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Want to upgrade your HR team with the latest recruitment software in the market? If yes, GoodFirms creates a list of some of the foremost Recruiting Software to empower companies with an efficient recruiting process. With features for Job Posting to Application Screening, modern recruitment tools are paired with machine learning to aid HR executives to judge the applicants better. Also, these recruitment management software tools help to create and analyze a pool of data from multiple sources like social media, professional platforms, online learning platforms, research works, etc, which is necessary to authenticate the applicant's claim. With over a ton of recruiter software available, check out GoodFirms' list of recruiting software for better services:

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List of the Best Recruiting Software with Reviews

  • BrightHR

    Our HR software lets you manage everything HR related in one secure and easy-to-use digital platform
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    BrightHR is on a mission: to transform people management for businesses by providing innovative HR and health & safety software, giving employers all the tools and support they need to manage and grow their business. Our HR software lets employers manage all their HR and health & safety needs in one place, from their desktop and via mobile apps. From handling everyday HR tasks like logging si ... read more about BrightHR

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    20% in Recruiting Software
  • Sage HR

    Create amazing work-life experiences for your people
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    Sage HR improves how you engage, retain and get the very best out of your people. Easily manage all HR processes in one place, from anywhere, with instant access to schedules, payslips and more. Sage HR is an HR software company that streamlines human resource management for customers in over 1,200 cities worldwide. ... read more about Sage HR

    $5.5 Per Month
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    20% in Recruiting Software
  • Recruit CRM

    Best Applicant Tracking System & Recruitment Software Solution
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    Recruit CRM builds a cloud-based applicant tracking system and recruitment software for the Global Recruitment & Staffing Industry. We are on a mission to help recruitment firms grow faster with cutting edge technology. Recruit CRM helps recruiters do everything from sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, Sending Emails, Setting Up Interviews, Reminders, Collecting Updated CV's & even collecting feedbac ... read more about Recruit CRM

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    50% in Recruiting Software

    Best Recruitment & Applicant Tracking Software
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    We have been in the personnel business for over 8 years and we have mediated over 20 thousand job contracts all over Europe. Our clients are companies that are looking for high quality people and recruiters who need to manage HR effectively with sophisticated tools. We provide efficient tools and tailor them to our client’s needs. Our mission is to bring teams together and enable HR professional ... read more about RECRU

    $39 Per Month
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    33% in Recruiting Software
  • Eddy

    All-in-One HR Software for Local Businesses
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    Eddy is the all-in-one HR software built to help local businesses efficiently manage their people, payroll, and HR processes. With Eddy, you can hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees with one easy-to-use software. No headache is required. Hiring: Post jobs, track candidates and streamline your recruiting process with our powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Onboarding: Create memorable fi ... read more about Eddy

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    15% in Recruiting Software
  • JobArch

    Recruiting software for small business
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    JobArch's primary features is Applicant Tracking System that ranks candidates according to their compatibility with the search, even when the resume and the job offer are written in a different language. It's based on an Artificial Intelligence created exclusively for the world of HR, which enables to read professional experiences contained in resumes and compare them with the skills required in ... read more about JobArch

    $20 Per Month
    30 Days
    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Metahire

    Better Hiring Decisions with Data Driven Insights
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    Metahire is the collaborative recruiting software that provides a comprehensive solution allowing HR teams to collaborate with the rest of the firm to hire more effectively. Metahire offers a suite of automated tools that help enterprises to engage, recruit, and grow the appropriate people in a quick and fundamentally less biased manner, based on years of data insights supported by I/O psychology ... read more about Metahire

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    100% in Recruiting Software
  • Zoho Recruit

    Talent Acquisition System - Faster hires, better hiring
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    Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one recruiting software that helps businesses find, attract, and hire the best talent. It offers many features, including job posting, applicant tracking, and interview management. Zoho Recruit is also constantly innovating. It recently released a new feature called AI Recruitment, which uses artificial intelligence to help businesses automate their hiring process and mak ... read more about Zoho Recruit

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  • SmartRecruiters

    Enterprise-Grade Recruiting Software.
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    Move beyond applicant tracking systems with recruiting software designed for the modern workforce. SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite provides everything you need to attract, select, and hire great talent. SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations to make the best hires. It has complete functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiri ... read more about SmartRecruiters

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Workable

    Find, track and hire talent.
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    Workable is a recruiting software that helps businesses make better hiring decisions. It offers a variety of features, including candidate assessments, reference checks, and automated decision-making tools. Workable also helps businesses collect and analyze data about their applicants, which can be used to identify the best candidates for the job. Workable recently released a new feature called Wo ... read more about Workable

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Jobvite

    The First and Only Candidate-Centric Recruiting Platform.
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    Jobvite is robust recruiting software that delivers predictable hiring outcomes, creates exceptional experiences & increases recruiting capacity at scale from a single talent acquisition suite. Jobvite is the right partner to drive results for your company. The Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite is an end-to-end solution that integrates into your company’s existing tech stack to enhance the candida ... read more about Jobvite

