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Explore the best School Management System for your educational institution, summarized exclusively by GoodFirms.

Incorporating a school management software increases productivity by reducing the timeframe of maintaining track records and improving data accuracy. The best school administration software also enables a humongous save on institutional resources through digital storage without compromising the organization’s precious data.

What is School Administration Software?

School management software is a set of tools that facilitate simplified and efficient school administration management. The software enables complete automation and control of an educational institution’s numerous operations, infrastructure, activities, processes, and overall functioning. It also provides a unified platform for school administrators and other school stakeholders to collaborate and work effectively.

What Functions Does the School Administration Software Perform?

School management software offers comprehensive software tools and features to streamline and manage an educational organization such as a school. Here are the core functions of a school management system:

  • Student admission/enrolment process management
  • Maintaining students, teachers, and staff database
  • Managing the day-to-day activities of a school
  • Human resource management
  • Information management
  • Curriculum management
  • Examination and assessment management
  • Attendance management
  • Resource optimization
  • School and parents’ communication management
  • Financial management to include budget planning, payroll, and fee management
  • Campus infrastructure, facilities (canteen, library, etc.), and security management
  • Transport management
  • Vendor management
  • Compliance management to include regulatory policies, procedures, and documentation

How to Choose the Best School Administration Software?

If you are looking for the top school management system software, GoodFirms has eased the task for you. After extensive research and analysis, we have identified and summarized the list of the best school management software solutions with their prominent features, verified reviews, and other details. Just go through the below rundown and choose the one that fits you best by leveraging filters for features, institution size, pricing model, and deployment type.

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List of Best School Management System Software | Best School Software

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List of Best School Management System Software | Best School Software

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Buyer’s Guide

Introduction of school management software buyer’s guide

The school management buyer’s guide is intended to provide profound knowledge and understanding to the readers regarding how to manage their day-to-day school operations effectively. This guide on school management system software allows users to increase the management efficiency of your school effortlessly. Moreover, this detailed buyer’s guide on school administration software will help school businesses and organizations to get familiar with the latest trends in the school management system.

1 What is School Management?

School Management is an extensive database system that manages all the day-to-day activities of the school. The school management process includes the process of planning, staffing, systematizing, administering, and controlling an education institute that can eventually help in accomplishing the set goals.  

1.1 Why do Schools need to work on School Management Strategies?

Schools need to work on strategies to enhance their management tactics. Have a look at the following reasons;

  • The school management can improve self-worth and the skill to value each person’s worth through a happy and secure environment.
  • The school management can cultivate a positive attitude among children, parents, teaching staff, and administrative staff.
  • The school management can offer a broad range of high-quality experiences that can help in developing each individual to his/her potential.
  • School management can develop social awareness, group responsibility, and empathy.
  • The school management can develop policies and schemes of work that help in refining their objective.
  • The school management can maintain the historical continuity of the society, secure the past achievements of the community, guarantee the future of the society, and consolidate the spiritual strength of the nation.

1.2 What is the purpose of efficient school management?

The purpose of efficient school management is to have well-laid students intakes, curriculum implementation, financial management, teacher relationship management, along with its non-teaching staff management. School management software can enable schools to achieve this.

2 What is the school management software?

The school management software is an application that helps in managing the day-to-day administrative tasks of the schools. The schools can digitally monitor the daily activities and can efficiently manage the resource along with the information by making use of school management system software. The teachers and staff can maintain the school records and academic history of the schools with the help of the online school management system.

2.1 What are the school management software modules?

The modules of the school management system are as follows:

  • School administration module – This is the most essential part of the school. It helps in managing the day-to-day activities of the school.
  • Student Module – It module manages data regarding admission, family, health, documents, demographic, attendance, and general information of the student.
  • Assessment module- This type of module looks after the examination activities that are conducted on the campus and helps in generating the mark sheets of the examinations.  
  • HR module- This type of school administration software module maintains the records of the employees of the school that includes principal, teachers, clerk, and peon. 
  • Resource Module- The school manages the stock inventory and asset management of institutes with the help of the resource module. The resource can be related to stationary like chalk, lab instruments, library books, hostel, and transport facility.
  • Campus management module- This type of school software module manages verticals like campus administration, generation of gate-pass, and visitors and security. 
  • Examination management module- It manages the activities related to exam eligibility, question papers, assessment of scores, and assignment of the classrooms.
  • Leave, and attendance module- This type of school management system software module maintains the attendance and leave records of the students, faculties, and other staff.
  • School timetable module- This type of module helps in creating and maintaining the timetable of students and teachers. If the subject limit exceeds, then this module sends an alert.
  • Student fee management and payroll system- It manages the tasks related to fee plan creation, generation of fee receipts and payslip, calculation of payroll, deduction of taxes, and calculation of reimbursements and deductibles.

