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7 Reasons Your SMB Can't Afford to Ignore YouTube Anymore

7 Reasons Your SMB Can't Afford to Ignore YouTube Anymore

"We wish we had more people coming to our website."

"Should we be using social media? Our followers don't convert."

"people visit our website and leave after a couple of seconds."

These are some of the most common complaints that small and medium business owners have. There are many ways to post to social media and get more traffic to your business, but one platform is often overlooked and forgotten - YouTube. 

Many businesses aren't comfortable producing video content, but there are many benefits of YouTube for small and medium companies.

If your business is not using YouTube as a marketing platform - you're seriously missing out. You could write a short Facebook or Twitter post in the past, and that would be enough to bring traffic to your website. However, the time has changed, and now your online presence needs to be a lot more strategic. It's not enough to post some old content or post for the sake of posting content - this doesn't work anymore. If you were to audit the time and resources you're investing in your digital marketing - you would find out that you're wasting them if you're not on YouTube.

A well-thought YouTube strategy can massively increase your brand awareness. YouTube is a free platform, and you can also produce videos for a low price or even free if your budget is tight. In reality, the production of videos does not need to be massive. A quality smartphone and some good lighting will get the job done for you.

Now you know that making videos is not a complicated process - but what exactly can they offer to your business that's better than other types of content? Here are the top 7 reasons why your small or medium business can't afford to ignore YouTube anymore. 

Posting on YouTube Will Increase Your Presence in Google

Google owns YouTube. If you've been searching anything on Google - you must have noticed that a lot more videos are showing up now than before. That is not a coincidence. Posting videos to YouTube for your business can increase your chances of showing up in the top search results and improving your SEO rankings. As a business owner, you should focus on maximizing your search engine presence as much as possible. It's a lot better to do it through YouTube because it's one of the top Google products. In addition, Google promotes businesses that use many of their tools and prioritize those companies.

The more advantages you can get to show up in the top Google search results, the better your business will be in the long run. Posting YouTube videos is one of many ways to increase your odds of being at the top of the Google Search results page.

YouTube Will Expose You to a Massive Audience

Over 2 billion registered users visit YouTube every month, and more than half of the views come from mobile devices, and on average, each user watches more than 40 minutes of video per day. 

In reality, YouTube is the second biggest search engine coming after Google. And even though many people say that YouTube is going to decline, it's only growing. Every year more people are spending more time watching YouTube videos.

Unlike other platforms' audiences, YouTube's audience is extremely varied. People of all ages, income levels, education levels use it around the world. They use YouTube for many reasons, including entertainment and education. So no matter what your brand is and what you're trying to promote, or what your business goals are, there is a huge chance that you can get the job done using YouTube.

Acquire Qualified Traffic

Traffic is important. But you don't want any traffic you can get because not everyone will buy from you. So instead, you want qualified traffic - people who could potentially become leads and customers.

A lot of business owners often fail to understand and this thing. Of course, having a million visitors on your website sounds pretty lovely, but if it's just a million a friend and people coming to your website and none of them will make a purchase from you, then who cares? What you need is qualified traffic that is meaningful to your company and your brand. YouTube can help you accomplish that.

When people go on YouTube, they don't just stumble upon your page. Instead, they search for something in the search bar, and then you can show up in the results. As mentioned above, YouTube is a search engine just like Google. This means that people who watch the videos and YouTube are at least somewhat interested in the product or service you are discussing. Thus, it makes sense to do something to capture their attention and turn them into loyal fans of your brand.

For example, in your YouTube videos, you can also give your followers freebies and ask them to sign up for your emailing list to receive them. And once they are on your email list, you can constantly contact them for free and turn them into your clients in the future. 

Videos Have Higher Conversion Rates Than Other Formats

Some researchers say that video content is up to 12 times likely to be watched than text to be read. Also, people can process videos up to 60,000 times faster than reading text. Besides, videos can cause emotions like no other form of social media content can. You can use videos to make people think and feel, and if you're going to use them successfully, people will not forget your videos.

Last but not least, YouTube videos can do a lot to humanize your company. They bring your brand to life, making your messages dynamic and engaging. Videos can help your brand build trust and authority. 

If your brand wants to connect with people, videos should be a part of your digital marketing plan. Unarguably, videos capture the attention much better than both text and images combined.

You Can Utilize YouTube Ads to Reach Bigger Audience

Another benefit of YouTube is its advanced advertising platform. It's a part of Google AdWords, but it's not like the standard paid advertising. By now, you know how many people are spending a lot of time on YouTube. Imagine delivering your ads to qualified viewers who could later turn to leads and then customers. Gaining organic traffic on YouTube is incredibly powerful, but paid traffic can provide an even higher return on investment for you. In addition, as most of the other social media platforms become increasingly saturated and competitive, you must pay to play if you want to see results - but paying on YouTube is worth it.

YouTube is excellent when it comes to delivering your ads to exactly the right kind of people. Unlike on other platforms and TV or radio, people watch the advertisements that show up in front of their eyes because they are related to the topics of interest.

There Are a Couple Of Ways to Repurpose YouTube Videos

You can do much more than just posting videos on a YouTube page. Your video production and sharing efforts should not end there. One of the many benefits of YouTube is that there are many ways to use and repurpose the content. At least, you can share your videos across all other social media. Just because videos get a lot more people's attention and keep it longer, it's a great way to increase traffic and engagement on all of your other social media channels.

This is a smart way to send even more traffic to your YouTube page and get even more subscribers. You can also embed your videos into your website and blog. If you just thought that this would keep people on your website longer - you had a correct thought. And if people are going to stay longer on your website - this will also improve your website's ranking on Google. Another great benefit of YouTube is that, unlike other social media, where any post is buried down in your feed after a while, YouTube videos will get new viewers as long as people search for your content. That's a big win for your company.

Videos Are Better at Making People Take Action

It's essential to incorporate a call-to-action in everything that you post online. Unsurprisingly, videos can be more effective than other content types to get people watching you to take action. Getting more views is great in itself, but if the people who watch you don't take any action, you might never convert them into followers or clients. 

Some researchers suggest that videos can generate up to 4 times more clicks than a regular call-to-action button. This is very powerful! Think about the main goal you want your viewers to accomplish. Whatever it is, make meaningful content for YouTube with that simple Call To Action. Remember that you're not creating content for the sake of creating content. Content is a tool. It should serve the purpose of increasing your online presence and getting more leads for your business.

Videos get more traffic, keep traffic longer, and are better at telling people what to do. It's a win-win scenario. A small or medium business's digital marketing strategy is not complete without YouTube videos. If your company hasn't joined YouTube, do so immediately! Your time invested in YouTube will pay off. 

Ostap Zabolotnyy
Ostap Zabolotnyy

Ostap Zabolotnyy, the Head of Marketing at CodeBright, is a passionate marketer with vast experience in product and business marketing in B2B and B2C. I focus on creating the best experiences for customers to drive the marketing and sales goals of companies.

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