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Lever Hire

    The collaborative recruiting platform.
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    Lever is a recruiting software that helps businesses build a world-class recruiting team. It offers many features, including job posting, applicant tracking, and interview management. Lever is also constantly innovating and recently released a new feature called Lever Smart Search, which uses artificial intelligence to help businesses find the best candidates for their open roles. It also offers s ... read more about Lever Hire

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Bullhorn

    Staffing and Recruiting Software That Puts People to Work
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    Bullhorn is the fastest recruiting software in the market that captures automatic data & brings natural It allows you to build and maintain relationships with large pools of candidates and effectively manage the entire recruitment process. Using Bullhorn, your firm can eliminate manual data input and save essential time while engaging with candidates. Our leading systems, however, take a step furt ... read more about Bullhorn

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    34% in Recruiting Software
  • iCIMS Recruit

    Get Growing with the Right Approach to Talent Acquisition.
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    iCIMS Recruit is a leading enterprise recruiting software that empowers recruit and retain talent with the best-in-class hiring platform designed to supercharge efficiency, cut recruiting costs and exceed candidate expectations. iCIMS Talent Cloud uses AI embedded throughout to deliver precision guidance, recommendations and insight across the entire talent acquisition and mobility lifecycle. From ... read more about iCIMS Recruit

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Breezy HR

    Modernize Your Recruiting Process.
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    Breezy HR is modern recruiting software that helps from advertising jobs to making offers, getting everything you need to attract and hire better employees in less time. Over 17,000 companies of every shape and size have chosen Breezy HR to automate repetitive hiring tasks so they can spend more time engaging with a diverse set of high-quality candidates. Whether you need to run a background check ... read more about Breezy HR

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • peopleHum

    An HRMS to help teams with all their HR activities from hire to retire
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    peopleHum is a human resource and talent management platform that leverages predictive and AI technologies to help HR teams with recruitment, employee engagement, and performance management. The platform is the brainchild of Coviam Technologies, a technology company based in India. peopleHum is focused on enabling management teams in catering to the unique needs of the millennial generation. The ... read more about peopleHum

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    40% in Recruiting Software
  • Recruiterflow

    Modern Applicant Tracking Software for Recruiting and Staffing Agencies
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    Recruiterflow is a cloud-based recruiting software that helps businesses hire the right people faster. It offers a variety of features, including automated job posting, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling. Recruiterflow also strongly focuses on collaboration and offers features such as team chat and shared candidate files. Recruiterflow recently released a new feature called Recruiterflow ... read more about Recruiterflow

    $99 Per Month
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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • JobDiva

    The Worlds Top Recruiting Software
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    JobDiva has been designed by the staffing industry's leading business minds to drive growth. By combining candidate searching, candidate matching, Customer Relations Management, a career portal, reporting, VMS synchronization and more, JobDiva can transform staffing's unique challenges into opportunities. JobDiva offers more patent-protected features than any other solution on the market - includi ... read more about JobDiva

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Vultus Recruit

    Best Applicant Tracking System
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    Vultus Recruit is the most affordable cloud-based applicant tracking system and recruitment solution that allows you to discover talent, connect with human resources and find your most appropriate Recruit. Top features include streamlined job management, smart resume search, stress-free candidate sourcing, unlimited mass mailing, pipeline tracking, essential integrations, easy-to-use CRM, and grow ... read more about Vultus Recruit

    $8 Per Month
    14 Days
    25% in Recruiting Software
  • Greenhouse

    Make recruiting your competitive advantage.
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    Greenhouse Recruiting is a cloud-based recruiting software that helps businesses build a strong employer brand. It offers a variety of features, including branded career pages, social media integration, and candidate engagement tools. Greenhouse Recruiting also helps businesses collect and analyze data about their applicants, which can be used to improve their recruiting strategies. Greenhouse Rec ... read more about Greenhouse

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Pitch N Hire

    The All-In-One Hiring OS Built For Startups and SMBs
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    Pitch N Hire is a cutting-edge recruiting platform that harnesses the power of AI to help organizations find the best candidates for their open positions. It is designed to streamline the recruitment process, saving organizations time and money while delivering better results. Additionally, it utilizes advanced algorithms to match job seekers with open positions based on their skills, experience, ... read more about Pitch N Hire

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    100% in Recruiting Software
  • Manatal

    Transform the way you recruit.
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    Manatal is the leading AI Recruiting software designed to source and hire candidates faster. Manatal recently released a new feature called Manatal Engage, which helps businesses engage with candidates and build relationships before they start looking for a new job. This feature can help businesses attract top talent and fill open roles faster. One specialty of Manatal is its ability to help busin ... read more about Manatal

    $15 Per Month
    14 Days
    50% in Recruiting Software
  • JazzHR

    Recruit better. Hire Faster.
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    JazzHRs is an award-winning recruiting software that promotes your own with custom branding options. JazzHR’s job board capabilities will help you manage your candidate pool and source from top channels with a single click. JazzHR recently released a new feature called Candidate Journey Analytics, which provides businesses with insights into how candidates are interacting with their hiring proce ... read more about JazzHR