2.2 What are the benefits of implementing school management software?

The school management system provides the following benefits:

  • Boost productivity- The school management solutions help in increasing the richness of the institute. The school software efficiently maintains the track records in less time. The school management organizes the data accurately by employing educational software. 
  • Cost-effective - The school information management system saves the cost at a large scale that includes the cost of paperwork, hardware cost, and administration cost. The owners of educational institutions can minimize additional costs and improve ROI (return on investment) with the help of school management tools.
  • Accessible and quicker communication- The school management and information software can effortlessly and swiftly notify about the fees, parent-teacher meetings, library dues, report cards, and examinations.
  • Access from anywhere- The school management app is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from the phone also. Mobile-friendliness increases the convenience of the parents, teachers, and staff.
  • Complaints registration system- The web-based school management software has an in-built complaint registration system that manages the feedback of parents and students.
  • Student-teacher collaboration – The online school management system helps in providing student-teacher collaboration beyond the classroom. The interaction between the staff and the students can be increased with the school information management system. 
  • Lessen workload – If the teachers are technology-driven, then the workload of the staff members is reduced with online school management software. The teachers can send the required data to the parents and students over the school management app. It helps in saving time. 
  • Student Tracking – The student management system enables teachers, parents, and institute management to monitor the student’s academics and extracurricular activities, which in turn helps in making improvements.
  • Staff Satisfaction – Online school management software smartly allows for easy management. Teachers and school administrators can manage timetables and study material efficiently with the help of school software. As a result, the satisfaction level of the staff is automatically raised. 
  • Efficiently store data- The student information system stores all the essential data of the institute. The data related to student’s personal information, teacher’s data, and progress report all can be managed with the school management app. In a centralized database, the data is stored securely. 
  • Effectual way of communication – The educational software provides the communication channel that allows parents and staff to communicate effectively. The administrators of the institute can share notices, news, and alerts for the students by circulating information. 
  • Transparency - The class management software allows complete transparency as it is impossible to hide any necessary information from the users. On the portal, the exam reports and fee information can be seen directly. 
  • User-friendly- The online school management software can engage teachers, parents, and students with the help of simple user-interface. It is easy for the teachers and parents to use a hassle-free user- interface.
  • Saves natural resources- Since most of the administrative tasks are automated, there is less room for paper-based work. All documents and information are stored digitally. The school management app keeps the digital track of the data. The records are maintained without any mess. 

Other benefits of school information management system are:

  • Timetable management
  • Operational efficiency
  • Easy customizations
  • Online testing
  • Increase in enrollment
  • Automation encourages smart decision 
  • Online grade book
  • Highly reliable
  • Improves the accuracy of accounts
  • Updates of school activities
  • Keeps tracks of bulk data
  • Reduces manual and redundant work
  • No additional investments for hardware or server
  • Easy-to-monitor individual modules
  • Secured architecture and role-based access right restriction
  • No significant IT knowledge required to operate

2.3 What are the typical features of School Management software?

The school information management system is essential in an educational set up. The school management system software has the following features:

  • Student Information- The school management tools are capable of maintaining all the information related to a student like attendance, discipline, grades, homework along with achievements. The teachers can make use of the student database to avail the information related to the student’s medical history, billing, accounts, grades, address, information regarding parents and siblings. 
  • Teacher Information – The school management and information software allow tracking the teacher’s information. The teacher’s class schedule and file reports can be efficiently viewed with the help of online school management software. Teachers can make use of their database to know about students’ progress and classroom activities. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration – The integration of AI techniques in school management system software can manage school buses quickly and efficiently. The feature of auto-routing, auto-optimization, and auto allocation provides proficiency to the school transport system.
  • Parent Access- The school management system software comes with a parent portal in which parents can log in and view their children’s information. It is a convenient way for the parents to keep track of their child’s attendance, progress, and workload.
  • Report Cards- The school management solutions have the functionality of fully customizable report cards. It allows the printing of beautiful report cards and transcripts. This functionality provides users the grading criteria, grading flow, and report card format.
  • Online assessment and assignments – The school administration software allow teachers and students to test and understand the knowledge that student has gained. The teachers can provide the individual assessment to the students based on their (student’s) knowledge level.
  • Fee Management and online payments – The online school management system provides highly robust, flexible backend, and fee management systems that help parents to pay quickly and effortlessly with online payment processing. It generates the fee receipt of the records. 
  • Parent-teacher collaboration – The online school management software enables the remote monitoring of the child and one-on-one communication between parents and teachers. The parents can effortlessly monitor the feedback of the teacher on the class assignments and exams of the students. 
  • Timetable and schedule- The school administration software allows tracking of student attendance. The school software helps in scheduling classes and accessing timetables, which in turn enables students to become well-organized. 
  • Communication functionality- The school management solutions facilitate the communication process with the help of text messages, voice messages, and e-mails. Parents can instantly see the messages. This facility helps in forming smooth communication among parents, teachers, and schools. 
  • Attendance – The school administration software allows teachers to manage the whole process of taking attendance and recording them accurately. The teachers can efficiently manage the attendance of the students by making use of online attendance pages. 

