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Roweb is a software development company with a solid background in implementing complex projects for global clients. They offer services that include custom software, web, desktop and mobile applications, custom online portals and Magento eCommerce solutions. With more than 130 developers, They offer you a complete team of experienced developers or a dedicated pool of developers with the appropriate technical capabilities for your needs.

We have wide experience in several verticals:

  • Recruiting & HR
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Tourism & hospitality
  • Associations
  • Transport & Logistics
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing

Services: Custom development (business apps, mobile apps, e-commerce solutions, etc.) with in-house teams or through outsourcing services

Engagement models:


We build for you dedicated development teams (from scratch or related to your existing in-house teams) according to your expertise level.


Expand your in-house staff by outsourcing IT specialists from Roweb.


We'll work together toward specific goals, while you can count on a full-spectrum project development process and well-defined milestones.


ISO 9001:2015
50 - 249
Hatmanul Arbore, Bucharest, Bucuresti 011602
004 0348 401 040
132, Fratii Golesti, Pitesti, Arges 110174
004 0348 401 040
49,Teilor, Pitesti, Arges 110058
004 0348 401 040
18, Oltet, Craiova, Dolj 200395
004 0348 401 040

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Large Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Real Estate
  • Enterprise
  • Designing

Roweb Development Executive Interview

Viorel Costea
Viorel Costea
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Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the company?
Roweb is a custom software development company, started in 2004 with offices in 4 major cities: Bucharest, Pitesti, Craiova, and RâmnicuVâlcea.

With our 127+ IT professionals' experience and the latest software development technologies, we focus on building Enterprise, Web, Mobile applications, and E-commerce solutions.

We work with companies from all over the world, and we understand the needs of and provide solutions for companies of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large enterprises.

We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients, and we take great pride in our long-term relationships with our clients, as we have clients with whom our partnership counts more de 10 years.
What was the idea behind starting this organization?
I started the company in 2004 with the business purpose of creating software that would solve the client’s problems. The idea behind this was a company that would offer competitive services, from a quality and price point of view, to build a portfolio of clients with whom to grow and develop ourselves and grow together with our businesses. We are dedicated to staying ahead of the rapid changes by working with the latest technologies so that our clients would benefit from our technology expansion.

Our mission is to continually keep up with the innovations in the technological world so that the developed software does well in the market.
What is your company’s business model–in house team or third party vendors/ outsourcing?
We have an in-house team of software professionals who manage end-to-end product development projects, from business analysis, consultancy, and architecture, to post-implementation testing and maintenance.

We are always interested in building long-lasting teams. It is essential to save the project's optimal cost, so we consider the different levels of tasks required by the project, their duration, and workload. For most projects, the best team configuration includes junior, middle, and senior developers.Our employer branding strategy implies hiring junior developers from the university, and we continuously invest in their professional growth.
How is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other companies' models?
We ensure flexibility, stable teams, transparency, and the latest technologies on the market for every project we handle.
We're highly open in terms of engagement models, technical solutions, and delivery schedule to make sure we meet every need; We usually work with 3 engagement models- Dedicated Team, Time and Material, and Milestone Billing;

We have a high retention rate and the possibility of quickly creating mixed dedicated teams, including juniors, middle or senior developers, depending on the project's needs; This helps us guarantee the team's stability, which positively impacts the project's lifecycle.
What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive?
We address a wide range of industries, such as Real Estate, HR and Recruiting, Financial Services, Transport and Logistics, Ecommerce, Tourism, Hospitality, Labour Protection Safety, Legal, Marketing, and Media Software. We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients, and we are very proud of our long-standing relationships with our clients; some of them count more than 11 years. Our clients are our partners.
Mention the objectives or the parameters critical in determining the time frame of developing software.
No two projects are alike or take the same amount of time to build. We consider each of the following phases separately when planning and estimating a project:
  • Requirements & Design
  • Planning, Architecture & Development
  • Software Testing
The size and complexity of the project are the most significant factors in overall duration;
How much effort in terms of time goes into developing the front end and back end ofsoftware?
The effort for back-end versus front-end is variable; If the project requires a platform off-the-shelf, there is less time involved in the development; as the back-end is already implemented, the focus here is on customizing the front-end. For enterprise application development, for example, more time goes into the back-end.
What are the key parameters to be considered before selecting the right framework for developing software?
The first one would be the type of software we need to develop, the type of problem a framework solves.
Other criteria we consider:
  • Popularity- the more well-known the framework is, the more it will exist in the industry; it will evolve with new ideas, new plugins, etc.
  • Sustainability- It is essential for the maintenance phase and for upgrading the apps.
  • Security- we choose frameworks capable of ensuring security functions as we believe in responsibility when developing the best software solutions.
Which languages & frameworks do you prefer to use in development of software?
We work with a diverse class of technologies, frameworks, languages, and we choose the right one depending on the type of the project. 
PHP Frameworks:
  • Laravel
  • Lumen
  • React
  • Vue
  • Angular
  • Open Source: Magento, WordPress
Mobile Frameworks:
  • React Native
  • Ionic React
  • Apache Cordova
  • Node JS
  • Express.js
  • Sails.js with
  • Waterline support
  • .NET Framework
What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of software?
There are several key factors we pay attention to the resources required for the development of the project, the estimation of the man effort, the cost of the licenses for the pre-built components that can be used. We need to be cost-effective, so we explore the best strategy to work on for every project. We consider either reusing the code or using different pre-built components, or creating dedicated mixed teams.

We have several strategies, depending on the project particularities. We also work with open source technologies, where the project supports it, so we cut the license costs.
What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? Is it Pay per Feature, Fixed Cost, Pay per Milestone (could be in phases, months, versions etc.)
Usually, it's the dedicated team structure or time and material or pays per milestone, but we are also open to pay per feature, fixed cost.
Do you take in projects which meet your basic budget requirement? If yes, what is the minimum requirement? If no, on what minimum budget you have worked for?
We don’t necessarily have a minimum required budget, but we take projects that imply 2,3-month staff hour.

Roweb Development Clients & Portfolios

IOT | Web solution for taxi fleet management
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IOT | Web solution for taxi fleet management
  • IOT | Web solution for taxi fleet management screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
33 weeks

TaxIoT, off-the-shelf web solution for taxi fleet management (IoT-based)

  • taximeters remote monitoring and control made-easy
  • dedicated features for getting full compliance with the National Regulations
  • real-time interconnectivity & data transfer for physical devices and the web solution (IoT)

TECHNOLOGIES: C#, Asp.Net Core, NodeJs, Angular, SQL, NoSQL

Web IoT-based solution for remote monitoring and control of taximeters in compliance with the National Regulations.

The solution

We developed a web-based solution for remote monitoring and control of taximeters based on a microservices architecture.

The web-app helps taxi companies’ owners to save money and be flexible by monitoring applications and scale up the infrastructure.

We define it as an off-the-shelf fleet management solution because it has an already-developed architecture easily customizable for new implementations.

Key-benefits provided by TaxIoT:

  • Features for the equipment’s producer, distributors, and end-users:
  • Features for the equipment’s producer, distributors, and end-users:
  • Facilities for remote device configuration;
  • Regular national reporting;
  • On-line data visualization (including geolocation, status, and parameters of the devices).
REAL ESTATE | One-stop-solution for tradings
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REAL ESTATE | One-stop-solution for tradings
  • REAL ESTATE | One-stop-solution for tradings screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
32 weeks
Real Estate

One-stop-solution for real estate tradings | REZIO online portal

- custom real estate online portal

- dedicated functionalities for featured properties (e.g. video)

- mapped properties for fast access

TECHNOLOGIES: Vue.JS, API: Lumen, Laravel

Developing from scratch a one-stop-solution for the real estate industry enriched with specific features for providing a custom and intuitive user experience.


We developed a feature-rich online portal to bound real estate developers with buyers smartly.

The core objective of the Rezio portal is to simplify the processes of market prospecting and effective trading for real estate customers.


  • Rezio owner
  • real estate developers
  • properties buyers

Features & functionalities:

advanced search features (based on specific criteria like property type, no. of rooms, location, etc.);

accessing the property directly from the map;

search property/residential complex by name;

selecting properties as favorites (using cookies only, without storing any personal data);

fast access to technical details (resistance structure, exterior walls, partitions, finishes, carpentry, plumbing, etc.);

fast access to general information (construction stage, completion deadline, price, etc.);

online calculator for a property with extended assets;

getting in touch with the seller via e-mail, phone number, or by using the contact form.