    $49 Per Month
    50% in Recruiting Software
  • Oorwin

    Sales CRM tailored for staffing and consulting businesses.
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    Oorwin, a San Francisco based SaaS platform offers a diverse suite of products across Recruitment, Sales, and HR to foster productivity and growth for staffing agencies and consulting companies. Built upon nearly a decade of research and experience, Oorwin is poised to change the traditional practices of hiring, sales, and customer experience with its ease of use and simplicity. Oorwin is a unique ... read more about Oorwin

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    25% in Recruiting Software
  • LinesPay

    Convenient People Management
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    LinesPay is a web-based, comprehensive, and flexible human resources and payroll management software in Bangladesh. It replaces paper-based, time-consuming, and error-prone manual HR/Payroll methods with user- a friendly interface. The software can be customized as per client needs and offers end-to-end integration of HR functions with payroll and Service Modules to manage employee profiles, benef ... read more about LinesPay

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    30% in Recruiting Software
  • Workday HCM

    An HCM system that adapts to what comes next.
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    Workday HCM was founded on a disruptive idea: to put people at the center of enterprise software. Now, over a decade later, we still deliver on that idea every day. Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions and help us enjoy our time at work. Sounds so simple, but too often companies get caught up in politics, ivory-tower attitudes, and market mania instead of focusing ... read more about Workday HCM

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    20% in Recruiting Software
  • VidCruiter

    Empower your Candidates and HR team with VidCruiter
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    VidCruiter makes your job easier. Our HR tech software significantly reduces time-to-hire and helps you find better qualified applicants all while improving the candidate experience. We use Recruitment Process Modelling to digitize and customize the workflow so it mirrors your existing recruiting process—then enhances it. You’ll be online in no time. Hey, we get it: hiring is hard. But VidCrui ... read more about VidCruiter

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • ELMO

    Looking for an integrated HR & payroll solution
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    ELMO offers a comprehensive suite of cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance software solutions that can be configured however your organisation requires, and these are available within a single dashboard and single user interface. We can help your organisation streamline your HR & payroll processes to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce costs. ... read more about ELMO

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    33% in Recruiting Software
  • SAP SuccessFactors

    Keep up by starting a #HumanRevolution – with HR at its core.
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    We've tailored the SuccessFactors HR software bundle specifically for the talent management needs of businesses or divisions with fewer than 500 employees. With SuccessFactors HCM, you can automate your people processes, improve visibility and efficiency, and transform your business turning strategy into execution every day. Since the software deploys in the cloud, its easy to set up and offers bu ... read more about SAP SuccessFactors

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    33% in Recruiting Software
  • Pocket HRMS

    Empowering Businesses with smHRt solutions
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    Our vision behind creating Pocket HRMS and HR bot is to declutter your HR department and make it more friendly, welcoming and efficient. Simply put, our motto behind developing Pocket HRMS is “people first”. We have always witnessed that every successful business puts its employees first. We have an understanding of this apparent fact. We believe that most elements for any business and the ... read more about Pocket HRMS

    $30 Per Month
    15 Days
    10% in Recruiting Software
  • TestGorilla

    Top talent is priceless. We make finding it affordable.
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    TestGorilla provides you with the best pre-employment testing tools to screen your candidates so you can make better hiring decisions faster. Using multiple test types in an assessment gives the best predictive value, and we have a growing test library of 150+ tests including cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, culture fit tests, language tests, and ... read more about TestGorilla

    $21.17 Per Month
    25% in Recruiting Software
  • iSmartRecruit

    Your smart recruiting partner
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    Award-winning Recruitment CRM and ATS Software have a presence in 60+ countries worldwide. The system contains various modules, including sourcing, screening, ATS, reporting, analytics etc. Also, the system has various advanced features of Artificial Intelligence, which can simplify the work of recruiters and hiring managers to a great extent. For more information, you can write to us at sales@ism ... read more about iSmartRecruit

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    29% in Recruiting Software
  • employAstar

    employAstar- Cloud based recruitment solution
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    employAstar which is a cloud-based recruiting platform powered by salesforce helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments to manage their end to end activities in hiring process. We have 30+ powerful features with 5 Modules. 1) Applicant Tracking System 2) HRMS 3) CRM 4) Vendor Management System 5) Billing and Invoice Software ... read more about employAstar

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    50% in Recruiting Software
  • TargetX Recruitment Suite

    Increase Enrollment of Best-Fit Students with TargetX Recruitment Suite
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    The TargetX Recruitment Suite empowers admissions teams to build stronger relationships with prospects by leveraging best-of-breed communication tools that automatically track student engagement throughout the recruitment cycle all in one comprehensive CRM. Make your touchpoints meaningful with a level of personalization that students crave. Then, once they decide to visit your campus, wow them wi ... read more about TargetX Recruitment Suite

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Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide To Recruiting Software

Recruiting the right people ensures the success of an organization because employees are the significant assets that can make or break a company. To make the entire recruitment process smooth, there is a huge requirement for the right knowledge, skill, and the right tools. One thing that can bring improvements in the hiring process of an organization is choosing the best recruiting software.

This buyer's guide to recruiting software can help you analyze different aspects that would help you make the right purchase decision that best fits your business needs. Before we move on to the details about the recruiter software, let's first understand the recruitment process carried out by business organizations and the key challenges that recruiters face while hiring people.