Other essential features of the school management system are:

  • Profile Management – Manage the information related to parents, staff, teachers, and staff
  • Fundraising – Schools can raise funds for education by connecting with the community and the world
  • Sign-in and sign-out- Simplifies the process of sign-in and sign-out with the school applications
  • Library management- Helps in finding, searching, issuing, and returning books
  • Homework- Students can get quickly get the classroom homework assignments daily
  • Transport Management- Helps in tracking the student’s route change history
  • Admission Management- Manages the registration and admission process of both old and new students
  • Financial Management – Offers a comprehensive overview of the school finances
  • Billing and Invoicing- Users can create and send invoices and receive payments 

2.4 What are the latest trends in school management system software?

The emerging trends in school management app are:

  • Digital Literacy- The schools are adopting the digital literacy curriculum and digital literacy plans. Digital literacy can make use of digital tools to deal with student tasks. The student information system can make video creations and classroom presentations with the help of the digital literacy program.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology – The AI technology is implemented in school management system software that helps in comprehending the student performance. The AI-driven assessments of the students help in personalized learning and analysis of the learning. 
  • Virtual Reality – The school management software can implement VR technology in the school administration. The VR implementations can help educators in the educating and training process. The audio/video visuals can improve knowledge retention. 
  • Remote proctoring technology- The students can appear for exams from any location. The remote user can be tracked and monitored with the help of advanced video, image, and audio streaming. 
  • Personalized learning - There can be personalized education delivery and learning processes with the help of school management system software. The online or on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime can provide personalized learning and training.
  • Blockchain technology- The school software can make use of blockchain technology in the areas of education that include management of examination, verification of student credentials, and certificates. 
  • Online education- Online school management software can deliver training online. Working professionals can learn new things and new technology from online learning. There can be an increase in a smartphone that can efficiently provide education online. 
  • App Innovation and Gamification – The educators can make use of education-related games that can enhance the skills of the learner in various subjects. The online school management software can allow students to utilize online games to learn. The innovative apps can provide practical and true-to-life experiences. 
  • Self –directed professional development- The school administration software can allow educators to follow self-directed professional development programs through the facility to access interactive online webinars and videos anytime and anywhere. The interactive learning components can gain attention in the coming years.
  • Library media specialists- The online school management software can employ the role of library media specialists that can help students regarding the integration of digital formats into their work. This practice can help in providing virtual library space and can create a positive and innovative atmosphere for learning. 
  • Collaborative learning - Web-based school management software can make the teachers more innovative and interactive by employing the practice of collaborative learning. In education, collaborative learning can be seen in Google docs, interactive whiteboards, and activities related to quizzes. All these practices can enhance student engagement.
  • Cloud-based technologies – The educational software can become cloud-based that can provide shared services initiatives. Cloud-based technologies help in driving cost savings and operational efficiencies in the school management system.

2.5 How does a school management system help in managing financial operations?

The online school management system can efficiently manage financial operations in the following ways:

  • Simple fee receipt generation – The school management solutions can generate the automatic fee receipt at the time of fee payment. Such a facility can help parents to keep this fee receipt to maintain their financial records. 
  • Generation of the financial report – It is essential to have safety and financial regularity in the school management system. The online school management system allows keeping the record of the financial transactions pertaining to the school. The financial reports indicate the financial health of the school and are useful for the management and administration of the school.
  • Automated fee reminders- – The school administration software has made the parents aware of their dues in real-time. The parents get automated reminders about their dues. They can pay fees on the device of their choice from anywhere as per their convenience.  
  • Performance of Management – The school management system allows you to monitor the attainment of goals in the school administration system. With the help of the school management system software solution, it is easy to know how much progress is achieved in dealing with school activities.
  • Seamless fee segregation – The school administration software helps in keeping track of all information related to fees. The school software can effortlessly provide the information regarding how much a student owes the school at a quick look. The school management system manages all the issues related to student’s scholarships, penalties, dues, loans, and waivers.