The key-benefit for the sellers

Cost-effective ways to advertise and list their properties/ residential complexes.

The key-benefit for the visitors/prospects

  • One-stop-solution for prospecting and buying properties.
  • The key-benefit for the portal’s owner
  • Intuitive and efficient remote business management.
TOLL PAYMENT | Custom app - online portal + mobile
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TOLL PAYMENT | Custom app - online portal + mobile
  • TOLL PAYMENT | Custom app - online portal + mobile screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
49 weeks
Financial & Payments

Toll payment app (online portal + mobile app) | Plata RCA

  • feature-rich Online Portal
  • secure and intuitive Mobile App
  • customer-centric complete solution for toll payments

TECHNOLOGIES: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Web Service, Android, iOS, SQLite, XML, GreenDAO ORM, Alarm Manager, Local Notifications

ustomer-centric complete solution (Online Portal + Mobile App) for a simplified and more secure toll payment process.


In order to respond to the market’s trends and needs, we’ve developed a complete toll payment app (online portal + mobile app) to place (literally and figuratively) everything at the end-users’ fingertips.

By using the complete solution, the end-users (now) can:

  • calculate online the RCA’s price (with a few clicks only) - available on both Online Portal & Mobile App;
  • set alerts for various tolls types (ITP, vignette, RCA) - using the Mobile App;
  • access the payment history for every vehicle - using the Mobile App;
  • compare RCA offers;
  • obtain offers and get in touch with the brokers (not only for RCA but for other insurance products also: CASCO, house insurance for individuals, property, and buildings, travel medical insurance);
  • online RCA ordering - available on both Online Portal & Mobile App.
VACANTIONS RENTAL | Custom-made online portal
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VACANTIONS RENTAL | Custom-made online portal
  • VACANTIONS RENTAL | Custom-made online portal screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
53 weeks
Travel & Lifestyle

Boutique Homes - vacations rental custom-made online portal

  • seamless migration from WordPress to Laravel;
  • improved user experience;
  • custom booking portal development

TECHNOLOGIES: Linux, Laravel, AngularJS, MySQL, CSS3, Stripe payments, Wise

Developing an easily manageable bespoke online portal, able to respond to the specific needs of BoutiqueHomes niche audience, based on Laravel and AngularJS.


To get the expected results and be able to bring their business to the next level, the client decided to use a custom-developed platform and work with an experienced development company.

In this context, Roweb was recommended to take over the project (by an existing customer). At that moment, the rebuilding process was quite unstable, and the new portal was far from being the expected solution.

The main challenges of the project:

  • unstable project legacy;
  • adapting instantly to dynamic objectives;
  • lack of synchronization (due to time zone differences).

Despite these challenges, we focused on the project's potential and identified the technical solutions best fitting the company's interests quickly. Our dev team developed the new solution using Laravel, AngularJS and MySQL, redesigned the entire portal interface, and migrated the existing WordPress portal content.

Features and functionalities:

  • custom menus & categories, architectured around users’ needs and interests;
  • multi-value parameters for displaying relevant offers only;
  • smart filtering based on specific criteria (bedrooms, pool, pets allowed, suitable for events & photoshoots, etc.);
  • complete booking system;
  • instant emailing for sending requests (e.g., joining the platform as a host);
  • upsell feature - showing further suggestions (“Other Properties You Might Like”)
  • newsletter integration;
  • blog module integration (Stories);
  • social plugins for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter;
  • guest reviews;
  • cancellation options.
ASSOCIATIONS | Bespoke web portal
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ASSOCIATIONS | Bespoke web portal
  • ASSOCIATIONS | Bespoke web portal screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
19 weeks

Feature-rich web portal for ACENET

  • build with Umbraco CMS and integrated with Dynamics CRM
  • Multichannel consistency through a ready-to-use web portal,
  • a UX/UI optimized website, and seamless integration between website and CRM.

TECHNOLOGIES: Asp.NET, Umbraco, Knockout.js, Web API, Dynamic CRM, Sql Server


Launching in a very short period of time (only a few weeks) the updated version of his website across multiple dynamic functionalities and features - including a customized web portal.


We built for them a business web portal that enables the members to access information, and materials and that easies the communication flow.


ACE represents the business interests of consulting and engineering companies in Britain. It’s one of the largest business association in this sector, with nearly 800 member companies operating in various areas.

Its members are some of the best-known companies in the field of consultation and engineering. Renowned for quality and excellence, their work regularly wins awards for innovation and achievements in the area.

They needed to update their old website with new technology, new design, user experience, and new functionalities. Since they use DYNAMICS CRM to manage their organization, they also needed a functional integration between website and CRM.

REAL ESTATE | Bespoke Portal for Desktop & Mobile
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REAL ESTATE | Bespoke Portal for Desktop & Mobile
  • REAL ESTATE | Bespoke Portal for Desktop & Mobile screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
51 weeks
Real Estate

A complete experience of a real estate portal for desktop and mobile devices

PHP, Laravel, Lumen, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps API, Docker

We built this project for the real estate industry with the desire to serve the needs of agencies and end-users, searching for a property, independently, better than before.

It offers a complete experience of a real estate portal for desktop and mobile devices. It has multiple functionalities and it has a comprehensive understanding of today’s needs of the market.

Technologies that we use

Our solution is built in PHP using Laravel and Lumen. The architecture is built around our custom made Laravel Library where we have our main Business Logic that connects all the services and modules we need for each project. The library is built so it can be connected to both Laravel for the web app and Lumen API for the mobile app.

The frontend uses Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, and Ajax. The portal also uses Google Maps API to represent accurately the locations on the map. Flexmls was used as part of our solution to make the portal more user-friendly and mobile-ready.

ECOMMERCE | Reliable & Scalable Solution
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ECOMMERCE | Reliable & Scalable Solution
  • ECOMMERCE | Reliable & Scalable Solution screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
15 weeks

E-commerce website optimization & redesign (Homex)

  • responsive website, optimized for cross-device journey
  • improved platform architecture
  • safe & performant data migration

TECHNOLOGIES: Laravel, Bootstrap, Google Maps APIs

Reliable & scalable e-commerce solution development (with added flexibility)

Upgrading from an old proprietary platform to a new Laravel website with a fresh design.


We helped them build a new custom Laravel e-commerce platform as the most suitable solution for their requirements, with scalability, security and functionality in mind.

  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Checkout
  • SEO Features
  • Integrated Blog

We provided consultancy in tailoring the technical solutions to be used and determining their infrastructure and performance optimization needs, while maintaining their products, orders and customers database.

We provided Homex with consultancy on how to:

  • Create a flexible and stable architecture.
  • Optimize their database and code.
  • Import and reuse their old product catalogue and structure it better.
  • Maintain their performance on search engines.
  • Improve the user's shopping experience.
  • Create a robust checkout experience.
ECOMMERCE | Bespoke Magento 2 Store Development
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ECOMMERCE | Bespoke Magento 2 Store Development
  • ECOMMERCE | Bespoke Magento 2 Store Development screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
21 weeks

BOOKCITY.RO - Bespoke Magento 2

  • e-commerce store development
  • UX based on custom-built features
  • multi-inventory system
  • smart 3rd-party integrations
  • re-engagement customer tools
  • mobile-optimized webshop

TECHNOLOGIES Magento 2, ElasticSearch, Redis

Dynamic, feature-rich e-commerce store (developed with Magento 2) able to attract, engage and re-engage customers on the platform and beyond.

The solution

We migrated the webshop from Magento 1 to Magento 2 along with the existing product catalogue and orders and clients database.

Features and functionalities

  • promoting specific products and categories (easily manageable by the bookstore owner) using Homepage dynamic widgets;
  • filter-based suggestions (for “special gifts”) actionable through a dedicated search bar;
  • custom filters in the sidebar (based on a predefined layered navigation module);
  • mega-menu and sticky menus;
  • “special offers” instant notification - users get information about the available promos while adding products to their cart;
  • wishlist products reminder re-engagement email;
  • automated checking for on-stock/of-stock products;
  • category automatisation - categories containing out-of-stock products only are automatically hidden.
  • “back in stock” notification for users to be emailed when an out-of-stock product is reached via Google search;
  • criteria-based products sorting (newcomers, ascending/descending price, relevance, product name);
  • smart search features (search suggestion, synonyms, stop words);
  • login using a personal account, or using a Google/Facebook account;
  • 2-step checkout system;
  • real-time order tracking;
  • automated shipping costs calculator based on the order’s value;
  • gift wrapping features;
  • Magento custom-build blog;
  • subscribe to the newsletter.
E-LEARNING | Custom platform development
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E-LEARNING | Custom platform development
  • E-LEARNING | Custom platform development screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
Business Services

Custom web e-learning platform development (Seatbelt)

- multi-level platform (role-based) & multi-login (users with/without account)

- fast and intuitive content management (user management, tests, courses, etc.)

- SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) integration

TECHNOLOGIES PHP, MySQL, Redis, Lumen, ReactJS, Docker, Google Maps API, RxJava, Retrofit

Full custom and flexible e-learning solution developed with both companies’ and users’ specific needs in mind.

Client’s needs/goals

Social and business contexts are dynamic (pandemic has fully demonstrated this). And so were our client’s needs. Seatbelt was interested in developing a solution to provide clients with a simplified, flexible, and within reach learning hub, able to be used in a custom and limitation-free manner.

That’s why they decided to develop a dedicated web solution for e-learning based on an existing web & mobile application (developed with our teams also). The new platform’s core role is to allow managing the entire e-learning activity.

The solution

Before building the web e-learning solution with us, Seatbelt was already using an existing outdated one that no longer responded to their needs.

So, our client decided to build a complete and full-custom new platform for managing all their e-learning activities, able to integrate, also, SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) - a set of technical standards for e-learning software products.

We built the solution based on the existing CRM web & mobile app solution’s architecture that we developed for them a few years ago (the e-learning platform being an extension for the initial project).

Ongoing customizations & optimizations: Being an ongoing project, Seatbelt e-learning platform continues to be optimized, customized and extended according to our client’s dynamic needs (e.g., optimisations for roles and permissions are taken into account, for covering all the e-learning/management requirements).

Real Estate Data Analytics | Multi-Tenant Power BI (WHISE CRM)
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Real Estate Data Analytics | Multi-Tenant Power BI (WHISE CRM)
  • Real Estate Data Analytics | Multi-Tenant Power BI (WHISE CRM) screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
12 weeks
Real Estate

Real Estate Data Analytics | Multi-Tenant Power BI


  • Actionable insights;

  • Intuitive and real-time reports;

  • API integration and scalability; 

  • Frequent and automatic updates;

  • Security features;

  • Cost-effective approach.

Technologies: Multi-Tenant Power BI Embedded

Categories: Business Applications | Data Analysis Portfolio | Other Verticals

Extending the power of WHISE CRM by integrating custom Data Analytics for real-estate business owners

Optimizing an existing application and increasing interest for its acquisition by developing a multi-tenancy solution for our client. The goal: providing the WHISE CRM users with graphic reports, dashboards, and analytics in their existing applications

Our client is a leading software company (started in 2000) with the HQ in Belgium that is focused on providing innovative solutions for real estate companies from several European countries.

In response to a challenging real estate market, businesses increasingly seek valuable insights through data analytics to make informed decisions and optimize strategies for growth and success.

WHISE saw a unique opportunity to craft a custom Multi-Tenant Power BI for real estate businesses. This strategic move empowered clients with tailored insights, fostering growth and informed decision-making.

Multi-tenancy model | Real Estate Data Analytics

WHISE chose to develop a multi-tenant solution based on Power BI to enhance its offerings for existing and potential clients. This involves using Power BI Embedded for multiple companies, known as Power BI tenants. The choice of a tenancy model is significant, impacting how tenant data is mapped and managed within the Power BI environment. This strategic decision allows WHISE to provide an extended and valuable solution tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

Key factors considered by WHISE for developing a custom multi-tenancy model:

  • cost-effectiveness through automatic updates;

  • worry-free capacity management;

  • secure infrastructure;

  • seamless API integration;

  • scalability improvements;

  • streamlined access to the latest software versions. 

These advantages align with WHISE's commitment to providing an optimized, cost-effective, and feature-rich solution to its clients.

Custom analytics panels - actionable insights 

Real Estate Data Analytics insights provided by WHISE platform

Monthly Sales

The Monthly Sales panel grants access to a range of insights, including the property value sold (categorized by month and type), commission breakdown by month and category, and the count of properties sold by month and category (apartment, commerce, maison) for the past 12 months, among other details. 

Properties for sale

This panel is a robust tool offering actionable insights such as trends in property values over time, categorization of properties, average time on the market for various property types, geographical analysis, agent performance metrics, customer demographics, and market trends. For instance, it facilitates comparative analyses with historical data to pinpoint market shifts effectively.

Contacts with search criteria

This dashboard provides insights into the number of contacts searching under specific conditions and the percentage of contacts searching under those conditions relative to the total number of searching contacts.

Agent performance

Multi-Tenant Power BI delivers comprehensive insights into agent performance, including individual sales metrics, commission earned, and contributions to the overall sales landscape.

Visits with buyers

Within this panel, users can explore the count of visits involving a buyer (comparing total visits to those associated with a particular property), transaction statuses, and more. Additionally, users can filter the data using diverse criteria, including sub/category estate, agent name, office name, start date of meetings, and others.

Appointments with owners

Multi-Tenant Power BI unveils insights on appointments with owners, offering a holistic view of scheduling trends, appointment outcomes, and effective owner engagement strategies.


The owners' panel, categorized by origin and funnel status, allows access to valuable insights such as the count of contacts based on their origin, the count of contacts according to their funnel status, the average months it takes to acquire a contact (per agent), the average duration in the current funnel status, and more.


This panel revealed valuable insights from a buyer's perspective, showcasing trends in property preferences, demographic details, and buyer behaviour to enhance decision-making in the real estate market.

New leads

Multi-Tenant Power BI offers comprehensive insights from a New Leads perspective, unveiling trends, conversion rates, and source effectiveness to optimize lead acquisition and enhance strategic decision-making.

DATA ANALYTICS | Predictive Models
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DATA ANALYTICS | Predictive Models
  • DATA ANALYTICS | Predictive Models screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000

Predictive models for rental car prices (Bridgetech) | Data Analysis case study

  • Demand –Supply optimization
  • Cost Savings
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Good Communication and Customer Support
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Fraud Detection
  • Anomaly detection

Relying on a dataset of car hire pricing

Information from Australia we built predictive models that can forecast prices and the number of available cars at a given point in time.

The context

Our client (Bridgetech) decided to identify data-based insights regarding customers' predictive behavior for the car rental industry in response to heightened interest expressed by companies in data analytics and the growing reliance on data-driven decisions.

The opportunity

Through data analysis (predictive models), Bridgetech identified the opportunity to provide its clients with patterns, trends, and correlations for optimizing their processes, improving efficiency, and driving innovation.

The objective

With a dataset of car hire pricing information, we defined a specific data analysis objective for our client: to build predictive models that can forecast prices & the number of available cars at a given time.

4 predictive models | Technical highlights
The ability to predict car rental prices in Australia can be quite powerful for both insurance and car rental companies. 

That’s why we employed 4 time series models in order to predict what the future prices will be.

We trained the models on a subset of our data and tested them against known prices to determine based on statistical measures what is the most accurate model.

HORECA | Online shopping & marketing solution
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HORECA | Online shopping & marketing solution
  • HORECA | Online shopping & marketing solution screenshot 1
  • HORECA | Online shopping & marketing solution screenshot 2
$0 to $10000
4 weeks

Online shopping & marketing solution (desktop & mobile) | Mr. Crispy restaurant software

Category: Mobile App   eCommerce  Tourism & Hospitality

Technology: WooCommerce


During the pandemic, most businesses were forced to move their activity online in order to remain relevant. The management of Mr. Crispy, a brand that is part of an industry strongly affected by the pandemic, decided to adapt quickly to the context by implementing a solution that would be easy to use for both employees and customers.


For the client, we adapted the existing Horeka by Roweb solution (restaurant software), taking into account the specific needs of the business:

  • reflecting the vision of the franchise;

  • high volume of online sales;

  • direct and fast communication with clients;

  • customer loyalty starting from their consumption behavior and expectations;

  • tracking over defined periods of time (for example: monthly or weekly) of sales;

  • management of several remote locations.

Modules implemented for Mr. Crispy:

Dedicated website - Website dedicated to eCommerce, intuitive and dynamic, which allows promoting offers and taking orders.

Digital currency - Menu based on QR code or NFC tag for quick and safe access to the restaurant's products.