What Are The Key Challenges of Recruiting The Right Talent?

When it comes to recruitment,  times have changed. Scarcity of the right talent, and with Gen Z entering the workforce, recruitment has become tough. So, there are various challenges that recruiters and hiring managers face these days. What are those challenges, and how to overcome them? Let's find out.

Challenge #1 - Increasing Efficiency In Hiring Process

Juggling through different excel sheets and going through a pool of candidates' profiles can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. Ultimately, it would result in selecting even those candidates for the interviews and assessment, that do not have the skills and qualifications required for the job position.

Solution #1 - Automating the Application Selection & Shortlisting Process

There are many online recruiting tools available in the market that have filters that automate the entire process of selecting and shortlisting the applications. The applications that don't include key phrases relating to the educational qualifications or other skills get rejected automatically, saving the recruiters' time and helping them achieve required efficiency.

Challenge #2 - Attracting Talent

Attracting talent and encouraging them to apply for a job advertisement is the biggest challenge that companies face. As the internet is flooded with many job opportunities, the job requirement posted by you can seem to be not so attractive for the right talent.  

Solution #2 - Improving Online Presence and Reputation

You need to enhance your company's online reputation and post the job requirements on the right channels to grab the candidates' attention and motivate them to apply. You also need to provide as much information as you can about your company, work culture, and job requirements to the candidates, enabling them to make quick decisions.

Challenge #3 - Providing A Better Candidate Experience

In this digital age, providing a great candidate experience is essential to the recruitment process. Many candidates complain about the late response from the HR team or unfair evaluation done with them. These instances can spoil the reputation of the company and drive away good candidates from applying.

Solution #3 - Communicating With The Candidates

Many times, the recruitment process can take more time than expected. So, it is always better to communicate with the candidates and inform them about the same. Timely communication would improve the experience of the candidates with your company and form a better brand image.

Challenge #4 - Measuring Performance

It is very important to measure the performance based on some real facts about how many applications were received and how many progressed to the next step of the recruitment process. Also, it is essential to know the sources from where you got the best candidates. Without reliable and authentic data, your future decisions may go wrong and impact adversely by recruiting the wrong candidates.

Solution #4 - Generating Reports

You need to deploy the right recruitment tool that can generate reports and provide you with the right information, helping you make decisions that benefit your organization in terms of quality recruitment and the cost of hiring both.

What Are The Various Stages Of Recruitment?

The efficient recruitment process starts with planning the hiring strategies to eventually onboarding the candidates. Below-mentioned is the most common steps in the hiring process that companies usually follow regardless of their size and type of business.

Planning - Preparing a recruitment plan includes determining the job vacancies and gathering the information about the qualifications of a candidate required to fill those job vacancies. It also includes deciding on which job portals or social media networks should be used to broadcast the job requirements so that you acquire relevant applications.

Sourcing - After planning, the next step is to find and identify the right applicants for a particular job vacancy. It is about proactively searching for qualified candidates on relevant social media platforms and job portals and convincing suitable candidates to apply.

Acquisition - After receiving the applications, it becomes important to screen and scrutinize them and identify suitable candidates that can be contacted for the interview and testing purposes. If the screening and the analyzing process are inefficient, the recruitment cost can increase, and so the acquisition is considered the most crucial step of the recruitment process.

Selection - After the candidates get qualified after different rounds of interviews and tests, the recruiters need to check their references and background. If a wrong candidate gets hired, it can adversely affect the productivity and the culture of the entire organization, and so the companies need to be extremely careful while selecting the candidates. 

Onboarding - The recruitment process doesn't end at selecting and hiring a candidate. Onboarding is all about collecting the relevant documents from the newly hired employees, conducting induction training to provide them the complete information about the organization, and making them feel comfortable in the work culture. This helps the newly hired employees to adjust to their new jobs and quickly become productive and contributing members of your business organization.

Reporting - To know the success or the failure of a recruitment process, it becomes important to generate reports that can tell you about the time and money utilized to hire employees for each job vacancy. This would help you determine the platforms that helped you acquire maximum applicants and how you can minimize your hiring costs.

Understanding The Evolution Of Recruitment Process

Technological advancements have drastically transformed the recruitment process over the years. Before the internet came into usage, companies used to advertise their job requirements in the Newspaper classifieds section. The candidates used to line up in queues to appear for an interview. But, now, social media and job portals are used to inform the applicants about the job vacancies, applicants apply online, and interviews are scheduled in advance to avoid candidate waiting times and inconvenience.

Precisely, technology has made it convenient for the recruiters to hire new people and for the candidates to acquire their dream job. Below-mentioned is some subtle differences that depict how the recruiting process has changed with time.

Expansive Reach

Earlier approaching and reaching the right candidates was quite limited with the help of newspapers and trade magazines. But now there are many social media platforms and job portals through which recruiters get a chance to contact a plethora of candidates and get the opportunity to reach expansively.