2.6 What are the advantages of cloud-based school management software?

The cloud-based technology is counted as the leading technology in every industry. Let’s discuss the advantages of the cloud-based school management system software:

  • The cloud-based school software provides hassle-free and faster management of student data. 
  • The school administration software with cloud-based technology provides a unified and secure platform for users.
  • The cloud-based online school management system offers 24x7 role-based accesses for avoiding fraudulent activities.
  • The school management app with cloud-based technology can present dashboard analytics for smart decision making.
  • The cloud-based school management software is quick, flexible, and easy-to-use.
  • The user can experience mobility and cross-platform availability with the cloud-based functionality in the school management system software.
  • The educational software with cloud-based technology can keep pace with the growing needs of the school.
  • The user can accurately maintain the school record with the help of cloud-based technology. 
  • The school management software with cloud-based technology can provide the facility of remote reaching along with an efficient communication process in school functioning.
  • It is easy and simple to process the school administrative tasks quickly with the help of school management software based on cloud technology. 

2.7 Things to consider while purchasing the school management software?

If you are planning to buy school management system software, then make sure you consider the following points beforehand so that your school setting gets the best solution from your purchase. Let’s explore the aspects to be considered while purchasing the school software:

  • Automated invoicing – Make sure that your online school management system is capable of providing automated invoicing that helps in saving time. With automated invoicing, the invoice time can be reduced from a few days to a few minutes.
  • Remote access and Networking capabilities - Ensure that your school administration software should be able to provide remote access to the administrators, teachers, and even students with the help of internet connection. The remote access allows users to complete their work even when they are off-site.
  • Backup and security functions- Your school management system should be able to protect your valuable data from hackers. The online school management software should have a good record of firewall and antivirus protection. The data of your web-based school management software can be protected from unwanted intrusions and theft by taking the help and guidance of the active vendor services. Backup and security functions are essential while choosing class management software. 
  • Support and Training – Your school management app should be able to provide a clear and consistent support structure. The support and training team is always ready to offer solutions to the problem or issues that might arise while handling educational activities.
  • Parent Communication – The school information management system should be able to offer sound and straightforward communication aspects between parents and school authorities. There should be a facility to have a proper and efficient communication system with parents and stakeholders.
  • Customization and Integration – Check whether the school management system software solution is customizable and scalable to serve a large number of users simultaneously. The school software that can be seamlessly integrated with the existing system is the right choice to be considered. Pay attention to those manufacturing companies that can design a flexible model of a school management system that can effortlessly support the size and complexity of the school functioning. Ensure whether the school management app is hosted in the cloud or on-site.
  • Reporting and analytics – The online school management system that provides all the vital information quickly from anywhere and anytime is the apt choice for carrying out the school day-to-day functions smoothly. It would be great to have the school software that has the facility to produce powerful charts and reports which can be automatically updated in real-time.
  • Features and pricing- Ensure that your school management system software solution offers what type of features and benefits that can efficiently meet your requirements. It would be wise to know whether the product features and functions of school software can deliver excellent business value along with the purchase and licensing cost. 
  • Future-proofing of the education system – Ensure that your school information management system is advanced with the automated processes that help in eliminating the paper-based processes. Make sure that your school software is capable of improving the efficiency of the teachers and students in a cost-effective manner and can save valuable time. 
  • Goals and Targets – Before finalizing the school management system software, do consider whether the school software covers each aspect of educational institutions. Ensure whether the online school management system can manage the entities like staff, parents, library, finance, teachers, and students in the institution. Make sure you achieve your enrollment target by implementing the school administration software.

Other points to be considered while choosing a school management system software;

  • Check if the school management software fits well within your budget
  • Type of school software - Web-based school management software vs. the installation based school management system
  • Size of the school in terms of number of students
  • Who is purchasing the school administration software – whether management, principal, administrators or IT in-charge
  • Ensure that the online school management system provides timely updates that help in experiencing the latest features
  • Make sure that school administration software is reliable and flexible enough to meet your demands
  • Make sure that the school information management system is scalable to meet your future requirements
  • The student information system should be easy-to-use and should be user-friendly
  • Check whether the features of the online school management software can solve the problems of school management
  • Consider the student and faculty size in your school set up and make sure that the school management app provides full transparency to the users
  • Ensure that your school software can impact on learning process competently

2.8 What is the average cost of school management software?

There are lots of factors to decide the average cost of school management software. The cost of educational software depends on the size of the institution or business and the number of features it offers along with the quality of elements. 