Manager application - Dedicated application that allows efficient management of activities from a single screen.

Ordering app - Smartphone application available on iOS and Android that allows placing orders online.

CRM - The platform that allows management to see the evolution of sales and extract information on what can be improved.

Delivery app - An application connected with that of the manager to instantly receive any new order that needs to be delivered.


- After 5 months of using the Horeka by Roweb solution (restaurant software), the number of orders increased by 111% and the total amount collected by 123%.

- The number of orders increased, on average, by 22%, and the value received, on average, by 23% every month.

ECOMMERCE | Custom development with Magento 2
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ECOMMERCE | Custom development with Magento 2
  • ECOMMERCE | Custom development with Magento 2 screenshot 1
  • ECOMMERCE | Custom development with Magento 2 screenshot 2
  • ECOMMERCE | Custom development with Magento 2 screenshot 3
Not Disclosed
45 weeks

Litera - Complete and intuitive purchase process based on Magento 2

eCommerce development for Litera, one of the largest publishing houses and online book sales platforms in the country

  • intuitive product filter system
  • custom-developed preorder system, campaign pages, subscriptions/product series
  • subsidiary brands integration, such as Litera Educational and (audiobooks & ebooks platform)
  • online platform optimized for mobile access

TECHNOLOGIES: Magento 2, ElasticSearch, CSS, HTML, Redis

Client’s needs & goals

The client wished for a scalable, cloud-hosted eCommerce solution with solid security features to meet their growing functionality demands. Faster load time during high-traffic events like Black Friday or the Christmas holidays was also on the to-do list.

The new requirements

Our development team started by replacing deprecated code while simultaneously delivering new functionalities requested by the business.

The solution

A key part of our collaboration with the Litera team included sessions for changing the existing codebase:

  • cloud optimization,
  • code refactoring,
  • platform updating.

Magento 2 is the ideal platform for this project because of its flexibility in achieving business objectives.

The main benefits of using Magento:

  • solid, secure architecture ensuring a user-friendly purchasing process;
  • structured new functionality development according to the business needs for growth and development;
  • support for customer loyalty and upselling strategies;
  • cloud infrastructure allowing efficient infrastructure scaling;
  • integration with other 3rd-party systems.

Features and functionalities:

The platform was designed with the client's needs in mind, providing an easy-to-use interface without compromising quality. To achieve this, we have implemented the following features:

HR | Chatbot development
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HR | Chatbot development
  • HR | Chatbot development screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
11 weeks

Chatbot development for nGAGE HR platform

  • improved communication (between employees, employees - management, employees - applicants);
  • faster access to relevant information only;
  • reduced time-consuming tasks;
  • decreasing costs for internal and external processes.

TECHNOLOGIES: Google Dialog Flow,, Framework7, KnockoutJS, ASP .NET API, Cordova, MSSQL

Chatbot development to simplify the communication at multi-user levels and reduce costs and resources across recruiting processes.

The context

The client - nGage - was using a dynamic platform (also developed by Roweb) for managing several HR activities (information for open positions, salaries, payments and invoices management, etc.). This solution integrates a communication module that our client's employees use more often to exchange messages with the applicants. For increasing the responsiveness time and maintain a positive image in the market, the client decided to extend this communication module.

The solution

This is the first chatbot solution our client had developed, and its main purpose is to simplify and improve communication between several types of users.

The app integrates a permanent menu from where the chatbot can be activated. Once the bot is on, the user - employee - can write and send his question - no matter how specific it is. The question is taken over by the bot and filtered with the NLP module, which will try to interpret its meaning.

Features and functionalities

  • multilevel communication (between employees, employees - management, employees - applicants);
  • permanent menu from where the chatbot can be activated;
  • NLP module for filtering and interpreting the requests;
  • dynamic search for new jobs;
  • direct chat option;
  • “send an e-mail” option;
  • “schedule a call” option;
  • UX/UI optimized interface;
  • push notifications;
  • chat contacts management.
CONSTRUCTION | Multilevel Industrial Software
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CONSTRUCTION | Multilevel Industrial Software
  • CONSTRUCTION | Multilevel Industrial Software screenshot 1
  • CONSTRUCTION | Multilevel Industrial Software screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

Multilevel Industrial Software Solutions for CapsLock (International)

  • digitalization of execution for industrial projects
  • all information in one place
  • designed for multiple users/ multiple activities’ types


Our Client

Capslock Industrial Service is a start-up that provides smart digital solutions for the Industrial Plant Construction Industry from 2019. The company’s main focus is to increase industrial projects’ efficiency through digitalization and innovation.


Based on the main pain-points identified by our client for the construction industries, we’ve designed a software concept able to provide full usability for multiple users types.

Level of users:

  • Managers
  • Project team members
  • Subcontractors
  • Clients
  • Custom roles created accordingly to the needs of the project

Along with the concept presentation, we also provided a punctual evaluation of the resources involved (dedicated team structure, allocated time, budget, etc.).

The delivered solution is a digital-plant project management application that allows activities like real-time communication, data and document transfers, staff and task management, resources calculation and management, subcontractor management, reporting, etc.

This solution's core goal is to gather everything in one place, automate and simplify the tasks, allow real-time tracking of the project's steps, and place valuable insights within reach.

Features and functionalities:

  • Line List Management;
  • Isometrics Management;
  • Warehouse;
  • Progress Reporting;
  • Welding Management;
  • As-Built Calculation;
  • Pressure Test Management;
  • TIE In Management;
  • Subcontractor Management;
  • Scaffolding Management;
  • Punch List;
  • Spool Management;
  • Task Manager;
  • Daily log, Hours recording.
FINANCE | Dedicated app for financing management
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FINANCE | Dedicated app for financing management
  • FINANCE | Dedicated app for financing management screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
40 weeks
Financial & Payments

Web App for Improved Performance on Multi-Party Financial Processes

Developing a dedicated web app (with focus on user experience - UX) that allows dynamic management for financial data (collection, storage, and synchronization) through an online module that is connected to an existing app.


Implementing a tech solution that allows:

  • online registration of guarantee requests by the financing institutions /banks;
  • a faster and simplified exchange of documents between the parties involved in the processes;
  • optimized workflows.


The platform allows users to:

  • enter the information related to the guarantee requests;
  • view warranty claims;
  • modify the information/data entered;
  • load / delete the documents related to a guarantee request.

Project highlights

  • FGCR constantly receives from the financing institutions a large volume of requests for obtaining guarantees.
  • Initially, the process of collecting /storing/synchronizing the transmitted data and documents was quite slow and time-consuming.
  • We’ve created a Web application for FGCR (developed in .NET C # with MVC pattern). This app allows users from the financial institutions to:
  • enter the information related to the guarantee requests;
  • view the warranty requests, to modify the information/data entered;
  • load / delete the documents related to a guarantee request.
  • The developed platform has fully responded to the client's needs and, currently, helps FGCR to increase his productivity and performance at
  • the level of processes carried out with third parties;
  • The benefits brought by the digital solution we’ve delivered determined the client to want further developments and optimizations.
  • Therefore, FGCR decided to extend the collaboration with Roweb by starting a second phase for this project.


ASP.NET WebForms, .NET Framework 4.6, Google reCAPTCHA, Microsoft ASP.Net Identity, BCrypt.Net-Next, Serilog, nClam, Dapper ORM, Twitter Bootstrap, Toastr.js

ENVIRONMENT | Advanced CMS System Development KBT
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ENVIRONMENT | Advanced CMS System Development KBT
  • ENVIRONMENT | Advanced CMS System Development KBT screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

We customized and implemented our own internally - developed Online Portal Solution. We provided KBT with a complete technical solution for their portal and we also created and upgraded their UI interface, web design and email templates' design.

Support for the legacy system & data migration

Optimized for high traffic

Advanced CMS System

SEO-friendly URLs, possibility to edit page names, titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords or edit alternative tags for images

  • Advanced template system
  • Powerful WYSIWYG visual content editor with drag and drop
  • Responsive design
  • Facebook and Twitter plugins
  • News module
  • Subscriptions
  • Google Search and Google Maps integration
  • Donations module integration through Sage Pay & PayPal
  • Shopping cart implementation
  • Google Search integration

CRM System

The CRM’s most important features include:

  • Categorizing and listing members as companies or people, with an advanced filtering system that facilitates quick searches by multiple criteria and data export in Excel format.
  • Detailed profile for each member, with privacy options, activity history, engagement details and other useful information
  • BI Dashboard with advanced reports, integration with Google Analytics and breakdowns like e-commerce reports, SEO reports etc.