Video Interviews

Technology has made it possible for recruiters to interview candidates through video calls. Instead of asking the candidates to travel from places to attend the interviews, video calling has enabled recruiters to save their costs on the hiring process and provide convenience to the candidates. They can appear for the interview from their desired location.

Scheduled Interviews

Earlier, recruiters had to make several phone calls to make candidates appear for the interview. And in case the interview used to get canceled for any reason, it would result in frustration for the recruiter and candidate both. With the help of appointment scheduling software or recruiting management software, it became possible for the recruiters and candidates to manage the interview schedules efficiently, even considering the different time zones.

Changed Priorities

In earlier times, all the candidates used to expect the desired job profile and salary. But, now candidates prioritize the work culture, HR policies, leaves granted, entertainment & leisure activities, holidays, etc. Similarly, the recruiters now consider background checks and the candidates' ability to adopt a new atmosphere and become good team players, instead of just focusing on their educational qualifications and skills.

Candidate Experience

Recruiters now allow the candidates to attend interviews at their own convenient time instead of taking a day off from their present job. The companies now emphasize candidate experience by reducing their waiting time and effective communication with them by incorporating technology into their recruitment process.

Employer Reputation

The candidates now check the employer's online reputation before attending an interview. Many review sites provide information about the experiences the company has offered to its employees. Based on that, the candidates make decisions relating to attending interviews and accepting job offers. Due to this reason, the companies also keep on posting positive things about their work culture on social media platforms and ensure that their leaving employees post good reviews online.


These days, it has become easier for companies to network with their prospective candidates on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc., social media platforms, and stay connected with them. Whenever any job vacancy arises, the recruiters can easily contact the candidates that are already connected with them on social media and quicken the hiring process.

Data and Analytics

With the help of technology, companies these days can extract real-time data informing them about the right and wrong decisions they have made in the past about recruiting new employees. Based on that data, the companies can make informed decisions for the future that can benefit them in saving time and money. Earlier, it was impossible to analyze the past and present recruitment information, as companies used to depend on spreadsheets and paperwork unable to generate reports with updated data.

What Is It To Recruit In The Digital Era?

Recruiting in the digital era refers to the advanced use of technology to find, attract, sort, select, and hire candidates suitable to your job vacancies. Recruiting in the digital era involves using various tools and technologies, including social media platforms, job portals, video interviewing, Phone text messaging, and online assessments. Recruiting in the digital era means incorporating technology into the recruitment process that can help in -

Creating and Sharing Relevant Content - The recruiting companies can create and share relevant content through social media platforms, text messaging, email newsletters, and job portals.

Improving Candidate Experience - Using relevant online recruiting tools would help the recruiters quicken the entire recruiting process and effectively communicate with the candidates.

Staying Consistent Across The Entire Recruitment Funnel - From start to finish a recruiter software helps you follow a systematic and consistent approach throughout the entire hiring process.

Tracking Recruitment Metrics - If you don't measure your efforts, you cannot improve them. The best recruitment software would allow you to generate reports, helping you analyze effective recruiting methods.

Is There A Single Platform That Can Be Used By Recruiters And Applicants Both?

Yes, the recruitment tool with the applicant self-service portal can be used by recruiters and applicants both. The applicant self-service portal can improve transparency and eliminate communication by helping them to perform the tasks as mentioned-below -

Applicant Functionalities

  • Self-registration
  • Creating and modifying the profile
  • Searching jobs
  • Submitting applications
  • Checking application status
  • Tracking interview schedule

Recruiter Functionalities

  • Posting job requirements
  • Sorting applications
  • Communicating with the candidates
  • Share interview schedule
  • Creating and sending offer letters
  • Managing candidates

What Is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting software is a tool used to streamline and automate the entire recruitment process that includes planning, sourcing, acquiring, selecting, and onboarding candidates. It has many functionalities that help recruiters to increase speed and eliminate flaws while performing tasks relating to recruiting new employees for their organizations. 

The use of recruiter software accelerated after the 1990s when the use of the internet increased, and candidates started searching and applying for jobs online. Moreover, juggling with piles of resumes and, at the same time, hiring the right talent in a short span of time, had become difficult for the recruiters. The recruiting platforms help the recruiters overcome all the challenges of engaging and hiring the right candidates.

Who Can Benefit From Recruiting Software?


Companies can establish a systematic approach to the recruiting process by automating various tasks, ultimately helping them improve their employees' productivity and hiring the right talent.


The recruiting management software can help recruiters automate their daily routine tasks like following up with the candidates, scheduling interviews, etc., thus saving time and meeting their targets efficiently and flawlessly.

HR Managers

The HR managers can keep a watch on recruiters' jobs and how long they are taking to fill a job position. It also helps HR managers to generate required reports helping them to design successful recruitment strategies.


Using recruiting platforms, the candidates applying for job positions can track their application status and communicate easily with the hiring managers and executives.

What Are The Types of Recruiting Software?

The types of recruiting software are based on three factors - functionality, deployment, and price. Let's go through the details of each one of them.