The institutions that run small businesses prefer basic features of the school management software, so naturally, their prices are more affordable. On the other hand, large organizations believe in investing in advanced plans so that they can experience more powerful features. Ideally, the small and start-up organization can make use of open source and free school management software

The cost of the school management system software can start as low as $20/ year (for example ) and can reach as high as $6700 annually approximately (for example Eduwonka)

2.8 Why refer to GoodFirms’ list of top school management software?

GoodFirms platform believes in performing thorough research work based on the latest market trends. By exploring this vast and dynamic platform, you can gain the knowledge and understanding of the top-notch quality and easily accessible school management software that is available in the market. On this well-researched platform, you will get the curated list of best school management software which are accompanied by the authenticated reviews. As per your business requirement, you can choose the appropriate school management system software that can competently meet your business demands. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Difference Between a Learning Management System and School Management Software?

    A learning management system focuses primarily on training and development tasks. These offer all tools to manage the learning process better. Learning management is just one of the numerous functions of school management.

    School management software has a broader role. It controls and automates the various administrative tasks needed for managing a school or an educational institution under one platform. It focuses on admission/enrollment management, campus operations, activities management, compliance management, learning management, and more.

  • What Is the Best Software for School Management Available in the Market?

    Every organization or school has different needs, and the best school management system software solution for you is the one that satisfies the specific needs of your organization and has positive feedback from other similar educational institutions as yours. As no single solution is the best for all, you can refer to GoodFirms’ list of top school management system software with the features, pricing, and reviews of the most popular solutions and select the one that matches your needs and fits in your budget.

  • What Are the Benefits of Using School Administration Software?

    School management software benefits an educational institution or a school in numerous ways. The prime advantages of school software are:

    • Automation of routine, repetitive tasks
    • Accuracy, elimination of human error
    • Streamlined data and information management
    • Access and manage from anywhere
    • Reduced manual work
    • Boost in productivity
    • Reduced operational costs
    • Enhanced collaboration
    • Improved communication/transparency with stakeholders
    • Student and staff satisfaction
    • Better resource utilization
  • What Essential Tools Does the School Administration Software Offer?

    The school management software must streamline and control your educational institution or school’s complete administrative and operational structure. The necessary features that you must look for while choosing a school software are:

    • School administration software tools including administrative management, admission management, campus management, cafeteria management, curriculum management, financial management, inventory management, library management, online payment portal, parents/student portal, staff management, timetable management, transport management
    • Classroom management tools, including learning management, leave/attendance management, class scheduling, course management, collaboration tools, grade book, messaging, student portal, student monitoring, and tests/assignments management
    • Student information system tools, including class registration, examination/assessments, finance/student billing, schedule management, health records, parents’ portal, and student records/database management
  • What Factors Influence the Pricing of School Management Systems?

    The parameters that prominently influence the cost of school software systems include:

    • Size of your organization or school
    • Features that the software offers
    • Customization needs of your educational institution
    • Deployment type

    Additional factors that may significantly affect software pricing are hidden costs related to installation, integrations, data migration, maintenance, user training, and customer support.

  • How Much Does a School Administration Software Cost?

    The pricing of school management software varies a lot based on the factors listed above. Apart from the paid packages, some software vendors offer a free version of the software with basic features; for example, Fekara.

    The paid school software plans are available for less than $50 per month; for example, Keep Schoolin costs as low as $12.5 per year, and Campus 365 costs around $34 per month (for upto 250 students). Another popular school software solution, Ireava, costs $34 per month ($400 per year) and offers RFID integration at an additional charge of $130.

  • Are There Any Free School Software Solutions Available?

    Many reliable free school management software options are available for educational institutions that are limited on budget and cannot spend on costly school software packages. For details, please refer to our blog on the best free and open source school administration software tools.

  • Are the School Administration Software Systems Secure?

    Typically, top school management software solutions provide all necessary tools to meet the global security standards and protect your organization’s confidential data. Still, to be on the safe side, before finalizing the right school software for your institution, you must discuss and verify with the vendor the software product’s security offerings and features for data storage, data access, data sharing, encryption, and vulnerability scanning.

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