Powerful E-commerce System

We implemented a powerful e-commerce system on the portal, enabling the organization to manage hundreds of products and get thousands of orders through the system.

We integrated the system with PayPal & Sage Pay payments systems through their APIs and we implemented a complex price system based.

Software development based on dedicated team model (ONGOING PROJECT) - WHISE CRM
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Software development based on dedicated team model (ONGOING PROJECT) - WHISE CRM
  • Software development based on dedicated team model (ONGOING PROJECT) - WHISE CRM screenshot 1
  • Software development based on dedicated team model (ONGOING PROJECT) - WHISE CRM screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Real Estate

Our longest-standing partnership (since 2004) based on dedicated team model:

Ongoing development project for providing flexible and modern real estate work environment for multiple countries/markets.

flexible solution - easy to adapt to different markets (countries)

  • migration from on-premise to cloud
  • mobile-first CRM app with specific features for the real estate industry


.NET 5 Web API, Nancy FX, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Memory cache, Redis, RabbitMQ, SignalR, Quartz.NET, Azure DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, ReactJS

Complete HR solution for nGAGE (ONGOING PROJECT)
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Complete HR solution for nGAGE (ONGOING PROJECT)
  • Complete HR solution for nGAGE (ONGOING PROJECT) screenshot 1
  • Complete HR solution for nGAGE (ONGOING PROJECT) screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Business Services


Optimizing the existing HR platform by implementing smart technologies that are able to

  • eliminate redundant and time-consuming activities (for all users types: recruiters, employees, candidates);
  • provide an optimized user experience through intuitive design, tools, and features.


VMS365 enables its users to manage the outsourcing process, communication & invoicing across three levels, involving multiple contractors, clients and cost centers.


The implemented solution improved the HR processes in terms of speed and efficiency, supporting the company in the rebranding process.

Tour Operator Management System for Tourpaq
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Tour Operator Management System for Tourpaq
  • Tour Operator Management System for Tourpaq screenshot 1
  • Tour Operator Management System for Tourpaq screenshot 2
  • Tour Operator Management System for Tourpaq screenshot 3
  • Tour Operator Management System for Tourpaq screenshot 4
  • Tour Operator Management System for Tourpaq screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Travel & Lifestyle


Tourpaq needed an up-to-date Tour Operator Management System that would enable the users to manage everything that has to do with their activity, from a single dashboard: pricing, offers, availability, online sales, invoicing, due payments, real-time reports, data visualisations, price control automation, marketing and integration with multiple third-party systems, such as GDS systems, insurance companies or SMS and email systems.


Tourpaq chose to work with us on this project after a series of meetings, during which the decisive factor was our ability to understand their specific problem and offer the most efficient solutions, as well as the technical proficiency of our software experts.

Their requirements came from a practical perspective and part of our tasks was to provide them with consultancy in mapping out the exact specifications for the project, based on their practical needs, to identify the best solutions to address them and to implement these solutions.

Our flexibility and agile development methodology played from the beginning a key part in the success of our collaboration.


  • a Software Architect
  • a Project Manager
  • a Database Specialist
  • a UX Designer
  • 2 UI / Web Developers
  • 6 .NET Developers

The project's main challenge was the complexity behind this type of booking system, as it needed to enable the efficient management of bookings, tickets, emails, finances, hotels, transportation, extra products, pricelists, customers and much more.

The solution is made up of several components, which enable the tour operators to manage all of their departments and fully automate processes.

For a Marketing Manager, the CMS system enables managing descriptions on all products sold, an integrated survey system ensuring an accurate feedback from customers, newsletter integration and automatic integration with portals such as Momondo, Travel Market, SkiSport or Facebook.

Top Management can perform simulations of sales and costs per departure, destination and much more. Dashboards are provided for a quick overview and fast status checks for multiple goals.

Brand Managers can easily control prices, make price adjustments or generate special offers, control sales, the view load factor for hotel beds and seats on the plane. Actionable data like detailed profit, cost and sales statistics are also available and are shown in a dashboard overview and the user can also enable alerts related to these metrics.

The application leverages a Layered Architecture which provides loose coupling between layers and high reusability accomplished by using agile design principles and patterns. It was developed using some of the latest and powerful available technologies: ASP.NET AJAX, Knockout, jQuery, Web API, WCF, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework and Telerik Rad Controls.

Integrated third-party services:

  • TravelPort uAPI to provide reservation of commercial airlines seats
  • AutoEurope API integration enables car rentals as part of a travel package
  • Paxport, Radixx, DAT and AirBerlin services are used to automatically send passenger lists to airlines, airport and in-flight companies' staff
  • Twilio Api is used to provide SMS integration that enables customer notifications
  • Gouda API and Europeiske API integration allows tour operators to sell travel insurances
  • Google Charts and Google Visualization API are used to generate various reports
  • High quality and fast development
  • Quick responses to support requests or new requirements
  • Flexibility in planning


  • High quality and fast development
  • Quick responses to support requests or new requirements
  • Flexibility in planning
Web & Mobile Application for Seatbelt - ONGOING PROJECT
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Web & Mobile Application for Seatbelt - ONGOING PROJECT
  • Web & Mobile Application for Seatbelt - ONGOING PROJECT screenshot 1
  • Web & Mobile Application for Seatbelt - ONGOING PROJECT screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Business Services

We developed a CRM Web app and a mobile app as well that helped our client surpass old problems and helped them grow their business.

TECHNOLOGIES: PHP, MySQL, Redis, Lumen, ReactJS, Docker, Google Maps API, RxJava, Retrofit, Firebase, Dagger2, Glide


Our client has a labor protection company from Romania that offers consultancy and periodical or on-demand safety inspections.

The client operated from multiple locations in Romania and faced some problems when it came to managing client information.

To manage client information, employees used tools such as Excel. Working with an outdated tool made communication between offices very difficult.

To fix this, the client worked with other companies and developed a suite of apps that in the end didn’t meet their demands.


The challenges they faced were:

  • They needed an application that would facilitate communication between HQ and field consultants through a single app.
  • Because of their previous unsuccessful experience they needed a trustworthy company that had experience in developing apps of this magnitude and complexity.
  • They needed a way to manage information both on the field and at the office.
  • Due to ever-changing work conditions, they needed an app that would allow future criteria additions.


We developed a new comprehensive CRM Web application that included all of the modules that the client required to run their business. The CRM worked on mobile for field consultants, and on desktops for office workers.

Apart from the Web application, we developed a Mobile Application that would serve the field consultants. After checking in at a location, this app would allow the field consultants to make an audit, check the status of an office, signal a problem and check RSVTI equipment such as lifts, cranes, forklifts and more. They would also receive push notifications to let them know when equipment is near to expiration or even expired, receive new tasks from their manager or even set reminders for future visits.

Platform modules:

  • RSVTI module – That would enable the client to see work and equipment authorizations.
  • Client mapping – Detailed information about all clients and work points on a map.
  • Task Management module – All employees and clients can create and manage tasks from within the platform.
  • Accountancy module – Allows access to all activities performed by either the users or consultants.
  • Accidents Module – Records all accidents that took place at work.
  • Reports Module – Offers reports graphs, lists, excel export on all activities.
  • Admin Module - Manages Users, Roles, Activities, Platform Templates.

We had one architect that also worked as Team Leader, one backend specialist and two frontend specialists. As a project management methodology, we used SCRUM.

Project Architecture

For this application we used an API based architecture:

  • Backend: Lumen Microframework for the API
  • Database: Eloquent ORM for efficient communication with MySQL
  • Frontend: SPA based architecture using ReactJS

For this mobile application we used:

  • Backend: Dagger2, RxJava2, Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide, Firebase Messaging, WorkManager
  • Frontend: Material Design

Client's Benefits

After our collaboration the client was able to:

  • Remove an outdated system
  • Correctly manage his projects from all over the country
  • Centralize information from all of the offices
  • Improve communication between offices

The communication was very good. Occasionally, timelines were pushed back because of other projects we had them working on. They were able to deliver everything we asked of them. The team was very accommodating.

Bogdan Neagu - Owner Seatbelt Consulting

The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing
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The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing
  • The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing screenshot 1
  • The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing screenshot 2
  • The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing screenshot 3
  • The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing screenshot 4
  • The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
1 week
Food & Beverages

Your online restaurant - The complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing

The solution offers:

Websites for online sales

Customer database (CRM)

Mobile App

0% commission / Installment payments, according to your needs / Solution delivery in only 7 days (after complete debriefing your business’ needs)

What can you get?

