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Kevuru Games is a leading European Art Production and Game Development firm creating transformational entertainment projects for global clients.Our philosophy is to go an extra mile to deliver high-quality products with WOW effects and ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers.

Main corporate facts about us:

  • 400+ talented artists and highly skilled game developers
  • 10 years of experience in the global gaming industry
  • 90% of our clients are ready to recommend us
  • 46% YoY Revenue Growth

 We have more than 50 partners worldwide and our clients are among the top 10 world digital entertainment publishers:

  • TOP 10 World Game Publishers

Our clients are included in Forbes TOP 10 List of the most powerful entertainment publishers in the world

  • Long-Term Client Partnership

Average client partnership extends to 3+ years

  • TOP 20 World Best PC Games

Engaged in the development of Top 20 Ranked Games

  • 10 Million+ Active Gamers

Enjoying games developed in partnership with Kevuru Games

$25 - $49/hr
250 - 999
United States
8, The Green STE R,, Dover, Delaware 19901
Kozatska street 122, Kyiv, kyiv 03022
Level 13/50 Carrington, Sydney, New South Wales 2000
al. Jana Pawla II 61, Warsaw, Warsaw 01-031

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Game Development

Client Focus

  • Large Business
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Art, Entertainment & Music

KEVURU GAMES Executive Interview

Oleg Goncharenko
Oleg Goncharenko
CEO & Owner
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Kindly share your feedback on how GoodFirms has been doing so far in increasing your visibility among potential clients.
Our company page on GoodFirms regularly brings us monthly leads (10-15% of the total) and several hundred visits to our website.
Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the organization.
My name is Oleg Goncharenko, I am the CEO and owner of the Kevuru Games company, founded in 2011. Now Kevuru Games is a leading European game art and development studio creating entertainment projects for game publishers.

For 10+ years of work, we have delivered more than 100 projects and have been dedicated to the creation of such world-famous projects as Fortnite (Epic Games), Star Wars (Lucasfilm), BigFarm, Empire: Age of Knights (Goodgame Studios), etc.
We are proud of our successful partnerships with clients that are among the world's top 20 digital entertainment companies: Electronic Arts, Bandai Namco, Epic Games, Lucasfilm, etc.

With over 300 full-time professionals, Kevuru Games specializes in such areas:
●    full-cycle game development;
●    art creation (2D, AAA);
●    animation (2D, 3D);
●    porting;
●    QA.
What is the story behind starting this company?
The Kevuru Games company began its journey with the independent development of game projects. These were casual games for mobile devices. Later, the studio began to acquire the first clients who needed help in creating 2D and 3D game art for their projects, as well as co-development and full-cycle development services. After 5 years, we completely immersed ourselves in the client business and expanded our expertise in order to meet the requests for different art styles, game genres, and more.
What is your company’s business model – in-house team or third party vendors/ outsourcing?
We work according to the models of outsourcing (80%) and outstaffing (20%). Sometimes we work together with other contractor companies on co-development projects.

Outsourcing is the practice of transferring certain tasks and functions by a client company to a contractor company that specializes in the relevant field. Having the appropriate expertise in different game areas, we can offer our clients to outsource the tasks of creating 2D/3D game art and animation, game development, game porting, game testing, etc.

Outstaffing is one of the remote employment options, in which the team performing the entire required range of work of the client company is legally another company (outsourcing agency). The latter acts as an employer, which means it is responsible for the wages, bonuses, and equipment provided to the employee, while the client company issues tasks and assignments to the employees.
How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?
We can highlight several key areas of our work that make us stand out.

●    Experience and reputation. We have been working in the gaming market for 10 years. During this time, we have established ourselves as a creative, professional, and diligent partner, trusted by many top gaming publishers: EA, Epic Games, Lucasfilm, Socialpoint, Goodgame Studios, and others.

●    360 Degree Services Lines. We provide full-cycle services, that is, in addition to individual tasks for art, we can implement any other task related to the development of a game: game design, animation, development, testing, UI/UX, porting, and so on. Any service can be implemented both separately to meet specific business needs, and in a complex way to create a game from scratch.

●    Transparent processes. All our processes in any department, from PMs to artists and developers, are completely transparent. Clients always know and understand exactly what team they are working with, clearly see what is happening at each stage of work and how long it will take to work on a project.

●    The highest standards of project management. We have a few levels of assessment on each project utilizing fine-tuned pipelines for style consistency & delivery on time.

