The Best 7 Free and Open Source Audit Software Solutions

Updated on :June 12, 2024
By :Andrea Hernandez

Majority of the companies doing business in regulatory environments need timely and efficient audits to ensure that the business runs smoothly. To accomplish quality and compliance; companies can simplify their audit processes by making use of audit management software.

In multiple purposes like quality management, environmental protection, health, and safety; you can make use of audit management software to identify, execute, and check auditing procedures.

Several manufacturing and distribution departments use an audit management tool to implement audit procedures, and ultimately, the results are reported to the managers.

What is audit management?

Audit management is the process of analysis and evaluation of the competencies along with the ability of the company’s management in conveying corporate objectives. It optimizes the resources and productivity, removes recurring audit findings, and automates the workstreams of internal audit teams.

The process of audit management makes use of compliance and risk data to plan and prioritize audit engagements. In a single and comprehensive framework, you can manage the full range of audit-related activities, data, and processes by making use of audit management software.

What is audit management software?

Organizations can simplify the entire auditing process from planning and scheduling to performing the audit with the help of audit management software.

Audit Management Software enables users to perform the most challenging and complex audits more efficiently.

Companies investing in an audit management system carry out all types of audit –internal, external, operational, supplier, IT, and quality from audit planning and scheduling with the help of audit management software.

The audit management software secures data from various systems like ERP systems and IT asset management software so that the best possible results can be delivered.

In various industries, the free and open-source audit management software is growing popularity among businesses. The open-source audit software tools can analyze and audit data in standard text files and can access databases.

What are the key features of an audit management software solution?

For ensuring and demonstrating compliance, it is essential to conduct regular audits with a range of quality standards and statutes. Well-functioning auditing management software can simplify, unify, and automate the auditing process seamlessly. Let’s explore the essential features of audit management software.

Key features of audit software

Why is audit software critical to businesses?

Reasons of audit software

With good auditing process; you can monitor, record, and calibrate the inputs, outputs, functions, and operations of the various departments in your organization.

So, to ensure productivity, you need audit software.

What are the benefits of audit software?

In any business, audits play a necessary part. The auditing process requires a considerable amount of time and requires a lot of paperwork. The software changes everything and helps you to a greater extent. Let’s explore how!

Benefits of audit software

Often the open-source auditing software is free to use. Unlike the proprietary software, you can customize the open-source audit tools. Small or Start-up businesses that have lower budgets can make use of free audit solutions. Along with it, one can even pick the open-source audit software solution which does not fix you under any license, and the software goes through several enhancements consistently.

The list of free and open-source audit software solution in this article will guide you for your successful audit process.

Free and open source audit software

ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus is a free audit software solution that carries out online Active Directory changes. Occasionally, your windows Active Directory changes. The changes are recorded by this open-source audit solution that helps in preparing audit reports timely.

This easy-to-use and effective on-premise auditing solution helps users to find out who has an old session and locked the account. In real-time, the users can monitor and generate resource reports for elements such as domain controllers.

You can gain information regarding active directory objects that consists of users, computers, groups along with configuration changes. Users can collect audits into workstations use with login history, duration, and login failures. For smooth auditing, this software stores vital information.

Within connected systems, this software keeps track of file creation, deletion, and modification. In the case of document modifications and document access, you will get email alerts and notifications. You will find the well-designed UI and can see the recent changes through the audit trail. If you are unable to give quick answers, then ADAudit will help you due to its intuitive reporting functionality.

ADaudit Plus(Source: ADAudit Plus)


  • Active directories
  • Login & Logout records
  • File servers & Windows server data
  • Email alerts & notifications for document modifications
  • Track of file creation, modification & deletion
  • Instant alerts for critical changes
  • AD restore
  • Report templates to create reports
  • Ensures computer security and compliance
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fixes bugs
  • Comprehensive search across all reports
  • User behavior analytics


Open–Audit is the open-source audit management system that allows organizations to give accurate location data of their assets in seconds. This free audit tool tells you what is in your network, in what way it is configured and what time it changes. Wisely, this tool scans an organization’s systems and stores the configurations of the discovered devices.