  • Eliminate associated costs with third-party delivery service providers.
  • Automatically receiving orders by the Mobile App, email & by directly printing them at the printer on your kitchen. You can receive orders from various clients at the same time and take them over faster than you may do via phone.
  • An eCommerce website with an unlimited number of products, optimized for mobile &search engines - SEO on-page (Meta-tags, Keywords, Url’s, Title Tags, etc.) generating a positive impact on how your business ranks on Google.
  • A Mobile App with real-time notification for every new order and a dynamic customer database (CRM) where you can manage the sales & the communication easier.
  • The opportunity to install the solution on as many devices as you want

Steps to get the solution:

Contact us- we install the solution - You set up the menu directly in the app / We configure the payment method

More on the solution

Websites for online sales

  • Modern and responsive design personalized with logo and brand colors.
  • A system for coupons and discounts.
  • On-page SEO optimizations ( Meta-tags, Keywords, Url’s, Title Tags, etc.)
  • Installing google analytics, google search console, Facebook microdata, and generating sitemap.xml
  • Unlimited number of products and associated images and the option to edit and modify the content from the admin panel.
  • Stats,reports
  • CTA: Call mobile – for phone ordering
  • SSL certificate install and free hosting
  • Real-time notification for every new order: instant orders printing, phone, and email notifications.
  • GDPR compliance

Mobile App based on CRM 

The orders are received in real-time, and clients’ data and communication with them are automatically managed.

  • How much do you know about your clients?
  • Do you know how much did a client spend on your restaurant until now?
  • Do you know when was his latest order and why didn’t he return to your restaurant?
  • Do you have a client segmentation system (VIP, regular, returning, new, lost opportunities)?
  • By using our Mobile App base on a CRM approach, you’ll have access to all the benefits above (and more).

Mobile App functionalities

  • the Mobile App automatically sends real-time notifications regarding new orders directly to the restaurant’s owner and employees;
  • you will get a faster synchronization of the restaurant’s activities and an easier orders management.

The customer database (CRM) will help you centralize, analyze, and manage your clients’ data safely and easily.

  • name, phone number, email;
  • current order;
  • orders' history;
  • total orders value (from the first interaction with the restaurant’s services);
  • days counter from the latest order to the present;
  • delivery address - this can be visualized directly on Google Maps and used by the delivery agent as a GPS navigation;
  • Customer category: new, returning, loyal.

Automated identification of a customer

  • This functionality allows instant identification of an existing customer on the database by using the phone number (from which he calls).
  • When a client calls to the restaurant, his profile page is automated displayed - name, phone number, recent orders, the total value of previous orders, etc.
  • By using this functionality, you will be able to instantly identify the most relevant information on the client you are going to interact with. More than that, you can contact the clients directly from the app, or localize on Google Maps the delivery addresses.

Clients’ feedback through QR code and NFC tag

  • The feedback is displayed in the App as a chart. By visualizing data this way, you can make informed decisions regarding the menu and the offered services to keep customer loyal.
  • The codes are placed on the Business Cards displayed by the menu and can be scanned with the phone.

The SMS marketing module

You can select clients based on specific criteria and send them text messages (SMS) with coupons and promotions to give them reasons to return on your restaurant’s offer.

The benefits of implementing a complete solution for your restaurant: Delivery, Sales & Marketing

  • You can sell online to all your customers with 0% commission.
  • Optimized selling process through detailed insights about your clients and their preferences.
  • Automated ordering process and communication with the clients and the employees.
  • The opportunity to promote your brand on short and long term.
  • You keep your restaurant opened, even in the most challenging contexts.
Mobile App Development for event rentals
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Mobile App Development for event rentals
  • Mobile App Development for event rentals screenshot 1
  • Mobile App Development for event rentals screenshot 2
  • Mobile App Development for event rentals screenshot 3
  • Mobile App Development for event rentals screenshot 4
  • Mobile App Development for event rentals screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
8 weeks

We built two native mobile apps for Blueprint Studios, a California-based event rentals company. Both the iOS and the Android app enable users to easily find everything they need for any special event and both apps tie in with the brand's visual identity.

Product Goal

The client tried having a different provider build the mobile apps, but they weren't able to deliver functional products that met the client's requirements, so we had to refactor the code and come up with the design for the applications.

Customers set up an account, search for what they need or browse the product categories, Get inspired, What's new, Collections by color or Designer Picks sections for inspirations, add products to their wishlist or cart as they browse, and when they've decided what they want, simply request a quote based on the content of their shopping cart.

Project Features

Both mobile apps are synced with the website, which means that regardless of where the users first set up their account and the platform or device through which they access it later, their activities, including their wishlists, will all be synchronized.

Blue Studios operate in multiple physical locations and the apps enable users to change stores and view the products that each has to offer. They can view the store locations displayed on a map and also contact each store via email or phone call from within the apps.

Users can log in with their email and password, or with their Facebook account, to save time, and the intuitive dashboard gives them a quick overview of all of the app's features:

What's new, Collections by color, Designer Picks, Wishlist, Shopping cart and Product categories. The shopping cart allows users to instantly import the content of their wish list and a search function helps them quickly find what they need. The sticky menu appears on every screen, making navigation easier and more intuitive.

Projects Stats

An Agile team with the right expertize completed the project in 2 months.

Our designer handled the concept for the applications. We had 2 mobile developers working on this project, one for the Android and one for the iOS app, refactoring the code and implementing the new design, and a third developer for the API, who improved the process and sped up the delivery. We used Agile project management, for an iterative, incremental process, which enabled us to easily adapt to our client's requests.


We developed the apps using the following technologies: iOS, Objective C, Android SDK, Java, PHP, SQLite, REST API; and tools: Android Studio for Android, XCode for iOS. Both apps benefit of social media integration, enabling users to sign in with their Facebook account.

For displaying and caching the images, we used a Picasso library, and, thanks to SQLite, we saved a part of the data locally in order to be easily accessed by users. The Android application also benefits from Material Design elements, for an optimal digital experience.

Benefits for the users of the app

  • Get inspired by the "Designer Picks".
  • Keep up to date with the latest decor and design in the "What's New" section.
  • "Collections by Color" - Browse a vast rental inventory, color-coded for your convenience.
  • Preview polished productions: the portfolio of "Weddings, Galas & Trade Shows."
  • "Floral Design, Printing & Graphics, Custom Fabrication" and more. An interactive app allows you to tailor your event with the swipe of your finger.
  • Set up a profile, make inquiries or start imagining a dream event with the "Wishlist" feature.
  • Easy navigation on the screens
  • Ability to import the Wish list into the Shopping cart

Benefits for our client:

  • Vastly improved design and user experience, in line with their e-commerce website and brand identity
  • Higher performance and speed
  • The applications are updated to the latest Android and iOS versions
  • We created the mobile design concept, to tie in with their identity while offering users a high-end experience
  • Expert consultancy from a designer and a UX specialist
  • Our extensive experience in the necessary technologies and in mobile design enabled us to succeed where the initial developers had failed
  • A one-stop-shop solutions: we had the know-how for both the Android and the iOS development, as well as for refactoring, so our client was able to have all of their problems solved by a single provider, instead of having to split the project between different providers and deal with the communication and maintenance difficulties that would have entailed
Software Solution for Tour Pperators- travel agencies & tourism services providers
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Software Solution for Tour Pperators- travel agencies & tourism services providers
  • Software Solution for Tour Pperators- travel agencies & tourism services providers screenshot 1
  • Software Solution for Tour Pperators- travel agencies & tourism services providers screenshot 2
  • Software Solution for Tour Pperators- travel agencies & tourism services providers screenshot 3
Not Disclosed
12 weeks
Travel & Lifestyle

Continuing our partnership, Tourpaq, decided to build an app entirely dedicated to end-users. The app offers real-time visitor information, details, updates, linked to the booking and ideas to inspire tourists to fully enjoy their holiday.

OUR CLIENT - Tourpaq is one of Roweb’s longest-standing clients with an ongoing collaboration that has lasted for over nine years.

Their solutions include data structure and SEO tools, finance management and payment monitoring tools, ticketing and credit management, automatic price optimisation tools and CRM and marketing solutions.

