your current or upcoming software development projects, this guide is specifically for you.

But before we give you an idea about the best places to hire software developers, let’s first understand the factors that drive software development costs in 2024 and how location plays a crucial role in cutting software development costs.

Factors that Drive Software Development Costs in 2024

Several factors influence software development costs, such as the features and functionality required, the tech stack, experience, and the size of the software development team. Let's examine each one in detail.

Features & Functionality Requirements

Not all software development projects have the same features and functionality requirements. Generally, a software development project can be divided into three types regarding features and functionality requirements: simple, medium complex, and highly complex. Companies on a low budget start with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), which contains only basic features to validate concepts and perform testing. The exact cost of your software development project depends on the density of the features and the complexity of the functionality it includes.

Platform Requirements

Are you planning to build a web app or a mobile application? If it is a mobile app, do you need a native app for Android and iOS platforms or a cross-platform mobile app? The answers to these questions can help you determine the cost of your software development project.


A tech stack is a combination of technologies used to build software. Below are examples of backend and frontend technologies included in software development projects.

  • Backend Development - Database, Framework, Programming Language, Server, Operating System
  • Frontend Development - Javascript, CSS, HTML, User's Device/Browser

The tech stack combines backend and frontend technology you select to build your software development project. The right technology selected by software developers can save time in the development process, ultimately reducing software development costs.

Size and Experience of the Software Development Team

A larger-sized software development team can cost more, but you can complete the project more quickly. A smaller software development team can cost less, but your project would take longer.

You can hire an experienced team of software developers to achieve flawless outcomes, but that will cost you more than hiring freshers. Hiring inexperienced software developers can increase the chances of reworking a project, which will again lead to increased costs.

Hiring overqualified developers or more developers can unnecessarily increase the cost of software development, and on the other hand, hiring fewer developers or inexperienced developers can impact the quality of your software. You end up paying more for its testing and reworks.

So, ultimately, you need to hire a team of software developers with skills, experience, and expertise that match your project requirements.

UI/UX Design Complexities

The complexities of UI/UX design can add to the final cost of your software development project. If you use pre-designed templates for your software, the total development cost would be lower. On the other hand, hiring a team of UI/UX developers to customize your software development product's design can increase your project's overall cost.

Pricing Model - (Hourly, Monthly, One-Time)

Software development companies follow different pricing models, such as hourly, monthly, and one-time. Let's learn more about these pricing models:

  • Hourly: Software developers in the US are paid around $30-$70/hour. These rates can vary depending on the experience level of software developers and the country where they reside. For example, a junior-level software developer from the US can be more expensive to hire than a senior-level software developer from India.
  • Monthly: Similar to hourly charges, many software developers prefer getting paid every month. The average monthly wage of a software builder in the US is around $7,500-$12,625, depending on their experience and specialized skills. The monthly salary of a software developer may vary depending on the countries in which they reside.
  • One-Time: Companies that follow this pricing model offer a fixed rate for the project, from design and development to maintenance. The fixed-rate depends on the tech stack used, the number of team members working on the project, and the software developers' experience, expertise, and location.

Thus, the cost of your project depends on the pricing model you are following and the experience level and geographical location of the software developers you are hiring.


Investing in skilled quality assurance resources and tools may add to your overall software development cost, but saving on these costs can become stressful in the long run. Detecting and solving issues in the early stages of software development is better than fixing bugs in a finished software project. The latter option consumes more time and money. Rework in software functionality and fixing post-launch bugs requires investing more in robust QA tools and hiring experienced QA testers and thus can prove to be expensive.

Maintenance & Updates

Maintaining your software is important to ensure that it aligns with current and future market trends. After launching a software development project, it is required to spend on its maintenance and support services. Maintenance and update costs are integral to any software's consistent performance and success and, thus, should be an integral part of your software development cost budget plan.

Hiring Model - (In-House, Freelancers, Professional Company)

Businesses follow different hiring models. Let me give you a brief information about each one of them.

  • Hiring In-House Software Developers: In this hiring model, companies hire software developers within their organization and pay them weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Hiring Freelance software developers: Companies hire freelancers for their software development projects and pay them hourly or a fixed price per project, as the freelancer and the project owner decide.
  • Hiring Professional Company: In this hiring model, companies delegate their entire project to a professional software development company. The software development company quotes the project's cost, which is agreed upon by the project owner.

