Pre-employment Testing Software

Explore the list of the best pre-employment testing software and implement to make the right hiring decisions.

Pre-employment assessment is critical to the recruitment process. Hiring the wrong candidate and creating a wrong fit is a waste of time and money for any company. Testing candidates before hiring them can streamline the recruitment process and can get the right talent for a particular position and workplace. The top Pre-employment testing Software can help the companies and HR departments evaluate candidates efficiently and make smart hiring decisions.

What Is Pre-Employment Testing Software?

Pre-employment testing software allows HR departments to intricately evaluate the candidates based on their skills, qualifications, aptitude, and personality. It also helps testing candidates based on soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and self-motivation capabilities. The pre-employment skill testing software also allows you to customize tests based on your industry or the job positions you are looking for. Using a pre-employment testing tool, you can generate test results that help you compare the candidates and choose the best among them. There are many advanced pre-employment assessment tools available that integrate with applicant tracking systems, making the entire recruitment process quick, easy, and cost-effective. To be precise, a pre-employment software enables you to -

  • Conduct personalized evaluation tests for the candidates
  • Compare, sort, and analyze the results of the candidates
  • Select talented candidates based on the qualifications and skills required
  • Ease the recruitment process of the selected candidates

How to Select the Best Pre-Employment Testing Software?

Selecting the pre-employment software can become difficult, especially when there are so many options available and each one seems to be the ideal one. To ease your selection process, GoodFirms’ experts have curated the list of the best pre-employment testing software leading in terms of technology and functionality. With the easy-to-use filters, you can quickly narrow down the pre-employment testing tools that perfectly fits your business needs. The software included also has reviews from genuine users.

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List of The Best Pre Employment Skill Testing Software

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List of The Best Pre Employment Skill Testing Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Purpose of Using a Pre-employment Testing Software?

    Pre-employment testing is a significant part of the recruitment process. There are various ways tests need to be conducted to check the candidates' personality, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and general knowledge. Pre-employment testing software can help in conducting these tests and evaluating candidates quickly & accurately. The manual methods used for conducting these tests can increase the chances of errors and delays in selecting the candidates. Slow hiring processes can drive away real talent, and wrong selection can result in loss of productivity and impact the overall business organization's working culture. Thus, it becomes vital to use the best pre-employment testing software to accelerate your hiring process and empower your business with efficient & skilled human resources.

  • Who Can Benefit from Pre-employment Software?

    A pre-employment software benefits the recruiters and hiring managers in conducting different tests to analyze the candidates accurately and make smart hiring decisions. Hiring the right candidates eventually helps business organizations to deliver excellent products and services to their clients and grow their business.

  • What Are the Key Functions of a Pre-employment Software?

    Candidate Management

    The pre-employment software stores the complete information about candidates appearing for the pre-employment tests or likely to do so in the future. The pre-employment software provides clear visibility over the candidates' journey throughout the recruitment process.

    Customized Templates

    The pre-employment software includes customizable templates for designing pre-employment tests. Using the templates, you can easily create screening tests with questions relevant to your type of business and job positions. 

    Library of Questions

    Besides templates, the pre-employment software also includes the library of questions you can include in your questionnaires. You just need to select the in-built library's questions relevant to the evaluation tests you need to conduct and prepare the questionnaire.

    Online Tests

    The pre-employment software allows conducting online tests so that the candidates can appear for those tests from any remote location using internet-enabled devices.

    Candidate Ranking

    After the tests are complete, the pre-employment software can automate the process of ranking the candidates and displays the results so that you can quickly compare the candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

    Talent Pool

    In case a candidate has not passed a certain test required for a particular job position but can qualify in the future of other job vacancies, you can store their information in the talent pool until a suitable requirement arises.

    Analytical Reports

    The pre-employment software can generate analytical reports that provide real-time figures about the candidates hired and rejected. It also shows the time and money spent in screening each candidate, allowing you to make improvements accordingly.

  • How Should I Find the Best Pre-employment Testing Software?

    The pre-employment testing software you choose should -

    • Allow customization and create questions as per your requirements
    • Include multiple pre-employment testing methods
    • Provide uninterrupted user-experience
    • Integrate with your applicant tracking system and HRMS
    • Be compatible with your technical infrastructure and resources

    Further, by going through the list of the best pre-employment testing software curated by GoodFirms’ experts you can make the right selection. Here, you would find in-depth details, prices, and authentic reviews about each pre-employment software, all in one place, helping you to make quick and smart purchasing decisions.

  • Are There Any Free Pre-employment Testing Software Available?

    Yes, there are free pre-employment testing solutions available like Test Invite, Lytmus, Toggl Hire to name a few. GoodFirms list of best pre-employment testing will help you hunt for more in this category. You can consider after checking the features they provide and select the one as per your requirements for pre-employment evaluation. 

  • Can I Test a Pre-Employment Software Before Purchasing It?

    Many pre-employment testing software like DoSelect, Evaluate, and many more provide a free trial for a certain period or a free demo, allowing you to check every aspect before purchasing it.

    We hope that this FAQ section has answered all your queries relating to pre-employment testing software; in case of any more questions, just get in touch with us.