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Explore the list of the best store locator software that will help you drive store traffic and increase sales

Businesses that consistently offer the best experiences stand as the winner today. Delighting customers with the advanced digitalized approach has its benefits. In this line, location intelligence like store locator software is gaining more popularity today that can promise hyper growth to businesses. The best store locator tools provide accurate information about the store locations, distributors, and products to customers in real-time. Instant facilities like this help promote brand awareness, trust, and loyalty.

What is Store Locator Software?

The store locator software is an application that allows businesses to embed the store location feature on their websites. The store location feature enables website visitors to find the locations of the business within a specific proximity of an area or zip code. Besides providing addresses and phone numbers of the multiple stores of the business, the store locator software also helps in displaying important information about the business like hours of operation, services provided, and directions to the locations. Collecting  visitor's information, generating leads, speeding up the conversions, and improving the revenue is much easier with the store locator software.

How to Select the Best Store Locator Software?

Selecting the best store locator software that suits your business needs might be overwhelming. So, the experts at Goodfirms have researched the best options in the market and have come up with the below given list of the top store locator apps. Interestingly, the list of the best store locator software also has the authentic users’ reviews that can help you in your decision making Also, you can just use the intuitive filters given here to narrow down the store location software based on your preferences relating to the cost, features, etc.

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List of Top Store Locator Tools

  • Your Store Locator

    Easy to use Store Locator for any website
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    The embeddable store locator can be set up in minutes, and we make adding your stores a streamlined process. We use responsive design principles to make the store locator look perfect on any device, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android or Tablet. We made managing your store locations a breeze with our map integrated interface. Just type the store address, then add your opening hours and contact details. We us ... read more about Your Store Locator

    $9 Per Month
    14 Days
    100% in Store Locator Software
  • FindMyStore

    Store locator software to enhance customer experience
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    FindMyStore is an interactive store locator software that helps customers get all the essential information – route, distance, and ETA related to your store with just a click. You can install it in minutes with minimal coding. The store locator software uses reliable, accurate, and enriched Google Maps technology to build an agile, customizable experience. It highlights your store locations and ... read more about FindMyStore

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    100% in Store Locator Software
  • DevHub

    Get your customers local, quickly and easily
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    Our powerful Store Locator supports automatic geolocation, autocompleting address search, distances in miles or kms, search within radius and more. Keep your store locator in sync with your Location Pages. Allow filtering of locations by unique characteristics (owned vs franchise, products offered, location type, specialties, etc) ... read more about DevHub

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    100% in Store Locator Software
  • Mapply

    The easy way to add a store or dealer locator to your website!
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    Mapply is a powerful, yet simple app that allows you to easily embed a Store or Dealer Locator tool on your own website to help your customers find you! It doesn't matter what platform or software your website is built on, nor does it matter what coding language it's built with. Mapply will integrate seamlessly into any website and is 100% responsive and mobile friendly. Absolutely no web design s ... read more about Mapply

    $4.99 Per Month
    30 Days
    100% in Store Locator Software
  • SweetIQ

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    Use our Store Locator Software to launch and maintain customizable store locator pages on your website that match your site’s look and feel while simultaneously remaining SEO-friendly, mobile-optimized, and designed for today’s consumer. Our Software aligns your Store Locator and Microsites with SEO best practices, so when crawlers from big search engines like Google or Bing visit your site, t ... read more about SweetIQ

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    100% in Store Locator Software
  • Brolmo

    The Web Apps You Need
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    Our online Store Locator software works with Google Maps which enables your website visitors to easily find your stores on the map. The Store Locator script comes with all must-have features and a user-friendly interface. After adding our smart Google Maps Store Locator on your website, customers will be able to easily find nearby stores using the Category & Distance filters. You can switch from m ... read more about Brolmo

    $9 Per Month
    50% in Store Locator Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses Store Locator Software?

The types of businesses that usually use store locator software include chain retailers, restaurants, hotels, and all eCommerce businesses having multiple stores in different locations. The store locator software helps them to embed the feature that allows website visitors to acquire information about their different store or office locations, phone numbers, and business hours. In this way, the businesses benefit by providing accurate information about their different locations and improve customer service and sales figures.

What Does a Store Locator Software Do?

The store locator software solution enables you to build maps displaying single or multiple locations on your website. This task may require coding, but the store location apps can help you do that seamlessly even if you don’t have coding experience and knowledge. You just need to feed in the information about your multiple locations in the store locator software and it rapidly builds the location lists and maps accordingly. Besides presenting the location lists and maps, the store locator software also provides analytical data that includes the real-time information about website traffic and visitors’ behavior.

Why Should I Invest in Store Locator Software?

People might visit your business website before visiting your store or office personally. The store location software can help visitors in finding your business location easily. Moreover, the store locator tools can also help you to build the trust in the minds of your customers ensuring that they are likely to find answers to all their top-of-the-mind questions. The store location software also provides analytical information about the website visitors and their behaviour enabling you to plan profitable business strategies and ensure consistent growth in ROI.

How Does a Store Locator Software Help in Displaying Location Details on Websites?

Almost all the store locator tools are automated and include features relating to driving directions, geocoding, international mapping, and multilingual capabilities. As soon as the visitor inputs their zip code or location details, the store locator software lists your business locations based on the visitor’s location. The best store locator plugin might also include the facility of automatically detecting the IP and GPS of the visitor rather than asking the visitors to input their location information. The store location software works in conjunction with Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Mapquest within their system to enable the users to see multiple store locations in the map view. In case of online businesses, the store locator app for eCommerce helps online retailers to display their store locations from where the buyers can pick up their orders.

How Can a Store Locator Software Help in Boosting Search Engine Rankings?

Search engines like Google give priority to the websites that include their geolocation information and the content that is extremely helpful to the visitors. With the help of online store location software you can ensure that updated location information and other useful details like hours of operations, direction map, etc. is being displayed on the website.

Which is the Best Store Locator Software?

Some of the best store locator tools include Storepoint, Storemapper, StoreRocket, and many more mentioned in this complete list of the top store locator software.

Is There Any Free Store Locator Software?

Yes, there are store locator solutions like Ultimate Locator, and Store Locator Widgets that offer a limited free trial period. If you are looking for a free for lifetime option, you can consider the store location apps like Xtreme Locator, and Woosmap that include a free version. These free store locator software might have limitations in terms of features and number of users allowed. In case, you are looking for customizable options, you can select one from the best free and open source store locator software

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