The exact cost of a software development project depends on whether you are hiring in-house software developers or freelancers or outsourcing the entire project to a professional software development company. The cost also depends on the geographical location of the freelancers or software development company you are outsourcing your project to.

The hiring model is a major factor in the software development cost. Needless to say, hiring in-house software developers is a highly expensive proposition compared to outsourcing your software requirements to cost-effective destinations.

Why, you may ask? Here’s a detailed take on in-house hiring vs outsourcing software development needs.

Why You Shouldn’t Think of Hiring In-house Software Developers At All in 2024

Hiring in-house software developers is a costly proposition. You don’t have to manage recruitment, training, and salary costs alone; expenses such as office space and infrastructure must also be addressed.

Pros and Cons of Hiring In-House Software Developers


  • Investment in skills profits businesses in the long run
  • Shared working hours result in better collaboration
  • Highly invested workforce
  • Better control over the development process


  • Continually growing overhead expense
  • Lack of requisite skills
  • Overtime can cause burnout

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Software Development


  • Cost-effective
  • Hire developers as per your requirements
  • Availability of expert developers
  • Stickler to deadlines
  • Reduced In-house workload


  • Miscommunication
  • Less control over the development process
  • Less commitment from employees
  • Impacts company culture negatively

Rough Cost Estimate to Hire Inhouse Software Developers in the US:

Recruiting & Training: $5,000 - $20,000 per developer

Salaries & Benefits: A Junior Developer charges $65,280 - $1,59,360 annually (based on the Texas junior developer cost). Benefits are 30-50% on top of salary.

Office Space & Infrastructure: A ballpark figure for a small team could be $5,000- $10,000 per month. The exact figure varies depending on location and team size.

Management Team Salary: Management salaries can range from $80,000 - $150,000 annually, depending on experience and team size.

Rough Cost Estimate When You Rope in Software Development Outsourcing Companies in India

Junior Developer: $15 - $35 per hour
Mid-Level Developer: $30 - $55 per hour
Senior Developer: $50+ per hour

Project Management cost: $10 - $20 per hour

Communication Overhead: Tools like Slack or Zoom might cost $5 - $10 per month per user.

Suppose your project runs for 6 months with 2 developers on site. Then, let’s see how the in-house team stacks up against the outsourcing team.

In-House (Team of 2 developers):

  • Recruiting & Training: ($5,000 X2 developers) = $10,000
  • Salaries & Benefits: $65,280 annual x 2 developer x 0.5 (6 months) = $65,280
  • Benefits (30% on salary): $19,584
  • Office Space & Infrastructure: $30,000 (assuming $5,000 per month)
  • Management Overhead (assuming one manager): $40,000 (half of the annual salary)

Total Estimated Cost to hire in-house software developers: $134,894

Outsourced (Team of 2 developers - mid-level):

  • Outsourcing Fees: $20 per hour x 2 developers x 8 hours/day x 20 days/month x 6 months = $38,400
  • Project Management: $6.47 per hour  per hour x 2 developers 8 hours/day x 20 days/month x 6 months = $12,422.4
  • Communication Overhead: $10 per month per user x 4 users (2 developers + 2 client side) x 6 months = $240 (total)

Total Estimated Cost when you rope in software development outsourcing companies in India: $51,052

Bottomline: India is 70% cheaper than the US when it comes to software development

The difference in cost between hiring in-house software developers and outsourcing to a team in India is almost like day and night, which is nearly impossible to bridge, no matter how hard you try. Outsourcing should be your go-to option for software development in 2024.

Besides India, here are the other best places to hire software developers.

Best Places to Hire Software Developers in 2024

Software Development is done worldwide, but not every country offers value for the money spent. Some countries have high living costs, which automatically translate into high software development costs and developer salaries. On the other hand, there are countries where the cost of living is low, so the developer costs and salaries are reasonable.

So, yes, businesses out there have a massive task at hand. That is zero down countries' software developers who offer high-end development services and are within a reasonable price range. I know it's easier said than done.