Our Solution

Based on our partnership and with clearly defined project requirements, the development process was a no-surprise one.

Guests can log in using the booking number and the password provided. Users can access available tabs in the app such as Booking, Guide, Destination and more. Booking info provides information about names and number of passengers, resort, hotel name, room types, arrival and departure airports, and timeline. Users can also check pictures, facilities and description of the hotel. The weather forecast and special features are also displayed. We developed the app for both Android and IOS using React Native. That reduced the development time to a total of 3 months instead of 6.

Our team was made up of 5 people.

1 Specialist for implementing the API

3Programming Specialists

1Project Manager


Users are now able to:

  • Check local information about sights, buildings, and more;
  • Book local trips in advance or on the spot;
  • Ask a tour guide any trip related questions, in real time;
  • Enjoy the freedom to fully plan their trips independently.


  • Reduced development time;
  • One team for both IOS and Android instead of 2 teams;
  • The same functionality on both platforms;
  • Easy maintenance for both apps;
  • Excellent communication based on trust and quick responses to support requests or new requirements;
  • Improved experience for tourists and increased extra-options purchases, which in turn increases agencies’ loyalty and attraction to TourPaq.
Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2
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Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2
  • Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2 screenshot 1
  • Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2 screenshot 2
  • Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2 screenshot 3
  • Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2 screenshot 4
  • Upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2 screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
16 weeks

Product Goal

In 2014, Teilor were having their website built on a proprietary platform that was limiting both in terms of e-commerce functionality and content management possibilities.

They decided to redesign their website to offer their customers the same high-class shopping experience as they would receive in-store.

WHAT THEY DO - A national chain of jewelry stores. An e-commerce site built for growth.

Teilor is Romanian-owned brand that started out locally and grew into a chain of 25+ stylish stores in 13 Romanian cities, while also catering to the needs of international customers through their online store.

We recommended Magento as the most suitable platform for their requirements, for its stability, extensibility and great out-of-the-box functionality.

Understanding e-commerce Business Needs

We provided consultancy in choosing the technical solutions to be used and determining their infrastructure and performance optimization needs while accommodating particular requests from their part. While migrating to Magento, we developed:

  • a reliable and scalable e-commerce solution with complex functionalities that would adapt to Teilor’ growing business requirements
  • a migration process from the old website to Magento, that avoids any negative impact in terms of SEO
  • automation of processes and integration with their ERP

Benefits of the New Website

  • Personalized responsive design, for an improved shopping experience on mobile phones and tablets
  • Multi-site, multi-language setup, with custom SEO-friendly English store URLs
  • Custom product catalog import procedures, importing the content from the previous website and preserving the authority in search engines
  • Automation of tasks (synchronization with Teilor' ERP, automatic prices updates based on multiple criteria like gold karat tier prices)
  • A dedicated hosting solution optimized for performance
  • Custom category pages, with smart product filters and mixed product attributes
  • Subtle and stylish animations, tooltips and visual effects
  • Tailor-made store locator functionality, mapping of the catalog products with the physical stores

Project Info

We went the extra mile to migrate their product catalog while still retaining their Google authority, by indexing thousands of links - some of them manually.

The client has permanent access to an expert team that quickly finds and implements the best solution to any issue that might arise.

Their online store was built using the most advanced technology on the market, at the best value for their budget.

Complete Team:

2 Developers

1 Project Manager

1 Designer


The initial project consisted in implementing Magento 1 e-commerce platform. In 2017 we migrated the platform to Magento 2 and created a beautiful custom designed responsive interface. The new website features custom blogs and news sections, tailor-made product filtering and a simplified checkout process.

We’re integrating with Odoo ERP (Former OpenERP) for automated product imports and orders exports.


We provided Teilor with consultancy on how to:

  • Improve their performance on search engines
  • Import and reuse their old product catalog and structure it better
  • Improve the users' shopping experience
  • Automate a series of administrative tasks such as price calculation and update
  • Obtain a dedicated hosting solution and optimize the website for it
Application to Facilitate the process of applying for visas
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Application to Facilitate the process of applying for visas
  • Application to Facilitate the process of applying for visas screenshot 1
  • Application to Facilitate the process of applying for visas screenshot 2
  • Application to Facilitate the process of applying for visas screenshot 3
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Information Technology

Product Goal - to facilitate the process of applying for visas

With a team of individuals with more than 25 years’ experience serving the diplomatic corps, the client was aware that consulates face increasing pressure to screen travelers before entry and are constrained by dwindling resources.

The scope of the application that the client had envisioned was to help both applicants and consulates, by enabling a remote and much faster application process and making applicant engagement more secure.

The idea was to combine multi-channel, applicant engagement features and “score” an application before “judgment” by the consular corps.

The client had heard of Romania’s reputation as a convenient outsourcing destination, with several providers that develop high-quality software for affordable rates, and decided to narrow down his search to our country. After screening multiple software development companies, he chose to work with us thanks to our mobile development experience and machine learning capabilities.

Initial Request

iPad prototype application that would use Optical Character Recognition to scan the machine-readable zone within a photo of the applicant’s passport.

The application would collect the passport information, such as first and last name, birth date, country, passport number, and fill them out into the appropriate spaces of the visa application forms.

The client needed the proof of concept (PoC) of the mobile app to present the idea to potential customer consulates. As the client was satisfied with the PoC, he decided to continue collaborating with Roweb on implementing the end product as well as several related products and services.

Solution: Two interfaces:



  • Get the data from the captured image of the passport using an OCR and image processing algorithms

  • Pre-fill the email address of the user with the email used to create the account

  • Autocomplete for addresses: countries and states

  • Appointment for the interview directly on the app/website

  • The synchronization between the app and the website

  • Notify the user about the passport expiration date with 6 months in advance

  • Offline support



  • Summary of the application

  • Location tracking of the applicant

  • If the applicant works for a UK company the system is checking if that company exists or not

  • The system checks the flight reservation number

  • Address validation using Google maps

    The most challenging aspect that we managed to overcome during implementation was performing OCR in various light conditions, from under-exposed to over-exposed passport details.

    Problems stemmed from the fact that some of the mobile devices used for photographing the users’ passports were not equipped with flash options and the photos were low – resolution.

    The image processing algorithms that we wrote in C++ successfully eliminated the noise in the images.

The main technologies involved in implementing the mobile application for scanning passports were:

  • iOS with C and Objective-C - for the iPad application

  • Android SDK with C and Java – for the Android application

  • C++ - to write an image processing algorithm for the application

  • Tesseract OCR - one of the most popular open-source optical character recognition (OCR) libraries, to read the information in the photos

  • The machine learning algorithm interprets the information in the photos and fills out the application form with the data corresponding to each field

  • OpenCV - one of the most popular libraries for computer vision tasks, was used for both mobile apps

  • The API – to validate the companies that the applicants claimed to work for

  • For developing the Applicant & Manager websites: ASP.NET with MVC, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, Bootstrap and jQuery. The presentation website was built on WordPress. Additionally, integration with Google Maps facilitates the validation of some of the information that the users entered in their visa application, such as their current and future address and the address of their employer.

  • Client’s benefits from working with us:

  • Access to machine learning expertise, which is generally very hard to find, especially in Romania

  • Access to a dedicated team of senior mobile developers, with 5+ years’ experience in iOS and Android

  • Timely deliveries: the first release was ready a month earlier than the client expected

  • Excellent communication skills and flexibility

Multi-Level Invoicing & Talent Management for Non-Permanent Recruitment
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Multi-Level Invoicing & Talent Management for Non-Permanent Recruitment
  • Multi-Level Invoicing & Talent Management for Non-Permanent Recruitment screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
52 weeks


nGAGE needed an enterprise application that would facilitate multi-level invoicing and talent management for non-permanent recruitment. VMS365 enables its users to manage the outsourcing process, communication and invoicing across three levels, involving multiple contractors, clients and cost centers.


nGAGE was considering changing suppliers in order to optimize the VMS tool's performance and user interface, and upgrade the technology behind it, for faster and easier maintenance. Gauge recommended us, as they knew from our previous collaborations that we were up to the task.

We took over the project after only two days of knowledge transfer and began to optimize the application, which hadn't been designed for speed and performance on a high data volume.


We optimized the software and completely changed the user interface, in terms of design and ease of use. The main challenge was the high volume of legacy code that needed to be changed, but in the end, we created a fast, high performing and easy to maintain vendor management system.