A. Functionality

Let’s have a look at the types of recruiting platforms that support one or more stages of the recruitment funnel instead of supporting the entire recruiting process.

i) Application Tracking System

Application tracking software includes the database of candidates' information and the applications submitted by them. It helps recruiters find candidates based on specific keywords relevant to the job, skills, and experience required for the position.

ii) Job Advertising Software

The job advertising software helps the recruiters to get their job advertisements displayed on the right platform so that relevant candidates can be targeted. The recruiters just need to accurately define the job position and requirements to attract relevant candidates suitable for the job.

ii) Career Page Building Software

With the help of career page building software, the recruiters can easily create customized career pages for their company website and encourage them to apply for job positions.

iv) Recruitment Marketing Software

Recruitment marketing software is a tool to find, attract, engage, and convince top talent to apply for job positions. This type of software usually can integrate with social media tools and job portals to market the job positions to enable quick hires.

v) Interviewing Software

Online interviewing has become extremely popular due to the convenience it provides to recruiters and candidates. There are tools available that help in conducting video interviews on a real-time basis or enable applicants to record their interviews and send them to the recruiters.

vi) CV Screening Software

The CV screening software helps the recruiters match the job applications received with the job requirements and shortlist the right talent for the position. It automates the process of application scrutinizing and saves time and improves the productivity of the recruiters.

vii) Background Checking Software

AI-enabled background checking solutions available these days can automate the task of reviewing the candidates' backgrounds, and help recruiters in identifying the applications with false information.

Which Type of Recruiting Software Based On Its Functionality Would Be The Smart Choice? 

Although, all the above-mentioned different types of online recruitment management systems are available as stand-alone tools. Still, they can also be included as the modules of an all-in-one recruiting software. The selection of recruiting management software based on functionality would depend on the recruitment process your business follows and its requirements. If your business follows a unique workflow, you can get a customized recruiting software built that includes only those modules that you require instead of paying for what you don't need.

B. Deployment

On-Premise Recruiting Software

This type of recruiting software requires you to deploy it on your server located within your premises. This type of software provides you with full control of the data. At the same time, you need to ensure that it is updated and maintained regularly to achieve pre-determined results. When it comes to deploying on-premise recruiting management software you have different options like -

  • Downloading and running a readymade recruiting software after purchasing its license
  • Getting a customized recruiting software built and installing & running it on your server
  • Downloading a free and open-source recruiting software and running it on your server

Choosing the option from above depends on the functionality you require in your online recruitment management system and your budget.

Cloud-Based Recruiting Software

The cloud-based software is also known as software as a Service (SaaS). This type of HR recruiting software is hosted on the software vendor's server, and you can access it from anywhere using an internet-enabled desktop or mobile device. Unlike on-premise software, the updates in the cloud-based software are done by the vendor without interrupting the workflow. Also, cloud-based software doesn't require time and resources to get implemented.

C. Price

i) Paid Recruiting Software

When it comes to selecting a paid recruiting software, below-mentioned are the three options you can consider - 

  • Hire in-house software developers and get customized recruiting software depending on your organization's recruitment process and, in return, pay them their salary/remuneration.
  • Delegate the entire recruiting software development project to a freelancer or a software development company and pay them the mutually agreed quoted price.
  • Purchase a monthly/yearly/one-time subscription plan of cloud-based software and start using it instantly.

ii) Freemium Recruiting Software

The recruiting software that is free for a limited time or with limited features is considered freemium recruiting software. Many users consider freemium options before making a purchase decision to test whether the particular software fits into their requirements or not. For example, online recruiting software like iSmartRecruit provides a free trial for 7 days, whereas Jobsoid is free forever with only 1 user registration.

iii) Free Recruiting Software

You can select one from the best free and open source recruiting software if investing in new software is not on your list right now. The open-source, free recruiting software might require you to invest in technical resources to make it work as per your business workflow, but can still prove to be a cheaper option than the other paid options in this facet. You can also consider a free cloud-based recruiting software like Cutehr that has a limitation of up to 10 users.

Why Should Businesses Use Recruiting Software?

The most important reason businesses should use recruiting software is to optimize the entire recruiting process and hire top talents in a short time. Especially when you are required to handle a huge number of applications, it is just next to impossible to track every applicant's progress and their journey in the recruitment funnel. Below-mentioned are some of the most prominent benefits of using the recruiting system -

Saves Time

The recruiting process inevitably involves many repetitive tasks that need to be done daily. The recruiting applications can automate these tasks and save a lot of time for the recruiters and help them focus on enhancing their relationship with the candidates. Moreover, the automated recruiting software also speeds up the entire recruitment process and reduces the time taken to hire talented people.  

Increases Productivity

By automating the time-consuming and tedious tasks, the recruiting software helps the recruiters to be more productive. Besides that, the recruiting software makes it easy for the recruiters to work from anywhere at any time, making them proactive towards answering the candidates’ queries and improving the efficiency of the entire hiring workflow.

Improves Candidate Experience

Recruiting software makes it possible for the recruiters and hiring managers to speed up the entire recruitment process and eliminate all the efficiencies therein. This helps ensure that the interviews were conducted on scheduled time, and the candidates' waiting time has been minimized as much as possible, ultimately leading to improved candidate experience.

