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Explore the list of the best self storage software that can help you manage your storage units efficiently.

Whether you are running a single-store facility or a multi-store operating facility, it is a boon to have a tunkey software solution that takes care of everything you need to run your self storage smoothly. This is where the use of the best self storage software becomes vital.

What Is Self Storage Software?

Self storage software is a computerized application that is extremely useful to the property owners who lease or rent out their multiple warehouses and storage units. Self storage management software helps you streamline all your tasks relating to managing facilities, reserving the property, collecting rents, tracking expenses, managing access, and generating reports. Some of the advanced storage unit software integrates with CRM that can help you manage the tenants of your properties systematically and accurately. Also, these self storage portals enable your prospective tenants to book your facilities as per their requirements resulting in accelerated revenue of your business. 

Can I Operate My Self Storage Facility Remotely Using a Self Storage Software?

Yes, you can operate your self storage facility remotely using self storage software. Self storage software is integrated with your security system including CCTV cameras and door access system. This feature enables you to view the real-time footage of your storage premises and get notifications in case of unauthorized trespassing easily on your computer or mobile device in a remote location.

Whenever inventory goes below a specific threshold, the self storage software notifies you about the same. Thus, you can make decisions relating to your stock maintenance even if you are not physically present at your self storage premises.

How To Select The Best Self Storage Software?

Selecting the best self storage management software is no more a difficult task now with the help of the below list intricately curated by GoodFirms. Using filters, you can quickly narrow down the self storage facility management software options suiting your business requirements. Just go through the details and authentic reviews given for each software here to help you make smart purchase decisions.

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List of The Best Self Storage Management Software | Best Storage Unit Software

  • Voyager Self Storage

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    Centralize operations, accounting, budgeting, and reporting for your entire organization in a single database with Yardi Voyager Self Storage. Add solutions for online property marketing, payment processing and procurement – with mobile apps for unparalleled convenience – all in one single connected solution. Support all aspects of self storage operations including move-ins, move-outs, payment ... read more about Voyager Self Storage

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  • Stora

    The future of self storage software. Sales & management, all-in-one place.
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    The all-in-one software for self storage web sales & facility management. We provide all the tools you need to sell online today, with or without an existing website. Plus a lot more to help you manage, automate and grow your business. Forget about needing to pay for a website, facility management system, bespoke reports, integrations for smart entry automation, and much more. Everything you need ... read more about Stora

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Benefit from Self Storage Software?

The storage facility owners managing more than one self-storage facility can benefit from self-storage software. It helps them keep track of their vacant and occupied storage units, manage secure access to those units and automate the process of billing and invoices sent to the tenants. The best self storage software allows both the single and multiple property managers to monitor the status of their storage units from a single interface on a real-time basis. This helps them stay updated with the information about occupied and vacant storage units and rent collection. Moreover, the self storage software also allows the facility managers to ensure security and eliminate trespassing to their properties from any remote location.

Why Should I Invest in Self Storage Software?


Self-storage management software makes it convenient for your tenants to book their self-storage facilities on rent and pay for the same at their own convenience from any location. At the same time, it saves your time spent on sending reminders to your tenants for the payments or calling them to notify them about any other issue. The self-storage software allows you to automate and schedule reminders for the pending rent and collect recurring payments.


The self storage software can integrate with your security cameras, alarms, and door access systems. You can set up biometric security and get it connected to your self storage software to ensure that only authorized persons enter your property. As the security system allows you to access it remotely, it becomes easy for you to change the entry permissions for your tenants anytime from anywhere on an instant basis. This eliminates the chances of theft and robbery because of misplacing the self-storage facility keys. You can also deny access to the tenants behaving negligently towards your property or failing to pay rent on time.


Using self-storage software, you have clear visibility over what is going on within your property through generated reports by the system. You have the list of tenants with pending payments, storage facilities requiring maintenance, number of vacant facilities, and much more information that is easily accessible within a few minutes. With the help of this information, you can easily make informed decisions benefiting your self-storage business, and maintaining security in your property. Having access to the right information can enable you to take proactive steps and save your business from financial losses.

What Are the Key Features That I Should Look for in a Self Storage Software?

Below-mentioned are some must-have features that you should consider while selecting a self storage software -

Information Management

Using your self storage software, you should be able to store your tenants' details like their personal information, contact details, storage facilities rented, etc., and fetch that information easily when required.

Document Management

For managing self storage facilities, you have many legal documents like tenant contracts that need to be created and stored securely. The best self storage software can help you do that digitally and save your time spent on manual paperwork and filing.

Facility Maps

With the help of the facility maps feature in your self storage system, you would be able to access the information about the status of your self storage units vacancy. This would help you in determining and allocating the vacant storage units to the tenants quickly.


The self storage software should allow your tenants to reserve your storage facilities online. This would provide convenience to your tenants and help you generate more revenue for your self-storage business.

Billing & Invoicing

The self storage software you select should allow you to generate and send bills & invoices to your tenants. It should also enable you to schedule invoices to streamline your process of payment collection.

Online Payment Collection

The self storage software you choose should allow online payment collection from your tenants. This would help your tenants make quick payments and save your time in collecting cheques and depositing them in your bank account.

How Should I Find the Best Self Storage Software Suiting to My Business?

Finding the best self storage software suiting your business might be a difficult and time-consuming process for you; given the number of self storage software available today in the market. To save time, you can go through the list of self storage software created exclusively by the experts at GoodFirms. Here, you can find the best self storage systems along with in-depth details and authentic reviews, all under one roof, helping you to make quick and smart decisions. Just make sure that your self storage software is -

  • Scalable enough to grow with your business
  • Can integrate with security systems you are using at your self storage facilities
  • Includes high-end security features
  • Is easy to use and deploy
  • Costing within your budget and worth the features it offers
  • Customizable to work as per your business strategies

We hope that we have answered all your queries. In case you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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