6 Impressive Portal Development Technologies for 2021

Updated on :October 13, 2023
By :Mahipalsinh Rana

Managing a business from a business portal or enterprise portal is a new normal, and almost every person who owns a company does that. Whether it is checking the inventory, checking the last month’s revenue and profits, or anything for your business can now be managed through a business portal. Hence, the demand for portal development services has increased over time, and more companies are opting for business portal development and enterprise portal development services.

You can monitor many of your business tasks through your own business portal, and it can be done when you hire a portal development company or outsource your portal development project. So, companies are hiring different portal development companies to create a business portal for them as well. Some companies are getting it developed through a local development agency, while some companies outsource their portal development project to India. There are several tips on outsourcing to India you should look at if you think of outsourcing your portal development project. 

Why Do You Need Portal Development?

You need portal development services because almost every business is managing everything through a web portal, or a business portal. You can manage your business by simply logging in to your business portal and start working from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection! Moreover, it allows you flexibility and freedom to manage your business. We don’t think you need more reasons to choose Portal Development!

So, there is no doubt about portal development’s significance these days, and companies have accepted the importance of portals in the business. Sometimes, companies get confused about which technology to choose to build a business portal or enterprise portal. 

Best Portal Development Technologies for 2021

Here are those portal development technologies you should choose to develop your business portal. We have shortlisted some technologies that could help different companies and industries to build their portal.  

Adobe Experience Manager

This product comes from a tech giant company like Adobe, so it will be a decent choice for portal development for sure! Adobe Experience Manager, also known as AEM, is a comprehensive content management solution for medium to large scale enterprises and businesses. AEM allows one to manage their business’ content online. 

So, you can consider developing your business portal with this amazing content management system, Adobe Experience Manager. You can manage sales, incoming orders, track business revenue, sales report, and pretty much everything about your business from the portal built with AEM. 


Liferay is an open-source portal development framework that focuses on Enterprise portal development. Liferay is built in Java, and that’s why we can’t question the security that Liferay provides. Liferay is quite popular to build B2B eCommerce, and there are several reasons to choose Liferay for B2B eCommerce. But, out of all the reasons to choose Liferay, there are some strong reasons, and that is its Security, OOTB features, its extensive support for libraries plugins, and it’s open source!

So, choosing Liferay to develop your business portal or enterprise portal would be a wise choice. Liferay is gaining popularity for the last several years, and with every new version of Liferay, there come a lot of features, which made Liferay a perfect choice to build your business and enterprise portals. 


WordPress is very popular as a website and blog building platform, and it can help you build your business portal as well. WordPress is quite an easy-to-work-with type of platform that even a novice person can manage a portal with WordPress. So, you don’t have to be a technical expert in using the portal based on WordPress. The main advantage of using WordPress for portal development services is its extensive availability of plugins. You can find many plugins that will reduce your coding time when you opt for WordPress development.

You can choose WordPress when you want a business portal with basic functionalities, and for more complicated portals, you have to choose another technology like Liferay. WordPress is great for handling small to medium scale industries, but we would not prefer WordPress for medium-to-large scale industries. 


Drupal is another content management framework developed in PHP language. Drupal is vastly used worldwide to build a range from personal blogs to corporate sites, and that’s why we can say Drupal is an all-rounder technology. Drupal is a highly scalable tech, so you can make changes in your website or portal anytime you want, and that gives you the freedom to make changes in your portal as per your needs. 

Drupal has designed key modules for content migration if you have an extensive set of data to migrate. Manually doing so is a monotonous task, and that must be done automatically, and Drupal allows you to do so. So, you can consider Drupal development for your business portal!


Hubspot is a full stack of various software that helps you streamline your business with its software range. That software includes CMS, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and a lot more things. HubSpot is a primary choice for those medium-to-large scale industries that require a lot of data to process. 

Hubspot is a popular choice for most businesses as it is ready-to-be-used, while some portals need to be developed. Those companies who cannot wait to get their portal built use Hubspot and such ready-to-be-used software to manage their business. So, you can start using Hubspot portals and software if you can not wait until your personalized portal gets built.


Salesforce is another software suite to build your business and make its process easier with marketing, sales, commerce, and other such things. Salesforce is mainly used for Customer Relationship Management. Whenever a company requires to interact with its customers through a well-managed portal, the answer is salesforce. The company can keep track of its customers, their purchased products, ratings, and many things that help the company provide better service to its customers.

So, if your primary focus is just to interact with your customers through a well-managed portal, then there could be only one option, and that’s Salesforce! You can hire a Salesforce consulting company to know more about Salesforce and its features.

Final Words

We just have one say to summarize this blog, “Give your business a digital transformation.” You will need a digital transformation anytime soon, and you better get fast and hire a portal development agency to do so! You can try the technologies mentioned above to build your portal and start managing your business from a business portal! You can contact any portal development agency if you feel like developing a portal for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Go, start managing your business from digital screens!

Mahipalsinh Rana
Mahipalsinh Rana

Mahipalsinh Rana has more than fifteen years of experience in Enterprise software design and development. Currently, he is the CTO at Inexture Solutions LLP. He has been a Liferay Consultant for more than 10 years in the industry and holds a technical background for 15+ years. He is a co-author of Liferay Beginner's Guide. book. He likes to spend his free time reading corporate books and playing cricket.

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