Expands Social Reach

Most of the recruiting systems include social media integration, enabling you to post your job advertisements on multiple social media platforms with a single click. This saves your time and also expands your social reach and helps you to approach a broader range of candidates resulting in hiring a quality workforce for your organization.

Streamlines Data Collection

The recruiting database software enables you to store the applications received from different sources in a centralized location enabling easy access to the information. It becomes convenient for the recruiters to find the applications with appropriate skills, qualifications, and experience by using a simple search option and filters.

Helps in Engaging Candidates

As many of the online recruitment solutions include templates that help create engaging recruitments posts, it becomes easy to get connected with the right talent and convince them to appear for the interview.

Boosts Team Collaboration

Recruiting software with all the information at a centralized location helps the entire hiring team share documents and information easily. It becomes easy for the entire team to extract all the candidates' information and their stage of the journey in the recruitment funnel. This helps the recruiters to follow a systematic and flawless approach towards the candidate with relevant communication.

Maintains Transparency

Many recruitment software includes self-service portals that allow candidates to check the status of their applications and other company information. Thus, the hiring management system maintains the transparency of information between recruiters and candidates.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of A Recruiting Software?

The features in recruitment management software may vary depending on its price, type, and deployment. The recruitment platform you choose should help you ease your tasks relating to finding, attracting, engaging, and selecting candidates. Considering that, we have listed some of the most significant features that you need to ensure your recruitment management software includes.

Sourcing Candidates

Hiring starts when your job postings are visible to the candidates you are planning to target. The online recruitment solutions you choose should include templates that help you create customized and mobile-friendly career pages with innovative job descriptions inviting the candidates to apply. It should also enable you to post the job requirements to several job portals to attract the maximum number of qualified candidates. 

Resume Management

The recruitment system should allow you to upload resumes and create a unique profile for each candidate so that you can maintain records and access those records whenever required. Using this feature, you can search the applications based on the keywords relating to the job description, qualifications, and skills mentioned in their application. Moreover, you can easily detect duplicate resumes and maintain a streamlined and organized database of the candidates with the help of a recruiting database software.

Tracking Applications

The recruitment management software you choose should be a centralized hub for managing the candidates and communicating with them. If a new hiring executive manages a particular job position, he/she should be aware of the status of the applications accepted and rejected. Also, the information relating to each candidate's journey in the recruitment funnel should be easily visible to the entire HR team. This would help the recruiters carry out the hiring process flawlessly and maintain a good relationship with them.

Recruitment Automation

Each of your job postings is likely to get several applications. The recruitment software should be able to send auto-response to the candidates that can save the recruiters' time and simultaneously assure candidates that their application has been received. Similarly, other recruitment tasks need to be automated, like sending out emails and notifications to the candidates informing them about their interview schedule, acceptance, or rejection, etc. You need to just pick the recruiting software that includes automated features complying with your recruitment workflow.

Referral Management

The present employees referring candidates to the company is an excellent opportunity to get the right talent hired, utilizing less time and money. The recruitment management software you choose should be able to accept the referrals easily and keep track of the individual employees that have referred them for the particular job postings.

Performance Analysis

Last but not least, reporting is essential for recruiters and hiring managers to know their mistakes and problems that occurred while managing their recruiting process. It is also necessary to know the cost and time spent after each hire, the platform that attracted maximum qualified clients, etc., helping you implement improvised methods relevant to sourcing and hiring candidates in the future.

What Are The Factors To Be Considered While Selecting A Recruiting Software?

With so many recruiting solutions available and each claiming to be the best one, it becomes difficult to choose what best suits your business needs. So, here are some factors that you need to consider while selecting recruitment software.

Business Size & Requirements

Startups and small-sized companies hiring requirements differ from the requirements of enterprise-level companies. The recruitment software features you require can depend on the number of people working in the recruiting team, and the number of job openings being created in your business organization. You need to pick the recruitment system that suits your business size and requirements.

Technical Abilities

If you have technical staff hired and robust infrastructure, you can select an on-premise recruitment management software. Otherwise, it is always better to go for a cloud-based recruitment software, as the vendors of this type of software would take care of all the updates and also provide enough training or tutorials to your staff and help them get used to the software quickly.


The users easily accept the software that is intuitive and simple. It doesn't matter if the software is loaded with a plethora of features, if it is not user-friendly, the recruiters and hiring managers in your company will not use it, and you end up paying for it unnecessarily. Instead, choose an online recruiting tool that has an intuitive interface and is simple to use, as that would encourage even the users without any technical skills to use it.


Is the price of the HR recruiting software within your budget? This question would come into your mind as you are making a considerable amount of investment. Invest in recruitment software that is worth its price. Compare the online recruiting systems' prices having similar features to acquire the one that suits your budget and requirements both. Many recruitment manager software may claim to be the cheapest ones in the market, but that can lead to choosing the one not having the features you require. So, you need to consider the budget keeping the features you require in mind.


You need to select a recruitment platform that has an open API or built-in integrations. If not, you may end up juggling between several applications and getting confused and frustrated. Ensure that the recruitment system integrates with social media portals, job portals, HRMS, or any other application you consider to be important for running your recruitment process smoothly and flawlessly.