But then, guess what? GoodFirms has done all the heavy lifting for you by tracking down the best places to hire software developers globally.

Without further ado, here are the top destinations to hire software developers from GoodFirms.

Hire Software Developers in South Asia @$15-$55+ per hour

South Asia is a cost-effective destination, so hiring software developers from South Asia means you can develop your software at a meager cost. Software hubs in South Asia include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

CountriesJunior-level DeveloperMid-level DeveloperSenior Developer
India$15 - $35$30 - $55$50+
Pakistan$20 - $30$35 - $45$45+
Srilanka$25 - $35$30 - $45$40+
Nepal$18 - $25$25 - $35$35+

Why Hire Software Developers in India: 5 Facts

  • India produces 1.5 million software engineers every year. No other country produces software engineers in such high numbers.
  • English-speaking programmers galore
  • The country is 70% cheaper than the U.S. when it comes to software development
  • Offers an environment that favors resilience and grit.
  • Stable political and economic environment

Hire Software Developers in Southeast Asia @ $18 to $70 per hour

Southeast Asia is a growing software development industry. Vietnam and the Philippines boast of a young, tech-savvy workforce that offers services at competitive rates. However, the rates depend on the developer's experience level, and communication would be challenging.

CountriesJunior Level DeveloperMid-Level DeveloperSenior Developer
Vietnam$25 - $35$35 - $50$50+
Philippines$28 - $42$42 - $52$52+
Singapore$55 - $65$65 - $80$80+
Thailand$31.8 - $53$42 - $60$60+

Why Hire Software Developers in Vietnam: 4 Facts

A colossal pool of skilled engineers with expertise in various programming languages and technologies.

About 430,000 software developers and almost 1,030,000 individuals working in the ICT industry
Over 50,000 technology graduates from 149+ colleges will join the labor market every year in Vietnam.

Qualified, experienced developers at a fraction of the cost.

Hire Software Developers in Eastern Europe @ $18-$60 per hour

Eastern Europe is an emerging destination in the software development outsourcing market. Countries such as Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary boast a large pool of skilled developers who develop and deploy quality products without sacrificing cost.

CountriesJunior DeveloperMid-level developerSenior Developer
Ukraine$19 - $25$26 - $38$39 - $60
Poland$25 - $35$40 - $50$50+
Hungary$18 - $22$25 - $30$35 - $45
Bulgaria$22 - $30$32 - $40$40+
Croatia$30 - $40$42 - $52$53+
Romania$20 - $28$30 - $38$38+
Czech Republic$32 - $40$42 - $50$50+

Why Hire Software Developers in Ukraine: 5 Facts

  • The second-largest talent pool in the Central and Eastern European Region
  • The salaries of Ukrainian IT specialists are lower than those of many Western countries
  • Enjoys similar cultural similarities with several Western nations ensuring effective collaboration.
  • English proficiency at the Upper Intermediate level or higher
  • The slight time zone difference makes it comfortable for many European companies to work with Ukrainian developers and teams. Even if you are in the USA or Canada, you will have overlapping working hours.

Hire Software Developers in Western Europe @ 43- $80+ per hour.

Western Europe has a thriving tech environment, and countries like Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK offer strong tech talent.

However, living costs are high here, translating into high development costs and developer salaries. If budget is under your radar, hiring software developers from Western Europe should be a top priority, considering the quality of developers here.

CountriesJunior DevelopersMid-level DevelopersSenior Developers
France$43 - $50$50 - $60$60+
Netherlands$55 - $65$65 - $75$75+
United Kingdom$50 - $60$60 - $70$70+
Germany$52 - $62$62 - $72$72+
Sweden$58 - $68$68 - $80$80+

Why Hire Software Developers in France: 4 Facts

  • As of 2024, France is home to 40,115 Software Development companies.
  • About 74,409 software developers work for these companies.
  • AI is gaining traction with numerous start-ups and established enterprises investing in AI technology.
  • IT pros are good with cybersecurity and are considered indispensable assets in the corporate world.

Hire Software Developers in Africa @$23-$46+ per hour.

Africa’s IT outsourcing market focuses on software engineering rather than design or other services.

North Africa, comprising Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, is a software development hotspot that draws clients worldwide. The programmers here are skilled in Ruby, SQL, Python, and similar languages.