In a comfortable, time, and cost-effective way, this tool automates your discovery, reporting, and analysis. It discovers every device and creates a schedule to automate repetitive tasks. The dashboard and chart visualization offers detailed inventory and translating data into easy to consume information.

It is an efficient solution for busy IT professionals who want to reduce overheads and increase insights due to the presence of scheduled device discovery and reporting. The Open-Audit enterprise offers the power, flexibility, and features for the organizations so that they can manage inventory and meet their corporate compliance needs.

If your office has multiple users, then they get to benefit from role-based access control and amalgamation with Active Directory and LDAP. You will find the discovery details page that provides the summary, details, logs, devices, and IP addresses. It serves as the powerful and easy to use discovery solution that offers immense flexibility for advanced users. From large and varying networks, this tool collects a significant amount of data, which is cataloged and configured into meaningful reports without difficulty.

Open-Audit(Source: Open-Audit)


  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Scheduled reports
  • Active Directory & LDAP
  • Inventory management
  • File auditing & Scheduling
  • Enhanced Reports
  • Baselines
  • Report filtering
  • Configuration baselines
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Automated configuration change detection
  • Chart visualization
  • Controlled role-based access


Gensuite is cloud-based audit software that across diverse industries delivers intuitive and robust best-practice based functionality. It enables compliance and management systems excellence. You will find it a useful tool that uses as a repository for information and provides accurate record-keeping.

This free audit management software holds compliance calendar that ensures employees are completing necessary inspections and follow-ups as per the requirement. The email reminders allow you to know when tasks and reports are due or closed. In this user-friendly software, you will find everything in one place when it comes to compliance, injury reporting, and auditing.

For business compliance processes and management systems, this application helps organizations effectively controlling these processes, especially within the EHS (environment, health, and safety) sector.

Through digital systems, you can streamline the tasks with audit teams that can be utilized across sites worldwide. With its digital and collaborative approach, this award-winning audit management software simplifies regulatory compliance audit inspection processes. You will find this software capable of controlling flexible configuration, data analytics, and multi-language interface.

You can easily access forms and information related to the recent developments of your team and can get access to the features by making use of Gensuite Mobile for Audit management. This app engages corporate groups and business in tiered regulatory compliance audits and program assessments.


(Source: Gensuite)


  • QR code scanning
  • Quick access to online forms
  • Up-to-date repository of information
  • Automatic reminders
  • Meet & exceed all audit management
  • Internationally manages audit requirements
  • Custom inspection checklists
  • Schedule audits
  • Manage auditors
  • Audit risk execution
  • Audit regulatory compliance risk
  • Track compliance & operational tasks
  • Custom escalations


Qualityze is the free auditing software that covers the full audit lifecycle. In that lifecycle, you will find the creation of plans, building, preparation, execution along with scheduling of audit reports with its tracks findings and can finally perform follow-ups. It is easy to set up and use where you will not face any software hassles.

This application delivers innovative quality, compliance, and process management solutions that are built on the dominant cloud platform. It monitors the customer feedback with the help of complaint management module. Quality operations will help organizations managing quality and compliance issues.

You will get the best in class compliance, process, and quality management software systems by Qualityze suite. You can connect, engage, and transform your quality through mobile integration. The analytics allow you to combine any data and provides instant answers.

Qualitzye(Source: Qualityze)


  • Create & schedule audits
  • Audit lifecycle management
  • Implement compliance
  • Compliance record-keeping
  • Dashboard-based reporting
  • Audit trail & Corrective actions
  • File Recovery
  • Inspection Management
  • Complaints Management
  • Alerts / notifications
  • Optimized for mobile access
  • Integration with ERP systems (Enterprise resource planning)
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Automatic software updates


Netwrix is the free auditing tool that allows you to simplify the monitoring of network devices. It will enable you to stay on the top of the network security threats and improve your business continuity.

You can use this open-source audit management software to strengthen security, illustrate compliance, and make sure systems uptime. It serves as the configuration change auditing system that provides clear and human-readable audit information. If an unauthorized person logs into your critical systems, then you can investigate security incidents by finding out the exact time through login auditing.