After-Sale Support

Last but the most important is the after-sales support provided by the software vendor. Go through the users' reviews about the recruitment software you have shortlisted. Try to analyze the support vendors offer in terms of training, updates, and technical assistance. Ensure that the vendors provide prompt support so that you can carry out your entire recruitment process without any obstacles and interruptions.

What Are The Latest Trends In Recruiting Software?

In the past decade, the recruitment industry has gone through many changes. Technology has dramatically disrupted the way recruiters and hiring managers manage their hiring strategies and policies. Below are some latest trends in recruitment software that has minimized the use of human efforts in hiring practices exponentially.

Recruitment Using Video Conferencing

Many of the recruiting systems are expected to support video conferencing so that interviews can be conducted online without the need for candidates to visit the company premises physically. This helps in recruiting through video conferencing which has proven to be quite convenient for both job applicants, and candidates both.

Artificial Intelligence

Manually processing several applications is still one of the most time-consuming jobs that recruiters require to do. Artificial Intelligence has empowered recruitment tools with intelligent applicant screening methods to identify the right candidates with a few clicks. Recruiting systems with AI features can now help engage candidates on a real-time basis with the help of chatbots and conduct digitized interviews to help access candidates' caliber innovatively. AI can also provide more in-depth insights into the recruiting team performance and help the managers to plan better strategies for the future.

Predictive Analytics

Many recruitment systems automate selecting applications based on skills, qualifications, experience, location, etc., type of standard parameters. Incorporating predictive analytics algorithms into the recruitment platform enables you to select or reject applications based on some additional insights like the candidates' willingness to accept new opportunities, their readiness to quit their present jobs, and other personality traits. This would help in making better decisions relating to selecting applications and improve staff retention rates.

Remote Work

The trend of "work from home" is becoming popular day by day. Many companies now prefer hiring remote employees breaking all geographical barriers. So, the online recruiting tool is expected to include features that support video interviewing, and collaborating from distances helps companies hire remote employees and expand their talent pool.

Mobile Texting

Mobile texting has been used for a long time. But not when it comes to recruiting processes. Most of the time, recruiters used to communicate with the candidates through email. But, now the recruitment tools should include features that automate sending notifications and text messages to the candidates. In case of any change in the interview schedule or need to convey any important message arises, mobile texting can be of great use. Using mobile texting has extensively helped the recruiters speed up the hiring process as most people are likely to check their text messages more frequently than their emails.

Soft Skills Testing

After experiencing several consequences due to bad hiring decisions, the companies now give more importance to the candidates' soft skills. The candidates lack soft skills like teamwork, collaboration, time management, persuasion, adaptability, etc., They are unable to perform well, and the HR team often needs to terminate their jobs, which leads to wastage of time and money spent on the hiring process of those particular candidates. Therefore, the online recruiting tool needs to include features that can assess the candidates' soft skills and help make the right hiring decisions.

Employers’ Online Reputation

The online reputation of employers has become a decisive factor for job seekers these days. As per Linkedin Report, 75% of candidates research a company’s online reputation before applying for a job. To attract the top talent, you need to impress the applicants with an enhanced online reputation. The recruiting platforms now include features that allow consistent online reputation management to showcase the best work culture and employee satisfaction.

How Much Can A Recruiting Software Cost?

The price of the recruiting solutions may vary depending on their deployment and features. If you are planning to hire a recruitment software development company or a freelancer, then the price quoted by them would depend on their level of expertise and quality of the services.  

But, if you prefer recruitment tools providing subscription plans, then many can cost you from $1/year to even $500/month. For example, a recruiting solution like Factorial is available for $3.5/month, whereas Expr3ss can cost you $500/month.  

If you are not comfortable with monthly subscription plans, you can consider recruiting applications with the yearly subscription or one-time charges. For example, WYS HRMS is available for only $1/year and TalentAtlas for $599/year. Whereas, you can prefer HireHunt that can cost you $0.05 or Recru at $65 one-time charges. Depending on your features requirements and budget, you can select the one from these recruiting applications.

Also, if you need a software with customized features, many software vendors quote prices depending on the features you require like Oorwin and CakeHR so that you pay for exactly what you use.

Why Refer GoodFirms’ List Of Best Recruiting Software?

To assist you further with the selection of the right recruiter software, we would suggest you go through the list of the best recruiting platforms intricately curated by the GoodFirms' team because -

  • GoodFirms includes only those recruitment tools that use the latest techniques and technology.
  • GoodFirms follows a systematic and professional process based on stringent rules and regulations while listing software used in different business sectors.
  • Along with detailed information about each software, GoodFirms also includes legit reviews by the users.
  • GoodFirms frequently updates the details about the software and thus ensures presenting only the latest and reliable information.


We hope that this buyer's guide to recruiting software has been of great help to you. Also, we would suggest you opt for a free trial version of the software that suits your requirements and budget before buying one. You can ask your recruiting team to try using all its features and ensure that it fits into your business needs. Also, don't forget to check authentic reviews about that software on GoodFirms. For further information, you can also get in touch with us, and we would be happy to assist you in making the right purchase decision.

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