CountriesJunior DeveloperMid-level DeveloperSenior Developer
South Africa$23- $34$40 - $57$63
Kenya$14 - $23$28 - $46$46+
Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia$14 - $23$28 - $46$46+

Why Hire Software Developers in South Africa: 4 Facts

  • 1,21,000 skilled software engineers and still counting
  • High-quality talent at competitive rates
  • High Proficiency In English
  • Remote-ready workforce
  • A strong culture of Innovation and growth

Hire Software Developers in Latin America @ $45.00- $65.00 per hour

Latin America is yet another emerging market for software development. Brazil and Argentina have a reservoir of talented developers and, more than anything, have a time zone that overlaps with the U.S.

CountriesAverage Hourly Rates
Costa Rica$30

Why Hire Software Developers in Brazil: 4 Facts

  • Brazil boasts of 6.18 million fluent English speakers
  • The country has the 6th largest IT market globally
  • The company produces 46k IT graduates every year
  • The largest population of Java developers in the world

Hire Software Developers in North America @ $34 - $150 per hour

Thanks to Silicon Valley, North America has been on the global radar regarding Software development. In fact, not just SA, the US has several tech hubs dotting its landscape and those in neighboring Canada.

Outsourcing to the United States or Canada is immensely important for companies looking for top-of-the-line development services and minimal communication challenges. That said, given the high cost of living, developers in North America charge hefty development fees. So, think twice before outsourcing your software requirements to North America.

Countries/ CitiesHourly Rate
Silicon Valley$80 to $150
New York$53.89 to $74.71
Texas$34 to $83
Washington$65.67 to $94.66+
Canada$31.25 to $$81.73

Why Hire Software Developers in Silicon Valley: 4 Facts

  • About 478k Software Engineers crowd the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fresh talent is available in large numbers — especially Data Science engineers
  • 11% of Silicon Valley’s engineering candidates don’t have a college degree.
  • Backend engineers form the largest category of the Software Engineering pie at 36%

How to Choose the Best Place to Hire Software Developers: 9 Key Points

When choosing the best country for hiring software developers, you must consider several factors.

  • Developer Salary: Countries with lower developer costs might be attractive, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of quality.
  • Developer Talent: Your top priority should be countries with a large talent pool of skilled software engineers with expertise in the latest technologies, such as Blockchain, AI, MI, and similar technologies. You should also consider the quality of the education system, English proficiency, and cultural compatibility.
  • Time Zone Difference: The time zone difference between India and the USA is huge; for instance, India is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Washington, DC. So, if you are a USA-based business interested in hiring Indian software developers, communication and collaboration could be an issue unless you have scheduled a specific time for the same purpose.
  • Cultural Alignment: Differences in work ethics, communication styles, and, for that matter, business practices could create a rift between working partners. So make sure that you and the hired hands have at least a few things, if not more, in common before you sign a contract with them. This way, if an issue arises, there’s still a chance that your contract will not go off the rails.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: The country where you plan to hire software developers should be known for its strong laws and regulations. Why, if you ask? Because it’s crucial to protect your proprietary software and sensitive information.
  • Political and Economic Stability: An unstable government and economy can pose problems for your outsourcing arrangement. So, make sure you hire software developers from a country with a stable political and economic environment.
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment: When choosing an outsourcing destination, you should be aware of tax laws, data protection regulations, and, more importantly, contract enforcement mechanisms.
  • Past Performance and References: Check with other companies about their experience in outsourcing their software development needs to the country in question.
  • Government Support and Incentives: Some countries proactively encourage and engage with foreign businesses, offering incentives and support for their outsourcing requirements. So check whether this country you plan to outsource has similar government initiatives and incentives.

Considering all these factors, you can zero down the best country for hiring software developers.

Software Interview Questions to Keep Ready While Hiring Software Developers

Hiring software developers will be easy if you have interview questions ready.