We suggested and implemented the best technical solutions for the features and functionalities that nGAGE requested:

  • candidates' profiles management
  • message board
  • jobs' submissions, approvals, outsourcing status, locations, and rates
  • placements' status, starting and ending dates
  • timesheets, time logs, and approvals
  • invoices - payment info, no. of hours, rates, expenses, shifts and approvals

    The technology upgrade involved:

  • jQuery
  • SQL Reporting
  • SQL Server
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX
  • WebAPI
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Knockout
  • RabbitMq
  • ElasticSearch
  • We've worked on this project for a year and it's still an ongoing collaboration. The project team we provide consists of:

  • 1 PM
  • Between 3 and 8 back-end developers and front-end developers (depending on the time frame)
  • 1 mobile developer
  • high-level expertise across multiple technologies
  • timely responses and efficient communication
  • great quality - cost ratio
Customer Relationship Management software - Whise
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Customer Relationship Management software - Whise
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 1
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 2
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 3
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 4
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 5
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 6
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 7
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 8
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 9
  • Customer Relationship Management software - Whise screenshot 10
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Real Estate


Our client needed to replace a desktop solution for real estate companies with a web-based and mobile-first solution while migrating all of the data.

Our client is a leading software company from Belgium, focused on real estate and our collaboration with them started in 2004, making it our longest standing partnership.

The company's main product is a Customer Relationship Management software, designed for the real estate sector, that we built for them and continued to improve through an ongoing development process, where together with the client we discuss workflows, do the necessary planning, identify ways to improve processes and add useful features.

The client needed to upgrade the application and have it built mobile-first in order to be able to access other markets outside of Belgium, particularly in Romania. At the same time, they needed to seamlessly migrate approximately 600 Belgian real estate companies in their existing user database into the new application.


Compared to the old version, the current CRM is completely web-based and can be easily be accessed from any device. It runs perfectly on devices with either Android or iOS, enabling the end-users - real estate agents- to save money and time and to have complete control over their work on the go.  

CHALLENGE - Mobile First Design

The new application is adapted and optimized for any Android or iOS mobile device and also allows real-time notifications, making sure that the real estate agents are always up to date with any requests from their clients.

Complete Project Team

1 UX Designer

3 Front-End

6 Back-End

1 Project Manager

The client requested a complete project team, including backend developers, front-end developers, designers, and a UX specialist.


Technology stack for backend (C#)


Caching: Memory cache, Redis

Messaging: RabbitMQ, SignalR

Monitoring: PRTG

Deployment: Octopus

Task/Scheduling: Quartz.NET

Technology stack front-end (Javascript / HTML5):

HTML5, Bootstrap

TypeScript, KnockoutJS, jQuery,

lodash, Moment

FullCalendar, eCharts, Google Places API,

Bootstrap Table, Handlebars,

Leaflet, PNotify, Select2, SweetAlert

Estate list design

This module enables real estate agencies to manage all of the properties in their portfolio. The main features in this module are:

Property database that allows automatically exporting properties to the agency's website as well as national real estate advertising portals

Complete property history, with every related event, client visit, phone calls, adverts and brochures

Action button for emailing an offer's details to its owner or to a client

Action button for adding events to the calendar

Report for the property owner, containing the complete transaction history

Activity plan that the real estate agent can customize for each particular estate

Tools to automatically and manually match offers with searches

Email module

An integrated email client uses an IMAP protocol to record and update the customer information in the WHISE CRM database with any change. All emails are automatically saved in the client's record thanks to this dynamic connection.

The module allows users to add calendar events, view conversation histories for each of their contacts, across multiple email threads, as well as filter emails based on various attributes or print them.


For some of the application's sections, at first, we created wireframes and discussed them with the client, before continuing the design and implementation.


The Business Intelligence dashboard displays:

24-hour overview of the number of contracts imported from web portals, the company's website, automatically matched contracts, manually matched contracts, number of sent emails and number of created documents.

New contracts' overview - the total number as well the numbers for various time spans (last week, month or year)

Contact Sources - to help agencies identify which sales and marketing channels are most effective.

Contacts that haven't been treated yet- leads that require attention.

Benefits for the end-users

Complete mobility - access to WHISE CRM on Android and iOS

Dynamic connection between WHISE CRM and the agency's website

Option to have a mobile-responsive and SEO-optimised website developed by our team

Increased online visibility leading to more successful transactions

Dedicated tools for enabling exclusive representation

Constant access to notifications, emails, planning tool and follow-up

Client's benefits from working with us:

Our extensive experience in developing complex web solutions and a high level of professionalism ensured that deliveries were made on time

Best value for the client's budget

High flexibility and fast response time for specific requests

A wide variety of experts including designers, database developers, back-end and front-end developers

Support and seamless transition from the client's old platform to the new one

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Sorin-Stefan Ungureanu


Rating Breakdown

  • Quality
  • Schedule & Timing
  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

In Progress
Business Services

Review Summary

I took over the projects with Roweb in 2019, when they were already underway. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the guys are working on the project with enthusiasm and it was very easy for them to introduce me to the project as a partner, to show me everything they have done and are going to do, to explain to me what they need from me for to complete the work.
Throughout the collaboration, they were very flexible, considering the fact that Seatbelt's needs are constantly changing and many times we had to put some projects on hold in order to realize others. They understood very well the Seatbelt way of doing things and have adapted so that they are permanently open to course changes.
Considering the fact that I am a demanding, demanding customer, I could say, they did a great job and were always with us, even with new ideas for creating platforms that met Seatbelt's needs.
I am glad to have them as partners and I am convinced that things will go just as well in the future.

What was the project name that you have worked with Roweb Development?

E-learning and Management Platforms

What service was provided as part of the project?

Mobile App Development, Web Development, Software Development

Describe your project in brief

We develop with Roweb 2 platforms (E-learning and Management) and 1 mobile application for internal and external use.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

I was impressed by their involvement in the project and the way they looked for solutions for our requests which, sometimes, are not the simplest.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

I don't know what I could write here, I am satisfied with the collaboration.

Brad Hurley

Top quality off-shore staff

Rating Breakdown

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  • Schedule & Timing
  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

$50001 to $200000

Review Summary

Roweb has been providing me with talented resources for the past 4-5 years, and I plan to continue my relationship. The staff I've worked with have excellent technical skills, but more important have a "can do" attitude and good communication skills to overcome the 7 hour time zone shift. I've worked with some senior developers who have been able to take less-defined specifications and are able to understand the right way to proceed. The management team has been responsive to my needs whenever any issues arise.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Software Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Good soft skills on the part of the developers

Adrian Claudiu Siloși

Qualitative work

Rating Breakdown

  • Quality
  • Schedule & Timing
  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

$10001 to $50000

Review Summary

I am glad to recommend Roweb because, as it is said in their description, they are indeed flexible with different approaches of the same project and we also had support from the project manager since the beginning. They came with good ideas in every step of the process for us.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Software Development, Web Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Continuous support and good ideas, tips from them

Gemma Walton

Developers that you should work with

Rating Breakdown

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  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Review Summary

Having worked with RoWeb for over six years developing our in-house technology, I can thoroughly recommend them as a reliable, capable and results driven business to work with. Together our companies have grown to improve our development cycle, reduce our dev and testing time, refine specification design and deliver a high quality product to over 35,000 end users. In our time together we have designed and built 6 proprietary technologies and multiple mobile apps that have gone from MVPs to high quality consumer products

What service was provided as part of the project?

Mobile App Development, Software Development, App Designing (UI/UX)

Fabrice PETIT

Excellent work with great team

Rating Breakdown

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  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

$0 to $10000

Review Summary

Very good experience with Roweb, they are very responsive, and flexible in the development of the applications. We work with them on several project and all of them went fine.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Mobile App Development, Web Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Reactivity and capacity to work on several projects

Andrei Vornicu


Rating Breakdown

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  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

$10001 to $50000

Review Summary

We have a great experience with RoWeb , we are collaborating with them on different projects. They have a very good knowledge of industry related tools and skilled people who can use them and help us in the fastest and best way possible.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Web Development, Web Designing (UI/UX), E-commerce Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

their knowledge / availability / very fast solving of issues / support , etc...

Darren Thorley

Great App and Web developers

Rating Breakdown

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  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

$10001 to $50000

Review Summary

A great team to work with. They have looked after us really well on several projects now and their support after Go Live is fantastic.

What service was provided as part of the project?

App Designing (UI/UX), Web Designing (UI/UX), Web Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Easy to work with and fast responses to any communications.