●    Seasoned high-level specialists. Strict quality control guarantees impeccably performed work in accordance with international standards. Consistently high quality is backed by the fact that 60-70% of our company's employees are senior and middle-level specialists. Some of our team leads have more than 20 years of experience in their art direction.
What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?
80% of our clients are game publishers, for whom we develop art and animation, or studios similar to ours, with which we conduct joint projects. More than 60% of the clients do another project within a year, and more than 90% of the clients are doing another project within 2-3 years.
Please share some of the services that you offer for which clients approach you the most for?
The most popular services are the creation of 2D and 3D art for games of various genres for different devices. The second place rightfully goes to the full-cycle game development, which includes a full package of services: game design, concept creation, art and animation creation, UI/UX design, development, and testing.
What is your customer satisfaction rate according to you? What steps do you take to cater to your customer’s needs and requirements?
90% of our clients are satisfied with the cooperation with us. 60% of them recommend us to their partners and acquaintances.

In order to fully understand the essence of the client's request, before starting the project, we hold special meetings with the participation of leads and PMs to ask all the necessary questions to the client and get a complete picture of the project. After that, we form an estimate that describes in detail all stages of the project. Throughout the work, we agree with clients on a convenient mode of calls with our team: daily, weekly, and so on. We also regularly conduct internal syncs, where teams discuss their project progress, share details, and best practices. In addition to PMs and leads, business executives are actively involved in the project to understand how to correctly form and adjust estimates for the timely delivery of all information to the client about whether everything is going according to plan or the planned hours have already been exceeded. As the CEO of the company, I am also always aware of the progress of each project.
What kind of support system do you offer to your clients for catering to their queries and issues?
Since we are not a product company, we do not have separately developed support systems. However, our clients, if they wish, can always leave their feedback on cooperation with us on the GoodFirms platform or provide it to us for posting on our website.
What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? Is it Pay per Feature, Fixed Cost, Pay per Milestone (could be in phases, months, versions etc.)
We offer services to our clients based on several interaction models that can be tailored to their specific needs. The client can choose one of the available models or combine them.

Our business models include the following options:

●    Fixed price. We offer innovative software solutions at a fixed price: it is based on detailed project specifications.
●    Time and Material (T&M). T&M pricing includes pricing for flexible procedures and flexible project execution. This model is suitable for long-term projects with changing requirements.
Our operational models include the following options:
●    Outsourcing managed delivery. We offer not only an experienced team capable of delivering services but also a managed delivery service to ensure the comprehensive execution of all services.
●    Dedicated team. A dedicated offshore team is offered as a complement to the client's infrastructure with full support and access to all resources and facilities.
Do you take in projects which meet your basic budget requirement? If yes, what is the minimum requirement? If not, on what minimum budget you have worked for?
We prioritize art projects from $ 20,000 and game development projects from $ 100,000. The cost will depend on the scale of the project, the number of required specialists, the art style or genre of the game, as well as the client's wishes in terms of timing.
What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2020?
In 2020, we worked on projects ranging from $ 10,000 (individual artwork) to $ 1,500,000 (full-cycle AAA game development, from art creation to testing, over a period of 1.5 years).
Where do you see your company in the next 10 years?
Over the next 10 years, we plan to continue to expand the pool of game development services, as well as highlight PC/console game development, co-development, porting as a strategic focus consulting, functional QA, localization, and marketing services. To do this, we want to continue to attract talented specialists to the company at the expense of not only domestic but also foreign specialists, as well as focus on a long-term educational strategy for the Unreal Engine team.

KEVURU GAMES Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • EA
  • Epic Games
  • Lucasfim
  • Lucid Games
  • FoxNext Games
  • Goodgame Studios

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  • Mechachain screenshot 1
  • Mechachain screenshot 2
  • Mechachain screenshot 3
  • Mechachain screenshot 4
  • Mechachain screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
: Ongoing

MechaChain is a future space conquest and robot combat video game developed by Kevuru Games.

Gameplay Details

We created a groundbreaking mobile online shooter, with 6v6 battles, which will engage our players on the digital battlefield.

Team Composition

The full-cycle development of a large-scale game required the involvement of all our key professional areas: 

- Game Design Team: Game Designers, Script Writers, Level Designers;

- Technical Team: Unity Developers, Back-end Developers, Front-End Developers, Technical Artists, QA;

- Art & Animation Team: Concept Artists, 2D Artists, 3D Artists, 2D Spine Animators, 3D Animators, Sound Designers;

- Management: Leads, Project Managers, Community Managers.

Star Wars - AAA Art For The Game
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Star Wars - AAA Art For The Game
  • Star Wars - AAA Art For The Game screenshot 1
  • Star Wars - AAA Art For The Game screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 60 weeks

Client: Lucasfilm

Challenge: create 3D characters for the VR-based action-adventure Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge

Services we offered: creation of 3D characters

Result: For a month of intensive work, our team created 3D models for two game characters with texture variations

Birdly - VR project
View Portfolio
Birdly - VR project
  • Birdly - VR project screenshot 1
  • Birdly - VR project screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 15 weeks


Challenge: create ultra-realistic lifelike 3D models of insects, birds, and plants for the VR-based simulator Birdly Insects