  • Tell us about any of the latest projects you have worked on. Was it successful, and what was your contribution?
  • Tell us what responsive design is for you. Differentiate between fixed and fluid layouts.
  • What’s object-oriented programming?
  • What’s the idea behind a sandbox? Can you give me an example?
  • What programming languages are your favorite?
  • What tools do you use to design, develop, and debug applications?
  • What if you had to collaborate on a coding project? How do you think you’d approach it?
  • What if your code is wrong, and a junior developer gets wind of it and informs you? How will you handle it?
  • How will you handle a junior programmer who doesn’t mind cutting corners and seems to be a burden on the team?
  • Can you give an example of a website that has an impressive UX?
  • How did you manage when you found a bug in your code already in production? How did you fix the issue?
  • Can you explain big-O notation most simply?
  • What’s your take on unit testing? Is it essential?

Why Hire Software Developers from GoodFirms

Hiring software developers from GoodFirms means you will have access to a global pool of top software developers. Our research team has done all the groundwork for you by listing top software developers worldwide, country-wise and city-wise.

The developers listed here have been thoroughly vetted for efficiency and quality and, more importantly, their ability to meet deadlines and the collaboration tools they use. More than anything, client reviews have been added to give you a first-hand glance at the quality of their services, while hourly rate filters help you narrow down companies based on your budget.

To sum it all up: How GoodFirms makes it easy to help you hire the right Software Developer:

  • A-list development companies
  • Wide Talent Pool
  • Location filters
  • Detailed Client reviews
  • In-depth Portfolios

GoodFirms is an ideal source for hiring qualified Software developers. However, you are expected to conduct additional research to ensure that the selected company is right for your project.

Hiring Software Developers from Cost-effective Destinations Reduces Development Costs Almost by Half

It’s well-known that software development can burn holes in your pockets. One of the best ways to manage the costs is to hire developers from Asian regions or Eastern European countries. Software developers in Asian countries have extremely low rates, and so do the developers in Eastern European countries like Ukraine, and that too, without sacrificing quality. So don’t think twice. Get on the outsourcing bandwagon right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), and what are its phases?

SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle, is a systematic process for building top-quality software quickly and cost-effectively. SDLC has seven phases, which are:

  • Outlining the requirements
  • Analyzing
  • Architectural Designing
  • Software development
  • Software Testing/auditing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

What is a custom software development company?

As the name suggests, a custom software development company provides customized software services solutions to businesses specifically and uniquely tailored to their needs. They deliver top-quality software solutions uniquely designed and developed considering the client's requirements. They can also redesign existing software to personalize and improve its functioning, productivity, and performance.

What are the different types of software development methodologies?

Mainly, there are four types of software development methodologies: Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, and Rapid application development.

  • Agile: Agile software development is more flexible. It is carried out in iteration. So, it is easy to make changes in a specific module without affecting or interfering with the entire development process. Various forms of agile development include Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), feature-driven development (FDD), and Crystal.
  • DevOps Development: The DevOps software development process integrates both the software development team + IT operations for faster and continuous code development. The idea behind DevOps is to improve efficiency throughout the development cycle while minimizing risks and reducing costs.
  • Waterfall: Waterfall is a traditional software development methodology, and it is carried out in a sequential manner. It is essential that each phase in a waterfall model must be fully completed before beginning the next step. Its linear nature makes the development process slow and costly.
  • Rapid application development (RAD): Rapid application development focuses on quick software development with less emphasis on planning. The modules are created based on rapid prototyping and iterative development methods.

Other popular software development methodologies are the prototype method, lean method, and dynamic system development model.

What services do software development companies provide?

Software development agencies provide a wide range of services right from consulting, planning, front-end design, back-end development, deployment, testing, etc. Popular services include custom software development, mobile app development, web development, IT security services, infrastructure development, etc. Most of the best software development companies offer a complete set of customized development solutions. They can also help with software testing, app maintenance, API development and integration, data backup and recovery, software deployment, software migration, system integration, cloud computing, DevOps automation, prototyping, maintenance and support services.

Which programming language do software developers use?

Software developers use different programming languages depending upon the project's complexity, functionalities, back end and front-end needs. For front-end software development, developers mostly use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Software development service providers mainly rely on PHP, C++, Python, Java and Node.js for back-end development purposes. Apart from these, other languages that are popularly used based on the project requirements are Ruby, Scala, Kotlin, Django, Dart, Golang, etc.