You can quickly detect external and insider threats by providing detailed audit reports and notify you about the changes that may lead to security incidents. Efficiently this tool troubleshoots incidents.

You don’t have to spend many days compiling reports or spend money on compliance support services by making use of Netwrix Auditor. With less effort, this software proves IT compliance. The windows file server auditing in this software allows you to make better information management decisions for unstructured data.



  • Comprehensive change auditing
  • Logon auditing
  • Active directory security and compliance
  • Reporting on current configurations
  • Alerts on threat patterns
  • Maintain security & prove compliance
  • Maintain IT system hygiene
  • Easily improve threat detection
  • File access auditing
  • Data discovery and classification
  • File analysis reports


If you are looking for a free audit management tool, then you can think of considering this most powerful inspection app – iAuditor. It is an inspection checklist application by SafetyCulture that allow users to build checklists, file reports, and conduct inspections through mobile phone.

Businesses that require safety audits and inspections can make use of this open-source audit management software. In various file types, the users can capture a variety of information and digitally store audit history to establish and view trends over time. The users can generate digital safety audit forms and develop interactive checklist templates.

Without an internet connection, users can conduct inspections. In various formats like PDF, CSV, DOCX, and XML; the users can export email reports after review. You will find this software friendly with iOS, Android, Windows mobile devices along with interfaces with the more extensive SafetyCulture suite. You can use this software in offline mode.

You can easily set up audits and can review the data that has been entered. It is easy to create audit checklists, and conveniently, you can use it in actual, physical auditing. With iAuditor, you can customize your workplace audit forms and templates for every industry. This software is commonly used in hospitals, construction, mining, engineering, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, transport & logistics, aviation & airports, supermarkets, and retail.




  • Inspections
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Fast Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Workflow Automation
  • Smart Forms
  • Edit audit templates
  • Real-time collection data
  • API integrations
  • Cloud storage
  • Desktop analytics
  • Send instant completed reports


AuditNet is the open-source software for auditing that holds the online digital network where auditors can share audit work programs and audit documentation. This technology enables auditors to learn essential skills anywhere at any time.

This software offers web-based training and gives education to auditors for information technology auditing and audit skills. For internal auditors, this free audit tool serves as a communication network to share resources. The online searchable database of accredited companies known as QML (Qualified Manufacturers List) is contained in this software.

The software is also compatible with iOS devices. Users have the facility to access over 2,000 audit templates that hold more than 15,000 audit steps. The auditors using the mobile version can enjoy free access to audit news, technology articles, and audit template listing. This web-based delivery system uses technically accurate and effectively designed activities and materials.




  • Audit template
  • Audit bookstore
  • Schedule the audit
  • Qualified manufacturers list (QML)
  • Offers audit skills
  • Audit Planning & Coordination
  • Risk Analysis
  • Compliance management
  • Project Management
  • Examines clients’ accounting records
  • Evaluates internal control
  • Documents the audit
  • Conducts analytical tests

Comparison Chart of Free & Open-Source Audit Software 

Comparison Chart of Audit Software


To conduct effective audits as per the regulatory guidelines, you need an effective and top quality audit software system.

Useful and functional audit software will enable the pursuit of business objectives; assess the risk of misstatement, fraud prevention, and detection. You can speed the auditing process with the help of auditing software so that your businesses don’t have to devote much time in auditing.

You can check the quality, progress, adherence of plans, standards, and regulations of the auditing process through audit software. The above mentioned free and open-source auditing tools serve you as a cost-saving method that will help you in improving performance in the inner workings of the business.

It will allow you to save your precious time by performing calculations with no disturbance to the normal functioning of the enterprises. Finally, the user-friendly interface will allow you the ease of use.

I hope this article on free and open-source auditing platform has made you familiar with the key features of the same. If you have experienced any of the audit software as mentioned above, then feel free to share your valuable views.

In case you prefer more premium features that can cater to your requirements, then you can try audit software like; Predict360, AuditFile, OpsAudit,, Onspring.

Also, click here if you wish to explore other valuable software categories.

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