Services we offered: the creation of 3D models

Result: For 3 months of work, our team created 23 full-fledged models of insects, birds, and plants in accordance with the references of real species

Fortnite  -  Art For The Game
View Portfolio
Fortnite - Art For The Game
  • Fortnite  -  Art For The Game screenshot 1
  • Fortnite  -  Art For The Game screenshot 2
  • Fortnite  -  Art For The Game screenshot 3
  • Fortnite  -  Art For The Game screenshot 4
  • Fortnite  -  Art For The Game screenshot 5
  • Fortnite  -  Art For The Game screenshot 6
Not Disclosed
: 40 weeks

Client: Epic Games

Challenge: create new character concepts for the 10th season of the game "Fortnite"

Services we offered: creation of concept art services

Result: During 10 months of cooperation, about 120 unique-looking concepts of skins for various thematic areas have been created.

Iron Order 1919 - 3D Art For The Game
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Iron Order 1919 - 3D Art For The Game
  • Iron Order 1919 - 3D Art For The Game screenshot 1
  • Iron Order 1919 - 3D Art For The Game screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 40 weeks

Client: Bytro Labs

Challenge: create 3D models of mechs and soldiers with animation for the cross-platform strategy game Iron Order 1919

Services we offered: the creation of concept art, 3D models, and animation

Result: For 6 months of work, our team created a large number of 3D models of soldiers and mechs with all necessary animations

Undead Blocks -NFT Game Development
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Undead Blocks -NFT Game Development
  • Undead Blocks -NFT Game Development screenshot 1
  • Undead Blocks -NFT Game Development screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 24 weeks

Client: Wagyu Game Studio

Challenge: full-cycle game development for the blockchain zombie survival game Undead Blocks

Services we offered: full-cycle game development

Result: Our team thought over and implemented the key mechanics of the game, formed its visual style, and created 3D models of weapons

Monster Legends - 2D Animation For The RPG Game
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Monster Legends - 2D Animation For The RPG Game
  • Monster Legends - 2D Animation For The RPG Game screenshot 1
  • Monster Legends - 2D Animation For The RPG Game screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 16 weeks

Client: Socialpoint 

Challenge: create animation for 2D characters of the mobile RPG Monster Legends

Services we offered: creation of 2D animation

Result: Our team created advanced animations for 4 game characters, including idle, walking, running, flying, attacking, defending, and other character-specific animations

Guild of Guardians - 2D Art For The RPG Game
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Guild of Guardians - 2D Art For The RPG Game
  • Guild of Guardians - 2D Art For The RPG Game screenshot 1
  • Guild of Guardians - 2D Art For The RPG Game screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 12 weeks

Client: Immutable

Challenge: create 2D digital avatars for the fantasy multiplayer RPG Guild of Guardians

Services we offered: creation of 2D art

Result: For 2 months of cooperation, our concept artists and Unity developer created more than 40,000 full-fledged avatars

Mystery Match Village - 2D Art For The Game
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Mystery Match Village - 2D Art For The Game
  • Mystery Match Village - 2D Art For The Game screenshot 1
  • Mystery Match Village - 2D Art For The Game screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 12 weeks

Client: Outplay Entertainment

Challenge: create 2D locations and hidden objects for the casual puzzle game Mystery Match Village

Services we offered: creation of 2D art

Result: For 2 years of work intermittently, our team developed 2D art for 5 episodes, more than 10 locations, and more than 800 hidden objects

Fomo - 2D Art For The Game
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Fomo - 2D Art For The Game
  • Fomo - 2D Art For The Game screenshot 1
  • Fomo - 2D Art For The Game screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
: 40 weeks

Client: Fomo Games

Challenge: create 2D character art for the casual game Event Twins: Design & Blast

Services we offered: creation of 2D characters

Result: For 12 months of work, our team created a large number of 2D characters and their outfits for 20 episodes of the game

Tabou Stories - Nanobit
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Tabou Stories - Nanobit
  • Tabou Stories - Nanobit screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
: 40 weeks

Client name: Nanobit


The new version of the game was supposed to have a great variety of 2D characters with realistic faces, hairstyles, emotions to increase user experience and engagement. Game users were supposed to get the ability to customize their characters in a variety of ways based on races, head and eye shape, and other facial features.

Services we offered for the client: 

 2d character design services


  • The mobile game  was downloaded + 1mln times in the AppStore/GooglePlay;
  • The new design features allowed increasing the user engagement rate by 33%.


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Stanislaw Wierny

Web/mobile application development

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$10001 to $50000

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Review Summary

The app is performing well as the Kevuru team made adjustments to some of its critical functions. The team provided excellent workflow and communication throughout the project. I also want to note the Unity developers which showed senior level in engineering and mature approach in optimization.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Game Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Very cool and professional Unity developers with advanced optimization knowledge

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

We have no wishes, the company completed all our tasks and offered many interesting features that we implemented