Best software developers use a wide variety of programming languages, depending on the type of software they are developing and the specific tasks they need to accomplish. Some of the most popular programming languages among software developers include:

  1. Java: Being the oldest, Java is an exemplary server-side application development language. It first offered the revolutionary concept of WORA, "write once, run anywhere." The software developers access the numerous tools and technology the Java library provides to build robust, complex, and scalable server-side software. Its popularity is also due to its high cross-platform compatibility.
  2. PHP: PHP is an object-oriented programming language. There is an extensive range of open-source PHP frameworks. These frameworks enable the addition of sophisticated features and functionalities into the app without writing prolonged codes. Multiple PHP development tools enhance efficiency during coding. It also speeds up customized app development while simplifying maintenance.
  3. Python: Python has advanced to become one of the major web programming languages in this era. Many academic institutes have incorporated Python as a premier software development language for creating Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-based applications. Python can function as an object-oriented scripting language for a large project.
  4. C#: C# follows the concept of C. Hence, developers with an understanding of C Programming can effortlessly grasp the concepts of C# as well. It is easily integrated with Windows, making it a prime language for web application and cross-application development. Unlike its namesake, C/C++, C# does not permit pointer types, making it safer.
  5. JavaScript: For over five years, most software developers, to some extent, have used JavaScript to code the application. JavaScript is a powerful scripting language that allows developers to decide on suitable features to incorporate within the software. It helps create interactive software applications by developing apt UI for the client and server sides. The most significant advantage of using this language is that it is compatible with all browsers.

What frameworks do software development companies generally use for development?

A few popular frameworks full-stack software development agencies use include Laravel, Meteor, React JS, Node JS and Express.js, Django, Spring Boot, Graph QL, Ruby on Rails, Flask, jQuery, and Symphony. Each framework is unique and different in its features and is selected based on factors like programming language support, ready-to-use components, speed, security, scalability, and performance.

How do AI and cloud computing help to improve software development projects?

Technologies like AI and cloud computing have helped software development projects improve to a large extent. AI has proved to be a game changer for software development companies, speeding up the development and testing process with strategic and more informed decisions. With precise estimates and access to real-time feedback, AI can help developers build world-class software solutions. The adoption of cloud computing greatly reduces the cost of expensive hardware. Also, cloud computing assists developers in building scalable and flexible products.

How to find a leading software development company?

It is vital to thoroughly analyze the best software development companies to find the ideal partner. However, weighing their capabilities without knowing which selection criteria to study can be challenging. While shortlisting a software development company, consider the following benchmarks:

  • Expertise: Most companies have a clear idea of the type of platform and technology stack they plan on incorporating into their software before the start of the project. Therefore, they must hire software developers with a specific skill set and specialize in using those software development tools and technologies. For example, to create software in Java programming, consider selecting the best software development company with expert Java developers with extensive knowledge of the top Java Frameworks such as Apache Nutch, Drools, AppFuse, etc.
  • Experience: Decision-makers must opt for the best custom software development company that possesses hands-on experience in projects related to their industry. For instance, if a firm plans to develop an eCommerce application, choose top software developers with previous experience designing such software. This way, businesses can ensure the software quality satisfies their requirements. Moreover, while outsourcing, clients must focus on service providers with previous experience working with remote teams. This offers insight into their ability to handle off-shore projects.
  • Reviews: Apart from their experience, clients must examine past clients’ feedback to the software development agency. This thoroughly explains the software development firm’s processes and service quality. Apart from requesting references from existing and previous clients, business owners can also explore third-party review and rating platforms, such as GoodFirms, to receive genuine customer feedback.
  • Agility: The project requirement is bound to evolve during software development. Ensuring the software developer for hire is flexible enough to adapt to the change is vital. This can be determined by studying their approach toward adopting new technology and their ability to scale the project and offer flexible pricing models. The software developer must be ready to embrace innovations as required to satisfy the demands and expectations of their clients.
  • Easy Exit Process: After the completion of the project, the top software development companies ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer of the software and related information. However, it is wise to partner with a firm that offers seamless transition by timely transferring documentation and best practices to avoid miscommunication. Moreover, select the top software development agency willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to safeguard confidential data.

Once you identify a few suitable software development firms, you can contact them to discuss their comprehensive project requirements, strategies, deadlines, budget, and availability in your time zone to choose the perfect custom software development agency for your project.

How much does it cost to hire software developers?

GoodFirms research depicting the valuable stats and trends on software development exhibited an estimated cost for software development projects based on their functionality.

  • Experienced software developers charge less than $20,000 to design basic-functionality software.
  • Software having general utility costs somewhere between $20,000 to $40,000.
  • Software with above-average complexity features can be delivered at a price range of $40,000 - $60,000.
  • Custom software development companies working on complex and feature-rich applications can quote a price of over $60,000.

How much time does a software development company take to develop software?

The time taken to build software mainly depends on its complexity.

  • Basic Software: They can be built in less than 2 months, but their functionality is considerably simple.
  • Medium Complexity Software: This software has more complicated features and can be deployed within 2 - 6 months.
  • High Complexity Software: Creating software of this level can take more than 6 months due to incorporating intricate architecture, security solutions, multiple integrations, and many more.

Do software companies offer local project managers for overseas project development?

Yes, most software companies often offer project managers for overseas project development. Having a local project manager can be beneficial in bridging communication gaps, coordinating relevant information to set project goals, facilitating project planning, and ensuring that the project aligns with clients' expectations to achieve success.

Do software developers integrate off-the-shelf software?

Yes, software developers do integrate off-the-shelf software. During the software development process, it is not feasible to custom-create all the software features, especially when the project is cost and time bound. A simple plugin or off-the-shelf software offloads all the burden of maintenance, fixing bugs, and upgrades. It helps developers to focus on the core functionalities of the software and increase the speed of software development.

What are the common development challenges faced by software developers?

Software development is an overwhelming process and requires meticulous planning to complete the project successfully. But besides all the planning and precautions, there are a few common challenges that developers can encounter during the software development process, which include managing change requirements, scope creep, third-party API integrations, lack of team collaboration, fragmented testing plan, overlooking security loopholes, and delay in the project due to lack of resources and budget.

Should I hire an in-house team or outsource software developers for my project?

The following factors can help you decide whether you should hire an in-house software development team or outsource software developers from the best software development companies.

  • If you hire an in-house team, they will exclusively work on your project. This provides you with better control over your development team and project.
  • A major challenge with hiring an in-house team is that you will need to invest significant time and resources in recruiting, training, and managing the software development team.
  • If you outsource your company’s software development needs to the top custom software development companies, you can get the benefits of highly skilled and experienced software developers with global exposure. The software development outsourcing company will take full responsibility for your project at an affordable, committed cost. Moreover, they will follow the timelines and deadlines.
  • There are some challenges too in outsourcing your software development project, including choosing the right software development partner from the numerous providers available, communication issues if the company is from a different location and time zone, and budget issues as service providers can typically have hidden costs.

What are the key considerations to keep in mind when reviewing software companies?

The key considerations to keep in mind when reviewing software companies are as follows:

  • Company’s background and experience to determine the number of years in development
  • Software companies’ portfolios to identify the type of software developed by them
  • The expertise of the developers
  • Soft skills include communication, project management, creative thinking, risk mitigation, etc.
  • Reviews and ratings on different B2B listing platforms
  • Time zone and location to prevent any conflicts in effective collaboration
  • Overall development process, including technologies used in design, testing, deployment and launch
  • Post-deployment support and maintenance

Through these key considerations, you can select the best software company for your business needs while saving significant time, money and effort.

What is the difference between commercial and custom software development?

Commercial software is generally developed for bulk distribution that is easily available in the stores or online. Custom software is made specifically for a business to be used by its specific set of customers. While commercial software solutions are standardized and made to comply with the mass market, custom software solutions require a dedicated team to design and develop software tailored to a particular organizational need.

Who are the best-rated Software Development Companies on GoodFirms?

The top-rated Software Development Companies on GoodFirms, based on verified client reviews and ratings, include:

  • OpenXcell (77 reviews)
  • SDLC Corp (51 reviews)
  • Cubix (32 reviews)
  • Unified Infotech (21 reviews)
  • AllianceTek (19 reviews)

These companies are known for providing exceptional services and consistently receiving client praise.